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“You are so beautiful.” Bliss drew in a moan and skimmed her palms up the inside of Lindsey’s legs until they met in the middle. Her hips bucked into them and her thighs splayed open. She sat up enough to grasp the bottom of Bliss’s sweater and yanked it higher, which also jerked Bliss’s hands from Lindsey’s skin. Bliss quickly finished removing the sweater and took another moment to pull off her jeans.

Lindsey lifted her shirt off and threw it aside, enjoying the view of the svelte feminine form in front of her. A blonde, curly, narrow racing stripe covered the very center of Bliss’s pubic bone, the rest smooth and bare. Bliss dropped back to her knees and arched her back, thrusting small pert breasts toward Lindsey. Those dark rose areoles stretched around the tight knots at the center and Lindsey had to touch. She pinched the velvety pebbles and Bliss moaned, pushing harder into Lindsey’s fingers. She rolled those luscious buds, needing to taste them.

Bliss cupped Lindsey’s fuller breasts, thumbs pressing and rubbing across her taut peaks, creating a whip of current from her sensitive tips to her sopping core. Bliss pressed one hand down Lindsey’s body with a bit of aggression, clutching her sex folds while pinching Lindsey’s nipple almost as hard as one of Smoke’s clamps. She ripped the thong away and drove two fingers inside Lindsey’s passage, massaging her inner walls. Bliss’s tongue circled Lindsey’s nipple and then latched onto it like a milking machine. Lindsey cried out, and Bliss sucked all the harder. Lindsey attempted to break the seal of Bliss’s mouth, sliding fingers around her lips.

Finally, Bliss released her, slapping Lindsey’s hands away. She pulled her fingers out of Lindsey’s channel and sat up.

“What are you doing?” Bliss asked, licking her fingertips.

Lindsey lay in front of a sex-witch, fired up and on fire. She’d never had rough sex with another woman. Bliss’s swollen red lips looked so enticing. A shiver pounded down Lindsey’s spine at the memory of them attached to her breast in a vacuum-like suckle. Her nipples tingled in pain and heat, and her body quaked on the throes of orgasm, so close.

“I asked a question.” Bliss pinched both of Lindsey’s nipples, releasing and pinching again. Lindsey gasped. “If you’re going to fight me, I’m tying your hands and feet to the bed posts.” Another pinch, but Lindsey didn’t react, even though her pussy throbbed for attention. Bliss leaned over Lindsey, nipping a tight pebble between her teeth until it was raw, and then sucked, pulling every nerve into alarm mode. Lindsey fought against uttering a sound, her hips curling up and down of their own accord.

Pain turned to pleasure as Bliss claimed Lindsey’s lips in a most sensual kiss, tongue parting lips and plunging inside her waiting mouth. Lindsey suckled and Bliss moaned, the vibration of it tickling nerve endings. Bliss’s fingers fluttered down Lindsey’s body, spreading her lower lips.

Lindsey’s breath caught and she released Bliss’s tongue.

“That’s the way I like a wanton bitch,” Bliss whispered, and slid down Lindsey’s body, glazing a wet trail with her tongue. When she reached Lindsey’s juncture, Bliss sat up on bent knees, spreading Lindsey’s thighs wide and staring at her most sensitive folds. “Don’t move or I’ll get my strap and teach you lesson.”

Lindsey watched Bliss sniff the air, her gaze meeting Lindsey’s and locking. An instant jolt sparked her core and her hips curled upward. Bliss smiled.

“So, you want me to teach you a lesson.”

“No, no strapping.”

“I didn’t say you could talk to me.” Bliss grabbed Lindsey’s body right off the floor and with the strength of a man carted her to the bed, dumping her across the soft plush spread.

“What are you going to do to me?” Lindsey’s whole body shivered with anticipation rather than fear. She’d never done anything like this simply for the want of it. But the pleasure-pain of Bliss was nothing like anything she’d experienced. All she’d been through in the past month culminated into this very moment of submissive freedom.

“Talking,” was all Bliss said. She moved in a blur, tying wrists and ankles to the bedposts, leaving Lindsey stretched out, arms overhead, and legs wide open.

Lindsey’s sex pulsed, her nipples knotted, waiting. Bliss walked across the cave and poked through a large bag near the opposite wall. She came back with a handful of long handled things and dildo sex toys, dropping them on the bottom of the bed between Lindsey’s feet.

She grabbed up a long stick with a leather strap hanging off the end of it and ripped it through the air so it snapped across Lindsey’s upper thigh.

“Oh!” Lindsey couldn’t stop the shocked sound from leaving her mouth.

Bliss snapped it through the air again, this time it landed across Lindsey’s breasts. She squeezed her eyes closed and gasped from the fire blazing in her nipples. The strap whizzed through the air and slapped over her bare pubic mound. Breath gushed out of her lungs carrying a whimper. Again the strap snapped and hit lower in her most vulnerable sensitive area. She screamed, cutting it off by biting her tongue and tasting the metallic aftermath of her reaction. Pain radiated out from her nether region, and yet her passage drooled down her crevice as her nipples pebbled tighter. She opened her eyes, knowing another punishing snap of the whip was inevitable after her scream. Instead, Bliss ran the tip of a huge feather around Lindsey’s nipples and her body writhed, arching and shaking. The feather stroked a path down to Lindsey’s sex where its delicate touch created crazy sensations inside her core.

“No sound, unless a pleasure response. Am I clear?”

Lindsey nodded, not understanding her body replying so heatedly to the whip or the feather. She wanted to please Bliss for many reasons. Top of the list, Lindsey was free of Smoke.

Bliss dropped the feather and picked out a large dildo from the pile. Thin straps hung from the end of it, like it might strap onto a body. She crawled up the bed between Lindsey’s thighs. “I’m drawn to pleasure you. I want to watch your body respond.”

Bliss licked the dildo, slathering it with her tongue, and then stuffed it into her mouth. Her gaze locked on Lindsey’s the whole time. Then she dropped her focus to Lindsey’s sex, ran a fingertip down its center, and plunged the tip of the saliva ridden dildo into Lindsey’s passage. Bliss dipped her face close, her tongue teasing Lindsey’s naked skin, finding her clit.

Lindsey heard her own sloshing juices as Bliss pumped the life-like toy only mid-deep, creating more than pleasing pressure. Lindsey bucked into it, unable to control her urges and building tension.

Bliss nipped the clit she so lovingly had been suckling. Lindsey screamed, in shock and pain, then pleasure.

Bliss lifted her head, pinching the clit as she did so. Lindsey cried out again, her hips undulating. Bliss shoved the dildo all the way in. Lindsey gasped at its enormity. Then her vaginal muscles quaked with the vibration from it. Bliss turned the power higher and pulled the attached straps around Lindsey’s waist, tucking it tight so the vibrator stayed in place. Its vibration sent a rhythm through her core, shooting inner flames to her nipples, and sparking signals of ecstasy to every cell of her body.

Lindsey’s lids grew heavy, but she watched Bliss push the same type of dildo into herself, strap it on, and start it up with a remote. She moaned, then bent over and licked Lindsey’s nipples. All the stimulation built a tidal wave of tension, Lindsey rose higher and higher, panting, her breathing deepening into a moan. Bliss licked and lathered her middle finger. Lindsey thought it such an erotic display, so close to sending her over the edge again. Bliss slid lower, tongue finding Lindsey’s clit and suckling as her wet finger pressed against the tight ring of Lindsey’s anus.

“Oh God.” Lindsey thrust her hips in stimulation override…pulsating waves piloting through every system. The vibrator inside her increased again and rippled against her inner walls.

No holding back, Lindsey’s voice joined the rhythm of the melody going on inside as tensions gathered. All of them collected and spiraled into her core until it pounded outward, rushing into waves of extreme pleasure and whisking out to every shimmering cell.

Bliss groaned through her own release, lapping at Lindsey’s juices prolonging the tremors that enveloped Lindsey’s entire being. Bliss slid out from between Lindsey’s thighs, and both immediately collapsed next to each other on the bed. The vibrator stopped, allowing Lindsey to settle.

“My. God. I’ve. Never. Experienced. Any. Orgasm. That. Powerful,” she managed, breathless in between words. “Bliss.” She couldn’t finish her crazy sentence, thankfully caught off guard by Bliss’s beautiful emerald gaze, or she would have admitted her love for a woman she didn’t know at all.

Bliss kissed her, claiming her lips in a gentle passionate after-sex kiss. Lindsey tasted herself.

“Let’s bathe together, and then you can have me for dessert,” Bliss whispered. She sat up, grabbed the knife from the end of the bed, and sliced through the ropes on Lindsey’s wrists.

“Bathe? In the drinking spring? Freezing cold bathing, not an enticing after-sex specialty I’m looking forward to doing before eating dessert.”

“Oh no, sweets, there’s a hot spring not far from here, another of my secret finds.” Bliss winked and bounced off the bed. Then, she bent a bit and stopped cold in her tracks. “Oh shit! You might want to remove the toy before jumping out of bed.”

Lindsey giggled.



Chapter Ten



A sudden sense of urgency consumed Smoke, and he practically tripped over himself as he raced through the blustery snow toward the cabin he shared with Lindsey. He leaped up the one step to their small deck-like porch and pushed the door open. He knew immediately Lindsey was gone.

“Dammit, woman. Now why would you go and do something so stupid as to run off in the middle of a snowstorm,” he admonished his missing sex slave. After whipping clothes off hooks on the wall, and sifting through the one set of drawers, he found only the clothes she’d worn plus her coat, boots, and gloves were missing. His heart actually grew painful inside his chest, a totally unfamiliar sensation. It made him restless, and he seethed with anger.

Smoke jogged out the door and around the cabin to find which direction his little minx had taken.
Ahh, there’s your sweet scent.
It offed him to realize Lindsey’s scent carried her arousal as well.
What would take you away from the comforts of home and in such a state?
He wondered if perhaps she’d gone peeking inside the central building and discovered the orgy going on there. He would have picked up her scent if she’d been anywhere near the place though. Dread besieged him as he realized she had help. Someone without a scent came to her rescue.

His thoughts dredged up Trevor or Chance. Had they found a supply of Total Eclipse, Dr. Linder’s wonder drug? It was the only thing he could think of that produced the ability to cover scent. Smoke had a deal with Linder as the only Lycan on the receiving end of his Lycan enhancement drugs. After the search and find for Lindsey got handled, perhaps Linder required another visit from him to keep the SOB in line.

Lindsey’s strong scent lured him on for miles, until he came to a large stream. He still scented her arousal, but he lost it there as well. Howling his discontent, he ripped off his clothing and went wolf. He’d find her if it was the last thing he did, and whoever thought they’d rescued her wouldn’t survive to see tomorrow.

He followed the stream north and then south. The snow had stopped hours earlier and the stars beamed down like miniature beacons. How could she simply vanish? He made one more pass back and forth, until dawn filtered through the forest.

“Smoke, hey, we got some issues here. Dr. Rymes sent a message through Reed. He wants a couple of the females at his place for their first shift. How do you want to handle this? Who will go, and how will they go?”
Buster’s voice thrummed through Smoke’s head.

“Shit, Rymes’s timing sucks.”
Smoke took one last look around and then decided he’d need to give Lindsey’s disappearance more thought.
“I’m on my way back. Check my cabin and see if Lindsey’s there. Let me know what you find.”
Smoke knew Buster would keep it quiet if Lindsey hadn’t made it back to the cabin. Buster had a mean streak, deep and harsh, but he came around after Smoke made him an example of what happens when orders didn’t get followed.

Smoke recalled the silver blade used to slice Buster’s face. It left a nasty scar. So far, it’d worked on keeping him in line and everyone else as well. But for how long? All of his rogues eventually drifted back to old ways. Smoke didn’t always play fair when it came to fighting. It was his only advantage over them.

He didn’t go back for his clothing, they would most likely be in tatters anyway, and kept a steady pace in wolf-form back to his pack. Rage ran rampant just below his skin, filling him with a need to hurt something. He struggled to reel it in before reaching the pack.

“Lindsey isn’t in the cabin. I checked a number of places you’ve found her in the past, and she’s nowhere,”
Buster telecommunicated.

Smoke picked up the pace. Someone would pay for Lindsey’s escape, he didn’t know who yet, but someone would pay.

* * * *

Smoke rounded the corner of his cabin still in wolf-form and shifted. Buster stood on the porch, leaning against the door.

“Go pick out three females for Rymes. After this heavy snowfall, you and two others will need to run them into town on snowmobiles. Storm is done for now, so you should be fine.” Smoke stomped the snow from his bare feet on the step and walked across the porch to where Buster stood. “What are you doing still standing there? Get a move on.”

“Reed wants one of the females for his needs. He don’t like being stationed in town where there ain’t enough of them.” Buster grinned, but moved for Smoke to get through the door.

“He can have the three females for the night. Pack some Startem inoculations to keep the females in the mood. But Reed needs to make sure they are delivered to Rymes before noon tomorrow. The good doctor will want some time to run tests on them before the full moon rises.” Smoke left the door open for Buster to follow him inside. He grabbed a pair of jeans and T-shirt off the floor where he’d dumped them earlier and dressed.

BOOK: Savage Smoke
2.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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