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Jemma took her time, her
hands trailing over his athletic body, kissing and licking his most
sensitive places. Adam groaned in desire when she kissed a
particularly responsive spot and she smiled to herself, gratified
that she could give him as much pleasure as he had given her.

She kissed her way down
to his lower body. Unfastening his belt buckle, Jemma started on his
fly, the metal rasp of the zipper urging her to hurry.
pulling down his trousers, she stroked his hard manhood through silky
boxer shorts.

Adam’s breathing
hitched. “Jem…”

Happy Birthday.”
She gently freed his large cock and blew on it, before swirling her
tongue around the tip. A drop of slightly tangy pre-cum touched her
tongue and she savored it, relishing the feel of him in her mouth.

She licked further along
his shaft, treating his hard length as if it were her favorite kind
of lollipop.
Adam’s body tensed, then relaxed, and
Jemma reveled in the knowledge that her ministrations were having
such an effect on him.

She gently cupped his
balls and Adam groaned. His cock throbbed and seemed to grow even
bigger in her mouth.

Jem, stop,”
he said hoarsely. She reluctantly released him with a “pop”
and he shuddered.

Weren’t you
enjoying it?” She slinked up to him and straddled his chest,
looking at him mischievously.

You know I was.”
He pulled her head down and plundered her mouth. When he dragged
his mouth away he continued, “But any more of that and I
wouldn’t be able to do this.”

He grasped her hips and
positioned her over his cock. He rubbed her teasingly with his hard
length and then plunged into her. Jemma moaned at the suddenness of
it; loving the way Adam thrust into her again and again. Her hands
splayed on his chest as she rode him, his large cock filling her
completely. Knowing there were no barriers between them made her
even more excited and she could feel her body start to tighten.

Take off your
bra,” he rasped, his hands still gripping her hips.

She thrilled at his tone
and unhooked her bra, freeing her rounded breasts as he continued to
plunge into her. Jemma offered herself to him, the expression on
Adam’s face exciting her even more.

His hand left her hip and
cupped her breast, his thumb grazing her diamond-hard nipple.

Adam!” She
arched her back, the exquisite sensation travelling straight down to
her clit.

He gently pulled and
tugged at her pebbled nub and Jemma felt her body start to tingle.
Adam’s thrusts became fiercer and she knew she was going to
lose control any second.

Jemma cried out, her
whole body quivering with ecstasy as she climaxed.

Adam surged into her
twice more before he came inside her, bathing her walls with his

She slumped onto his
chest, spent. His semi-hard cock was still inside her, and Jemma
wished they could stay like that all afternoon

Long moments later, Adam
carefully disengaged from her, then tucked her into his side. “That
was an incredible present, Jem.” His eyes glowed with

I’m glad you
liked it,” she whispered, her finger tracing the side of his

I loved all three
of them.” His mouth swooped on hers. When he finally ended
the kiss, he cupped her face with both hands. “There’s
something I have to tell you.”

What?” Her
heart beat faster. He looked so serious.

Jemma.” He
took a deep breath. “I’m in love with you.”

Joy lit up her whole
being. Adam had just made the day absolutely perfect!

Adam,” she
as her finger traced his well-shaped lips. “I’m
in love with you too.”

He grinned. “I
is the best birthday present you could ever give
me.” He kissed her deeply, his tongue gliding into her mouth,
until he finally drew back. “Why didn’t you say anything

Because I didn’t
know how you’d react.” She stroked his face. “Why
didn’t you say anything before?”

I didn’t
want to make things awkward for you if you didn’t feel the same
way. And since I’ve been in love with you before we even
started dating, Miss Jemma Jones, I didn’t want to make you
feel uncomfortable at work.”

Jemma started to giggle.

What’s so

I’ve been in
love with

They laughed, then the
mood became more serious. Adam stroked her hair, her face, and then
his talented hands found her body, paying extra attention to the
pleasure zones that he knew would drive her wild. Jemma kissed and
stroked him, conveying all the love she felt for him and recognizing
his love for her in his response.

Jemma writhed underneath
Adam, desperate to feel him inside her again. “Adam - I need
you,” she panted.

No, I need you.”
He kissed her fiercely. “And I always will.”


That was the fourth and
final installment in the Seduced By The Boss series. I hope you
enjoyed Adam and Jemma’s erotic romance.

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at the beginning of Adam and Jemma's erotic romance with:

By The Boss 1: Pent-Up Passion

follow it with
By The Boss 2: Spanking Miss Jones

an excerpt from:

By The Boss 1: Pent-Up Passion

a sexy boss seduce his girl-next-door secretary?

Jones has been secretly in love with her boss, Adam Sinclair, for the
last eighteen months, ever since she started working for him. When he
invites her to lunch one day, she’s worried she’s going
to be fired. However, Adam has a different proposition in mind. When
he seduces her in the office that afternoon, their pent-up passion
overtakes them both!


on her
top-of-the-line office chair. She could hear the murmur of Mr. Sexy

s voice
through the wall behind her.
boss had an attractive
deep voice that
sent shivers through her, even when she tried to concentrate solely
on taking his dictation.


worked at Sinclair Consulting for eighteen months, and every time she
saw her boss, Adam Sinclair, her pulse fluttered. He was tall and
fit, with dark hair, ocean blue eyes and a smile that did something
to her insides. He looked to be in his early thirties (she was
twenty-six) and as far as she knew, he was single.

she didn

t think
he noticed her at all, except for the efficient way she ran his
successful one-man office. Every time he called her in for dictation,
her heart started beating a little faster. She supposed it was
unusual these days for secretaries to take dictation, since most
bosses knew their way around a computer keyboard, but sometimes
Sinclair would ask her to take a letter or short memo. And lately,

d been asking
her to take dictation more often. She was just glad she

decided to learn shorthand in order to make herself more marketable
to potential employers. She hadn

realized a side benefit would be having one-on-one time with her sexy

sad fact was, she hadn

had a boyfriend for months. Her last relationship had fizzled out
before it had even started. Mitchell had been a real tightwad, always


his wallet when they were out on a
date. Jemma would have to pay for both of them - until the last date
when she had gotten so fed up with the situation that she'd
deliberately left her wallet at home to force him to pay. And it had
worked. The restaurant manager had been on the verge of calling the
police when Mitchell had magically found his wallet buried deep in
his pants pocket and reluctantly paid the bill.

had been on the point of breaking up with him anyway, and this last
date had made the decision
her. Instead of giving him a goodnight kiss, she'd given Miserly
Mitchell the old heave-ho. She considered herself lucky that she

t slept with
him yet. She was pretty sure that if he was selfish in one area of
his life, he would be in others. And she definitely didn

want a selfish lover.

had been six months ago, and she hadn

been involved with anyone since. In fact, she hadn

even had a date. At night when she felt lonely, she thought of Mr.
Sexy Sinclair and pleasured herself with her fingers until she came
with a shudder.


started as her boss

smoky voice interrupted her flashback to last night

felt her cheeks heat.
favorite fantasy involved sitting naked in Mr. Sexy Sinclair

executive chair, the soft leather caressing her bottom and the backs
of her thighs as she waited for him to join her for a special kind of


Whenever she thought about it, she
moisture between her thighs, no matter where she was or what she was

must have finished his phone call. Thank goodness he wasn

a mind reader.

Mr. Sinclair?

called, sounding way too husky for her own good. Her cheeks flamed

you come in here for dictation, please.


down her embarrassment, Jemma grabbed her dictation pad and pencil
and walked into his office, well aware that unfortunately, it wasn‘t
going to be the “dictation“ scenario of last night’s

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an excerpt from:

BOOK: Seduced by the Boss 4: Loving Miss Jones
4.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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