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“Well, it obviously pushed a few of mine, too.”  Michael looked at his watch, raising both eyebrows.  “Jesus, we have a dinner reservation in fifteen minutes.”

“And I happen to know you don’t like to be late.”  With an exaggerated eye roll, she gingerly slid off his lap and reached for her panties on the desk.



Michael poured Carla a second glass of red zinfandel, as she gazed at the menu.  “You’re not really reading those dinner specials, are you?”

“Who can see anything, with that damn elephant in the room again?”

“Maybe if we talk about him, he’ll go away. Elephants are smarter than you think.”

She lowered the piece of paper and exhaled a heavy sigh.  “Okay, fine,” she whispered and put her menu down.  “You had a D/s relationship with your ex-wife for five years, she changed her mind about living that kind of lifestyle and left you.  Does that about cover it?”

“That’s pretty accurate.”  He took Carla’s hand in his.  “I made mistakes with Lilly. Some of us learn the hard way.”

“Is the way we live fulfilling to you?”

“Yes, of course it is.  I know that most of your insights into the various lifestyles Dana writes about are limited and appear to be cookie cutter.  But the truth is, most people live within their own individual parameters.”

“You said you made mistakes with Lilly.  What did you mean by that?”

Michael took a sip of his wine and carefully put it down on the table.  “I was the one who initiated the way we lived.  She loved me and agreed to satisfy my needs, but I should have recognized that they were mostly mine and not hers.  I was totally selfish, and take complete responsibility.  The Dominant and submissive should both crave and enjoy their roles; it should never be one-sided.  That’s why I’ve asked repeatedly if this is the kind of relationship you want.”

“So you think she never really wanted to be a submissive?”

“I think she loved me and wanted to please me, but it was never really gratifying for her. She wasn’t hard wired for my brand of kink.”


“It wasn’t in her DNA, so to speak.”

“And we never talked about whether it was in mine, did we?”

“Well, I know you like to be spanked, and you enjoy being taken care of like a little girl when you come home from work or are stressed.”

She laughed and blushed.  “I do like that you take charge; it’s a total turn on for me.”

“I have to admit, I even love the challenge of your bossiness once in a while.”

“Is there more that I should be doing? Is this enough for you, Michael?”

“Some people actually make lists of their desires and requirements of each other, so there is no ambiguity with regard to expectations.  Would that freak you out?”

“Are you talking about a contract?”

“Yes, you could call it that.  We should probably draft one together.  I actually know of a good attorney.”  Michael nudged and winked at Carla as the server walked over to their table.  After their dinner orders were placed, he shook his head and sighed.  “What a conversation to overhear, eh?”

“We should probably do this at home, but since we are on a roll, can we continue?” she whispered.

“Yes, but keeping our voices down is probably wise.” He grinned and fingered the rim of his wine glass. 

“I have a confession to make.”

“Uh-oh. That sounds like trouble.”

“I’ve been doing some homework outside of the novels that Dana writes.”

“Hmmm.  And what have you learned, my love?”

“I want to be collared.”

“Excuse me?” He almost choked on his wine.

“I want to be yours, Michael.”

His eyes filled with tears as he continued to cough.  “Since you’ve been doing homework, I assume you know that being collared is not legally binding.”

“I do know that, but it is emotionally binding, isn’t it?  Never mind, maybe it isn’t appropriate for how we live.  Is that more for a slave and master lifestyle?”

He laughed. “The BDSM community might shake their finger at us, but I don’t think we’ll be sued by anyone.  Umm … should I assume you aren’t talking about something similar to a dog collar?”

“I was actually thinking about a pearl choker.  It can be a symbol of our commitment that I would wear every day.  Some women choose regular jewelry as their collar.”

“I love the idea of collaring.  Maybe we should make it a part of our wedding ceremony.”

“Are you serious?  You really want to get married?”

“I love you, Peanut, and will forever.  You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“You’ll love me even when my sassy pants side shows up?”

“Of course I will.  Naturally, we both know where that side usually
ends up

“What should we do now?”

“I think a trip to the jewelry store would be appropriate.”  Michael cupped Carla’s face in his hands and kissed her gently on the lips.  “Let’s see, engagement ring, wedding bands and a pearl choker.  Do you think I’m eligible for some kind of kinky discount?”

a sense of humor? I like that.”  She moved her bottom tenderly on the wooden chair.  “Why do I have a feeling you picked this restaurant on purpose?”

“I had a premonition that a padded seat wouldn’t be appropriate tonight.  You know the rules.” He tried to hide his crooked smile as their server approached with two full trays.

“Yeah, unfortunately all twelve inches of them, Michael. I mean, sir.”




Richard walked back upstairs to the bedroom and found Dana still sleeping.  “Dana, I need to head off to work. Are you planning to sleep the rest of the morning, darlin’?”

She rolled over, her eyes barely open.  “I was up late last night working on my book, and just needed a few more minutes this morning to recharge my batteries.”

“I left some fresh squeezed orange juice and a bran muffin for you downstairs.  Floyd has already been out, so you’re absolutely free to exercise that beautiful creative mind.”  With a quick kiss to her forehead, he waved goodbye and rushed out the door.

Dana crawled off the bed and almost tripped over Floyd.  After a quick pat on his head, she stumbled her way into the bathroom to wash her face and clear the cobwebs from her mind.  Determined to make progress on her book, she bounded downstairs and found the orange juice and muffin on the kitchen counter top along with a note.  “I love you and will be home later to help create inspiration for your book.”  Dana pulsed at the thought. 

With orange juice and muffin in hand, she made her way into the den and quickly seated herself at the computer.  Floyd automatically nestled up against her feet, and Dana’s mind started to focus.  The relationship between Brad and Kristin had been developing nicely now for several months since their getaway weekend.  They were no longer seeing other people, and their romance quickly escalated into a torrid one.  Kristin was a good fit for Brad in every way, and it surprised him how much he was intrigued by her.  They even talked about some of their sexual fantasies, and life was getting more interesting by the minute.

Dana wanted to expand the boundaries of their lovemaking, giving her readers fresh new scenes to experience.  She had an idea and was excited to get started; hopefully, she could make her vision work.

It was Brad’s birthday that weekend.  Kristin wanted it to be forever memorable and carefully laid the groundwork.  She cherished the fact that Brad had exposed her to so many new things, but took pride in throwing him a curve now and then.  Variety was the lifeblood of their relationship, and she wanted his special weekend to be a mind-blowing one. 

Brad arrived at Kristin’s apartment shortly after work on Friday.  There was no reason to think she’d planned anything since he never told her it was his birthday.  No fanfare was needed; as far as he was concerned, a quiet intimate night with his girl was all he wanted.

Happy to have his own key to her apartment, he arrived at six with the intention of making himself comfortable.  Upon entering the living room, he was surprised to find Kristin’s good friend, Marla, sitting on the couch.  Brad had met her several times before and often wondered why this stunning woman wasn’t dating anyone.  He estimated that she was about 5’6” and a slender 120 lbs. with shimmering long black hair and a shapely figure that turned a head or two wherever she went.  Brad was hardly blind to her allure, but naturally he was smart enough to keep his thoughts to himself.  Marla greeted Brad with a big hug and a kiss on his cheek. My God, she smelled delicious. 

“Marla, I didn’t expect to see you here.”  His face flushed nervously like a teenage boy getting caught with an erection.

“Kristin said it was your birthday today and asked me to come by and help celebrate.”  She had a gleam in her eyes that he wished he hadn’t seen … or maybe he had.

The two of them sat down on the couch. Marla seated herself a little closer than he’d expected, and her proximity was definitely making him anxious.  After an uncomfortable silence, Kristin appeared from her bedroom adorned in a pink satin robe, and Brad just assumed she was in the process of getting dressed.  But before he could speak, she took off her robe and was wearing nothing but white lace thong bikini panties.  Sauntering over to the bar, she poured three glasses of wine.  With her back to them, Brad had a fine view of her beautiful round ass which managed to keep his mind occupied and his mouth closed, for the time being.

Kristin served the wine then walked over to the other side of the room, giving them space to get acquainted.  Marla rose and without saying a word pulled the short black dress up over her head, leaving her naked except for a pair of black bikini panties and a long pearl necklace.  He glanced at Kristin and watched as her mouth formed the words, “Happy Birthday.”

She and Brad once talked about their fantasy of having a threesome, but like most guys, he never really believed it would ever happen  and now his dream was about to become a reality.  Without hesitation, he sat his glass of wine down on the table and slowly walked over to Marla, who wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer as she lightly kissed him on the mouth.  With his tongue teasing between her lips, he cupped the weight of her breast in his hand and lightly pinched a nipple.  Their dancing tongues slipped in and out of each other’s mouths, gaining momentum and moving hungrily, occasionally pulling tenderly on a lip with strong teeth.  Wearing a crooked smile on her face, Marla ran her slim fingers over the bulge in his pants and pulled the zipper down. 

“These need to come off, right now.” Marla quickly yanked his pants down and bent over to take his rising cock in her mouth, swirling the soft silky skin of the broad tip with her tongue. Catching a peek of Kristin in the shadows across the room with the corner of her eye, she stroked and pulled his cock happily, feeling it stretch and harden, wondering how she would be able to take all of his length and girth in her small mouth.

Marla accepted the challenge, taking Brad further into her throat while waving Kristin over to join them.  Wanting his girl to feel included, he pulled out of Marla’s mouth and moved onto his back as Kristin happily removed her panties and positioned her pussy over his lips.  As he licked and nibbled on her clit, Marla cupped and gently played with his balls while kissing Kristin sweetly, tracing a path with her tongue to suck on a pink and erect nipple. 

“I think it might be fun to watch.”  Brad slowly slid to the floor hoping to catch the two of them play for a moment, as Marla moved her hands down Kristin’s body, touching and twirling her short mound of light pubic hair.  As he gazed at the scene in front of him, Kristin gently maneuvered Marla until she was beneath her on hands and knees.  Brad moved quickly behind her and placed his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy as Kristin rubbed and rounded her hard, swollen clit. 

“Someone’s been a naughty girl.”  Brad smacked her ass hard, causing a moan to escape from the back of her throat, while driving in and out of her with strong thrusts.  He knew his eruption was near, and pulled out quickly not wanting the fun to end just yet.

Kristin had maneuvered between Marla’s glistening thighs, intently licking the nectar that had dribbled down and waved her bottom back and forth, jealous of the attention Marla had just received. 

“Does my Kristin need a spanking too?”  Brad knew exactly what she was looking for and turned her bottom red while she nibbled on Marla, successfully bringing both women to grinding, pounded orgasms as they arched their backs and lifted their hips.  Moaning with smiles on their faces and hearts beating furiously, they instantly turned to Brad who was on the brink of explosion, holding on by a thread.

Together, they took turns sucking and licking his veined stiff cock, until he was unable to control himself any longer.  In long spurts, Brad’s hot cum sprayed over Kristin’s breasts, and with a happy face, Marla licked them clean.  Not a drop was spilled, and the night was far from over!

Dana went crazy with her imagination and left no stone unturned when it came to explicit content.  It was one of the most intense scenes she’d ever written, taking Brad and Kristin to a place they’d never been.  It opened up all kinds of exciting emotional and physical possibilities for them and stretched Dana’s mind where it hadn’t gone before.  She needed this couple to have a well-rounded relationship that went beyond the mind-blowing sex.  They spent a lot of time together, and it seemed that they knew each other very well. But maybe one was hiding a secret.  Her readers liked a good plot and character development, as well as the sex and spankings.  She knew there was still plenty of tweaking to do, and a happy-ever-after needed to be written.  At about four o’clock, Richard walked through the door.  It was unusual for him to come home early. 

“Darlin’ you were so engrossed in your writing, you didn’t even hear me in the house.  That must’ve been some chapter you wrote.  Can I take a look?”

Dana tried to hide a sly smile.

“I think I’ve seen that expression before.” He laughed and kissed her forehead.  “Is that your cell phone ringing?”

She reached for her phone and moved away from the screen, hoping that Richard would take a peek at her work.



“I just got off the phone with Dana and told her our good news.”  Carla made herself comfortable in Michael’s lap.

“And what was her reaction?” 

“It was typical Dana. After a loud scream she took credit for the whole thing.  ‘If it wasn’t for me, none of this would have ever happened.’  ‘I told you Michael was perfect for you.’  ‘You should listen to me more often.’  She went on for a good ten minutes.”  Carla giggled and snuggled in close.

“Well there is some truth to what she said, but we both know fate also played a role in this.  We did happen to meet rather accidently, if you recall.  Of course, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have happened otherwise, knowing Dana’s determination.  But I think we can agree she’s a good judge of character.”

“I know she deserves an honorable mention in getting us together, but I’ll never tell her that.  It would just go to her head.”  Carla sat back and became silent.

“What are you thinking about?” 

“I was contemplating the to-do list for our wedding. Since I just made partner in the firm, that means more pressure.  Not to mention, I haven’t even met your family.  What are they going to think about all of this?”

Michael sat back.  “That’s an interesting question.  I’m sure they would prefer that I marry a Jewish woman.  But people can’t always help who they fall in love with.”

“What about your two sisters?”  Carla probed.

“Well, I am their little brother, so I’m sure they’ll be skeptical, and probably a bit protective.  They know we’re living together, but once I tell them we’re getting married, they’re going to want to meet you immediately.  You’re going to undergo the third degree, maybe even take a lie detector test.  The normal FBI background check and all, typical family vetting.”  Michael joked nervously as he squeezed her shoulder.

“I want to fit into your family, but I can’t change who I am.  Maybe we need to rethink all of this and, you know, we could just live together.”  Carla blew out a breath and pulled her fingers through her hair.

“Hasn’t our relationship been tested enough with last week’s little adventure?  Worrying about my family’s reaction would be a waste of time and energy.”

The front doorbell rang and Wally ran to the door barking.  Michael walked over and looked through the peephole. On the other side of the door stood Dana and Richard.  Richard held up a bottle of champagne and gestured to be let in.

Michael opened the door and Dana threw her arms around him.  “Well, Dr. Cohen, it seems I might have been right about you two.”  She beamed like a proud peacock.

Richard grabbed Michael’s hand and shook it.  “It sure didn’t take you any time to corral such a fine woman.  Just remember, I’ve known her a lot longer and can be very protective.”

“I promise to take good care of her.”  Michael stepped back and put his arm around Carla.

Not to be outdone, Dana jumped in and hugged them both.  “Richard, pop open the champagne! We have lots to talk about.  My best friend is going to get married, and I need to make sure it gets done right.”

Carla looked at Michael, mouthed “I told you so” and smiled.

Richard popped the cork and the bubbly flowed over the rim of the bottle.  Carla brought out four glasses and Richard did the honors of pouring.  The four of them stood in a small circle, raised their glasses and clinked. 

“Here’s to Carla and Michael.”


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