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BOOK: Seduced by the Boss 4: Loving Miss Jones
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By The Boss 2: Spanking Miss Jones

romantic lunch followed by a sexy spanking session…

and Jemma plan to celebrate their two week anniversary by having
lunch at the Italian restaurant where their romance first started.
Afterwards, Adam has a surprise for her: a sensual spanking session
in his office.

Jemma doesn’t know what to think when her ex-boyfriend walks
into the office before lunch…


"They enjoyed their
leisurely lunch; tortellini for Jemma and pasta primavera for Adam.
The sexual tension increased each time their hands touched or they
exchanged a flirtatious look or remark. After finishing her tiramisu
and coffee, she didn’t think she could stand the anticipation
any longer.

Adam looked at her,
desire gleaming in his eyes.


go back to the office, Jemma. I think it

time for your surprise.

During the trip back to
the office, Jemma could feel her panties start to dampen with her
growing excitement. Since she

started dating her boss she was certainly making up for her many,
many months of sexual frustration. He was a generous and skilful
lover and it seemed that every orgasm she experienced with him
brought her to a higher peak of sexual satisfaction.

Jemma almost had to stop
herself from racing through the door once they reached the office
building. Instead, she told herself to be patient when Adam
clasped her hand and led her into his inner
office. She knew from past experience that she would be rewarded for
her patience very shortly.

Adam locked the door
behind them.

So we won

be disturbed if anyone makes an unscheduled visit,

he informed her smoothly.

Now come
here, Miss Jemma Jones.

Jemma willingly entered
his arms, placing her hands on his broad shoulders, her fingers
the fine fabric of his designer suit.
mouth covered hers with an increasing hunger that took her breath
away. His tongue plundered her mouth and she pressed her body
against his, desperate to be as close to him as possible.

cupped her
bottom, molding her to him. His large palms tantalizingly caressed
her globes through the linen material of her pencil skirt. Jemma
could feel his arousal pressing against her and rubbed herself
against him, moisture gathering between her thighs.

She reluctantly tore her
mouth away from his.

I want you,

she breathed, her hands
stealing up to touch the lock of hair that curled slightly at the
nape of his neck.


he promised raggedly, before his lips scorched her neck’s
tender skin.

I want to give you
your surprise first.

Jemma had forgotten all
about the surprise. She had been so consumed with need as soon as
they had stepped into the office, that the only thing that had been
on her mind was having delicious sex with Adam.

is it?

She ran her fingers down his
back until they rested on his firm butt and
herself suggestively against his arousal.

you sure you want to give it to me now?


he replied more forcefully.

I want
to give it to you now.

He stepped
back from her and she reluctantly dropped her hands.

is it?

she asked again, curious
about something that was interrupting their lovemaking.

wicked smile tipped the corners of his mouth and his eyes sizzled
with sexual intent.

Have you ever
been spanked, Jemma?
” "

By The Boss 2: Spanking Miss Jones
right now!

an excerpt from
By The Boss 3: For Her Pleasure



Adam stood in the doorway.
Just being close to him sent a sensual thrill down her spine.
He handed her a bottle of expensive
wine, and she placed it on the hall table next to her.

He reached for her,
barely giving her time to put down the wine. She entered his
her arms winding around his neck. His scent enticed
her - clean and fresh with a hint of spice.


missed you,

he murmured against her
mouth. His lips claimed hers, and a ripple of excitement raced
through her as she surrendered to his hungry kiss.


lips trailed down to her neck, and she shivered.


sorry we haven

t had much time
together lately. But I

m going to
make it up to you,

he vowed.

Starting tonight.

Jemma gave herself up to
the erotic promise of his kiss. His tongue plundered her mouth,
foreshadowing his intentions, and she felt her panties start to
dampen with anticipation.

Adam cupped one of her
breasts, his thumb rubbing her nipple through the layered fabric of
her lacy bra and silky
black dress.

Arrows of desire shot
down to Jemma

s lower body, until she
realized that they were still standing in the doorway of her
apartment. She reluctantly dragged her mouth from his and took a
shaky step backwards.


she urged, pulling him inside. "

By The Boss 3: For Her Pleasure
right now!

BOOK: Seduced by the Boss 4: Loving Miss Jones
13.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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