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“Just keep grinning,” hissed John Lyndsey. “Memphian Industries
is a very popular organization amongst Tennessee’s blue collar workers and your
presence here is a real vote winner.”

Goulding sighed, struck another pose that would have made a
catalog model proud and despite the fact that his face already ached from the
forced joviality, turned his flawless smile on the gathered onlookers. After
having spent months on the campaign trail he was heartily sick of the endless
scheming, strategizing and planning.

Just once, he would have liked to do something for the hell of
it instead of the never-ending hunt for votes and political advantage. He
wanted to enjoy a beer in a local bar and relish the foamy coolness without the
attention of the press. He wanted to take a walk in the park, without it being
punctuated by carefully planted hard luck stories of people who just needed the
encouraging words of the would-be President to make their lives worth living
again. Most of all he simply wanted his privacy and spontaneity back.

Although, he knew when he started out along this path he would
have to make numerous personal sacrifices. He understood that these sacrifices
would become more and more demanding, but he had never really prepared himself
for the scrutiny that his declaration to contest the Presidency would bring.
Whatever happened in November, his life would never be the same again and the
thought of what that could mean brought with it a dreadful weariness that
weighed him down. It was a physical burden to be endured.

As he considered the expectant faces jostling for position in
front of him, he immediately felt a pang of guilt. These were his people,
honest, hardworking individuals that merely wanted a bit of hope and
inspiration in their lives. It wasn’t their fault that his initial enthusiasm
had been replaced by apathy and resentfulness and he needed to remember that.
When all of the posturing was done and he sat in the most important piece of
real estate anywhere in the world, they would be completely reliant on him to
steer them safely forward and he was damned if he would let them down.

With renewed resolve, Goulding proceeded with the visit meeting
the CEO, the Regional Director and then the Business Development Manager.
Without exception, he found them to be shallow, superficial little men who were
far more concerned fawning over him and how they might be perceived by the
national media, than for their loyal workforce. If shit rolled downhill, then
these were the shitters and from what he could see they were full of it!

In the army, he had looked to his superiors to lead and inspire
and for the most part, they hadn’t failed in that. If these men and women had
been commanding officers during wartime, Goulding thought that it was highly
likely that they would have suffered an ‘accidental’ bullet in the back courtesy
of a disgruntled Private. Luckily, Joe and Jane Worker were armed with nothing
more dangerous than a hole-punch and they seemed content enough to grit their
teeth and collect their paycheck at the end of each month.

“I guess we all have our crosses to bear,” he thought ruefully.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Charlotte and he had to
whistling in appreciation. For a girl
straight out of college with no real experience of the ‘real world’ she didn’t
half scrub up well! Her hair had been drawn back into a severe ponytail instead
of merely falling loosely around her face and she had applied eye shadow,
mascara and lipstick to highlight her eyes and mouth in a deliberate, but
subtle manner.

The change was profound and instead of coating her beauty in a
shroud of falsity, it served to enhance and embellish it. What made the change
in appearance most entrancing however, was the addition of a delicate pair of
spectacles. On a couple of occasions, they slipped down her nose and rather
than merely push them back into place, she had considered her contact over the
top of them. It was infinitely erotic and her youthful innocence added to the
effect of raw, unabashed sexuality in a manner that aroused Goulding far more
than he was willing to admit.

Charlotte had also opted for a change from the usual,
understated office attire for this trip and the outfit that she had chosen was
incredibly smart and sexy. Her tight young body had been clad in a cool grey
pinstripe business suit, under which sat a crisp white blouse. The overall
effect was one of clinical efficiency and understated eroticism. The blouse was
tight, sheer and flawless and although the top two buttons had been left
undone, it retained an air of modesty that only hinted at the treasures that
lay beneath.

The suit jacket was tailored perfectly to her shape and
Goulding was impressed that something that was obviously bought straight off
the rack could fit her so well. With the three buttons securely fastened, it
hugged her slim waist and held her impressive bosom with all the support and
elegance of a Wonder bra, and Goulding wondered how it would feel to pop the
buttons one at a time and see the soft weightiness released. Somehow, he
instinctively knew that Charlotte’s soft flesh would be yielding and silky to
the touch, but that it would remain pertly in place, regardless of the removal
of any manmade entrapments.

Despite the allure of Charlotte’s top half, it was everything
that lay below the waist that really turned Goulding on. He had long been aware
that he was a leg and an ass man and in Charlotte he had a woman that
infinitely satisfied all of his particular requirements. Her tailored jacket
was paired with a matching skirt that was every bit as tight fitted as its
partner and defined her contours wonderfully. The gentle curve of her hips and
buttocks looked incredible beneath the material and he wondered if she had it
altered when she bought it.

Despite ending just above the knee in a tasteful and
professional manner, it still exposed a significant amount of her toned legs
and Goulding thought that, had the hem been even an inch shorter, it would have
bordered on the dangerously inappropriate. Goulding found himself damning the
propriety of the tailor, but deep down he realized that the fact that so much
was left hidden and unexposed made the expectancy and excitement so much
greater and more appealing.

He moved his gaze to her legs and was not left disappointed.
Charlotte had chosen a sheer pair of black nylon hold-up stockings and when she
had dressed that morning. Even she had been forced to stop and admire the way
that the delicate black material had looked against the creamy whiteness of her
thighs. Goulding had no way of knowing whether she was wearing tights,
stockings or suspenders, but he was more than happy to let his mind fill in the
blanks and it did not disappoint him.

Each leg ended in a simple, but elegant black leather shoe. The
heels were modest and sensible, but narrow and elegant at the same time.
However, it was the single strap that snaked its way around her delicate ankle
that really appealed to Goulding. It blurred the division of leg and footwear
wonderfully and although it was merely a sensible means of fastening the shoes,
to him it hinted at entrapment and leather clad taboo.

Barely noticing the suit clad hypocrites that surrounded him,
he watched Charlotte carefully make notes in a small, understated leather
notebook, nodded occasionally and offered advice and direction to a number of
attendees that had gathered before her. When, in a minute of obvious confusion
she had paused and bit her lower lip, Goulding had felt a stirring in his
crotch and an urgent need to relieve his agitation and pent up arousal.

As he made his excuses and made for the bathrooms, Jake
appeared at his side, a massive, yet unobtrusive shadow that only ever seemed
to become obvious when circumstances changed.

“Everything alright Boss?” said Jake gruffly.

“Y-Yes,” stumbled Goulding, clearly distracted by the effect
that Charlotte’s appearance had had on him. “I just need a shit. Do you need to
guard me in the can, or can I get a bit of privacy?”

Jake grinned at him, “I’ll wait outside the door Bill. Looking
after your ass is in my job description...wiping it aint!”

Although he appreciated the candor, Goulding needed to be alone
and he desperately wanted to hold on to the image of Charlotte that had so
turned him on. He left Jake trailing in his wake and pushed open the door to
the men’s restroom. The big man’s presence was something of a distraction, but
the fact that he would stop anyone else entering the bathroom until he had
finished was reassuring. As quickly as he could, Goulding hung his jacket on
the cubicle door hook, dropped his suit pants and pulled down his boxers. As he
lowered himself onto the cold, hard seat, he already had an impressive

Taking a firm grip of the engorged flesh, he began to rub
himself, slowly at first and then picking up speed while his fantasy began to
develop and take shape. He pictured himself surprising Charlotte from behind
and wrapping his hands around her waist, before running them down across her
hips and ass, then further still to her thighs. At first, she had stiffened and
seemed reluctant, but by the time Goulding’s hands were kneading her buttocks,
he felt her back arch as she pushed herself back against him. Her head lay
across his right shoulder and her graceful neck only inches from his mouth. He
paused for a minute to inhale the intoxicating fragrance of her skin and
perfume and lowered his mouth to kiss the smooth skin. Electricity seemed to
crackle between them and his lips tingled with the sensation. He moved his lips
up to her earlobe and began to suck and nibble at it gently.

Charlotte groaned and pushed her hips back into his crotch,
feeling his erection press against her and delighting in the fact that baring a
few layers of clothing, he would have been pushing himself into her. Goulding
gently cupped her chin with one hand and used the other to pull up the hem of
her skirt, exposing the stocking tops and making him gasp at the realization.
The questing hand ran across the course fabric of the nylon, onto smooth,
flawless skin and back again, before moving higher and snagging in the delicate
material of her panties. Just a thin string of cotton and lace concealed her
modesty and it was a maddening barrier for something so inconsequential.

By now, Goulding was pumping hard and he was so lost in his imaginations
that he no longer cared who might interrupt him. He coughed, hoarse with
emotion and imagined himself yanking the panties aside and roughly forcing
Charlotte’s legs apart to allow him unobstructed access. He pushed his fingers
deep inside her, delighting at the feel of the warm, wetness that greeted him,
such a contrast to the cool smoothness of her thighs and buttocks.

Goulding knew that both the fantasy him and the real life him
were getting perilously close to the edge and he had no intention of
relinquishing this exquisite daydream without seeing it through. With that in
mind, he imagined himself withdrawing his fingers and pushing Charlotte forward
until she bent over a convenient desktop. The sight of her white buttocks
pointing up at him and the hidden delight that rested between them nearly
finished him then and there, but he stilled his hand for a few seconds,
gathered his reserves and prepared himself for the climax. In his fantasy,
Goulding dropped his trousers and boxers around his ankles and shuffled forward
until he held Charlotte’s hip with one hand and his heaving cock with the

“Fuck me Senator. Fuck me now. I want to feel you inside me, I
want to feel your balls slapping against my thighs and I want to ache for days
because of the rough fucking you’re going to give me.”

The filthy words coming from the seemingly innocent, angelic
young mouth proved to be too much for fantasy Goulding’s restraint and needing
no further encouragement, he thrust his hips forward and slipped deep into the
waiting wetness.

Putting everything he had into it, Goulding thrust and pounded
Charlotte, making her moan and scream with pleasure. She used the purchase she
had on the desk to push herself back to meet his thrusts and the force
enough to create an audible slap of flesh on flesh.

“I’m cumming Senator,” cried Charlotte. “I’m going to cum all
over your cock and balls, leaving you slick and shiny.”

This was simply too much for both Gouldings and with a final
thrust, both men came hard. One roared with animal ferocity, the other tried
desperately to stifle his cries and remain as discrete as possible.

* * *

Goulding cleaned himself up and waited for his erection to wilt
before he could pull up his boxer shorts. He marveled at the effect that this
plain, demure young woman was having on him. He knew that he had always been
turned on by the ‘sexy secretary’ look and women that were subservient to him,
but this
ridiculous. He had barely known Charlotte
for a week and yet she had entranced him completely. He hadn’t had an orgasm
that powerful since...his thought trailed out.
Since when?

Since Madeline that’s when. Alarm bells were ringing in his
head and he hastily dressed and arranged himself.

“Shit! This is an all too familiar fucking path I’m treading,”
thought Goulding. “I don’t want to get caught up in this shit again. Once was
enough and I doubt I’d be that lucky a second time.
Best to
leave the Turner girl alone and keep things strictly professional.”
washed his hands and tried desperately to believe in the decision that he had
arrived at, but a deeply hidden part of him knew it was probably already too

* * *

The rest of the day passed by in much the same way that so many
others had. People cheered. Organized officials groveled and fawned. He smiled
and charmed and all the while, the political bandwagon had trundled endlessly
forward. Goulding had initially been too embarrassed to meet Charlotte’s eye,
let alone talk to her as memories of their fantasy impropriety remained fresh
in his mind, but that hadn’t lasted long. Since Jake had joined the team,
Goulding had become painfully aware that he was surrounded by sycophantic
lackeys that saw him as a career enhancing, business proposition and nothing
more. He was their cash cow to facilitate better things and their friendship
and allegiances were as fragile and fleeting as his popularity and position.

BOOK: Seduced By The Candidate (The Candidate, #1)
11.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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