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Bill dug back into the pile, making sure the grandkids were kept busy.  A little while later, he found a box with Michael’s name on it, and a card attached that said it was from Santa Claus.  Matt and Peter ran over with a quizzical look. 

Matt the oldest said, “What did Santa bring you, Mike?”

Michael peered at Carla and smiled.  She leaned in so no one else could hear.  “Trust me it’s not a spanking implement.”

He carefully opened the box and peeked in. Inside was a note. “Follow me to the basement,” it read.

“We’ll be right back,” she announced to the rest of the family.

Carla led him down the hallway to the basement door.  “Michael I’m sorry, but I couldn’t resist.”

Michael opened the door and heard a few muted whimpers.  Carla turned on the light and sitting in a cage down at the bottom of the stairs was a yellow lab puppy.  Michael wasted no time and raced down the steps.  He opened the cage door and grabbed hold of the puppy, immediately carrying the newest member of the family up the stairs. 

“Carla whatever possessed you to do this?” he asked, laughing.

“I overheard you telling Richard in Hawaii that your family never had a dog.  You had such a sad look on your face, that I figured it would be the best gift for you.  So I went to the local kennel and it was love at first sight.  I know we’re both busy, but I’ve already worked out dog-sitting agreements with Matt and Peter.  Even Dana said she would pitch in, knowing that Floyd would love to have a little cousin.”

“Carla, I absolutely love him.  Just the idea of how much thought you put into this gift is overwhelming.”  The three of them reentered the room and, eventually, the entire family gathered around to greet the new fur ball. 

“Did you name him yet, Mike?”  Peter yelled out. 

“No, but I’m certainly open to suggestions.  What do you think I should call him?”

Peter pondered for a moment. “I don’t know. How about Wally?”

“Wally it is.”  And with that, everyone wanted a turn to hold him.  There were even a few toys hidden under the tree for the newly adopted male of the household. 

By the time all the presents had been unwrapped, it was already close to noon. 

“Hey Mike, is it time for a beer?” Bill asked.  Carla smiled, pleased to see her family embrace the love of her life. 

Christmas dinner was always served mid-afternoon at the Campbell house.  All the women were gathered in the kitchen and the aroma of turkey cooking wafted throughout the house.  Matt and Peter kept Wally busy, and the guys watched basketball while drinking a beer or two.

Just before everything was ready, Carla pulled Michael aside.  “Michael - or should I call you Mike like my dad does?” She laughed.  “I just wanted to make sure you know how happy you’ve made me these past couple of months.”  Carla kissed him for emphasis.  “I know this isn’t your holiday, and I appreciate you celebrating our traditions.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a group so special and loving to each other.  Someday I will share with you how I grew up, but not today.  Between you and your family, everything is much too perfect.”  Michael put his arms around Carla and hugged her tightly. 

“Be a good boy and tell the rest of the men that dinner is ready.”  Carla’s voice was firm but sweet.

“Is that an order?”  Michael asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It just might be the only one I get away with today.”

Compared to the morning, the afternoon was equally as exceptional.  The conversation became pretty calm as the day wore on. Everyone seemed to be running out of steam due to the early start. 

“Michael, you and Wally were the hit of the day.” Carla beamed petting the puppy’s head as they drove home.


“How much fun did you have on this holiday, my little princess?” Richard asked as he walked past the bed and grabbed Dana by the waist.

“It was almost surreal for me.  You kept volleying my mind back and forth from woman to little girl.” She giggled, snuggling into his lap.  “Which reminds me - I didn’t thank you properly for all the new crayons and coloring books.”

“Don’t thank me, Sugar Pop. Santa brought them.” He winked and tapped her on the nose.

“I would love to be a big girl tonight, if it’s okay with you.”

Without another word, Richard reached under her short, flirty skirt and lowered her cotton panties down to her knees. 

“Aren’t you going to take them all the way off?” Dana whispered in his ear.

He flipped her over his knee and gently rubbed her behind.

“I thought we might start a new tradition.  Instead of a birthday spankin’, it’s a Christmas spankin’.”

“But I’ve been such a good girl today,” she pouted.  Her behind twitched as the first smack was applied.

“Okay, then I’ll give you a good girl Christmas spankin’.”  He gently rubbed and spanked both sides of her behind, keeping the blush an even color as his smile widened.

Dana’s moan was audible as she nuzzled her face on the soft comforter.  Her pleasure was obviously building, along with the moisture in her tender pussy. 

“You can tell me you don’t like this, but your kitty says otherwise.”  Richard grinned as he traced the wetness forming in her soft folds.

“Mmm, maybe I should slip on some heels and bend over the bed.  Would a ‘backdoor’ Christmas spanking interest you?”  Dana moved off his lap and slipped into a pair of five-inch high-heeled patent shoes, giving life to her favorite daydream.  Keeping all her clothes on with her panties down around her knees, she slowly and seductively bent over the bed. 

Richard moved behind her and gently lifted her skirt. 

“Are you sure you were a good girl today?” He took a deep breath, and tenderly smoothed the glow on each cheek of her beautiful, rounded bottom.

Dana looked over her shoulder and slowly shook her head no.  Richard paused, and applied the back of his large hand four times to her already rosy behind.

“My angel is nice and slippery.” His finger met with her drenched skin and spread it over her anus, slightly pushing and teasing the soft rim.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” she purred watching him reach for the gel lubricant on his end table.

“Now, are you going to behave and let me in?  Or am I going to have to give you another type of spankin’?”

“I’ll behave.”  Her voice was muffled by the comforter. 

Richard’s glossy finger entered her gently as she relaxed her muscles, and his digit slowly disappeared inside her.  Dana moaned in pleasure; he knew her anal fantasies better than anyone and added a second finger to widen the area.  Gradually pumping them in and out, he prepared her for his entrance. 

He added more of the heavy gel, and her small crinkled hole began to spasm as he swirled his finger around and around in an attempt to tease her. 

“Touch yourself, baby doll. I want you slick and happy.” His voice was low and hoarse as he fisted his erection using the thick lubricant.

Dana lowered her fingers and circled her clit, which was now drenched and swollen.  She looked over her shoulder once again with pleading eyes for him to continue.

“Are you becoming impatient?” he asked, pressing his thick tip to her anus. 

Dana furiously swirled stiff, wet fingers around her clitoris, rubbing up and down as she squeezed her eyes shut and willed him to enter her.

“Don’t you dare come yet,” he ordered. “You be a good girl and wait for me.”

“Richard, I can’t. I can’t wait.”

He smacked her hard on the ass, as he inched his way inside her.  She tried to concentrate on every possible item in the room to get her mind off the climax that was seconds away.  But as Richard continued further into her bottom, the combination of pain and pleasure was almost too much. 

“It’s Christmas. Have a heart,” she wailed as he fully seated himself inside her rectum.

“Hold on darlin’ and move with me,” he mumbled, out of breath, driving the full length of his hard cock deep while holding on to her hips.

Dana closed her eyes tight and bit her lower lip as he fucked her hard and fast.

“If you don’t come right now, I will take you back over my knee and give you the spankin’ of your life,” he whispered breathlessly, knowing it would take her over the top.

They both let out a loud groan as Richard sprayed into her depths, continuing to hold on tight.  As her head lifted for a peek at their reflection in the mirror across the room, she teetered in her heels and laughed.

“I’m way too heavy to be lying on top of you, Dana; I need to get up.”

“No, please don’t move. this is
my favorite part.”


“I hope you don’t mind me stopping in today before work.  Are you feeling okay or just tired from the holidays?”  Carla carefully took the steaming cup of coffee from Dana’s hands and sat down at the kitchen table.

“Don’t be silly. I love when we have coffee together,” Dana answered, passing her the cream and packet of sweetener.  “I’m feeling okay, but maybe a little more tense than usual.”

“Is it your job at the newspaper, or the new book you’re writing?”

Dana paused and looked up at the ceiling.  “Neither, but I’m thinking that maybe my novella can help solve the issue.”

“I’m not following you.” Carla shook her head and emptied the yellow packet of sweetener into the cup.

“This is kind of personal to discuss,” Dana said.

“For God’s sake, Dana. It isn’t like we just met yesterday.  And you of all people -  the writer of erotica and age-play novellas – is shy all of a sudden?”

Dana paused and took a deep breath.  “I love Richard, and I’m happy with the lifestyle we live in.  The DD aspect of it makes me feel so safe and secure with boundaries, and the addition of age-play once in a while supplies that lack of unconditional love from my past.  I have everything a woman could want.”

“I hear a ‘but’ coming,” Carla said as she put down her cup.

“Sometimes I want to explore more in a sexual way.”

“So, what’s the problem?  Have you told Richard?”

“No, that’s my dilemma. I’m afraid to.”

“I’m confused, Dana.  Your husband is the one who encouraged you to explore all the fantasies that you wrote about.  Why would it surprise him that you have other ideas?  He knows you still read everyone else’s fiction, and God knows there is an abundance of other kinks out there.”

“I don’t want him to think that the intimacy we experience isn’t enough.”

Carla nodded.  “Do you have a plan in mind?”

“Well, not exactly.  But I’ve already started writing a novella with two new characters – Brad and Kristin.  They’re fashion models living in New York and he’s interested in having a relationship with her.”

“Ooh … they work together?  That would make life interesting.”

“They just went away for the weekend together.  Sneaking around their place of work has been fun, but he thinks they should get to know each other better.”

“Let me guess.  He’s a Dominant man looking for a submissive woman.”

Dana laughed and shrugged.  “Don’t blame me.  It is popular reading right now.  Plus, since I’m involved in that way of life, it’s easier to write about it.  Truthfully, he isn’t sure if his girlfriend has even heard of the D/s lifestyle.  Remember, up to now  they’ve just been co-workers that are casually dating.”

“He’s taking her away for the weekend already?  Don’t you think things are happening too soon?  I can just hear the reviews now.”  Carla laughed and elbowed Dana.

“Jesus, Carla.  This book is fiction. Lighten up.”

“Okay, so how does this story tie into your real life?”

“Well, I thought that this couple could explore some BDSM themes along the way.  Richard loves to look over my shoulder while I write, and I’m usually not too happy about it.  But letting him be nosy might open up some new ideas for us.  Especially since he knows I have a history of writing about my fantasies.”

“Will there be a real plot to this novella, or are you thinking about a series of vignettes?”

“I would rather have a plot, if possible.  Brad’s looking for a relationship with a submissive and the scenes would show him if his current love interest was a good match for him.  Of course there will have to eventually be a twist, but I haven’t figured that out yet.”

“And you actually think that Richard will catch on?  You do realize how men are usually slow in this department, don’t you?”

“I don’t know if he’ll connect the dots and see that I’m talking about us right away, but the scenes will certainly stir up his interest.  His testosterone levels are quite healthy.”  Dana laughed and stood to make herself another cup of coffee.

“Please keep me posted, but don’t share too many of the details.  You know how I like to be surprised when I read your books,” Carla said.

“You crack me up!  Let’s just hope Richard is in a mood to snoop.”

“From his track record, I don’t think you’ll have much to worry about.” She smiled and reached for her handbag.


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