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The Taken by series Book 2

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(1) Taken by Lies

(2) Taken by Rage

Rage Ryders MC

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Please only purchase this book if you can handle reading about emotional, physical, and verbal abuse. There is explicit sexual content in this book, this story is not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18.


None of these characters are real, copied, imitate or are based off any real life events. This is all the Authors imagination and is fictionalized both in story, events, names and characters.


This story in no way reflects the life of any true MC lifestyle. This is the imagination of the author, and is fictionalized.


Liberty Parker’s Rage Ryder’s MC series is not to be confused with, or linked to any other Rage Ryders MC series in existence. Regardless of spelling, this is my work and I came up with Rage Ryders after doing my homework to ensure there was no other authors at that time using the MC name or any MC’s using these names for their clubs. 1% or otherwise. I do not believe in poaching from others work and work hard to ensure I do not. I research before my work is publicized.



Notes to Readers

There is sexual content in this novel, there is not however abusive type situations brought out into this book. This is a reminder that Rage Ryders is a series, therefore you will get snippets into other relationships, situations that may not be answered in this book, but will be answered for you in the series.


Until then, please enjoy each couple as their HEA is brought to you in their novel and know I have no plans of leaving you hanging.


~Liberty Parker




This is Riley and Kid’s story, it is a story of growth, trials and trust.


Kid: Learning there was a shooting at the clubhouse, and one of their girls was injured, Kid and the guys rush to the hospital. Once again Kid is thrown into unknown territory when he has to face his new found feelings of love and fear. He vows to never let his baby doll be left with incompetent idiots again. Coming home to find out he needed to get to the hospital left a gaping wound in his soul that he thought may never heal. Once he set eyes on her he knew there had still been a small barricade holding his heart hostage from being hers completely. It was now in her hands and hers alone.


Riley: Once home Riley moves on letting the tragic incident go. She wants to start living and stop hiding from her own shadows. Riley becomes a strong woman coming into her own, learning how to listen to her instincts and trusting her man and those

around her to protect her, and not try to prove herself worthy to everyone. 

Riley always thought of herself as a lover and not a fighter. After being shot and left bleeding on the floor by a ‘rat’ she will never let her guard down again. Her fighting instincts have taken effect. She truly learns to love herself. Within finding herself she hopes to help a new friend, and a brother find their will and way back to each other. Match- making is on her agenda.


Welcome to the next installment of the Rage Ryders Series

At the clubhouse, picking up from where book one ended.


We are pissed at the men, at the fact they were using amazing sex, and using their authority to manipulate us, it isn’t fair. That’s what sparked the current conversations we’re having. Don’t get me wrong, we love sex, we
love sex, but come on, we all feel that we deserve some payback or at least get to watch after what we’ve been put through.

Muscle! Dammit, why does this shit have to happen to me? God damn prospect! I can’t overpower this juice head! Riley starts to move closer to us and Muscle speak to her, only his tone is evil.


“That’s right Riley, come here. This shit’s all on your dad's family’s shoulders. Come on over here and I'll let your friend go."


Riley keeps inching closer and she’s keeping eye contact with Muscles’. I sure hope to hell she knows what she’s doing. She makes her way to him and he pulls out a .45 and shoots Riley with no warning and she falls to the floor and a puddle of blood starts forming instantly under her body. Our phones start going off simultaneously, but none of us move to answer them, we don’t even try. He looks over at Cassidy and smiles like the cat that got the cream and calls her over.


She hesitates at first, then looks at each of us and then straightens her shoulders and walks right to him. He puts her in the same position I was just in and whispers something to her. She turns to us and says,


“It’s ok, everything will be okay.”

Then she willingly lets Muscle lead her out the door. She just saved our lives. She sacrificed herself for us. Now, what’s gonna happen?




'm in pain as I lay here on the floor listening to the Ol' ladies going crazy running around in a panic. I want to let them know I'm aware of everything around me but I can't. It hurts too much, I just want to see Kid and know that everything is going to be alright. When I see him and he has his arms wrapped around me, I feel as if nothing can touch me or harm me. Why is it I am the one who’s always getting hurt?


Do I have a huge target on my forehead that says: this bitch is the one! I mean shit, either I have the worst luck known to human-kind, or subconsciously I have a death wish. God, this pain is excruciating, and these damn hoes up in this clubhouse are loud as a bull-horn. You’d have thought I’d been shot in the head the way my head is pounding. A shoulder wound surely shouldn’t make me feel this miserable.


"Shut-up! You stupid bitches could wake the dead and I'm in fucking pain here!" Everyone starts rushing around and I hear my sisters Sadie and Skylar crying as they each grab a hand and start talking to me at the same time.


"Wait a minute! I can't fucking hear what y'all are saying if you’re going to be screaming it in my ear at the same freaking time! Can't you two take turns talking to me or something? I'm on this floor bleeding and it hurts like a mother, and y'all are gonna get your whiny voices going?"


"Riley, stop being a bitch!"


Sadie screams at me,

"We were scared to death when that dumb prospect shot you, took Cassidy, and ran off with her. All of our phones are tied up trying to call the guys and every one of their phones are busy. We’re on the club phone calling 911 because we love your cranky ass, I have our mother missing, our father and my boyfriend are out searching for her, and to top it off, I just witnessed my sister get shot! Could you give me a fucking break here Riley?"


"Sorry Sadie girl, I'm just in so much pain, I can't think straight right now. It really,
hurts, when is someone going to give me the good drugs? You know the ones where I-don't-give-damn-about-nothing? I want the good shit too!"


Skylar starts laughing, and I mean the stupid hyena kind of laughing. What the fuck is her deal?
Next time
I'll let her ass get shot!


"No you won't Riley, you love me and you know it. Just like I'd never let you or Sadie get shot if I had to choose between me or you two girls."


“Skylar I'm sorry, didn't mean to say that shit out loud or hurt your feelings. I really am tired of being the one who has the luck of "
the dead
" it's getting to me why I have this magnet to me that seems to bring any type of danger in a direct path to me."


Oh thank you! I hear the ambulance coming, it's the good drug time. Please, I'm ready to say bye, bye pain and hello floating on cloud number nine!


I lay still while my vitals are checked before transfer, I'm a good girl until the stupid bitch of a paramedic starts poking and moving me around so she can "get a better look at the exit wound" my ass! Bitch better watch it or I'm gonna sick Skylar on her ass. I don't think Sky's had her rabies shots either.


Good the bitch deserves it for tossing me around like a sack of potatoes. I open my eyes to give her a scowl and fire my pretend laser beams at her, her male counterpart notices how rough she's being with me and takes over.


After he gets me on the stretcher and gets me settled in the back of the ambulance for transport to the hospital, I hear her bitchiness getting scolded by my paramedic in drug heaven. "God save the drugs!" Damn these drugs and pain are making me insane. I hope I'm normal before I see Kid again, or he's going to put me in the loony bin.

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