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Tags: #erotica, #gay, #adult, #science fiction, #glbt

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The code is based on a fractal encryption sequence,
Motac said, disturbing Zane from his thoughts and
stopping his diary entry.

Um…what?” he whispered.

Motac seemed to take in a deep breath.
Don’t worry, I see geometric fractals like you see numbers or
even more traditional Euclidian equations. I’ll guide you through
it…then…when I’ve got us inside…will you trust me?

Are we going to go through all that again?

No. If you want me to leave you, I will. Just say the word. I
don’t know what else I can do to convince you I have your interests
at heart and yours only.

Zane smiled.
All right. You got
yourself a deal. I want you to get out of me.

What now?

He paused for a moment, waving his hand above the control
panel, watching the shapes dance.
Naw, get
me inside the hatch way, then you get out of me. Clear?

Motac’s hand extended out of Zane’s arm. The eternal touched
the control panel, moving his fingers so the geometric shapes
danced even more.
A fractal encryption code
is similar to an invasive programme except that it doesn’t destroy,
it creates. I am now creating the opening sequence as the code
changes every time the hatch is locked. It may take a few

A long,
agonising wait followed. Zane watched Motac work. He was brilliant,
hypnotic even, like a master holding the tool of his craft. His
fingers were like lightening, making the shapes on the panel fall
into line and create the combination required to open the

A click
sounded out.

, Motac proclaimed.
And not a moment too soon. I hear Banshan crawling
up the access way.

But won’t they be able to open the hatchway as

Motac let out a shallow chuckle, but not one that sounded like
he was being arrogant

rather it was filled with sadness.
have added more to the code. In effect I have created a delay. The
hatch can’t be opened again until that time has elapsed.

How long?

Thirty-seven years.

Gee, I think that’ll give us enough time to get away, don’t
Zane crawled inside the darkness
beyond the hatchway. The solid door closed with a metallic clang,
and it took a while for his eyes to become accustomed to the din
inside, stark comparison to the room where the glow of the
crystalline engine permeated everything.

When he
could make out shapes and other control panels, he said, “Thanks,

I have kept up my part of the arrangement. I think it’s time
for me to leave you then, isn’t it?

Sure is.

As Motac
left his body, Zane felt a rush of blood, heating him to make him
sweat. Then, like the next step of an exorcism, nausea overwhelmed
him. He grabbed at his stomach, dry heaving. Before he could even
think about chucking up his guts, the dark shadow-like body of an
eternal, even darker than the low light around him—like he was
staring into the mysterious depths of the universe
itself—confronted him.

He felt

then said, his voice like a rasp, dry and sore like it was the
first time he’d used his vocal cords in a long time, “I will tell
you what you have to do once Tink has disrupted the power. It’ll be
your only chance.”

And what about you?” Zane couldn’t help but feel sadness.
Having Motac within him was, he hated to admit, comfortable. Like
the being was an important part of him, like his lungs or his
heart. Without it, he felt unable to function. Sure, that could be
a reaction to the eternal extracting himself from Zane, but still,
the feeling of loss was tangible.

I will leave you. If I can’t be a part of you, then I am
nothing to you.”

swallowed hard. Motac had proved himself. He had left Zane when he
was asked. What other proof did he need? “All righty then, I’ll let
you leave on one condition.”

I thought you made it perfectly clear you didn’t want me,

I’m givin’ you another chance.”

You are?”

looked around the room they had found themselves in. It was a good
size, comfortable for him to stand within, anyway. An access way
was on the floor about ten paces away from their entrance. He
assumed that went down to the control section of the induction flow
machine. “Yeah, I’m giving you one chance to prove yourself beyond

Name it,” Motac said, his voice holding cheer for the first
time since he’d left Zane. “I’ll do anything to remain with you,
beautiful Zane. I’ve never been with someone like you. You are, for
the lack of a better word, unique.”

Zane smiled. “I was hopin’ you’d say that. I…I find you
strangely beautiful too.” He reached out and held Motac, running
his hands over his smooth body that held substance, something that
surprised him. To call the eternals shadows was misleading. They
were beings just like any other, having form and substance when
outside of their host. “Anyway, to put it in simple terms, I want
us to fuck—just you and me. I want you to stay as an eternal dude
so we can hold each other, really get to know each other before you
return to bein’ a voice inside my head. It’ll be the only way I can
really let go and trust you. People—humans, I mean, we have a sort
of unwritten rule

if we can’t eat it, have sex with it. We also have another. If
we have sex with it, we can learn to trust it and then that sex can
become love. In other words, until we touch dicks and swap saliva
and play hide the sausage, I don’t know if I could ever trust you.
You’ve got to be more than a voice in my head. It’s as simple as

returned the embrace. “You wanted to do that all along, didn’t

blushed, but could feel the excitement grow within him. “I think
you know me well.”

I think I understand. You humans need to touch something
before they believe it’s real, don’t you? Because I was inside you,
you didn’t trust me because you couldn’t face me man to man. That’s
it, isn’t it?”

Yeah, you got it in one. If a dude can’t look into another
dude’s eyes while he’s suckin’ his cock, how can he ever trust

kissed Zane on his cheek, an action that sent shivers of delight
though him. “You want me to suck your dick first then,

Now you’re talkin’ my language.”

didn’t need any more encouragement than that. Motac was on his
knees, holding Zane’s dick with enough pressure to know he meant
business, a smile on his shimmering shadow-like face. “Do you like

Zane could answer, Motac opened his mouth. The darkness inside was
eternal, like staring down into an abyss. Zane shuddered when Motac
took him, making sure the whole of his ample length sank into that

slurped and applied a gentle suction as he began working his lips
over Zane’s cock, pushing on the base of it to keep Zane’s foreskin
retracted so he could taste his goodness, enjoy every nuance his
cock offered as it became more and more engorged. When the moment
was right, when Zane’s stomach had those delicious butterflies
within it he only ever got when a bloke sucked on him like his dick
gave him the very breath of his life, he grabbed the eternal’s
head. To do so was to encourage him to gain a rhythm that wasn’t
too fast or too slow.


Zane was erect a split second after his new lover—a lover now
in true physical form

was nose deep in his pubes one moment, then licking the end of
Zane the next. Zane let out moans, encouraging Motac even

when he knew the moment was right, when his whole body began to
sing with the wonderful song of ecstasy, Zane said, “My

A moment
was spent moving into position. Zane was on his knees, grabbing
Motac’s cock and feeling his balls. It sure was different to
actually see an eternal’s dick up close. He didn’t have a foreskin
as such or even a head. Motac’s dick was more like a black, shiny
pipe, thicker at the base than at the end. Zane wasn’t even sure
the eternal had a piss slit, because darkness over darkness was
impossible to see. Did eternals cum? He knew they wouldn’t have to
piss. Being inside another being would see to that.

Sure, he’d seen Zoltan out of Mirko’s body, but he’d never had
the eternal’s dick in his mouth like he was about to do now. To
suck off a bloke

not only was that one of the most intimate and special things
two blokes could share with each other, it meant there was nothing
left to the imagination. All of Motac was there for the taking. To
Zane that was more important than anything the eternal had done up
to this point. To open his mouth and accept a dick, that required
more than lust or emotions. It required a certain amount of

all, that was what this was all about.

If Motac
could accept Zane as a physical being, then he could accept Motac
as an ethereal one when he was inside him. “You ready?” he

nodded. “Yes, beautiful.”

Zane took
in Motac’s length, starting slow. To say that there was no feeling
there, even if it didn’t look like a human dick, was an
understatement. Motac practically jumped out of his skin when Zane
wrapped his lips around it.

thing about giving a blow job, guys loved it. There was nothing
better than seeing a bloke writhe and moan while he worked their
dick to the point of ejaculation. Again, like Motac, Zane slurped
and sucked, using his hands, both on the eternal’s length and to
gently massage his balls.

later, Zane’s mouth was flooded with a taste sensation he knew all
too well. It seemed eternals did and could cum. Motac almost
collapsed as his cock pumped more and more ejaculate into Zane’s
eager mouth. The taste was strong, bitter, but also tangy, like
lemons and pineapple with a hint of acidity all rolled into

swallowed all Motac gave him.

He didn’t
care that Motac had blown his load so soon. In fact, he was pleased
he’d pleasured the eternal so well. Then again, most times he would
imagine eternals wouldn’t be engaged in sex in such a manner.
Normally they would experience it from inside their

You liked that, didn’t you?” Zane asked, stating the obvious,
but unable to help himself, considering Motac’s smile. It was one
of relief. The best kind of smile there ever was.

I loved it,” the eternal replied with a gasp.

Well, you’re gonna love this even more.” Zane didn’t stand on
ceremony. His cock was rock hard and he needed Motac’s arsehole
around it to ease all the sexual tension he had built up while he
was on his knees.

He turned
Motac around, bending him over and feeling his buttocks, exploring
his arsehole, to let him know in no uncertain terms he wanted to
give his natural lubricant something to work on. Zane was going to
pound Motac within an inch of his fucking life, his hunger and lust
at saturation point.

eternal had to grab onto the nearest control panel, one that was
atop a bench. Zane didn’t give him much time to prepare. He also
had those pangs of excitement course through him, emanating from
his tightening balls. Through that sensation, he knew he didn’t
have long to go before Motac would be receiving his cum in great
big dollops inside him.

always got extra horny when there was a new hole to plug. Motac’s
butt certainly looked damn fine. Sort of like Cal’s, only made up
of eternal stuff instead of flesh and bone. “Fuck me, you’ve got a
cute bubble butt, Motac,” he said to reinforce his observation and
to give Motac a few more precious seconds to get ready.

Thank you…” Motac said. His next words were muffled as Zane
pressed his cock against him. The eternal let out a yelp of

stopped. He hadn’t even pushed his bulging head in yet, but
withdrew. “You all right, dude?”

craned his neck so he could look at Zane, pleasure and pain and
lust and need filling his face. “Do me, beautiful. Do me as hard as
you can. I’ll be fine for you.”

Once more
Zane didn’t hesitate. This time, however, when he pushed in his
cock, it went in smoothly. It seemed Motac had produced some extra
eternal lubricant. Just as well. He was tight, as tight as he’d
ever had in a long time. He held Motac tight around his hips,
pumping away and coming to kiss him on his neck and cheeks. Zane
loved how receptive the eternal was.

truly was to be trusted.

with both as one, joined in their love making like real lovers
should be, Zane decided to do something different. He knew that
time travelling eternals fed from others by cock-docking with their
victim’s male friends. In Thomas’s case, Jacob was the food. He
wondered what would happen if Zane fed Motac in the same

BOOK: Supernova on Twine
12.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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