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A Devil Chaser’s MC Romance

Copyright 2014 L Wilder and Brooke Asher


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Table of Contents




Chapter 1-      Renegade

Chapter 2-      Taylor

Chapter 3-      Renegade

Chapter 4-      Taylor

Chapter 5-      Renegade

Chapter 6-      Taylor

Chapter 7-      Renegade

Chapter 8-      Taylor

Chapter 9-      Renegade

Chapter 10-      Taylor

Chapter 11-      Renegade

Chapter 12-      Taylor

Chapter 13-      Renegade

Chapter 14-      Taylor

Chapter 15-       Renegade

Chapter 16-      Taylor

Chapter 17-      Renegade

Chapter 18-      Taylor

Chapter 19-      Renegade

Chapter 20-      Taylor

Chapter 21-      Renegade

Chapter 22-      Taylor

Chapter 23-      Renegade

Chapter 24-      Taylor

Chapter 25-      Renegade

Chapter 26-      Taylor

Chapter 27-      Renegade

Chapter 28-      Taylor/Renegade

Chapter 29-      Taylor

Chapter 30-      Renegade

Chapter 31-      Taylor

Chapter 32-      Goliath






I dedicate this book to my mother.




Your strength amazes me.

Your light guides me.

Your love surrounds me.

I would be lost without you.

Thank you for all that you do.





Smolders; smoldered; smoldering


  1. : To burn slowly without flames but usually with smoke


  1. Literary


  1. : to feel a strong emotion but keep it hidden
  2. : to be felt strongly by someone without being directly shown or expressed


  1. : to be attractive in a sexy way





(Cited from

(5 years earlier)


What is it that makes us want the things we just can’t have? Until I met Taylor, I’d never taken the time to give it much thought. If there was something I wanted, I went after it. When she walked into my life, everything changed. I felt like my whole world was turned upside down. She was my best friend’s sister, and I knew I had just met the one girl I could never have. I think the universe was just trying to fuck with my head.

That afternoon, Ace had wanted to borrow some of his dad’s tools so he could install a new upgraded muffler on his bike. He’d always thought his dad’s tools were better than what we had at the clubhouse. They were really close, and I had to admit I’d always been a little jealous of their relationship. Ace used any excuse he could find to spend time with him. When he was just a kid, his dad had given him the nickname Ace, and it’d stuck. Now, everyone used it.

He’d asked me to come along to his parents’ house so I could help him with the muffler. Ace was always working on that damn bike of his. I mean, yeah, it
pretty fucking awesome, just a little much for my taste. I’m just like my bike -- what you see is what you get. I didn’t consider myself to be a work in progress. Ace was a different kind of man entirely. He was always trying to make himself better, and I admired that about him.

We were focused on his bike when Taylor came barreling out of the house looking like someone had just pissed in her Cheerios. The minute I laid eyes on her, I knew I would never be the same. She ignited a fire inside of me that I’d never be able to put out. Without a doubt, she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I didn’t have any business checking her out like I did, but I couldn’t help myself. She was wearing one of those short tennis skirts that showed off her long, tan legs, and her tiny tank top barely covered her abdomen. Damn, it’s so sexy when a woman doesn’t mind showing a little skin.

Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and her blue eyes were fixed on Ace. She marched right over to where we were working and gave him a questioning look.

“You know I have that big meet today, right? I thought you said you were gonna take me… or did you forget?” Taylor asked as she stared down at him with her hand on her hip.

“I can’t do it today, Sis. I need to finish this, and then I have to get back to the clubhouse,” he replied without looking up from his bike.

, Ace? You know I was counting on you. My car is still in the shop, and Mom is working at the office today. I need you to do this for me. You know we’re playing against Caldwell County. I’ve gotta beat that stuck-up heifer today, especially after all the bragging she did about beating Jenny. She’s not gonna know what hit her when I show up. That is…
I show up!” she explained.

Ace grimaced and said, “I told ya, I can’t do it today. I got shit I gotta do. Go get one of your girls to come get ya, or call one of those guys you’re always talking to on the phone.”

“I’ve gotta be there in twenty minutes! I don’t have time to find somebody else. I really need you to take me.
,” Taylor said, a pleading look on her face. “Besides, if you take me, you can see if that new shotgun muffler is worth a shit. I still say you should have gotten the staggered dual mufflers. They were
awesome.” I was impressed that she knew something about motorcycles. Most girls could care less. They thought that bikes were hot, but they never took the time to learn anything about them.

“Shit. You know you’re a real pain in the ass.” Ace stood up and brushed his hands off on his jeans. He quickly started putting his tools away. “I’ll drop you off, but you’ll have to find another way home.”

Ace turned to me and said, “You mind if we swing by the school? If I don’t do it, I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“No problem,” I said. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Her pouty lips turned up into a sexy smile. She knew she had him wrapped around her finger. I didn’t know why he even tried to tell her no. We both knew there was no way he was going to let her down.

“Thanks, Ace. Let me go grab my stuff, and I’ll be ready to go,” Taylor said as she turned to run back in the house. Her skirt swayed when she moved and showed a hint of her ass. This girl was really doing a number on me.

Just as she got to the door, she turned back to look right at me and said, “By the way, my name’s Taylor. My brother tends to be a jerk face and always
to introduce me to his friends.” She tilted her head to the side as the corners of her mouth curved into a smile. She put her hand on her hip and raised her eyebrow as she waited for me to respond.

I stood there just staring at her for a moment before I said, “Renegade.”

“Well, nice to meet you,
.” My heart raced as her eyes skirted up and down checking me out. I could tell by the look on her face that she liked what she saw. When her eyes finally met mine, she smiled and asked, “You got a real name?”

I hadn’t gone by Noah Hudson since the night I lost everything. I don’t even know why I told her, “Noah.”

“Noah…. Yeah. I like that. I’ll be just a second,” she said as she disappeared into the house.

The minute my named slipped from her lips, I was done. My mind was racing a mile a minute. I wanted reach out and touch her just to make sure she was real. I wanted her to come back outside so I could see her again. I wanted to pull her close and press my lips against hers and feel her body pressed against mine. I imagined her on the back of my bike with her arms wrapped tight around my waist, and I couldn’t help that I wanted her to be mine. I know it sounds crazy. Even now, I don’t understand it.

I stood there staring at the front door. It was like my mind wouldn’t process what had just happened. I knew it was fucked up. Hell, she couldn’t have been much more than seventeen years old, and there I was drooling over her like a school boy with his first hard on. Ace knocked me out of my stupor when he punched me in the arm.

“Don’t even think about it, man. She’s my baby sister, and she’s off limits. I should cut off your dick for even looking at her like that,” he said with a chuckle.

“Whatever, man. I wasn’t looking at her like
. Hell, she’s just a kid.”

“I know
the look
. That look only means trouble. Besides, she’s a heartbreaker, dude. She’d have you running in circles chasing your tail without even breaking a sweat. What can I say?” Ace said as he shrugged his shoulders and patted his chest. “She learned from the best.” He lifted his leg across the seat of his bike and started the engine.

“Go to hell, Ace. You know I don’t have a problem getting pussy. I don’t have any interest in chasing my tail or your kid sister.”

“Ahhh... shit, man. I’m just messing with ya. You know I trust you, besides she’s a handful. I wouldn’t wish her on my worst enemy.”

“You’re so full of shit,” I laughed. “I know you’re crazy about her. It’s written all over your face. She’s lucky to have you looking after her.”

There was no way I could tell Ace what I was really thinking about his sister. When everything fell apart two years ago, Ace was there to help me pick up the pieces. I thought I’d never get my life back together, but he was there when I really needed help pulling my head out of my ass. I was basically homeless when we’d crossed paths at the diner in town. He could tell I was having a hard time, so he struck up a conversation with me. We talked for a few hours, and later that day he introduced me to Bishop and the Devil Chasers. We prospected together and became brothers later that year. Meeting the Devil Chasers was the best thing that ever happened to me. Ace was my best friend, and I would put my life on the line for him.

He was someone I always looked up to. There was no way I could tell him what I really thought of his sister. I knew I wouldn’t betray his trust, and to be honest, I knew I would never be good enough for Taylor in the first place. The shadows of my past make me less than worthy of any woman, especially someone like her. Taylor had the world in the palm of her hand, and I would only hold her back. She didn’t need someone like me standing in her way. So, yeah, the universe was definitely fucking with my head. For the first time, I wanted something that I just couldn’t have, and there was nothing I could do about it.


Chapter 1




The clubhouse was quiet. The jukebox was playing some depressing country crap, and it was getting on my last damn nerve. I have been sitting at the bar drinking my beer for over thirty minutes, and no one even walked by. The issues with Duce were taken care of, so everyone was spending their time working in the new garage. Duce had been the president of the Diablo’s MC, and he’d caused all kinds of hell for us over the past few months. He was a nut case who’d tried to burn down our garage when our president, Bishop, had decided to stop making gun deliveries in his territory. He’d followed that by blowing up Bishop’s bike and even kidnapping his old lady. It was still hard to imagine that Duce would do all that to his own sister. Man- that guy was a bucket full of crazy. Goliath took him out when they rescued Tessa, so luckily he wasn’t a problem for us anymore.

BOOK: Smolder: A Devil Chaser's MC Romance
7.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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