The Cowboy's Kink (The Billionaire Bachelors Series) (9 page)

BOOK: The Cowboy's Kink (The Billionaire Bachelors Series)

This should have been a night for conversations about limits and discovering what pushed her over the edge while he earned her trust and learned her body.  While he taught her what he expected and found out what she needed in return.

Her body. All he could think about was getting inside. From the second she’d challenged him in the stable he’d been one raw nerve. One wrong move away from spreading her legs and losing himself completely.

He hadn’t been careful enough, and worse than that, he didn’t want to be. Years of restraint, decades of skill and in twenty-four hours she’d nearly wiped it all away. Why? Because her eyes were haunting as a storm in a summer sky and her hair smelled like apples? Because the fear in her expression when she’d first seen him had vanished and she’d turned into a spitfire to protect her sister from him? Because she tasted like every good dream and the best sex he’d ever had?

He set his hands on the bathroom counter and bent his head, focusing on slowing his pounding heart. There was no way he was going to allow himself to hurt her, really hurt her, and that was what could happen if he didn’t regain some semblance of control. This was a test, but it was one he wouldn’t fail. Not tonight. He would give Alicia what she needed, and he would control himself.

He knew what he had to do. And what he couldn’t.

Tracy forced himself not to do more than glance at the bed when he walked out of the bedroom, but one look was enough. She was kneeling at the edge, her back to him as she looked over her shoulder at the mirror above the dresser.

She was trying to see the marks he’d made when he’d spanked her. For some reason that innocent curiosity made him harder. He ground his teeth together, heading toward her and the narrow chest at the foot of the bed.

He opened it without a word and started to gather the things he would need, tossing them on the cover beside her. A length of blue nylon rope. Nipple clamps connected by a silver chain. A strip of black silk. A small bottle of lube. He saw one package that he’d forgotten was there and felt a small sense of satisfaction as he set it down beside her as well.

“You’re like a BDSM Boy Scout,” she breathed, turning on her knees to face him. “I had no idea that bag of tricks was in there. What are we going to do?”

He closed the lid and used his leg to slide it out of the way before he looked at her. “As long as you don’t say the word and stop me,
going to do whatever I want. And you’re going to let me.”

She was watching him closely, seeing something in his expression that made her pause and lick her lips. “I thought you wanted me to su—”

He leaned close and pressed two fingers to her lips, reaching for the silk and caressing the strip against her cheek. “I’ll admit it’s sexy as hell to hear the word cock come out of your mouth, baby, but I’m going to add a rule to tonight’s play. If you want more, want to find out how good I can make you feel with my bag of tricks? You’ll stop trying to make me lose control. In this bed, right now, I want you to do what I say. And unless you want to have this tied and put in your mouth, you won’t try to say, kiss or lick anything without my permission.”

Her eyes were wide as she listened to his words. He saw hesitation…and excitement. Good. “You can agree with me, Alicia.”

“Yes, Tracy.”

Fuck, maybe he should turn the silk into a mouth gag. Just hearing her say his name made him want to forget his plans and push her back onto the bed. “I want to see you in my rope, Alicia Bell. I want you to give yourself to me, the way you said you would. Will you trust me?”

She nodded, her glance dropping to the rope beside her. Tracy saw her swallow and his lips quirked. “You liked having your wrists bound. I think you’ll like this even better. And I know you’ll love having your nipples pinched.”

She opened her mouth and paused, as if remembering his warning.

“What is it?”

“What are you going to do with the other things?”

His smile was genuine, though it still felt strained. “I’ll show you. We’ll have to put this first one in before I can secure the rope. Put your hands on the bed, baby, and let me get you ready.”

He guided her until she was on her hands and knees, turned to the side so he could reach every part of her. He skimmed the palm of his hand over her ass. “This will be sensitive, I know. I’ll be gentle with you. Careful.”

He reached down and opened up the wrapped butt plug. It was a starter, smaller than the one he’d been thinking of for her, but maybe that was a good thing. It would remind him that he needed to go slow. If he saw her take anything bigger…

“You have such a sweet ass, Alicia.” He set the plug down between her hands where she could study it while he prepared her. He reached for the bottle of lube and flipped up the cap, hearing her whimpers when he squeezed out the liquid and let it glide down between her cheeks. His finger followed, rubbing the tight ring of muscles soothingly, hissing when she pushed back against him, as if she couldn’t help herself.

He picked up the plug and used one hand to gently spread her while the other started to guide the narrow black toy into her ass.


“Breathe, Alicia. Breathe out slowly and relax your muscles. It will feel full, it will pinch at first, and it will intensify everything we do for the rest of the night.”

God, she was taking it. He watched the small cone-shaped plug disappear inside her and he swallowed a sound of agonized need. “Good girl,” he rasped. “Keep breathing.”

She was gasping and he could see the fine tremor that went up her spine. “Do you like it, Alicia?”

“I think so,” she whispered. “I don’t know. I…”

“Are you ready for more?”

She lowered her head and blew out a long, shaky breath. “Yes, Tracy.”

“Then get up on your knees again and wait for me.”

He turned and went back to the bathroom to wash the lube off his hands and give her a minute to experience the new sensation before he started to bind her. He grabbed her pins with a regretful sigh and strode back to the bed. “I hate to do this, but we’re going to have to put that beautiful hair of yours up again so it won’t get caught up in the rope.”

She held her hand out but he ignored it, filling his hand with her hair and twisting it into a loose knot on top of her head, sliding the pins in to hold it up.

“You’re awfully good at that, cowboy,” she said softly, forgetting his rule for a minute.

He shrugged, putting the last pin in and letting it pass. “My cousins have a lot of children.”

“I noticed.”

Tracy couldn’t help but wonder if she wanted children. She’d raised her sister. Was that enough for her? He looked down and saw her take another shaky breath, her nipples tight and her knees slightly spread and all other thoughts left his mind.

“Put your arms behind your back…that’s right. Trust me, Alicia?”

She nodded. “That’s good, baby.”

As he picked up the rope and began to design the harness on her body, the world fell away. He knew how tightly to bind her arms and how the rope would frame her breasts and make them more sensitive. He knew how to snugly encase her hips and the size and placement of the knot against her clit before he slipped the rope between her legs and the cheeks of her ass over the plug.

He always made sure he took care with his partners, but Alicia was different. He lingered tenderly on her bare skin, tracing every freckle on her shoulders. He kissed her neck gently as he placed the final knot behind her and she tilted her neck with a shivering sigh.

He reached for the nipple clamps and opened his mouth over each of her breasts in turn before he put them on her. Her moan was soft and breathless, and it was nearly impossible for him to look away.

He forced himself to step back to study his work and he could see it in her expression. He’d been right. A natural. She was already there, in that blissful space, her eyes dilated and her cheeks flushed. “Alicia Bell, you are a vision.”

She was. From the diamond design of the rope down her sides, to the blue that made him think of her eyes and the way she’d tilted her hips forward just slightly against the knot between her legs.

He wrapped his fingers around it. “Do you like that, baby?” He wiggled it and she moaned. “You do. I think one day soon I’m going to take you out to dinner, let you get all dressed up but make sure I bind you like this, just here. No one will know. You’ll have to wait until we get home to come. Wait until I cut you loose and get inside you.”

He couldn’t look away from his hand between her legs. Could feel her arousal on his fingers, on the rope and he had to resist the desire to fall to his knees and taste her again.

Not yet.

His hand went to his erection and gripped it at the base. “Are you ready, Alicia?” he growled. “I’m going to hold onto you while you suck my cock, and whenever you move you’ll feel the rope rubbing between your legs and the plug filling your ass. You’ll feel the weight of the chain pulling on your pinched nipples. You’re going to want to come but you’ll wait for me. Do you understand?”

She made a soft sound and nodded. “Yes, Tracy.”

He reached behind her to grip the back of her harness while his other hand guided the already damp head of his shaft to her mouth. “I’ll be careful, Alicia Bell. I just need to be inside you.”

She leaned forward and moaned when her lips opened over the tip of his cock. Jesus. “That’s good, baby.” She took more and he shuddered, holding his hips still and watching her mouth stretch wide around him. “So fucking good.”

He tugged the harness, knowing the move would tighten the rope between her legs even more. She sucked harder and he couldn’t contain his hoarse sounds of approval. Couldn’t stop the slight rock of his hips. He’d been hard and ready since she’d cornered him in the stable. Too primed, he knew, to last long. “Alicia, fuck, I love your mouth. Can you take a little more, baby?”

Please God, take more.
She groaned and opened her mouth wider, taking more and making him feel like he was about to explode when the tip of his shaft hit the back of her throat.

He pumped against her a little faster, too close to coming to resist the temptation. “Alicia. Fuck, Alicia you have to stop or I’m going to—”

She pressed on the underside of his shaft with her tongue and a bolt of energy shot up his spine and set him on fire. “
. Come Alicia. Come now.”

Alicia cried out against his erection and he knew she was with him.
He let go of the harness and held her head with both hands, thrusting into her mouth as he came so hard he saw stars.

He was fucking flying. She hadn’t said a word, hadn’t touched him, had let him do whatever he wanted to her and he’d still lost control. He’d come in her mouth. He didn’t do that. Most of the women he’d dated didn’t enjoy it and he always had a harder time controlling his thrusts during climax. She’d felt so good. Too good.

He didn’t know there was such a thing until now.

He looked down and saw tears in her eyes and pulled out with a curse, cupping her face with shaking hands. “Baby? Are you with me? Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” She nodded, staring at him with eyes hazy and glistening from their play. “I think I like the rope.”

His chuckle sounded raw. Jesus, her innocent admission was making him hard again. “I do too. And your mouth. A little too much, I think. Seeing you tied up, feeling you…you are a small package of dynamite, Alicia Bell. I need to be more careful around you.”

She smiled as if proud of herself, and Tracy couldn’t help it. He kissed her.

He needed to be a lot more careful.



Chapter Seven


“Earth to Aunt Alicia. Come in, Al”

Alicia jumped then made a face at her sister. “I’m here. And I’m not an aunt quite yet, which is a shame because I’ve been ready both times you’ve had these Braxton Hicks contractions. You faker.”

Jinny grimaced and leaned back against the headboard of her bed. “I’m ready too, believe me. Poor Miguel. Maybe the baby is just helping me by making sure my husband doesn’t turn white as a sheet and nearly pass out when it’s finally time.” She squeezed Alicia’s hand. “Thank you for staying over last night and spending the day with me. Everyone’s been wonderful, but it’s weird having so many people hovering. And I miss my sister. I’ve been at the ranch for three weeks and it feels like I’ve hardly seen you.”

Alicia‘s cheeks flushed and she got up to find something to fold. “You’ve been busy getting to know everyone and bonding with Miguel’s mother. I think she’s warming up to me. I think Mom would like her too.”

“So do I, but you can’t distract me by making me cry. You’ve been living up on the mountain with old Mr. Reyes, and I’m about to have a baby so I deserve details.”

Alicia rolled her eyes. “What kind of details do you want, Jinny? You already know what his house looks like.”

Jinny threw a pillow at her. “I’m not asking about the house, Al, and you know it. He’s big and gorgeous and single and I’ve heard things about him that make me worry about you spending all that time alone with him.”

“You’re worried about
? I might faint from shock. But there’s no reason to be, Jinny. He’s really very boring. A good host, but boring. He’s usually in his office working.”

Alicia was a liar. Over the last three weeks she’d learned that Tracy was many things—a control freak, a creative and kinky lover and a man who put too many jalapenos in everything he cooked—but he was never boring. He did go into his office for a few hours every day to make calls and answer emails. That, at least, was true. And sometimes he would have her join him. She bit her lip. She wasn’t sure how he was able to concentrate on work and playing her at the same time. He was a multi-tasking and talented bastard.

Jinny sounded thoughtful. “Really? He seems so…I would say sexy, but I’m as big as one of those cows out there and I don’t remember what that word means.”

“Funny,” Alicia snorted. “Pregnancy has made you funny.”

“Something must be wrong with him. No man should look like that and not have a line of women out the door. Do you know he’s
had a girlfriend? Not since his senior year in high school and he’s practically forty, isn’t he?”

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