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Because Parenthesis will arrive at Supernova on Twine within
twenty-four hours, that’s why. We must get control access well
before then if we’re to make any difference

sighed. “Looks like we’ll only have a short break, guys, before we
have to make our way to the control room if we’re going to make a
difference here. Motac says we’re almost at the human city of
Supernova on Twine.”

nodded, but smiled. There was a glint in his eyes. “Then we’d
better make sure we’re quick.”

Zane knew
the look. Tink wanted cock just as much as he did. “I can cum quick
when I have to,” he added in a cheeky tone of voice, coming to
embrace both Tink and Mirko.

returned the hug. “But not too quick.”

I heard that,” Zane said with a laugh.

Once inside the shielded ante-chamber

a room that reminded Zane of the
first place they had hidden when on Parenthesis, but without the

Tink kissed
him. No other encouragement was needed.

The kiss
from his man, long and passionate, was enough to let Zane know in
no uncertain terms he wanted him, but at the same time, was glad he
was okay. As far as Zane was concerned, he was relieved Tink and
Mirko and Zoltan were all right. Besides, he didn’t mind at all
being a party to some horny reunion sex, especially if it meant
they were shielded from the shadow eternals while they did the

mind was swimming within moments of Tink and Mirko coming to
embrace him, his cock hard. All their cocks were hard. If there was
one thing Zane loved about his boyfriends, they were eager. Even if
the threat of being captured again loomed, for the here and now,
they were going to go at it like jack rabbits in mating

At that moment, Motac partially moved out of

not all of
him, just enough so Zane could catch a glimpse when the coalition
eternal’s hand grabbed his cock and started jacking him

You’re going to love this, Zane.

didn’t reply. Tink kissed him some more, tongues dancing, while
Mirko groaned as Zoltan revealed himself in the same manner Motac
had for Zane. Now both of them were being pleasured from the inside
by eternals, both their hard dicks masturbated by a shadowy hand
that extended out of their own stomachs.

strangely, thought it was rather hot being jacked off in such a
way. Perhaps he was getting used to Motac being inside him. Perhaps
it was the thought that if he was ever caught without Tink or Mirko
for an extended period of time, he could still have someone give
him a hand-job without any effort on his part. Gone were the days
when Zane used to sit on his hand to make it go numb so that when
he stroked himself it felt like it was someone else doing it. He
had his own personal pleasure being.

parted from his kiss, Tink said, “Tink doesn’t have a friend inside
him to play with.”

Zane gasped, unable to answer straight away. The

Motac was
damn good at masturbating him. The eternal’s rhythm was constant.
His touch was hard enough and perfect over his sensitive head once
he’d retracted Zane’s foreskin. Finally, while watching Mirko
having his cock stroked, and with Tink lavishing kisses all over
him, he said, “Fuckin’ let’s get it on.”

None of
them wasted any time. Tink lay down with his tail prone to the
crystalline ground, a signal that he wanted to be entered first. He
was stroking himself, his balls bouncing hypnotically as he worked
himself. It seemed all three of them were getting some good quality
foreplay before the real action began.

didn’t take long.

Zane was
on his knees within a heartbeat. He sidled close to Tink, grabbing
his legs at his knees to open them wider.

Tink needs this, my Zane.”

So the fuck does Zane,” Zane said, emulating Tink.

I will enter him with you
, Motac

Oh man, that’s hot.

Even hotter because you don’t have to worry about lubricant.
Eternals secrete a natural lubricant that’s slipperier than any
substance humans have ever created

I didn’t know that
, Zane said.
How come?

How else do you think we can enter you without disrupting your
cellular makeup?

Zane looked down at his hard cock now that he had pressed it
against Tink’s arsehole. Tink moaned, jacking himself off with more
enthusiasm. Zane’s cock was now slicked with eternal lubricant from
Motac’s hand, glistening in the light that seemed to permeate the
crystal cavern they had found as their temporary sanctuary. It
seemed having Motac inside him
a good thing. He didn’t have to worry about
carrying tubes of Gun Oil lubricant around anymore. Then again,
since he had been Tink’s boyfriend, he hadn’t worn clothes. Phase
shifting kind of removed fabric at any rate. Win-win all

He pushed his hardness into Tink with ease

far easier than he’d ever entered his
boyfriend before. Tink moaned louder and Zane embraced him,
lavishing more and more kisses over the one man he’d want to be
with forever and ever.

Now it’s my turn
, Motac

Zane didn’t answer. He was gaining his rhythm, pushing his cock in
as deep as it could go, then pulling it out to tease so that Tink
would get the most out of their lovemaking. While he did so, he
felt Motac’s cock against his. Moments after that sensation, which
felt like a sensual rubbing against his hardness, Motac entered
Tink as well.

shouted out with joy, purring loud while he was pleasured by two
blokes, one of whom happened to be inside the other.

Mirko had
come behind Zane, touching his arse, preparing him for entry and
sending shivers of delight up his spine. Zane didn’t mind at all.
He liked taking cock as much as he gave it. Heck, just because he
laid his man down didn’t mean he couldn’t accept such a thing in
return. In fact, that was one of the things he loved about being
gay, about being in the company of other men. He could give and
receive, love and be made love to in equal measure.

too long, Mirko entered Zane. It didn’t take long for Zane to
figure out Zoltan was joining Mirko the same way Motac had assisted
Zane to open up Tink. Zane was being fucked with both a cat being’s
and an eternal’s best parts. He loved it.

Many long pleasurable moments were spent making

Tink on the
ground, legs open wide, writhing with pleasure while Zane and Motac
were inside him. What’s more, Mirko and Zoltan did the same to him.
They were like a passionate train of love, pumping harder and
harder toward their goal. Grunts and groans filled the cavern. As
all of them built up a sweat, panting and gasping for breath as
they worked, their bonds solidified.

Zane had
to admit, Motac was an asset.

Would he
ever be able to be without Motac? He couldn’t answer that. Sure,
Mirko needed Zoltan because he kept the cat being alive because of
his injuries sustained all those years ago. Not so with Motac. He
served no other purpose than that the eternals thought he was one
of them instead of a coalition member.

could see the amusing side of all of this. He could imagine the
eternals reaction if they could see them now. Two cat beings, one
human, and two eternals all doing the horizontal folk dance in a
line, joined by their rock hard cocks and their love for one

I told you this would be fun
, Motac

cried out, “I’m gonna cum!”

Do it, my Zane,” Tink said.

The whole
event, all of their writhing bodies, their sweat, their groans,
their passion, all seemed to come to a head at once. As soon as
Zane felt the unstoppable pangs of orgasm rise up inside him,
spurred on to even greater intensity by Mirko and Zoltan’s dicks
stimulating his prostate, all of them ejaculated

louder cries and hisses through teeth and purring and shouts of
victory and moans of delighted and relieved joy rang out to fill
the chamber. After Zane had given Tink all he could, and received
all Mirko and Zoltan were going to give him, they all collapsed on
top of each other.

With that
collapse came tight embraces, long and deep kisses and moments of
just staring into each other’s eyes. For an eternity they remained
a mess of heated bodies, waiting for their dicks to go flaccid
before pulling out properly and separating. That was the
gentlemanly thing to do, anyway. Well, it was for Zane. Pulling out
while still hard seemed to be a job half done unless his man wanted
to taste his jizz or have it splattered all over his face.
Otherwise, every drop would be delivered to seal their

I think we should let Tink and Mirko and Zoltan know of our
plans, don’t you, Zane?

Yeah, yeah, keep your pants on. When I’m ready we’ll let them

You liked what we did, didn’t you?
Motac’s voice seemed to be gloating. He was right, Zane did
enjoy having him inside him, especially seeing as Tink seemed to
love it as well. After all, if it only benefitted Zane, then what
was the point? Zane liked all of his lovers to be equally treated,
and if that meant sharing Motac with them, then so be

I did.

So you’ll let me stay inside you?
Motac asked.

I s’pose.

You suppose? You should count yourself lucky. To have a
coalition eternal is a blessing. Not many of you hosts can ever
experience such joy and retain their own independence. I could
easily take you over, make your friends feed me their energy so I
can push and pull them though time to fuel my own goals.

Ah, is that what happened to Jakey when he became Thomas’s

Motac sounded confused.
What are you talking about?

Zane took in a deep breath. He got up and walked over to the
far end of the crystal cavern, leaving Tink and Mirko to kiss and
fondle each other.
When Thomas was taken
over by a shadow eternal Jakey had to feed him—they cock docked so
their bodily juices could lubricate the transfer or some shit like
that. I don’t fully understand it all, but the eternal needed to
feed off Jakey so it could take him through time to manipulate

Yes, that’s right
. Motac
That’s how the eternals work. They
take over a body, then use that person’s lover to give it the
strength to send all of them through time—an act, as you say, that
helps it manipulate the situation to their advantage. Most times
the victim doesn’t even know what’s going on. This Jakey person
must have been someone special to get out of an eternal’s

Yeah, he’s special all right
, Zane
He’s one of a kind in fact, and was
the only person who believed in me and accepted me for who I was.
Without Jakey I’d still be sittin’ on my arse in my dead beat
parent’s house gettin’ fat like them

Motac said,
He sounds like a good man.
I hope that I can prove myself to you in the same way, Zane. I
think we’re good together

Well, if the past hour or so is anythin’ to go by, I believe I
could come to accept you, because I know you’re not truly alive
unless you have a host—but yeah, I sure appreciate you not doin’
all that time jumpin’ shit to confuse me. That would do my head in.
Last time I had an eternal in me, I almost didn’t

That is the difference between us and the shadow eternals. We
respect our hosts, for they give us life. Without them we are

a fact the
others don’t seem to be able to grasp

Then I think it’s time we got our butts into
, Zane said. He walked back over to
Tink and Mirko, who were smiling. Contentment filled their faces.
God how Zane would love to plug them both up, fuck them good and
hard again and again. But he knew they had a job to do. The future
space-station city of Supernova on Twine depended on them stopping
Parenthesis from reaching them.

Motac said,
I agree. The time has come
to kick some shadow eternals where it hurts. But we must have a
solid plan. If we’re found out, I don’t think we’ll be as fortunate
next time

Zane snorted.
Yeah, we’ll be killed
for sure

Too right

When Zane
was standing over Tink, he said, “Hey Tinkles, Motac has told me
what we’ve got to do. You ready to hear it?”

nodded. “Tink is always ready to fight with his men.”

stood. “What do we have to do?”


BOOK: Supernova on Twine
6.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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