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Meg wondered if her breasts had enlarged. Her vulva pulsed. She rubbed her bottom against his chest. His hand moved over her abdomen and paused at her mound. She started to turn so she could stroke his shaft.

He stopped her. “You first. I want to see you peak. I want you to come for me. I want…”

What had he been about to say? The sensations storming her halted her ability to ask the question. He spread her labia and stroked her clit. She straightened. He pulled her closer.

His tongue touched her clit. A sound of contentment flowed from her. “Yes, oh, yes.” With his mouth and hands he worked her. Waves of heat flowed from his touch. A cry built. She gripped the headboard. “Now, now.” His fingers slid into her sheath.

A tidal wave stormed her senses. Her body ached and she felt the thrusting of his fingers and the stroking of his tongue. She plunged into the heart of the sun. Her body shuddered. Her inner muscles tightened. Cries poured from her throat as the aftershocks began. She slid away and collapsed beside him.




Chapter Four


Steve smiled. Meg lay beside him. She gulped deep breaths. “Give me a few minutes. That was…was…wonderful.”

“No hurry.” Though he desired to feel her hands on his skin he wasn’t completely desperate. Sure he wanted her but watching her reaction had been beyond his imagination. He’d never seen a woman explode with passion the ways she had. He wanted to watch her face the next time she came apart. He wanted to thrust into her again and again and be with her when she climaxed.

Perhaps forever.

Not forever. For months. Maybe a year.
He wanted to explore and experience every ounce of passion that rose between them. Then he wanted…

Moving her fingers in slow circles Meg stroked his chest. Her tongue touched the side of his neck, found a place, marking him. He growled with pleasure and folded his arms around her. She looked into his eyes. “Let me return the favor.”

“You don’t have to.”

She brushed her lips over his mouth. ‘I want to.”

He cupped her nape and deepened the kiss. She drew his tongue unto her mouth and sucked. If the cast hadn’t pinned him down he would have reversed their position and slid home. She stroked his chest. He tightened his hold on her and accepted what she freely offered.

“You have to let me go,” she said.

“You know what I want to do.”

She nodded. “Come over me. Thrust until you explode. Kind of difficult with your leg in a cast.” She tapped his chest. “Looks like I’ll do things my way.” She lowered her head and sucked on his neck.

He groaned and wished he could roll over and slide into her. Being passive was a new experience. Not being in control bothered him.

Then she kissed her way down his chest pausing to tease his nipples and any thoughts he had vanished. She laved his abdomen curling her tongue around his belly button. He grew hard and hot and tried to move.

“Meg, now.”

“Soon.” She knelt between his legs and ran her hands over his inner thighs.

“You are going to kill me.”

“Want me to stop?”


She found his balls and gently massaged. When she stroked the spot just below he growled. She clasped his erection in her hand and licked from base to tip.

He pressed his hands against the sheets. He was going to explode. Her lips covered the head and slowly drew him inside. He clutched the sheets as she slid him in and out.

He began to thrust. “Meg, I can’t stop.” He drew back, thrust and erupted before collapsing against the pillows. He gulped deep breaths of air. Never had he felt so spent.

She sank back on her heels. Her blush extended from her face down her neck to her chest. The sight was all he’d imagined.

He held out his hands. “Come here. Woman, you are incredible. You didn’t have to but I thank you.”

She met his eyes. “Maybe I liked doing you.” She slid into his arms.

He gathered her close and kissed her. The aroma of their love-making surrounded them. He pulled the sheet over them and stroked her back. He wasn’t sure what had happened but something had changed. He wanted to keep her at his side for more than this weekend.


* * *


Meg opened her eyes and stared at Steve. She had broken her newest set of rules, not to mention the old ones. She released a breath, glad she hadn’t confessed her love. He’d given her a climax, something she seldom experienced. Was there more than sex between them? For her, there was. The Blakefield curse had struck her at their first meeting. The hooks had buried deep.

For him, sex was the draw. His reputation and all she’d observed as he dated several women who worked for the magazines had added to her impressions. Was there a way to change this temporary coupling into the kind of pairing she’d dreamed of having with him?

She stretched. Steve turned on his side and yelped. “Damn cast. I’ll end up with a second broken leg.”


“Bruises at least.”

“Better than a second fracture.” She looked at her watch.
Two o’clock.
“It’s afternoon.” She sat up.

“Where are you going?”

His gaze glinted with a need for her. How long would that state last? She crawled from the bed and grabbed her clothes. “See you.”

“Don’t leave.”

“I’ll be back.” The desire she’d seen in his eyes filled his voice. Meg tamped a flash of hope. Wistful thinking leads to hurt. She padded away.

In the bathroom she washed and ran down the hall to the guest room. She put on one of the lingerie sets she’d bought at the boutique. Yellow daisies adorned the cups of the bra and the daisy on the panties flowed over her mound. She pulled on gray silk shorts and tank top. She looked at her overnight cases. Shame she hadn’t’ brought more clothes. She had just one outfit left. She needed to wash the blue set.

When she returned to Steve’s room she watched as he used a tong-like instrument to pull the boxers and shorts over the cast. “That’s clever. I could use one at the apartment for the high cabinets.”

“When I no longer need this I’ll give you a gift.”

“I’ll accept. Makes you close to self-sufficient.”

“The occupational therapist at the hospital showed me how to use the grabber. Self-sufficiency was the idea. Can you fasten the cast boot? Being able to do that is my last hurdle.”

Meg knelt and pulled the Velcro straps across the cast. She helped Steve stand. He put his arm around her waist. She looked up and met his mouth with hers. His teeth teased her lower lip. Being in his arms felt so right but she feared what sizzled between them would soon die. “Are you hungry?”

“Starved.” He turned her and slid one hand against her rear to press her against his erection. “Definitely.”

“Is sex all you think about?”

He ran a finger along her lips. “Not all but when you’re around that line seems vital. I want you to know there’s more to come.”

What did he mean? She didn’t understand and wouldn’t ask. She helped him into the wheelchair and pushed him to the kitchen. “How does sandwiches, salad and iced coffee sound?”

“Terrific. Need to grab some energy for later. Why don’t we eat on the balcony? The view is great.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

She pushed the chair to the sliding door and walked him outside. Once he was settled on the chaise she returned to the kitchen where she made sandwiches on long rolls with ham, cheese and turkey. She added potato and three bean salad to both plates and carried them outside. She returned for the iced coffee topped with a scoop of mocha ice cream. After pulling a rectangular table to the chaise she sat on a chair across from him.

He was right about the view. The river glinted in the sunlight. Several sailboats skimmed past. She could see the construction of the new bridge.

Steve patted the chaise. “There’s room for two.”

“I noticed.”

“So come over here.”

“After I eat.” She picked up the sandwich. When she finished she cradled the iced coffee. “Do you mind all the traveling you do?”

He set his glass on the table. “I enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people. But I also like taking pictures. Took some mouth-watering ones for Allie.” He placed a hand over his eyes. “Do you like to travel?”

“I don’t mind going for a vacation but I’ve always been glad to come home.” She rose and carried the dishes inside.
We’re so different.
Is a deeper relationship possible? That was a question to explore but only if this lasted beyond the weekend.

She returned to the balcony. When he held out his hand she went to him.

He lightly kissed her fingers. “Thank you for staying last night and today. You’ve made my homecoming…well…explosive.”

She turned away. “I had the time.” Perhaps the time to face the attraction she felt for him had arrived. She turned to face him. He ran his fingers over her mouth before bringing his lips to hers. For a time she drifted in a dream of forever. She wondered where his thoughts had taken him. Were they headed to the same end as hers?

She cleared her throat. “What would you like for dinner?” Dumb question. They’d just finished lunch. “I bought steaks. I’m not a gourmet cook like Allie but I can do plain and simple.” She wanted to kick herself. They weren’t ready for domestic doings.

“We’ll order in.” He touched her lips with a finger. “I’ve dozens of take-out menus in a kitchen drawer.” He kissed her. “To get your food fetish in order choose one and then we’ll move on to important issues.”


“Italian, Thai, Tes-Mex. There are more.”

“Tex-Mex sounds good.”

He pulled her against his chest. “I want to see what you bought at Peek-A-Boo.”

Suddenly though her mouth went dry she felt daring. She’d already broken all her rules and found pleasure in every second of the shattering climaxes. At this instant she had no rules to follow. “If you go inside I’ll show you. No open air fashion show.”

“Lead me to the couch.”

At least he hadn’t chosen the bed. “Do you promise to look and not touch?”

“You are cruel. Can I comment?” He arched an eyebrow. “You could wear a nightshirt like the one you wore last night and see how long we can resist temptation. Slow can be fun.”

Megan laughed. “We can try.” She helped him into the wheelchair. Could she go slowly? She wanted him with an intensity that scared her. She stretched out on the couch.

In the guest room she chose the more daring of the sleep shirts. The white lace outfit would tempt any man alive or dead. She slipped on the white thong and pulled the gown over her head. The open work clung to her ribs and waist offering tempting glimpses of skin. The fringed hem brushed the top of her thighs as she walked. She slid her feet into white wedge sandals and picked up the other lingerie filled bags. After drawing several deep breaths she walked to the living room.

Steve whistled. “You are going to kill me. Would you really sleep in that?”


“Will you wear it all evening?”

“I might but if anyone rings the doorbell or knocks I’ll flee like a scared rabbit.”

“You’d better. Are you sure I can’t touch.”

“Only if you’re invited.” An invitation started to form and she cut the words off.

“Then show me what else you bought.”

She opened the bags and displayed the lingerie, sleep shirts and other items she’d bought. Steve studied each one. He caressed the lavender set embroidered with white butterflies. “Every time I see you at the office I’ll be all hot and hard imagining what’s beneath those prim suits you wear.” He touched her hand. “Can we lock your office door and play twenty questions? Or satisfy my curiosity with a taste or two?”

Her face flushed. “Not a good idea.”

“Is that one of your rules? Not showing Steve what’s under prim and proper at work. Keep him needy all day?”

“Now that’s a good idea.”

He laughed. “I’m thinking about all the places where we can take risks. Your office, the stairs, the archives, the parking garage.”

Meg sucked in a breath. She would regret the events of this weekend, especially if Steve followed through with the threat of seducing her at work. She gathered the lingerie and stuffed them into the bags.

“Patty Sue told me she’s starting a new line for men and will let me do a spread on the shop. I had a preview of the men’s and particularly liked the red and gold dragon on the black briefs in a most appropriate place.”

“I’ll remember that.” He reached for the remote. “Since I can’t touch, let’s watch a movie. Your choice. The DVDs are in a drawer beneath the TV. After the movie I’ll order dinner. Consider this our first date.”

“A movie?”

“Didn’t you ever sit in the back row of a theater and make out?”


He tapped her nose. “I’ll teach you how to raise a little heat.”

A little.
Right now she felt ready to catch fire.”

BOOK: Seducing the Photographer (At First Sight)
12.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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