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Dana and Carla nodded, as they mumbled something to each other.

“What do I owe for the drinks, pal?” Richard asked.

David shook his head.  “I’m just sorry I didn’t put in an order of appetizers for them.  Honestly, they never even looked at the menus. Drinks are on the house, of course.”

“Well, thanks David.  Drink your water. Both of you both need to hydrate.” Michael raised a full glass and handed it to Dana.

“Remember when I said Michael was flexible?  Scratch that. I meant bossy,” Dana said as she peeled the paper off her straw.

“Okay, I think our author has given us enough insight tonight,” Richard joked as he helped her out of the booth.

Michael and Carla followed as everyone said their goodbyes to David.

“You’re making Judas look pretty good tonight,” Carla shouted over her shoulder as she walked out the door holding onto Michael’s arm.




“What were you thinking, Carla?  Three glasses of wine after work, and you probably didn’t eat much for lunch, did you?”

“Can I put on my pajamas, Michael?  I’m so tired right now.”

“Yes, but when you return my big girl has some explaining to do.” Michael turned her around and patted her bottom lovingly.

When Carla entered the den, Michael was sitting on the couch waiting for her, his face expressionless.

“I have so much going on in my head, Michael.” Carla made herself comfortable in his lap.

“I figured as much.  But why did you go to Dana before me?  Is this about us? Was it about our meeting with Jason?”

“No, this was about me.  I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

“So you went with liquid courage instead?  Come on, Carla. I thought we shared everything with each other.  By the way, the kitten pajamas are a nice touch.” He tapped her on the nose.

“Just for the record, I didn’t drink quite enough for the courage part.”

to make you talk,” Michael joked in a bad German accent as he put his hand down the front of Carla’s pajamas.

“Yes, but I’m sure your methods are much more enjoyable … ooh,” Carla exclaimed as Michael’s skilled fingers zeroed in on her clit.

“Start talking … right now.  And don’t even
about an orgasm until you are finished with
the story.  Understand, young lady?” His German accent suddenly became heavier.

“Uh huh ...”

Carla’s pussy was warm, wet and tingly as Michael’s fingers firmly tapped and teased.

“I’m waiting.” His eyes became expressive, as he put pressure on her swollen hot button looking for a reaction.

“Ahh, okay.” Her body suddenly twitched in response.  “An old friend of mine from Penn called who works for the governor.  Well, actually she’s his chief of staff.  Ooh that’s nice…”

“Impressive,” Michael responded as his fingers worked their magic.  “This story better be told quickly, because my lips will be going south soon to nibble and gnaw,” he warned.

“It seems that the governor is looking to make a new appointment in his administration, and Rachel thinks I would be perfect for the job.” Carla spit the words out of her mouth in record time.

Michael lowered Carla’s bottoms while positioning her legs around his neck, dipping her backwards onto the couch.  As his head lowered toward her pussy, he spoke.  “I’m sure there’s more, so please keep talking.”

“They want me to come in and interview the day after tomorrow.” Her eyes squeezed shut as he collected stray juices with the width of his tongue.

“The nibbling and gnawing will commence as promised ...” he mumbled in between tongue movements.

“Ahh, Michael please, I’m almost there,” she begged.

But he didn’t speak.  As promised, he nibbled and carefully suckled, taking her as close to the edge as possible.

“Michael, say something.  Please don’t be angry that I didn’t come to you first.  Ahh, please … I can’t wait any longer.  Please …”

“Think of something else, my love.  Take your mind to another place. You can do it, if you try,” he said sneaking a peek at her face.  It was contorted between pain and pleasure; one he adored that words just couldn’t describe.

“Nooo…oh my God, Michael … I can’t do this … PLEASE!”



And with those last words, he sucked harder and rubbed his lips over her soaked pussy as she whirled in a bright white spin, losing all control and loving every minute. 

“Absolutely delicious. There is no dessert more decadent than you.  Although I do think you could have held on a little longer.” He licked his lips and laughed as her head fell back.

“My heart is pumping out of my chest. I do hope you are certified in CPR.”

“I’m always here for you, Carla,” he said, pulling up her pajama pants. “Go to the interview, my love, it is the chance of a lifetime.  You will always be my Peanut and nothing will ever change that.”  He gently kissed her forehead. 

Carla smiled and hugged him with tears in her eyes.  “I know, Michael.”



The disappointment on Richard’s face said it all.

“Carla needed some quick friend time, and I had to answer the call.  I’m not trying to blame anyone for what we did tonight. Things just got a little out of hand.  It was a bad decision that won’t happen again, I promise.”

“Darlin’, please don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Oh-oh, that heavy Southern drawl is never a good sign
, she thought.

“I’m going to go take Floyd for a walk. Why don’t you go upstairs and shower to clear your head.  I’ll meet you in the bedroom and we’ll
.” Richard gave her a gentle nudge to get moving.

“I’ll bet that’ll be a real two-sided conversation,” Dana said in muted sarcasm.

“I still have my hearing, so you might want to keep that in mind.”  Richard leashed Floyd and walked out the front door smiling.

Dana looked at herself in the mirror as she dried her hair.
How do I get myself into these situations
In hopes of mounting a solid defense for the upcoming conversation, she tried to pull herself together and reviewed the evening.  Taking her robe off the hook and sliding it over her shoulders, she walked into the bedroom.  Richard was already perched on the side of the bed. 

He patted the mattress signaling for her to sit down beside him.  Dana slowly crossed the room and made a last minute decision to go with contrite instead of defensive.

“I’m really sorry.” Her head and body lowered at the same time.

“I understand Carla needed your friendship tonight, but both of you acted irresponsibly.  How exactly did you expect to get home?  You have low blood sugar, for God’s sake. Were you ever intending to eat dinner?”

“Are you going to spank me?” she asked quietly, playing with the hem of her short nightgown.

“I have a different punishment in mind for you tonight.”  Richard gently took her by the hand and positioned her over the side of the bed.  “Lift up your nightgown and slide those panties down, please,” he said softly.

The familiar snap of the plastic lube container prepared her for the scene without turning around.  As Richard’s wet finger slowly rubbed and teased her smooth bottom hole, she whimpered and squirmed in a small show of defiance, earning a sharp swat of disapproval.

“Be still, young lady.” 

Richard seductively moved his finger in and out, wiggling and playing more than he usually did to keep her mind occupied.  Finally, he opened the drawer and pulled a surprise that he and Dana never used, but she always suspected he would want to try.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“It’s a little gift to wear in your beautiful bottom while you eat dinner.  Now be a good girl and separate your cheeks for me.”  Richard lubed the stainless steel butt plug and gently began to push it into her slick anus.  “Come on baby doll. if you relax it will make the insertion easier.”

“For me or you?” she snidely asked.

“My God, you would think as a butt plug went into your ass, your mouth would automatically close,” he quipped, slowly edging the foreign object further into her backside. 

“Fine.”  Inhaling and exhaling a dramatic deep breath, she relaxed as the cool, steel invader stretched and burned until her sphincter finally relaxed to accommodate it.  “I can’t believe you actually bought this out. It isn’t even my birthday.”

“Yep, you are one lucky girl,” His tone was light as he gave a tug on the plug.

“The silicone variety comes in an abundance of colors.  Maybe I could put it on my list for Santa next year. I hear it’s a great stocking stuffer.”

“That mouth of yours really needs an edit mode, sugar pop.  A spankin’ wasn’t my first choice for your punishment, but I hear it is a wonderful supplement to your little steel friend.  By the way, these
make great stocking stuffers,” he drawled, spinning a new flat-backed hairbrush in his hand.

“So what’s for dinner, Richard?” she uttered with a groan, attempting to lift herself off the bed.

He gently put his hand on the small of her back. “Not so fast, Kitten,” he said as he rubbed the flat side of the hairbrush on her bare bottom.  “According to Michael, these also come in a variety of styles and colors.”

“Richard, could I please stand for a minute?” she asked in a very small voice.

He looked up at the ceiling and smiled, tapping the brush on his leg.


“Only you would get away with this.”  He shook his head slowly as his mouth formed a straight line.  Carefully, he helped her off the bed, patiently watched her stretch, and patted his thighs as she willingly placed herself over his lap.

“Comfy?” he asked facetiously as he lifted her nightgown and gently moved the plug in her bottom with one hand, while securing her around the waist with his other.

She peered over her shoulder to make eye contact.  It was a miracle her mouth remained closed.

“So, let’s review to make sure you’ve been paying attention. Three drinks at a bar has never been acceptable, and not having a designated driver on top of that just made it plain dangerous.” He applied the back of her hairbrush twice to the bottom of each creamy white cheek, watching for the glow of the imprints to quickly appear.  “And you really need to control your attitude, darlin’.”

She winced and wiggled as he tugged on the plug.  “Yes, sir.”

He smacked her three times on the right cheek and matched them with three on the left.  Her sphincter muscle contracted with every pop of the brush. The sensation was more intense than she’d imagined.

“Richard, please.  I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“Your disrespect has gotten way out of hand.  Maybe this would be a good time to double-check our roles.  Am I still the head of this household, or have you taken on that position?” He applied the hairbrush several times to that delicate area under her bottom, hoping to drive his point home.

“Oww.  I’m sorry I was disrespectful.  You’re still in charge.  Ahhh.  Please, that hurts!”

He quickly paddled her under the other cheek with the brush to even out the hue.  “Yes, I’m sure it does hurt, and I don’t like having to remind you this way, Kitten.” He spanked every inch of her lower bottom with quick strokes while firmly holding her squirming body in place.

“Please!  I promise!”

“And what will happen to my wife’s beautiful bottom if she forgets her promise?” he asked in a soft, low voice as he gave a tug on the plug.

Her eyes filled with tears from the embarrassment more than the pain. 

“I’m waiting, sugar.”

“It will be spanked.”  For the first time that night, her tone was quiet and sincere.

He put the brush down and gently smoothed her reddened skin with his warm hand.  “Stay like this for a little while and relax.”  He tenderly stroked and patted Dana’s rosy behind while admiring the view.  “I don’t like to punish you; but when you stepped that far out of line, you gave me no choice.”  He gathered her in his arms and kissed her cheek repeatedly, rocking her back and forth.

“Are you still making me dinner?” her voice muffled in his chest.

“Yes, I have no intention of starving the love of my life.” He ran his fingers through her hair lovingly.

“You don’t really expect me to eat with this foreign object inside my bottom, do you?”

“Funny, you didn’t seem to have any trouble moving your jaws during its insertion, and I’m pretty sure it was a product made in the good old United States of America.  Nope, this object is definitely not foreign.” He playfully reached under her and lightly tugged the plug one more time.




Carla was up early on Thursday morning and ready to make the drive to Harrisburg.  Her appointment with the governor was scheduled for two o’clock that afternoon, but even with all the inevitable road construction delays she had plenty of time.  Wouldn’t it be great to have the governor’s ear and help do something about the never-ending traffic annoyance!

She hopped into the shower and while lathering, she suddenly felt another pair of warm hands reach around her waist along with a stiff, slippery cock poking the cleft of her bottom. Warm water cascaded down over her head as he wordlessly entered her from behind.

There was no doubt she was looking for some rough play that morning, and Michael wanted to fulfill her every lustful need.  Carla circled her clit with a soapy fingertip while he took hold of her hips and carefully inched his way inside.  Finally seating himself past her sphincter, he paced himself with long, smooth strokes.  The two of them rocked back and forth in an orchestrated tempo, silently enjoying each other, neither one in a hurry.  With a hand on Carla’s shoulder and the other still on her hip, Michael silently unleashed his rapture plunging hard and deep one final time.  With legs wavering, she heaved her head back and forth feverously fondling her swollen nub to revel in the moment with him.  Michael held on tight as she seized upward, her rectum fighting for every last sensation of pleasure.  Finally, he slowly withdrew, turned Carla around and smothered her with several warm and very wet kisses. 

“I should get on the road,” she said in a soft voice and wiped the water from her eyes.

Michael kissed her on the forehead, smiled and stepped aside so she could exit the shower.  Carla made a beeline for the bedroom to pack an overnight bag while he finished up in the bathroom to give her some privacy.

A half an hour later, she raced around frantically, fearing that her well-planned timetable had been unexpectedly altered.  She finished primping, grabbed her bag and headed downstairs.  On the landing, Michael stood there with a cup of coffee to go and a small paper bag with a toasted bagel and cream cheese inside.

“Please be careful driving.  Call me when you arrive, so I know you got there safely.” 

“I promise I’ll call.  Take good care of Wally while I’m gone.”

The drive to Harrisburg would take about three hours according to her GPS.  It was a bright, sunny morning, which made the journey a little more difficult, since she was heading east and the sun was in her eyes.  Most of the drive was on the turnpike, so she was able to set her cruise control for seventy miles per hour, just five miles above the speed limit.  She knew her Jaguar attracted state troopers, and she wasn’t in the mood for a speeding ticket.  Michael had made this trip so easy on her. She was invigorated, excited and felt lucky to have his support. 
What an idiot she’d been the other evening,
she thought reflecting back on her behavior. 

As her GPS had predicted, she drove into the state capital right around noon.  Rachel suggested that they meet for lunch prior to the interview, so she dialed her as soon as she arrived and was given directions to a small diner.  Carla immediately called Michael and left a message that she reached her destination safely.

She easily made her way to the diner, sat down in a booth and awaited her friend.  Moments later Rachel appeared.  They held each other at arm’s length with delight and then hugged. 

Rachel motioned for a server and got right to the business at hand, going over the parameters of the meeting with the governor, even prepping Carla on some subjects that she felt he would cover.  Carla was relieved to know that Rachel was going to sit in, even though the governor would do all the questioning.  As Carla sat there listening, she kept thinking that this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Neither was overly hungry, so they both ordered a small salad.  Rachel continued her orientation and – finally feeling confident - they made their way over to the governor’s office.

A few minutes before two, they took a seat in the foyer outside the office.  The assistant offered tea or coffee, but Carla started to feel a little anxious and took a pass on the caffeine.  Rachel sensed her uneasiness, reached over and squeezed her hand while mouthing that everything would be all right.

It was exactly two o’clock when the assistant picked up the phone, nodded and motioned for them to go ahead into his office.

The meeting lasted exactly an hour.  The governor outlined his plans for the new position and acknowledging that Carla was there on Rachel’s glowing recommendation.  He then asked Carla several pointed questions.  As Rachel already knew she would, Carla handled each one with total professionalism and thoughtfulness.  She could tell that the governor was impressed.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” Rachel asked after the meeting.

“I haven’t felt that nervous since I took the bar exam,” Carla admitted. 

They enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  Rachel showed Carla around the capital, even pointing out where Carla’s office would be if she were offered the job.  They made plans to have dinner later before Carla headed back to the hotel to call Michael. . 

“How’d it go, Peanut?” Michael asked before Carla got a word out of her mouth.

“Michael, it was exhilarating.  I won’t go into any details over the phone, but I think the interview went well.” 

“Did he offer you the job?” 

She laughed nervously.  “Things don’t happen that fast around here. It was just a preliminary meeting.  I’ll bet he has a dozen others applicants to consider.  I really don’t think anything will come out of this, but it was a great experience.”

“I’m proud of you, Carla, regardless of the outcome.”  Michael paused.“Do you have plans for the evening?”

“I’m having dinner with Rachel here in the hotel.  So you don’t have to worry about me driving anywhere tonight.”

“You know I only ask because your safety is paramount in my thoughts.  Have a terrific evening, Peanut.  I love you.”

“I love you too, Michael.  I’ll be home by dinner tomorrow.  Give our puppy a hug for me.”

After resting, Carla freshened up and took the elevator from her eleventh floor room down to the main bar in the lobby.  It was seven o’clock when she entered to see Rachel nursing a white wine with a big grin across her face.

“My, don’t we look happy this evening,” Carla said as she hugged her.

“Why wouldn’t I?  I’m here with one of my oldest friends from school and get to be the bearer of great news.  The governor called and asked that I extend you an offer.”  Rachel radiated with happiness.

“Are you kidding?  He’s made a decision already?”  Carla sat back clearly stunned by this bit of news.  She immediately ordered a glass of wine.

“Carla, the governor doesn’t want to waste a minute of his second term, and this is one of his priorities.  You really impressed him this afternoon, with a small nudge from Yours Truly, of course.  Here sits the new power team in Harrisburg!”

They tapped glasses as Rachel ran through the details of the offer.  Then she listed all the advantages that could follow, given a run in the governor’s office once his term was over.  Her resume would be luminous.

Carla listened intently. The offer was more generous than she’d ever expected.  There would also be a tremendous amount of latitude for getting things accomplished, and Rachel spoke for thirty minutes non-stop.  When she was finished, she raised her glass again and asked, “Well, are we a team?”

Obviously, things do happen that quickly in Harrisburg.  Carla took a large sip of wine and cleared her throat.



“Dana, what’s the matter?”  Richard asked as he entered the den. 

“I just got a call from Carla. She’s in Harrisburg at some bar and all revved up.  Her meeting with the governor went so well that she got a job offer already.  Richard, I’m scared that my best friend might move away.” 

“Sweetie, if she decides to take this job it would be temporary. Political positions usually are.”

“I suppose you’re right, but what about Michael?  They were just becoming so close.  I can’t believe she would give up their life together, do you?”

“Is she actually going to take the job?”

“She didn’t say that, exactly.”  Dana twisted her hands in angst.  “But you should have heard the animation in her voice.  She’s going to drive back tomorrow.  Maybe I can get together with her then.”

“Dana, Carla’s a big girl, and she’ll figure it out.  But you have to make sure you support her in whatever she decides to do.  Remember this is about her life choice, not yours.”  Richard’s voice was soft and concerned.

“But if she moved to Harrisburg, I would be…”  Her face flushed instantly.

Richard pulled her close and whispered, “Don’t get all worked up over events you can’t control.  You’ll always have me; I’m not going anywhere.”

“I guess on the bright side, we can always go visit, right?”  Dana twirled her curly red hair in her fingers.

Richard nodded knowingly.  “While I take Floyd out, why don’t you change into something younger, sugar pop?”

Dana returned to the den to find Richard waiting for her on the couch.  Dressed in her favorite cupcake pajamas with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she crawled into his warm, strong arms. 

“I know you can’t go back into therapy with Michael, but have you thought about seeing someone else?  If Carla does take that job in Harrisburg, I’m worried it might set you back emotionally.”

Dana looked up at him with tears welled in her eyes.  “I don’t need anyone but you, Richard.”

He kissed her on the cheek and held her close.  “I can’t even imagine what will go on over at Carla and Michael’s house tomorrow.  How is she ever going to make a decision like that?”

“I know what I would do.”  She snuggled closer into the warmth of his chest.

“Promise me you won’t try to sway her, darlin’.  I know we never discussed maintenance spankings, but maybe this would be a good time.  Do you feel like you could use a good cry?  I could take you over my knee and give you just what you need.”

“I’ve read about that type of spanking, and there seems to be a mix of opinions on whether they work.  Some people give them regularly and others like the element of surprise.” Dana sounded a little skeptical.

“Everyone has a different type of relationship, and so I guess it’s up to the individuals.  We don’t have to decide today, but I think a good emotional release would be good for you right now.”

In silent agreement, Dana withdrew her hands from his neck, allowing him to guide her off his lap.  Richard gently positioned her across his knees, so that her head and arms were resting comfortably on their leather couch.  He rubbed her behind lovingly with his hand and slid her pajama bottoms below her bare bum.

He spanked her lightly at first, alternating between cheeks and then increased the firmness of his hand - just enough to have an effect on her subconscious.  There wasn’t a lecture. His palm did all the talking, and she knew exactly what it was saying.  He spanked her slowly and methodically until cleansing tears started to flow.  As the color of her bottom transformed from a soft pink to a rosy hue, Dana turned her head to the side silently indicating that she was content. 

“Okay, Kitten. Let’s get you back into my lap to cuddle.”

She nodded with tears streaming, nose running and arms open wide. As he wiped her nose, Richard reassured Dana of his unconditional love and reminded that the structure they lived within was their solid foundation.

Within minutes she felt safe, secure and was asleep in his arms.


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