The Forgotten Sin (Purifiers Book 1)

BOOK: The Forgotten Sin (Purifiers Book 1)
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The Forgotten Sin




 Mika B. Coit






This book is dedicated to my wonderful parents


Without their help would not be reading this book now. They have pushed me
every inch of the way. Their faith and belief in me has made it possible. Their un-daunting love
has been my inspiration and my strength.



Mika B. Coit


Copyright Information


The Moral right of Mika B. Coit to be identified as the author of this work has been
asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 2014.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any
form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or any
informational storage and retrieval system without the permission in writing from the author.

This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are either the product
of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to any actual persons either
living or dead, events or locations are entirely coincidental.



Other books will follow shortly.







***CHAPTER 1***





"Who is there?" Iliana asked looking around her frantically but there was only
mist’s of black smoke that enveloped her and cold chills ran up and down her spine.



"Help us..."


The chilling voices echoed around Iliana, growing louder and louder.

"Stop!... Please stop!... I want to help but not like this!..." Iliana cried out covering
her ears with her hands and then shutting her eyes tightly.

But the voices kept getting louder and more shrill until Iliana screamed.


Then suddenly she hit her head on a hard surface and quickly opened her eyes only to find
herself inside a car with a cream interior. As she massaged the side of her head where she
had hit it on the door of the car, a man in his early forties who sat in the front passenger
seat twisted round. He had a mass of dark brown hair which was combed back neatly
behind his ears.

"Are you alright Iliana? You were moaning in your sleep!" He said his pale blue
eyes looking deeply worried.

Iliana nodded, forcing a small smile.

"Was it the same bad dream?"

Seeing the worried look on her Father’s pale face made Iliana bite her lower lip. She
shook her head, her straight black fringe waving above her piercing blue eyes.

"No Father, I... um." Iliana tried to quickly come up with something else to say. "I
could not decide on which dress to buy. I was in such a state... it was an absurd dream!"

Her father stared at his beautiful teenaged daughter, firstly sighed then chuckled under his

"That is an absurd dream."

Iliana smiled but felt a little guilty for lying to her Father whom she much loved.
However, she knew that having the same dark dreams for more than two years would
worry both her parents. She has kept many secrets from them both knowing it would only
scare them as it would anyone.

They passed through the bustling city into a more quiet but large town nearby
where it seemed like there was a competition on whose house was the biggest. The roads
were clean, tall trees stood like regimental soldiers either side of the road and the summer
sun peered through the green lush leaves.

"Welcome to Primrose Bay, Blossom." Father informed her with a tone of
excitement in his voice.

Iliana’s parents have lived here for over a couple of years whilst she lived with her
Aunt and Uncle near London, which gave her parents a chance to settle in their
challenging jobs. Her Mother is a top lawyer and was given a temporary job in the City
but now it is permanent. Her Father was easily transferred to the City hospital from
London as a surgeon. Now with Iliana joining them both for good, instead of only visiting
them for a few days in the school holidays they could finally be a family again or so they

The driver turned into another road where more huge elegant houses stood either
side. A slim woman emerged from behind the black iron gates and waved as she saw the
black sleek Jaguar driving towards her. She pushed the two iron gates apart to reveal a
spacious driveway in front of a beautiful white large Georgian type house, the car parked
close to the steps of the house.

Father opened the door and jumped out then made his way to the middle-aged
woman who looked gorgeous in her slim fit black dress with her black hair tightly
wrapped in a bun on top of her head. A smile stretched across Iliana’s silky smooth make-up free face as she watched her parents embrace from the back of the car window, when
her door suddenly opened making her jump.

"Sorry to startle you my lady!" The driver said as Iliana got out of the car.

The driver was tall and wore the complete outfit of a chauffeur with the black leather
gloves and the hat. Iliana smiled warmly at the man, however before she could say
anything her name was called out.

She turned round flicking her straight black hair which cascaded down her back
and stopped at the back of her lower thighs with a straight cut at the end. Her Mother and
Father stood in front of her holding hands. Her Mother’s eyes were a warm light brown
colour just how she remembered them when she last saw her, Iliana gave both her parents
a hug.

"Look at you!... You have certainly grown into a beautiful young lady. I love this
dress a Liz Lisa?" Mother said, after what seemed like a long group hug.

Iliana stepped back a little and did a twirl showing off the blue and white china print mini
flowing dress and her white plimsolls.

"Of course!... The one of many you have bought me." She answered with a tone of

"You know Iliana..." Mother started to say moving closer to her and lowering her
voice as if people were listening. "We are now extremely wealthy... living in a rich area.
People here have ranks and we are within that top rank. We have to make an example."

Then in a slightly louder voice she carried on. "I have bought you a completely new
wardrobe of high end fashion which I am sure you will love."

Iliana’s eyes moved over to Father who just gave her an encouraging look. Ever since
Mother had moved to Primrose Bay, her obsession with being rich has grown little by
little. It made Mother happy so Iliana and Father went along with it as she had worked
very hard to get to where she is now.

When a familiar bark came from the house Iliana whipped round and found a
healthy white Siberian husky dog running towards her. Iliana gasped and fell to her knees
hugging the beautiful large dog, it’s soft white fur brushed against her cheeks.

"Yuki!... I have missed you so!"

"I do not know why your Father thought it was a good idea to bring her here a
week before you!" Mother exclaimed with a little sigh. "She has been irritated without
you... Mrs. Croppe opposite us who has been looking after her during the day, even
thought she was a little unsettled."

Father shrugged and unable to come up with a good enough excuse, he just said...

"Why don’t you take Yuki for a walk down to Beach Cove."

"But be back before supper... you go straight to school tomorrow so you are going
to need a long beauty sleep." Mother added.

"Thank you." Iliana said excitedly standing up. "I shall definitely be back before
supper... come on Yuki."

"Blossom, remember... a couple of houses down is the alley that leads straight to
Beach Cove!" Father said loudly as Iliana briskly made her way to the gates.

She waved her acknowledgment before slipping out of the open gates with Yuki hot
behind her heels.

"That girl has always loved anything to do with water, whether it is the sea, pool or
river. She has not changed one bit." Mother said unable to stop a smile from stretching
across her face.

Father grinned as he rolled up his long sleeves over his elbows and then turned to the

"Sorry to keep you waiting Andrew."

Iliana stood at the end of the alley and soaked in the beauty of Beach Cove. The
sand was soft and white, the sea was calm and crystal clear. The long Cove was split by a
stone pathway that stretched out to the deep sea water. One side of the Cove was where
extremely expensive looking yachts docked, while on the other side crowds of people
were sunbathing and some swimming in the cool water. Perched cautiously on top of the
rocky half moon shaped land were rows of mansions overlooking the magnificent views
of the Beach and the sparkling sea. Yuki growled next to Iliana who bent down and
stroked her back.

"What is it girl?"

Yuki had her eyes fixed on something so Iliana followed her gaze. Further up
ahead behind some large rocks a young girl about Iliana’s age was being towered over by
some rough looking boys. Without even thinking Iliana strode towards them with Yuki
behind her heels.

"Hey!... What on earth do you think you’re doing?" She said firmly in a raised

The three boys and the girl turned round and after seeing Iliana the boys wolf whistled her
which made Iliana’s skin crawl. She stood in front of the girl and glared at them.

"Well... what have we here boys? Now this is more exciting!" Snarled the boy who
seemed to have put himself in the leaders position.

He gave his fellow comrades a creepy grin as he wiped his hand over his over gelled
brown hair that was swept back behind his head. His dull brown eyes then met Iliana’s
piercing blue. Yuki growled menacingly at the boy who stepped closer to Iliana.

"You think having a big dog scares us?" He snarled after hissing at Yuki.

"Touch me or the girl and you will regret it." Iliana threatened.

The boys cooed with laugher, Iliana narrowed her eyes.

‘Why do people always think I am joking when I say things like that?’
Iliana said
under her breath.

But the boy heard her, he then raised his hand to touch her face but Iliana grabbed his
wrist quickly and so tightly that the boy could not escape from her grip. The other two
geeky boys patted their friend on the shoulder and pointed. Everyone turned to the
opening of the secluded area they were in to find a tall young man glaring at them. Instead
of wearing shorts and t-shirts like the three boys in front of Iliana he wore light trousers
and a long sleeved white shirt which was rolled up to his elbows. He had a strong but slim
physique and was very good-looking from where Iliana was standing, so much so she
loosened her tight grip on the boy. After snatching his arm back, he and his friends then
scrambled away leaving the girl behind. Iliana sighed with relief as she watched them
disappear into the alley. When her eyes searched for the young man again he had already

BOOK: The Forgotten Sin (Purifiers Book 1)
10.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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