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Kristen shook
her head.
She moved her feet, put them a
little way apart. She held her dress so it was up, but still
covering her, held her underwear aside, and squeezed. After a
moment, a thick gob of come ran down her leg, dribbled to the
floor. She squeezed again and another followed it. Then she sat
down next to Shane on the bed.

She took his beer, that he still seemed to be
carrying, and took a sip.

They all
looked at her, like they were impressed, and Kristen was surprised
how much she liked that.
Maybe she did
just want to be watched, and she’d never had the chance

That was
hot,” Amber said.
“Downstairs. And right


“Want me to do you?”

Kristen blinked, took a moment to realize it
was her that Amber meant.


“I’d like to.”

looked at her.
She was pretty, but. “I
don’t know…”

“It’d be fun.”

“I wouldn’t do you.”


“And I wouldn’t get undressed or


looked at her for a moment, then said, “Nah.
I mean, I appreciate it, but I don’t think it’s

Okay,” Amber
“No problem. Want a

Shane said, after a moment.

“Ah, both of you?”

Amber did them both, taking
turns. Kristen sat on the edge of the bed and watched, and couldn’t
see as much as she’d have thought. Like before, downstairs. Mostly
Amber’s back and hair, occasionally a cock against her lips. She
couldn’t see much, but she hear slurping and sucking and moans, and
that was a little hot.

After a while
Amber sat up and said, “I need some.
anyone want to fuck me?”

“I will,” Shane said.

looked at Kristen.
“I don’t care,” she
said. “I hardly know him.”

Shane and
Amber started, moving around, doing different things.
They were slow, Shane being gentle again.
Sensual. Kristen was getting more turned on than she’d thought she
would. Maybe the interaction, maybe the friendliness. She was wet,
could imagine the feel of Shane’s tongue on her.

The other guy
was getting in the way, getting accidentally fucked on.
He moved over, sat next to Kristen.

You don’t
mind this?” Kristen said to him.
with him?”

“Don’t you?”

I only just
met him.
You two seem to know each

The guy
grinned and shrugged.
After a minute, “I
sort of like to watch.”

You don’t
feel you’re missing out.
Because I

I like to
So only if you want

nodded, and watched.
Shane and Amber were
moving around, taking breaks from fucking to give each other

Kristen felt
bad about the Amber’s boyfriend.
she said. “Do you want a blowjob.”

He looked at her.

“I mean, you’re missing out.”

We could
So you don’t too?”

Kristen shook
her head.
“I’m not really as into this as
everyone else is. I mean, it’s fun, but not my thing.”

“Just the showing off?”

But I feel bad you’re
sitting there, so if you like…”

“I could go down on you?”

“Nah, I’m still full of him.”

Yeah,” he
“I know.”

“Oh,” Kristen said, and thought about that.
“You don’t mind?”

“I want to.”

For some
reason that was hot.
Like being watched.
Perhaps just because no-one had ever offered before.

Um,” Kristen
“Yeah, okay.”

She sat, and
kind of bent to watch.
It felt like he
was spreading her open, pushing his tongue inside, trying to get
all Shane’s semen out.

“Are you really into that?” she said.

He looked up,
shrugged, then nodded.
She pulled him up
and kissed him and almost imagined she could taste a little of
Shane, past his mouth and past the taste of herself.

Shane and
Amber were both watching now, and Kristen started thinking about
being watched.
She turned herself around
and sixty-nined with the guy for a while, and that was kind of hot.
While they did, she thought about being watched, and about letting
a stranger come inside her, and about doing it again.

Hey,” she
said to the guy.
“You can fuck me if you
want. If everyone’s okay with that?”

seemed to be.
He tuned her over first, so
she could watch the other two watching her. He seemed quite clever
like that. Everyone slid closer together. It was quite nice. There
was a lot of touching and kissing between the two pairs, as much as
people could reach. Amber leaned over and kissed Kristen, and took
the guy’s cock out of her to suck, and later Kristen was pretty
sure she felt a mouth on her, while she was still being fucked, and
had no idea who it was.

Hey,” Amber
said to Kristen.

thought about penises being in her, and in other people, and
swapping around.
She thought about
penises slippery and shiny with being inside other people, and

Shane fucked
After a while the other guy knelt
beside her face and put his cock against her lips. She opened her
mouth. She sucked him hard, long strokes as far back as she could
go, ticked his balls with her fingertips.

She had two
cocks inside her.
She had two men fucking
her. She lay there and felt it, felt them move, felt their hands
touch her and caress her.

For just a
second she had no idea what she was doing.
How she’d ended up here.

Wait,” she
said, and got up and turned over so she could kneel.
If she was going to do this, she wanted to do it
well. She knelt on all fours and they fucked her. She tried to stay
still, so she didn’t bump into one with the rhythm of the other,
just knelt there, her mouth open, her legs apart, and they both
fucked her, gently. It was like she could feel what was in her
mouth with her pussy, somehow.

They swapped
Swapped ends. She was a thing, a
fucking pleasure thing, and without a word they traded places and
each used her in the opposite way.

There were
hands stroking her neck and shoulder, very gently.
Stroking her back. It was nice. Really nice. She
had been planning to get herself off as quickly possible, and
leave, but she changed her mind. She liked this. She liked new
people, and strange cock inside her, twice over, and the tastes and
feelings of this. It was completely different to sex with one other

She was still
wearing her dress.
She felt a hand on her
zipper, pulling, and looked up and said, “No.”

The dress was
up around her hips, to fuck her, but she still had underwear
She liked that modesty, while they
did this to her.

I want to
see you,” Shane said.
“We all

No,” she
“Fuck me.”

remembered Amber, suddenly, and looked for her. “Do you want a
Sorry, I’m…”

“You’re fine.”

I want them
both to come inside me.
So if you want

I had a
Do what you like.”

Kristen nodded, and started fucking more.

“We should?” Shane said.

She started again, sucking hard and deep.
Fucking fast, squeezing herself. Shane held her head and started to
groan and suddenly came.

His first
shot straight down her throat.
She felt
him pulse but tasted nothing at all. She’d just blown a total
stranger, swallowed his come, and that was hot. That was what part
of her had wanted. She stayed down, let his second shot go into her
throat, then took the rest in her mouth so she could taste

Behind her, the Amber’s boyfriend was
watching, was holding her hips, was pushing into her a bit

“Are you close?” he said.

Go,” she
“I’m fine.”

“I’ll wait.”

She grinned,
and knelt up, pressed herself back to him.
She could turn her head and kiss him, and she did, with a
mouth full of Shane.

“You sure you can?” she said, and he looked
like he wasn’t.

Shane was
still in front of her watching.
Her dress
was pulled up by the other guy’s hands, and Shane seemed to be
looking at her pussy, at the cock sliding in and out of

“What?” she said.

He leaned
forward, and bent, and licked her.
her clit, while a cock went into her, licked the taste of another
man off her. It was good, slippery and hard at once, a slithering
tongue on her, while she was full inside.

She’d never
dreamed she’d ever do such a thing.
never thought she’d find a man willing to.

She leaned
onto Shane’s mouth, and tried to pull the guy inside her with
Leaned, and spread herself, and held
onto Shane’s head to balance. She felt the cock inside her swell,
felt it start to spasm. She was almost there too, kept fucking. She
felt semen fill her, hot and damp, felt some come out, as they
fucked, felt it land on her lips, her clit, right next to Shane’s
tongue. He licked it too, licked her and it, and the cock inside
her filled her, and shot semen into her, which filled her

She went limp, and the two guys
held her up, and couldn’t move for a moment while she

She slid off,
pulled the guy’s cock out of herself.
didn’t even know his name, and she’d just let him come inside her.
She suddenly felt awful, felt stupid and embarrassed.

Hey,” Shane
“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I might

Wait,” Amber
said, but Kristen shook her head.
had a go, but this is your thing, not mine. You have fun. I’ll

They all
looked at her.
She rearranged her

Amber’s boyfriend said.
“Thank you. That
was incredible.”

Kristen nodded.

“It was,” Shane said.

“I should go.”

She went to
the door.
She was still sticky inside,
could still taste them both in her mouth, could feel come sticking
to the back of her throat, oddly dry.

Are you sure
you’re okay?” Amber said.
“You look like
you’re panicking.”

A bit,”
Kristen said.
“So I’m going to

“You don’t have to rush.”

“I do.” Kristen said.


Kristen said.
“It was fun. You’re all
great. But from here it probably just gets awkward. Polite
conversation after that.”

They all seemed to understand.

Can we see
you again?” Amber said.
“All of

“I don’t think so,” Kristen said.


Amber seemed
really upset by Kristen saying no, so Kristen passed her phone
around for them all to put numbers in.
Amber kissed Kristen goodbye, and Kristen thought she
tasted cock in Amber’s mouth, and felt embarrassed again. She shook
hands with Shane and the other guy, and that was odd too, shaking
hands with someone while his semen still clung in the back of her
throat, and dripped out her pussy.

call,” Shane said.

“I’ll think about it.”

She looked at him, and wondered, then decided
anything so ordinary would just spoil the night.

“Probably not” she said, and kissed him, and
went down the stairs.




# # #

Hey, this is Tess. Sigh. Don’t bother
scrolling back to the cover, I wrote the book okay?

So the internet marketing guru people say I
should do this, and I’m going to. Because they may be right. Even
though I suspect that if you can read, you can probably work out
that sometimes people write more than one book, and go look for
them on your own.

But I’ll make it easy.

I have a
website blogy kind of thing. It has stories on it sometimes, and
deleted scenes eventually, and some other bits and pieces. I’ll say
stuff about what I’m writing there now and then. Do come and

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