Running In Fear: Coming Home

BOOK: Running In Fear: Coming Home
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Running In Fear: Coming Home

A Ravenous Romance™ Original Publication

Trinity Blacio

A Ravenous Romance™ Original Publication

Copyright © 2011 by Trinity Blacio

Ravenous Romance™
100 Cummings Center
Suite 123A
Beverly, MA 01915

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher, except by reviewers who may quote brief excerpts in connection with a review.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60777-385-6

This book is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

It's been little over a month, and Jaycee Manz has finally stopped running. The threats are gone. She has her men—Remi LeBlathe, and the brothers Dane and Mark Glassgo—who surround her with love and passion. Even after being hunted, seeing loved ones dying, and experiencing physical betrayal, Jaycee sees hope for the future with her men. With a baby on the way, a wedding to plan, and Christmas right around the corner, she has never been happier. Now if she could just get rid of this gut feeling that something or someone is still after her, everything would be fine

Remi, Dane, and Mark have vowed no one will hurt their mate again, including themselves. They came too close to losing her for good because of their pride, but it won't happen again. No one, neither family nor foe, will stop the shifters from giving Jaycee the home she's always dreamed of—a place where she can feel safe, loved, and at peace to raise their children.

Chapter One

As the club lights pulsed to loud music, Jaycee cast her gaze at the people seated around the little table. Remi's profile was strong, his eyes were almost black, and his tall, muscular body was any woman's fantasy.

Dane's black hair was down to his waist, a black leather vest covered his strapping chest, and Jaycee remembered those thick full lips she loved to kiss.

His brother Mark was a little taller than Dane, with brownish blond hair that framed his model-perfect face. In such a short time they had become as important to her as the air she breathed, but here still wasn't home for Dane, Remi, and Mark.

Jaycee still couldn't fathom how these three men could want her. Her breasts were large and her hips were full, but even with her red hair, she was not model material as they were. She knew she had to do something for them. She glanced down at the floor through her red bangs that hid the smile that would give away her new secret. Tomorrow she would make the call to her mother-in-law and get the ball rolling. Hopefully, it would be done before Christmas. A new home and a new beginning.

“I heard that,” Dane growled, coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her. “And there will be no turning me into a toad again. Once was enough, thank you. I still have nightmares about eating flies.” He dropped a quick kiss on her neck. “Mark wants to dance with you, Baby.”

Jaycee smiled up at Dane, his long black hair pulled back in a pony tail, and then walked into Mark's arms. He pulled her out onto the dance floor as her favorite song from
Dirty Dancing
came on. Jaycee laughed as Mark pulled her into his muscular arms, sliding his leg in between hers his tight black leather pants rubbing against her bare skin. His hands skimmed her breasts as he moved his leg over her clit. He dipped his head down, and licked in between her breasts.

Her body was inflamed by the time the song ended. Mark laughed as he walked with her towards the table.

“This is so not fair. You're going to leave me hanging like this, when my body is burning up?” Jaycee pouted, sitting down. She gulped the drink in front of her, not thinking. It burned all the way down her throat and when it hit her stomach, she gasped.

“Shit!” Jaycee yelled, staring at the drink. “Okay, who put this near my place? And what the hell was in it?” Jaycee glared around the table.

Marsha, Jaycee's adopted mother walked up, and smiled down at Jaycee. “It's something you can drink without affecting the baby, and it's only for our kind.” She laughed, handing her another drink. “Don't worry, it won't penetrate the baby's sack.”

Jaycee laughed, swallowing down the liquid. It burned going down.

“I should warn you … it also, well … it kind of acts like an aphrodisiac.” Marsha grinned.

Jaycee glared at her, spitting what was in her mouth back into the glass. “You gave me an aphrodisiac. I'm already dying here!”

Jaycee heard her mates laugh.“Okay what do you guys have planned?” She fanned herself with her hand. “I mean, it's not like you don't already turn my body upside down when you touch me.”

“Oh, Baby, wait until you see what we have in store for you tonight. There will be no sleep,” Remi hinted, sliding his hand up her leg under the short tight fitted black leather skirt, knowing she was naked under it, and just stroking her pussy lips.

Jaycee tried to push his hand away, but Dane grabbed her hands, bringing them to his mouth and kissing them. “The next two weeks is just about you. Don't push us away.” She watched as his tongue slid in between her fingers. Remi's fingers pushed into her pussy, stroking her walls.

“Guys, we're in public here,” Jaycee mumbled, trying to take her hands back from Dane, but he held them tight as Remi played with her. The music thrummed in the background, and people danced, sweaty and slick.

Dane leaned close to her ear and whispered, “See that couple on the dance floor? Watch them.” He nodded toward a couple in the center of a raised stage that faced the other dancers.

The male in question slipped his hands down the front of the female's shirt, squeezing her breasts.

Mark came up behind Jaycee, and did the same to her, pinching and pulling on her nipple rings. Jaycee tucked her head against Mark's chest when he leaned forward to watch his hands play.

Jaycee's eyes stayed on the couple as one of the man's hands moved down to the hem of the woman's dress. He pulled it up, slowly exposing her pussy. His hand reached her pussy. His legs separated hers further from behind, pushing his fingers inside her. Jaycee sucked in her breath looking around the bar, while others danced and watched the couple perform.

“Okay, what kind of bar is this?” Jaycee moaned as Remi pushed four fingers into her, further stretching her. She pushed her pussy further onto his hand, needing more of him.

Dane exposed one of her breasts as Mark played with them. “This is a play club, little one, and we're all going to play. Now watch, while we play.” Dane whispered leaning down as Mark removed one hand. Dane sucked one of her breasts into his mouth, nipping it.

Her body shook as her eyes fastened on the couple again. Another man stepped in front of them, kneeling down in between the woman's legs. Jaycee could see his long tongue as it licked the woman's pussy. Jaycee watched the other woman moan and throw her head back.

That's when Jaycee saw the St. Andrews cross, one of the most common pieces of furniture used in the BDSM scenes, coming up out of the dance floor behind them. Jaycee laughed, her nipples hardened thinking of herself strapped spread eagle to the wooden cross, knowing what kind of club they were in now.

One of her adopted brothers slid up next to them and set a bag at Remi's feet, and then walked away. She glanced up at Remi's face and he smiled. Her juices dripped down to her butt, and she knew she was going to stain her dress, but right now she couldn't concentrate on anything as Mark pulled her chair back away from the table. Dane lifted his head, and Remi pulled his hand out of her.

“Come on, Baby, it's your turn.” Dane pulled her up. “We know you like to have people watch you be taken. We talked to the man who trained you. He told us all your secrets.” Dane laughed as her mates pulled her up onto the stage. The band had already left, and in its place stood all sorts of play furniture she didn't even recognize. She stepped back, bumping into Remi, who smiled down at her again.

“Going someplace, Baby?” Remi asked. He undid the fastener around her neck, lowering her halter-top to her waist and exposing her breasts. Jaycee glanced around. Remi and noticed many club members already enjoying their own play, including Marsha and her mate.

Jaycee glanced over where she knew Shelly had been sitting. The other girl now faced the stage, sitting on Bo's lap, her dress raised and her legs spread. Bo's hand played with her pussy, but the metal handcuffs around Shelly's wrists were around Bo's neck and that made Jaycee smile. Shelly smiled back at Jaycee, nodding.

Remi slid Jaycee's dress down her body. She stepped out of it and gazed up at him. He turned her around and Dane pulled her towards what looked like a doctor's examining table, but it was horizontal. Dane backed her up against the table and hooked her hands above her head. Remi and Mark each grabbed a leg, spread her legs, and put her feet in the stirrups that held her up.

Mark stepped between her legs and pushed on her thighs, opening her up more. They all stood back and stared at her.

Remi pulled out the black bag and placed next it to the table. He dug in the bag and pulled out nipple clamps and a flogger. He handed the flogger to Dane, and moved around to Jaycee's side, tweaking her right nipple and making it pucker up. He screwed the nipple clamp to her nipple and ring, and then repeated the process to her other breast. Jaycee bit her lip to keep from moaning. She looked up as Mark and another gentleman stepped up into her view.

Mark traced his finger around her clit. “This here is the doctor to the clan. He's going to pierce your clit now, in front of everyone. We want to be able to attach a belt one day.”

Mark grinned when she shook, her juices seeping out of her pussy at the thought of getting her clit pierced. She squirmed and heard the whoosh of the flogger before the sting landed on her breast. Jaycee jumped and cried out.

“Hold still, and I don't want to hear a word out of you!” Dane demanded, his alpha voice played with every nerve in her body. She held back a whimper and then glanced down between her legs. The doctor sat in front of her. Mark pushed the table up a little, giving the doctor better access to her clit. Mark separated her pussy lips while the doctor pulled out his equipment. She couldn't watch. She laid her head back against the table and closed her eyes.

Remi's cologne swirled around her as he stroked her cheek. “It will be over in a minute, Baby, so just hold still,” he whispered into her ear.

The doctor's cold hands grabbed her clit, and the needle pushed through her hard little nub. She screamed at the pain, but it was done in a few seconds, the area becoming numb. She opened up her eyes as Mark fingered the round ring that had been threaded into her clit. She knew it was healed already when he pulled on it. The doctor smiled up at her, and then left the stage.

Mark picked up a clamp and attached it to her clit, sending hot flashes through her body.

Remi and Dane attached a chain through her nipple clamps while Mark did the same to her clit. They brought the ends together, attaching them to a ring that swayed from the ceiling.

Dane pulled on it, tightening it. It pulled on her clamps, sending pain throughout her body, which slowly turned into an intense pleasure. Her body was sweaty, and she gasped as a silk scarf brushed across her face. She looked up and saw Dane smiling down at her.

“We're going to blindfold you, Baby. We want you to just feel. Clear your mind and relax.” Dane placed the scarf over her eyes, tying it behind her head. Everything went dark, but her other senses kicked in as she listened and smelled.

She could smell Mark up close to her face, and then he pushed his cock into her mouth.

“This will keep you quiet,” Mark said, as his cock slipped into her mouth. She was a little disoriented, sensing they had moved the table around. She didn't know how they had her positioned. She couldn't feel Mark's legs beside her.

The flogger came down on her pussy, and she yelped around Mark's cock. The slight breeze against her skin signaled another smack, which landed on her breast. Someone blew on her clit and she tried to squirm, but she couldn't move. Her body was now strapped down too.

Headphones were placed over her ears and soothing soft music played, but Jaycee's body burned everywhere they touched her. Her pussy quivered. She needed to be fucked. She was soaking, and she felt one of her mates stretch her pussy with his hand. He pushed into her, fisting her. Someone released one of her legs, leaving the straps on her body, they lifted her leg straight up and attached it to something that spread her wider. They repeated this with the other leg. Her legs stretched up and spread as far as they could go. The hand slowly played with her g-spot, her pussy sucked at the hand.

Mark grabbed her head then, forcing her to take more of his cock, which is when she felt his legs. Her head had been lowered and he stood with his legs on either side of her head. His cock pushed down her throat, almost gagging her, but she slowly relaxed as she felt his come run down her tongue.

The hand in her pussy pulled out of her, leaving her wanting more. She was licking the last of Mark's some from his cock, when she felt a second cock push into her pussy. Hands slapped her ass cheeks as she was fucked. Whoever it was slammed into her hard, shaking the table.

The headphones were suddenly taken off, and she could hear Dane yelling, “Come for me, Baby!”

Someone removed the clamp from her clit, sending a burning sensation through her body, and she screamed. The nipple clamps were removed and her legs lowered as the orgasm ripped through her body. She smelled Mark's scent as he sucked her nipple into his mouth, sending another orgasm through her body.

Dane's cock locked onto her pussy wall while his come poured into her. Her hands were still tied and the scarf was still wrapped around her face. Her body sang, welcoming his seed. Then his cock slid out.

Dane pulled away from her, and she smelled Remi as he pulled her up against his body. He lifted her up, releasing her hands, still tied together, from the table. She was carried to some other place. Remi sat down with her in his lap. He spread his legs behind her while his cock pushed into her ass. Her legs draped limply over his legs.

Someone behind her removed the blindfold from her face, and she squinted her eyes, adjusting to the lighting of the club. Jaycee sat in front of the stage, facing the audience. Mark came around, and lifted her tied hands to place them around Remi's neck. His cock pushed in and out of her ass as the audience watched him take her.

Remi bit down on her neck, holding onto her as Dane slipped down in front of her, licking over her clit. He pushed his hand into her pussy, finger-fucking her as he sucked on her clit, biting it and pulling at her new ring.

“Watch the audience, see them watching us as we claim you. You're ours. We'll never let you go,” Mark whispered in her ear while Remi squeezed her breasts, kneading them. Remi's cock pushed harder into her, slamming her. Jaycee couldn't contain the moan that escaped her lips.

Dane slapped her thigh with his other hand. She would have jumped, but they held her down. Remi bent at the waist, pushing forward. Her breast dangled on Dane's head as Remi's hips slammed into her faster. She was so stretched she couldn't move when his cock locked into her ass and she felt his seed pump into her.

“Come for him!” Mark demanded. Dane bit down on her clit sending her into another orgasm. Her head fell forward and she screamed.

Dane slipped his hand out of her, standing up and pulling her up off of Remi's lap. Mark untied her arms, which now ached. Dane rubbed the circulation back into them as Remi pulled her dress down over her body, tying the top back around her neck.

BOOK: Running In Fear: Coming Home
6.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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