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can’t stand watching Tic’s head hanging down one more fuckin second. I’ve got to find out what the hell’s goin on with him. Since he’s sitting alone at a booth I want to take advantage of the situation. Knowing I need to let Riley know what’s goin on and I’m leavin at first light in the mornin I send her a quick text lettin her know.


Hey baby doll, we have word on Cassidy’s whereabouts and are goin to get her at first light in the mornin. I will be home later to pack and spend some time with ya. Right now, I wanna have some words with Tic and see where his heads at. Love ya baby and will be home as soon as I can.


No worries babe, the girls and I are hanging out watching movies and talking. Do you need me to get your clothes washed and a bag packed for you?


God I love my girl, not too many women would be supporting their men taking off to track down the women their dad was with while their mom and herself was missin for twenty fuckin years thanks to an evil fucker. My girl’s heart is golden, I don’t know if I can wait to give her my mark, both of them. My ring and my skin tat. Everyone will know she’s hands off if they don’t know it already.


Baby doll, that would be helpful, but don’t overdo it. Won’t be gone long, and if you start hurtin have Sadie girl or Sky help ya. Love ya, see ya soon. Yeah?


Be waiting for you, have to get a few nights out of you since you’ll be gone, so don’t be too late babe or you’ll be too tired in the morning.


I just send her a smiley face, a damn smiley face. Do I need to hand over my man card now or wait till someone calls for it? SHIT, what the hell has happened to me since she’s become my world? I’ll tell you what, I forgot to put my foot down and control everything in my life because making that woman happy is the first priority I have in life.




I grab a couple of cold beer bottles and head over to my brother who’s in the dark corner by himself, he doesn’t look sad he looks angry, pissed like a mad man who could take on the world. That is what has my attention. I’ve seen him lose his temper and I know what he’s capable of. I’ve been there and seen the damage and it’s not good, not good at all. I need to stop this derailment before the train leaves the station. Since nobody else is steppin up, I will be the brother he needs.


“Hey Tic, what’s up brother? Give me the low down and tell me what the next step is.”


He told me of the research he’d done and what he’d uncovered so far. Learning the way, he did of having a daughter and the lengths Kori has had to go to keeping her safe from her father and keeping the club and our brother’s safe from his threats. When I asked him how he knew all of this he proceeded to tell me about breakin into Kori’s house after havin learned her address from the nursin staff HR lady.


How he got that information I don’t even want to know. That is one thing I’m better off not knowing the details of. My girl has taken a shine to Kori and wants to help these two find their way back to one another. So the less of the bad I know the better for my dick and his attention. Tic continues tellin me about findin Kori’s journal and even though he hated invading her privacy he needed answers that she wasn’t willing to give. He knew this because she would avoid him when he would try to go speak to her at the hospital. He even managed to get her number from the lady at HR and she was even too scared to talk over the phone not knowin if her phone was tapped. This shit’s crazy, her dad’s insane, and bein dangerous and crazy is not a good combination.


He may be even more trouble than any of us anticipated. We may need to bring this up in an officer meetin and let King and Sniper and all the Enforcer’s know this information so we can all be on the same page. The birth certificate has Tic’s given name on as the father, so we know she intended to at least let him know at some point about her. Otherwise, the father’s name wouldn’t be listed, with it listed if anythin ever happened to Kori, Tic would be informed. She couldn’t be that ignorant not to think of this.


Kori is one smart as hell woman, always has been. My feelin on the matter is she was gonna tell him in the beginning and her father found out and threatened her. According to Tic, her journal talks of her finding about her pregnancy, excited about havin a piece of Tic with her and couldn’t wait. To tell him to, her dad finding out and threatening to have the baby taken away or killed while inside Kori. So, she ran scared out of her mind, but didn’t come to Tic, scared and not thinking at the time.


When her father found her again, he showed her pictures of the club and members. She wasn’t sure if he’d falsified pictures and papers, in her journal Tic said she wrote she was pretty positive he’d falsified information to put her in a corner with no one to turn to for help. He told her exactly what he’d do to the ‘
’ father and ‘
little club friends’
if she ever communicated, got in touch with, or ever tried to reconcile with.


Tic wouldn’t tell me what it is that was said would happen, but he got a look on his face that made me not want to push the issue. He will tell us in time when he’s ready to do something about the issue at hand. I have no doubt we would be taking care of this issue. Issue being, getting his soul back, his Ol’ lady and daughter, and removing her father from the picture ‘permanently’.


“Tic, brother, I have your back. Whatever you decide, know I’m there with you. It’s time for our sister to come home along with our little princess. We may not know her, but she’s ours, she’s Rage Ryder. Always brother, we will all ride with you and fight with you and for you. No questions asked. Never forget that and never question that. Yeah? Gotta go, leavin at first light and need to see the Ol’ lady.”


He got up and gave me a man hug and slapped me on the back showing his appreciation for my loyalty and words. Trust me, I read Tic. Time to go home to my baby doll. This’ been a long day and another one is comin my way tomorrow.


fter taking my shower and taking care of all my morning routines I turned the coffee pot on to go with the muffins the girls were bringing home and turned on some music to pass the time. I went and finished dressing, I had everything on except my socks. I can’t stand walking barefoot, but don’t mind so much in my socks. I took off my house-shoes and replaced them with a pair of fuzzy socks, and was in the debate of rather I wanted to put on that stupid arm sling or not. I hate it, I really, really do! I know it’s supposed to speed up my healing time, but it keeps me from the mobility I crave for the projects and just basic moving my body desires.


My brain doesn’t process this stupid, confining sling and I end up frustrated and pissed right the fuck off when I can’t do what I want while wearing it. The only thing is, I know worry wort and mother hen will be here shortly, and they don’t let me get away with anything. I doubt we’ll do anything too physical other than sitting, planning, and shit talking and planning the boy’s demise. Oh, and don’t forget the muffins and ice cream we have awaiting us in the freezer. This may end up the best revenge planning party known to woman.


I have the evil twin planning party heading my way. I plan to learn everything they have to teach me. Not long after the duo walks through the door with laughter and evil smirks upon their faces.


“What? What have you two been up to? I know those smirks and laughs; you save those for when you’ve either done something or planted a seed somewhere so spill it.”


“Its good sis, Sky just gave Travler food for thought with one of her infamous smirks and finger waves as I got into the car and smiled at him. No biggie, he just looked confused and it was brilliant. I wish you could’ve been there. It. Was. Awesome. Only know his mind is most likely running in circles. You know he thinks he’s done nothing wrong, right, and those guys always think their untouchable after they’ve done something really stupid to one of us.”


“They sure do sisters of mine. That’s why what they did to you Riles is not gonna be taken lightly by me and Sadie girl. If we let this go unpunished these guys, including mine are just gonna keep doing what they want believing they’ll receive no blow back. It’s time for lessons to be learned, my man won’t let anyone see me but it’s good for him to watch you and your man fucking. No, I don’t fucking think so. Tell me Riles, have you come up with anything? If not, it’s time to put our heads together.”


“Well girls, do you remember the Boomtown series we were obsessed with by one of our favorite Author’s Lani Lane Vale.” They both shake their heads at me and I continue. “You remember the scene where streamers were put on the handlebars and a child's horn. I was thinking something along that line.”


Their eyes get really big and we all squeal at the same time with excitement at what we can come up with using that plot only adding our touches of evil to the plot. It’s gonna be epic! With my girl’s evil brilliance and my ways of puppy dogging they guys, we can pull this off without a hitch. Regardless of where we do this at, the clubhouse, bars, our house or Travler’s girlfriends, well his friend’s house as he ‘claims’.


Umm hmm…what guy stays the night at his friend’s house? Hell she’s the V. P’s daughter, and I know she’d be in on it. The V.P doesn’t just have Ryder, he has twin daughters who’ve been overseas at boarding school and they’ve just come home. Kaci and Kassi are sweet, beautiful and unbelievably funny. Way different, one is the wild child and the other reigns her in, but has fun in her own ways.


I had heard about them, especially Kaci, Travler spoke of her so much I feel as if she’s one of my own girls. He says he doesn’t feel anything more than a sister brother type relationship.


Can anyone call


I can smell the shit a mile away. And that’s because he’s so full of it. His eyes take on a whole different look when he talks about her and things they’ve done. He’s gone to visit her while she’s on her breaks from school. The girls hardly ever come home and V.P isn’t welcome by the girls they’re very upset that he made them leave. They feel as if he’s pushed them out of his life. That’s a story for another time.


We decide on calling Kaci in, Kassi is too unpredictable and we need someone who won’t go on her own and make it about herself. Since Sky knows her much better than we do which is just in passing, she’s taking charge of calling her and getting her in as a spy on Travler’s whereabouts when his time for retribution has come. We’ve decided to strike them at different times. Never knowing where or when it’s coming is going to be the fun of it.


“This has been so much fun! I didn’t know being bad could feel so good.”


We all look at each other and bust up laughing. About this time my phone starts ringing warning me of an incoming text message. I check it out and notice it’s Kid, I swipe the screen and see his text letting me know he needs to have words with Tic and is leaving in the morning. I offer to take care of his packing ‘as long as he takes care of me tonight.’


Oh yea, I could get into this being bad thing…I start laughing at myself out loud making Sky and Sadie look at me. I look over at them show them my phone only long enough to see I’m texting my man and wiggle my eye brows up and down. Letting them know I’m being naughty to my man. Next thing I’m aware of away from my phone is Sadie and Sky rolling around on the floor, holding their stomach’s laughing. I can’t help it, it’s contagious so I join them.


We laugh so hard I end up with stomach cramps and have to excuse myself with the excuse of needing the restroom. Really, I need to go pack my man’s bag. I want to make sure he has some nutritious snacks to keep himself alert, clean clothes this time on the road instead of jeans that smell “alright”. And a little something I’ve been working on that tells him how I feel without getting shy on him and not finishing.  He deserves it all from me, and what my man deserves he’ll get one way or another. Despite my shyness.







watch as all of my brothers are getting themselves a babe for the night or leavin to go home to their Ol’ ladies. Mine, I have to park down the street from her house, or park outside the hospital to even get a peek at her. It’s been years, we had this shit planned out. She was gonna go to school, come home and not just be my Ol’ lady but marry me. She was and is my forever, my only and I will one way or another get my life back. It’s not just Kori and me now though, it’s about us as a family. We have a daughter, that information once I found it knocked me on my ass. 


I decided to play detective one day while she was working and found a box of papers that was hidden under a plank of hardwood flooring in her closet. I looked through them hoping to find out what exactly is going on. The surprise was on me, I spent over an hour looking over that birth certificate playin over the dates, her name bein my sisters who died when I was fifteen at the hands of our father, and her journal. Kori’s journal lays out the past four years of runnin, trauma she endured from her father and his henchmen and fear.


All that fear she had, that I wasn’t there to carry that burden for her.

I’m here now, and she’s about to find out really quickly that she’s not alone, I don’t give a fuck about that little speech of hers. And quite frankly, neither do my brother’s and sister’s. I have to get her and my daughter here to safety first and foremost. And then daddy dearest is goin to ground, and along with him any motherfucker who stands in my way. I’m not playin games here, I’m playin for keeps. I’m keepin my family, my daughter belongs with her father as much as her mother. And Kori is fixing to clue the fuck in, I pull up her number I programed in my phone from her phone bill I found in a stack of bills on her kitchen table.


No more runnin Angel, it’s time to come home.

Tic, is this you? How did you get my #?

Should ya question that? Ya know I always get what I want?

This isn’t funny Tic. It’s dangerous!

Don’t care. Want my family home! You, me and our Daughter Kori! I mean it NOW!

Oh god, Tic what have you done? We could all be in danger now.

I’m comin for y’all. Be ready, we’ll keep ya safe. You should’ve believed in me

It was never you! Damn Tic, Never you. It’s been about protecting my family. You! Rage Ryders!

Then believe in us, and bring me my Angel and my Daughter home. Bring my-breathe back to my body. I want to live again

Come get us. God, come get us Tic, we need you. I’ve been so scared.

I’m coming Angel, I’m coming. I’ll go pack what you need to make it for a while. When it’s time we’ll go back to your house and make it our home.

I love you! Please come get me and Lila Rose, she knows all about you baby.

Lila Rose, after my grandma, the only woman other than you who loved me! Thank you Angel.



I’ll call the daycare and tell them Lila’s daddy is coming to get her. I’ll come after my shift is over in 4 hrs.

Counting down, but you’ll have an escort. No more un-escorted travels Angel.

Why am I not surprised?

It’s to keep my family safe. Please don’t fight me on this.

I will never fight you again. Stay with our baby girl and send a prospect. She needs her daddy.

If that is your wish. I will send a couple brothers and prospects to get your things and I’ll go get our girl.

Prospects and Brother’s going through my underwear? Really Tic?

Should I get you’re under garments and put our daughter on hold?

NO! My phone could be tapped; I don’t trust the old bastard. Go get our baby now!

Already in my truck and on my way. Stay safe till you’re in our arms. Love you, don’t leave the bldg. Prospect will be at exit doors.

will not leave bldg. Promise…Kisses and ((hugs)) till I can give them to you in person.

Accepting all your love and sending back twice as many.


As I end the text with my Angel, Kori, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. She gave into me too easily which means she’s been ready to come home and is tired of fighting on her own. I pick up the phone and call the prospect and ask him to take an available brother with him letting him know I’ll call King myself and let him know what’s up. As soon as I hang up with the prospect I do call King and tell him the situation and have him send an available brother and tell him about the papers under the plank. He says he’ll take care of it. I know he will my Prez sounds as happy as I am to have our girl back home where she belongs.

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