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He pulled
out, missing the sensation of Motac’s tightness around him straight
away. Still, he was close to the edge of climax and didn’t have
time to waste. He turned Motac around again.

A look of
puzzlement now the main feature of the eternal’s expression. “What
are you going to do, Zane?”

Watch.” Zane grabbed Motac’s cock. It had gone hard again.
Probably the result of him stimulating his prostate. Then, without
further hesitation, Zane touched his cock onto Motac’s and pulled
at his foreskin so the join could be sealed.

You…you’re not…are you?”

smiled. “You bet your tight fuckin’ eternal hole I am.”

But you…it will give me more power than you may be…you might
not be able to handle me.”

didn’t care. He wanted to give Motac a gift for putting up with him
through all his insistence about being trusted. Seconds after Motac
spoke, Zane began to masturbate his cock with Motac’s inside his
now stretched foreskin.

Another short moment after that, Zane blew his load. Every
drop went inside Motac, and he could see a blue spark of energy
transfer into the eternal with his orgasm. To Zane it felt like
Motac’s cock opened up like a mouth to accept his jizz. No wonder
their dicks weren’t shaped like humans were. Really, an eternal’s
penis was designed for a different purpose. It was designed to suck
their food’s cum from out of their balls

a sensation Zane realised all too
well as Motac’s dick kept up with its suction, even after he had
finished ejaculating.

The cock-docking served one purpose and Zane now understood
why that was the preferred method of feeding for an eternal. To
cock-dock, to have the food’s foreskin seal the joining of their
cocks, meant that the eternal could get maximum suction. The
eternal could then take even more

Zane’s life force, if

weren’t called time vampires for nothing.

In the
end, Zane had to retract his foreskin and pull away. To do so
required all his effort, for Motac was designed to take from him.
With sweat dripping off him, and his cock tingling from the
transfer, Zane said, “Man, now I understand you.”

Motac was
out of the moment for a while. When he came to, when his eyes must
have focused on Zane once more, he said, “Thank you for letting me
feed off you. That has really truly shown me that you trust

smiled, embracing Motac. “Any time. Just don’t send me through time
or anything else weird like that. I don’t want to see my younger
self—he was a loser.” Zane kissed Motac. When parted, he added, “I
think we now really understand what’s going on here, but you’ve
gotta know, I’ll only feed you after you’ve let me fuck that tight
hole of yours. Deal?”

Deal.” Motac gave more kisses, ones filled with passion and
appreciation. “And Zane, because you have
me, I can give you something
special. With you now being my sustenance and my host at the same
time, that makes you even more unique. You can benefit from my
increased strength, no doubt about that. You can become a
super-human, if only for a limited time.”

Cool. So what are we waitin’ for? It’s time to go kick some
Banshan arse, then.”

turned into his ethereal form, an action that made him coalesce
into what looked like black smoke. He then merged his body with
Zane’s, entering him properly once more. Motac was once more a
voice in his mind.

For the first time since he’d had an eternal inside him, Zane
welcomed it. He had missed Motac, to tell the truth. What was more,
now that he knew the eternal would leave him if he desired it, Zane
was even happier. Now that he understood how eternals worked, he
realized he could give Motac the energy he needed to help them
survive, no matter the situation. No wonder Mirko couldn’t live
without Zoltan. Besides, when they cock-docked from now on—because
they certainly would

Zane knew deep down and without doubt that the eternal would
only take what he needed to help them both.

wasn’t a vampire at all, but a trusted lover and friend.




entry, Zane’s implanted data storage device. Ship time, 0800.
Location, Induction Flow Control Room. Date, Feb 18, 2586. Internal


Motac was right. I’m a fuckin’ super-human or some shit like
that. I was able to jump down the access tunnel hatchway to the
induction flow control room without so much as blinking. A drop of
more than twenty-feet, if not more. It was like the distance meant
nothin.’ Man, as far as I’m concerned, at any given opportunity I’m
docking my dick to Motac’s to give him my juice, that’s for

You make it sound so lovely, beautiful
, Motac said, sarcasm in his voice.

Hey, stop interrupting my diary entry. Just because you got my
dick up ya, doesn’t mean you’ve got free rein in my
. Zane couldn’t help himself. He
couldn’t hide anything from Motac. He began to laugh—mentally, of
course. He didn’t want to give away their position, not until Tink
had cut the power to this section, anyway.

Sure. But I have noticed we’re now in the far future. Look at
that panel over there.

glanced at the controls Motac was so excited about. He was right.
The reading said that they were in the year 2586, a few days ahead
of what Zane had worked out from previous entries he’d logged since
he’d had Motac inside him.

We must be at that Supernova place. Right?

then, everything went dark. Not staring into eternal’s eyes dark,
because emergency lighting ignited, but dark enough to warrant

I believe Tink has achieved his goal
Motac said.

Good. Now we can get to business. What do I have to do to
smash this place up so Parenthesis will become a floating

Motac replied,
Dispense with those two
Banshan warrior guards who’ve just spotted us hiding behind one of
their primary control panels, that’s what

Zane rolled his eyes.
What am I
supposed to fight them with

my big, cum filled balls?

You still have plenty of my energy to draw upon. You fed me

Zane chuckled mentally
. Yeah, I did
blow a huge wad for ya, didn’t I?
He balled
his fists and charged toward the two guards who approached their
position, screaming out a war cry and with a new sense of vitality
washing over him. It seemed having an eternal inside him had more
benefits than just conversation.

The two
guards were both surprised and angered by Zane’s charge. He, of
course, used their hesitation about whether he was a complete
nutjob for taking them both on at the same time, or a worthy
opponent skilled in hand to hand combat, to take the initiative and
strike the first blow.

Hit them both in their jugular notches
, Motac screamed in his mind.

didn’t know how or why, but with Motac’s encouragement, he poked
two fingers into each of the Banshan warrior’s necks in turn, right
below where their Adam’s apples were located. The result was
instant and gratifying, if only way too short. The two Banshan
grabbed at their necks, choking for a moment before composing

I think I just made them angrier,” Zane said, stepping

You will pay for that, human filth,” one of the Banshan said.
He was the bigger of the two, brandishing a pain stick as well as a
laser rifle. Zane knew the rifle could finish him off with one
blast. He wasn’t even wearing clothing, for a start. What
protection did he have against an energy pulse weapon?

Disarm him!
Motac yelled again.
Disarm them both!


dodged a strike from the other Banshan. It seemed they wanted to
fight him hand to hand. Was that one of their codes? To take on an
enemy on equal grounds even if they were at the advantage? He
didn’t wait to find out. Zane stood tall, approached the smaller of
the two and without thinking, and again without really knowing why,
he slapped his hands across the Banshan’s head where his ear holes
were. The warrior crumpled to the floor, holding its head and
clearly in agony.

You did it!
Motac said with a
You found their one major

What did I do?

Banshan can’t tolerate immediate changes in pressure, and by
slapping that one to cover his ear holes, you disrupted his
extremely sensitive vestibule inside his inner ear—

didn’t catch the rest of what Motac muttered about inside his
skull. The larger Banshan had brandished his pulse weapon, pointing
it at Zane’s stomach. It had dispensed with the pain stick, its
weapon of choice clear.

Time to die,” it said with a growl.

Zane was
truly defenceless.

In fact, he was worse than defenceless. He had nowhere to hide
and nowhere to run. Zane stepped back and found a rather large
control panel behind him. He had one choice and once choice

do the damage
to the induction flow before the Banshan warrior sent him to

Well, gee you got me,” Zane said, placing his hands behind his
back so he could begin his sabotage before it was too

You feel that large knob? Turn it fully to the left and then
pull. When it comes out, throw it down into the engine chasm below.
If we die here and now, we do so with our duty complete.

Gee, that makes me feel so much better,
Zane said.

The other
Banshan had staggered to its feet, blood trickling from the ear
holes on either side of his head. “Kill it. Kill it now,” the
warrior said with a slur, holding onto his comrade and using him
for support.

Banshan who held the laser rifle smiled a cruel smirk, a glint of
hunger in its eyes. The thrill of a kill was plainly feeding its
depraved nature. If the thing had his genitals on the outside of
his body, Zane was sure he’d be at full mast right now, a boner
created by his excitement for murder. “With pleasure.”

removed the knob from the control panel, producing it for the
warriors to see. “Before you do get rid of me, I think you’ll want
to know I’ve taken this thing out of the panel behind

warriors looked shocked. The larger one lowered his rifle. “Give
that back to us, you dirty ape.”

Why should I?”

looked at each other. Zane got the impression that not being able
to protect the workings of the induction flow was somehow more
important than their sport of killing Zane where he stood.
Interesting. “We will let you live if you give it to

He’s lying
, Motac warned.

Duh! Don’t you think I know that
. Zane
verbalised, “How can I trust you’ll keep your word?”

smaller one said, “You can’t.”

I thought you’d say somethin’ like that.” With those words,
Zane threw the knob with all his might into the bottomless chasm

where the
spires of crystal engine were, where finding it would be near on

So what exactly did that knob do?

Absolutely nothing.

Say what?

It does nothing
, Motac stated
How can a whole planet,
one powered by a living crystal engine, be brought to a halt by a
small metal object? Impossible, wouldn’t you say?

Again Zane mentally chuckled to himself, if somewhat
Yeah, I s’pose you’re right. Now
that you mention it, this sure ain’t the Death Star—well not
something that can be destroyed by a fluke happening, at any

the Banshan warriors had no understanding of the mechanics of what
they were guarding. Panic had taken over their otherwise smug
expressions. They looked at each other. The larger one said, “You
go down there. Get that object. I’ll deal with the monkey

Yes, sir,” the smaller one said. He soon disappeared from

Congratulations, beautiful. You got rid of one of the Banshan
without so much as raising a sweat

Zane was
now preoccupied with the fact the remaining warrior had pointed his
weapon in his direction once more, the sound of its charging
filling the air with an ominous tone. “You won’t get away with
this, I can assure you of that.”

And you’ll be hung, drawn and quartered for letting a mere
human bring down the whole empire of the shadow eternals, you
fucking bastard.”

Banshan sneered. “I will take great pleasure in presenting your
head to Erkla to claim my prize of capturing the one who tried to
bring us down.” No sooner had he spoken those venom filled words
than he fired off a shot.

BOOK: Supernova on Twine
12.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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