The Cowboy's Kink (The Billionaire Bachelors Series) (7 page)

BOOK: The Cowboy's Kink (The Billionaire Bachelors Series)

“Old Man knows where to go. You need to trust me, Alicia. You’ll have to if we’re both going to get what we want. I won’t let any harm come to you.”

“Okay.” Some part of her already trusted him to a certain extent. It must. Why else would she be in this situation, waiting for his next command? Wanting it. “What now?”

His smile was wicked. “Eager to start this experiment, are you? Now we get to know each other.” He reached up and undid the buttons on the bodice of her sundress, sighing in satisfaction when he spread the fabric and saw her breasts. “And I find out how sensitive you are.”

He cupped her breasts with his large, rough hands and she shivered. When it came to him she was apparently very sensitive. Every squeeze, every scrape of his thumbs across her nipples made her ache.

“Do you like this, Alicia?”

Did he have to ask? “I do.”

“Take off my hat and hold it for me.” He waited until she complied then lowered his head. “Let’s see how you like this.”

“Oh!” He sucked one nipple hard against the roof of his mouth, and she could feel each tug of his teeth all the way to her sex. She was wet. Empty. Her position didn’t even allow her to press against him or feel the hard leather of the saddle as they rocked to the rhythm of the horse’s stride. She needed more. “Tracy, please.

He raised his head, his eyes nearly black. “Please what?”

She dropped one hand from his shoulder and tugged at the hem of her dress. “Touch me.”

The hands on her breasts slid up to her neck, his fingers tracing her jaw, thumb pressing against her lip. “I am touching you, Alicia.” He glanced up at her hair. “And suddenly realizing I might have a Lady Godiva fetish. I want to see you naked astride a saddle, your hair flowing down around you, your wrists bound as you hold the reins.”

She made a fist around the green fabric between her thighs. “Tracy, don’t tease me.”

He lowered his hands to her breasts again, his fingers caressing her nipples, then pinching them firmly. Alicia moaned. “Baby, if you can’t take this tiny tease, this experiment might be over before it’s even begun. Put your hand back on my shoulder.”

Damn it. She bit her lip at the pressure of his pinch before obeying, studying his shirt so he wouldn’t see the frustration in her eyes.

“Look at me, Alicia.”

When she did, his dark eyes snared her. “I
touch you. I’ll tangle my fingers in those tight blonde curls and feel how wet you are for me. I’ll suck on your clit the way I sucked on your nipple, and taste you on my tongue.”

.” He was tugging on her nipples now, punctuating his words with small twists and squeezes and Alicia could almost feel what he was saying. Feel his hands and his mouth between her thighs.

“I will know every inch of your sweet pussy, better than anyone ever has. I’ll make you come harder than you thought you could, and I’ll do it again and again. With my hands, with my mouth, with whatever pervertible toy I have at my disposal. And then, Alicia? Then I’ll make you come on my cock.”

“Oh God.” She was panting. Needy. Ready to do whatever he asked as long as she got to come.

His next words were like a splash of cold water on her head. “But not yet.”

She tensed and he released her nipples, stroking the undersides of her breasts lightly with his knuckles. “I hope those books you read talked about patience. How much better it can be when the heroine gives her body’s pleasure over to her lover.”

They did, but she was having a hard time remembering the details. If he was feeling even half of what she was right now, she wasn’t sure how he could form coherent sentences. “But aren’t you…?” She looked down at his jeans and he laughed roughly, his hand coming up to grip her wrist and drag it down his broad chest and into his lap.

“Tempted? Turned on? Hard as fucking stone?” he replied. “Just so we’re clear and there’s no misunderstandings between us, you can feel for yourself.”

Jesus he was…her fingers gripped the thick, steel-hard erection and, with his direction, traced its length until his belt halted her progress. He was
. Alicia shivered and her eyes met his again, uncertain, but undeniably aroused.

His expression was one of grim restraint. “You will take me, Alicia Bell, and sooner than you’re ready for if you don’t stop looking at me like that.” He took her hand off him and raised it to his lips. “I know exactly what to do to make sure you’re ready for me. Trust me to take care of your body and your pleasure. Stay with me and be mine until you leave. You can complain and cuss and tempt me all you like, and we can stop whenever you give the word, but if you give yourself to me…I’ll make sure you won’t regret it.”

She opened her mouth and he shook his head. “Don’t answer yet unless it’s a yes without hesitation.” He smiled tightly and started to button her sundress again. “We’re nearly there. We better cover you up so those ranch hands and my single cousins don’t get any ideas.”

Alicia held her tongue while he straightened out her top.

They reached the gate and he swung off the saddle, reaching up to wrap his hands around her waist. She’d lifted her leg and was facing him, ready to be lowered down when he groaned. “Wait. Show me again.”

Her heart fluttered in her chest and she lifted her skirt, spreading her legs just enough to give him what he wanted. She could feel her arousal on her thighs, knew he would be able to see how much she wanted him.

She gasped and jerked in his grip when he lowered his head and flicked her wet sex with his tongue. She could feel his groan against her clit and arched her neck, so sensitive and aroused now it felt like she was one touch away from finding her climax.

He raised his head and she blew out a shaky breath. Torture. If she agreed to his proposal this would happen again. He would take her to the edge and leave her there until she was desperate. And then he would do it again. She lifted the hat still dangling from her hand and placed it back on his head, adjusting it until it looked right and she got her breathing under control.

He chuckled roughly. “Thank you kindly, ma’am. I wouldn’t be much of a cowboy without that.”

He lowered her slowly to the ground, looking into her eyes with a fire that gave her a small amount of comfort. She wasn’t alone in her need. He was right there with her. He just liked to be in control.

They reached the gate, Tracy releasing her hands and the reins of his horse to open it for them. Alicia could hear children laughing and screaming and music drifting toward them, though the long driveway and tree line made it impossible for her to see anyone yet.

She started walking and then stopped, turning to watch him close the gate and guide Old Man in her direction. When he noticed her staring, he smiled.

“Yes, Tracy.” She said the words and waited for them to sink in, for his smile to disappear and his jaw to tighten. She saw the tic of his pulse at his temple and it was her turn to grin.

Alicia whirled around and walked swiftly up the driveway ahead of him, reveling in her small but glorious victory. She’d surprised him, she knew. Put a dent in his control.

He’ll make you pay for that.

She knew it. And for whatever crazy irresponsible not-like-her-at-all reason, she didn’t care. He was offering her something she’d always fantasized about, and Tracy was the kind of man who could deliver. It was thrilling and a little scary, but those feelings—while new and disconcerting—were better than the regret she knew she’d have if she turned him down.

Now she just had to get through this party without thinking about all the things he was going to do to her tonight. Not think about the wicked, delicious things he’d described on the way over while she was meeting her sister’s new family and making a good first impression.

Alicia tugged on her sundress, feeling naked without her underwear. She wouldn’t think about that either.

Good luck with that.



Chapter Five


“You did a good thing today, Tracy. It was just what the doctor ordered.”

Tracy finished his beer and glanced over at the ranch foreman. “Sorry to interrupt the schedule for this, Frank. I know you’re busy.”

The older man laughed. “Are you kidding? We got more work done today than I expected. The Reyes men needed something to do while their wives cooed over Miguel’s pretty little bride.” He shook his head. “I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. He’s like a new man.”

“Who?” Tracy frowned. “Frank, did you know Miguel was married?”

“Hell no. No one did. I meant bringing in the family. He didn’t know half of them yet, and with his father being a no-account and all, I guess he wasn’t looking to. But now look at him. He refused to take the entire day off, helping us with his first branding, and I can’t remember if he’s ever been this relaxed.”

Neither could Tracy. He watched Miguel laugh at something one of his uncles had said, his arms full with a wriggling two-year-old and his young wife by his side. He looked different. Happy. More so then he’d been this morning when Tracy had pulled him aside and given him a harsh talking to about his wife’s health and happiness. About responsibility to family. Even as he’d berated the boy, he took responsibility for his own mistakes. He knew his aunt had a difficult time asking for help. He should have been more observant with them. Should have welcomed Miguel with a gathering like this instead of tossing him a job and leaving him to sink or swim on his own. He should have known about Jinny and made sure she was taken care of.

Frank patted his shoulder. “Son, I’ve known you since you were shorter and skinnier than I am, which is a damn long time. You have enough on your plate without adding a helping of guilt. The Reyes haven’t been so flush and happy since your grandfather was young and feisty, so you’re doing fine.” He chuckled. “Better than fine, if the way you and the lovely Ms. Bell have been eyeing each other across the yard all day is any indication.”

Tracy turned toward the cooler behind him and reached for another bottle. “You’re getting old, Frank. Seeing things.”

“Sure I am,” Frank grabbed the bottle out of his hand and toasted him jauntily. “I’m old, boy, but I’m not dead yet. Or deaf. I heard Luca say something about Jinny and Miguel moving into the main house tonight while we build them a little lean-to of their own on the property.”

Tracy narrowed his eyes dangerously. “That’s right.”

The old man was undeterred. “I also heard her sister will be staying up the mountain with you until the baby is born.”

“Is this a question?”  

“Not at all. Just hoping you think about the fact that you two will be connected by blood when the little one arrives. And Miguel’s wife only has the one sister as her kin. She’d definitely miss her if Ms. Bell wasn’t around on special occasions.”


“Damn it, Frank.” He put down his beer and started walking to the stable. All damn day all he’d been able to think about was getting Alicia back to his house. Hours of the women in his family wondering when he was going to get married and the men congratulating him for holding out. Hours of celebration and family togetherness and it felt like torture, because he wanted to be with her. Only her.

She’d said yes.

And he hadn’t given a single goddamned thought to what might come after. Hadn’t thought about Alicia being alone at Christmas because she regretted or was ashamed of what they’d done together and she didn’t want to take the chance of running into him. Hadn’t thought about the baby’s birthdays or graduation or wedding. Not until Frank had to go and open up his damn mouth.

He’d fire the bastard if he weren’t like a second father to him. If he didn’t care so much about his opinion. 

He swore when he reached the stable and made a beeline for Old Man. He’d leave. He’d get back on that damn plane again tomorrow and do his business and his thinking on the fly. Alicia deserved to have this time with her sister. To see her niece or nephew come into the world.

She didn’t need him or his desire for her to do that.

He’d just gotten the horse saddled when he heard her voice. “Are we leaving now?”

Tracy tightened the cinch without looking at her. “I am. You can stay as long as you like.”

“I can?”

He nodded, spending more time then he needed to gathering up the reins. “You might need a ride up tomorrow if you decide to stay the night. I’ll be in the air on my way to Texas for business. Not sure if I’ll be back in time for the baby, but I’d still like it if you stayed at my place for the duration.”


The way she said it made him turn his head. Her arms were crossed and she was studying him as if he’d just sprouted an extra head. “Wow what?”

She shrugged. “Nothing. Fine. Thank you for the offer and I hope you have a successful business trip. Before you leave, maybe you can get me a list of men in the area who might be willing to take over our experiment for you. I’d really appreciate it because I hate leaving things unfinished.”

Tracy looked around to make sure they were alone in the stable before he pulled her into the stall with him and pressed her against the wood. “Out, Old Man.” The horse walked out of the stall and stood like a sentinel, his ears twitching as he listened to the laughter outside. Tracy turned his attention to Alicia. “A list? That won’t be happening.”

She lifted her chin and glared up at him. “You think so? You wanted to control my body not my life, remember? And now it looks like you changed your mind. Which is fine, except that I haven’t. You’ve piqued my curiosity, Mr. Reyes. Now I’ll just have to find a substitute to fill in the blanks. If not here then when I get back to New—”

He kissed her. He hadn’t planned on it but he was sure that if she kept talking he’d have her bound and gagged and thrown over his horse for his whole family to see. Whatever it took so he would stop thinking about another man giving her what he’d wanted to. Touching her without his permission.

Her mouth opened for him greedily, but her hands were pushing him away. He understood the conflict. Still, he couldn’t let her go.

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