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Buster remained by the door. “So what do you want us to do once we drop the women off?”

“Get your asses back here. Besides watching over the twelve remaining females, I need to find Lindsey. With three of you gone, that only leaves four of us here. Not sure she can survive out there in this weather. What kind of idiot would have swiped her and led her into the higher country where humans wouldn’t last long without freezing to death.” Smoke looked at Buster, still wanting to punch someone. “You wouldn’t happen to know anything about Lindsey’s disappearance, would you?”

Buster’s brows drew together in an expression of worry, eyes widening when Smoke stepped within inches. “I was with you—with the females—dangnation, you gotta know I’d never mess with your mate!” He almost groveled, and Smoke hated that worse than his asinine lies.

“Enough!” Using both hands Smoke grabbed Buster’s shirt front, slamming him against the door jam. “If I find out any of you were involved in Lindsey’s escape, you’ll pay with your life. Now, get the hell out of here and ready the females.” He shoved Buster through the open doorway. “You need to leave soon to make it into town before nightfall.”



Chapter Eleven



“That was the last of old man Clemmings cabins, so, now what’s your plan?” Dir asked Trevor as they walked back to the truck. The sun shone high in the sky. Trevor figured it was early afternoon. After searching all night and all morning, it was time to figure another way to find Jase.

“The vampire introduced herself as Victoria Russell, which may or may not direct us to another lead. I think our best bet is to see if Jasmine came up with anything about her or about any vampires in this area. Jeb said she’d been around here for about a month. None of the men she’d been with before have disappeared, at least according to what I picked up from Jeb, so why would she take Jase?” Trevor jumped into the driver’s side and gripped the steering wheel. “Would you have any ideas about the why of it?”

“I’d think she would have known after tasting his blood that he wasn’t human. I’m also a bit surprised at the fact she could compel him. Vampires have never been able to do that to a Lycan before, nor have they ever feasted on our blood. From what I know, Lycan blood makes a vampire die, poisons them, at least that’s what I’ve been taught…up until now.” Dir closed the passenger door and checked his phone for messages. “Chance, Olivia, and Damen have already returned from France. Damn, that was a fast trip.”

“Yeah, hope everything is all right. Not like Chance to hurry home from the Elders. They’re usually insistent he stay for festivities they pull together in his honor. He’s usually gone for a good week or so.”

“Trev, you got to know Chance is as on-fire about finding Lindsey and capturing Smoke as you are, right?” Dir pocketed his phone and turned his face toward Trevor.

The last thing Trevor wanted to do at this moment was talk about Lindsey, or Smoke. Every time their names came up images of Lindsey on top of Smoke, riding him like a race horse, shot into Trevor’s brain. And then, their big climax…the scent of their arousal, the sounds of their passion pounded through Trevor as if seeing it for the first time. Smoke’s mark across her shoulder etched a permanent place in his mind. His heart already took the hit and would never recover. He never wanted to see either one of them again. Wanted nothing to do with the investigation…didn’t care. And, if he admitted it to himself, it was because he still cared too much for Lindsey.

“I’ve been thinking about moving on, Dir. Once we find Jase, that is. You guys can take care of Smoke and Lindsey without me.” Trevor started the engine and pulled out onto the main drag, heading toward the Coyote Bar and Grill where they left Dir’s truck parked. “You know, maybe I’ll hang out at the Coyote Bar tonight and see if Miss Ria comes back.”

“Jasmine, baby, you there?”
Dir put a call out for his mate.

“What’s your pleasure, mister, and you better say it’s me,”
Jasmine came back inside Dir and Trevor’s head.

Trevor cut in, not wanting in on another mated couple’s love talk.
“Jase has been kidnapped by a Victoria Russell and her henchmen…all vampires. We need you to run her through the system. Do a little research, see if you can come up with where she originated and anything else about her.”

“’Kay, you mentioned her name when you asked Dir to join you. I’m still working on it. When will you two be back? Chance is chomping at the bit to get this Smoke and Lindsey situation taken care of, like yesterday. Now that we have the location of their pack, we need to get a plan in place fast before they decide to move.”
Jasmine waited a minute, and when neither answered her, she came back with,
“Olivia is with youngling and could use your calming ability, Trev. So how long will you be?”

“What? Oh, damnation, not good. Chance is probably freaking about the whole youngling issue with Olivia. Shit. Not good at all,” Trevor said out loud and stomped on the gas pedal.

“So much for you staying in town, Trev. Chance will need all of us, especially because we’re missing one. Sounds like Jase will have to wait.” Dir grabbed the dash when Trevor swerved to miss an antlered deer leaping across the road in front of the truck.

“Hey, baby, we’ll be there in less than an hour at the speed Trevor’s driving,”
Dir finally answered his mate.

Trevor figured the consequences for not answering Jasmine would be great.

“I still think our best bet is to stake out the bar, but I suppose Jeb can handle calling us if Ria shows up.” Trevor wanted to help Chance, his Alpha, but seeing Lindsey…shit, could he handle it without breaking down like a whimpering love-sick idiot begging for his primal-mate to come back? He’d never had to chase after a female in his life.

“I agree Jeb can handle it just fine. We’re not so far away that we can’t respond quickly.”

Dir stared at him. Trevor saw it from his peripheral as well as sensed it.

“What else you want to say, Dir? I know you have something you just can’t wait to puke out.”

“Damn straight I do. What the hell reason would you have to stop looking for your primal-mate? I would never be able to stop looking for Jasmine until I found her. What’s up with you?” Dir puffed out a huge exhale as if to emphasize his point.

“None of your business.”

“We’re pack mates for damn sakes, it is my business. I don’t want to see one of my own go off the deep end for lack of his mate. Now, again, what the hell is going on with you?”

“Would you still look for Jasmine if you saw her fucking the brains out of another Lycan like she couldn’t get enough of it, and she wore that Lycan’s mark?” Trevor pulled the truck off to the side of the road and stopped. He turned to Dir. “Tell me Dir, honestly, would you give a rat’s ass for her after seeing that?”

“Jaz said there’s another drug, Trevor. I thought you knew about it. It’s the drug Olivia had in her system. Makes anyone who takes it want to fuck…totally uninhibited and the thing is, they hallucinate while on it, thinking they are fucking someone they love…someone they know.”

Trevor had heard about the Startem drug, but it didn’t matter. Lindsey enjoyed it way too much for it not to be a real all-consuming fuck. She wore his mark…they’d consummated.

“Dir, you’re not hearing me. She wore that bastard’s mark…they consummated. She’ll never be mine.” Trevor slammed the vehicle back into drive wanting to get Dir out of his truck. He loved Lindsey, but now she belonged to another and he would never grovel for her.



Chapter Twelve



Jase woke with a stabbing headache and a raging hard-on. He sat up, nearly passing out from the pain inside his head, and looked at his surroundings. Victorian-like tapestries, deep burgundy with gold-braided edges, hung along the walls. Heavy dark wood furniture, a dresser, night stand, armoire, and a large four poster bed that he sat on, took up only a small portion of the enormous room. A good-sized clawed bath tub with a deep purple pull around curtain, roped back on both sides took up a corner.

He stood up and his cock slapped his abdomen, making him realize his naked state.
Geez, what the…?
Jase gripped his cock with trembling fingers, pulling the tip of it away from his body as he examined it. Sets of puncture marks peppered its sensitive length and it appeared deep reddish-purple in color, like blood settled just beneath the skin. Then he thought of what Trevor had called Ria. Vampire. He’d heard of vampires but never met one—before Ria. Just the simple thought of her thickened his dick. He wanted her and wondered if he’d actually had her, memories eluding him.

His legs wobbled beneath him as he stood and inspected the room, pulling the tapestries away from the walls to check what they hid. A narrow door led into a small room with a toilet and a sink. Nothing else stood out, only darkly painted walls. He scanned the room for his clothing. Pulled out drawers and opened the armoire, finding only female apparel. A heavy-looking arched wooden door appeared to be the only other opening in the room, no windows. Any light came from a small lamp on the nightstand. He tried turning the gold leaf doorknob, a long handle, but the door wouldn’t budge.

“Trevor, can you hear me? Trevor. Chance. Anyone?”

Jase walked to the edge of the bed and settled back on the comfortable mattress.
What the heck happened last night and how’d I get here…and more importantly, where is here?

Just then the door creaked open, and Ria entered wearing a filmy little number, showing all of her voluptuous assets. Jase had no control over his heavy dick or tight balls. He leaned up on an arm, unable to crawl off the bed.

“Oh, look at you…all ready for another round.” Ria’s gaze dropped to his groin, and he swore her brown eyes went all aglow and metallic red. Her incisors extended over her full bottom lip, sharp and shiny. She smiled, making them appear even more sinister.

“Where am I, Ria?” Her glowing eyes sent a wave of vertigo over him. A tremor whipped through his body and left his brain addled.

“What did you ask me, my love?” Ria climbed onto the bed and pushed him back. She kneeled and lifted her see-through robe, straddling Jase’s hips. He gasped when she showed him the blonde heart-shape of curls tipped with the hot pink, pointy end leading to her swollen slit.

He didn’t recall asking her a question, but wanted to remember it and make Ria happy.

His mind was completely occupied with making her happy. She slammed herself onto his cock, swallowing him whole. Jase heard his own groan, but didn’t feel it escape his lips, like he wasn’t beneath her, but watching from somewhere else.

“Oh my gods, Lycan lover, you’re insatiable. Just. Like. Me.”

Her words came out one by one as she rode his cock. Her large breasts bounced, nipples knotted. Jase wanted to rip the gauzy material from her and suckle them, but his body wouldn’t cooperate. Only his cock rose to the occasion. He could see its glazed appearance as Ria lifted herself and then it vanished when she dropped back onto it. His insides fired a fuse, and it burned right down to…

“Come. Love. Fill. Me. With. Your. Semen.” Her groans went high-pitched and she increased the in-out action, her breasts bouncing in a crazed pattern.

He howled and she screamed. Again, he recognized his howl, but he didn’t feel the rush of breath from his lungs to make it happen, only the convulsions of his dick wrapped inside Ria.

She collapsed on his chest and lay there for minutes, her skin cool through that stupid robe. Her teeth pricked through skin over his nipple. Another euphoric spasm tightened his balls, and his cock thickened inside her channel.

Ria licked his nipple and then moved to the other doing the same, biting and licking. “You are so yummy, every part of you.” She licked red liquid from her lips and kissed him. He tasted his own blood and didn’t care. Ria rose and pulled herself off him. Instantly he missed her tight passage.

She slithered down his body, grasping his cock with her long, black polished nails. Her tongue snaked out, the extended incisors retracted, and licked all the glistening wetness from him. He watched her, and his cock grew longer and thicker as if on demand. Her lips encircled him, sucking him into her mouth. Every sensation seemed enhanced, but only his cock, nipples, and tongue enjoyed them, like everything else simply shut off inside him. Ria’s teeth extended, he saw them and knew what came next. Total ecstasy.

The pricks of her incisors pulled on every quaking nerve ending and her drawing of his blood brought on an instant orgasm. She swallowed everything as he heard himself howl again and then everything went dark.



Chapter Thirteen



Chance looked around the Ops room and then glared at Damen. “Tell me how you think it’s all right for Olivia to go through birthing? You know my history for shit sakes.”

“Exactly.” Damen’s gaze pinned Chance to the back of his chair. “Everyone, Elders, pack, and primal-mates, know the deed is done, Chance. There’s no going back and undoing Olivia’s condition, so stop this negative energy you’re draping around it. Olivia’s going to pick up on it, as well as everyone else, and you’ll be ostracized from those who know, admire, and respect you as a Lycan Alpha.” Damen stood. “To my knowledge there’s never been an intentional aborting of younglings. You’re a sire, going to be a father. Accept it and move on. Your time and efforts should be focused on capturing Smoke and rescuing Trevor’s primal-mate.” He walked out of the room without a backward glance and shut the door.

The crisp snap of the door closing cracked through Chance like a punch to his gut. His mind reeled with all he’d been through up until that moment. Damen was right, Chance understood his present situation as undoable and carrying it around like a weight on his shoulders wouldn’t do anyone any good, especially Olivia and their younglings.

Without warning the tingling sensation began in his fingertips, moving up his spine and over his scalp until it stabbed through his eyelids. He recognized the signs and slumped over the table as his premonition took him away…

BOOK: Savage Smoke
10.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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