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Authors: Ashlei D. Hawley

Tags: #Zombie Apocalypse

The New Night Novels (Book 2): Revelations (A New Night Novella) (3 page)

BOOK: The New Night Novels (Book 2): Revelations (A New Night Novella)
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     I splutter, spitting cold lake water from my mouth. With it goes the last remnants of Kaiser’s blood. The cold water soaks me to the skin, adding pounds of weight to my outfit. Luckily, the lake isn’t very deep here. It would be a bitch to swim in such water-logged clothes.
     “Ramses?” I ask in shock as I recognize the form straddling my hips. He has his hands on my shoulders as he glares down at me. Even in the dark, his eyes burn like precious jewels in a statue of some god of war.
     “Is this why you won’t talk to me?” he snarls. “Are you with this human now?”
     A thousand different responses demand I toss them at Ramses, but I’m still a little too stunned. He thinks I’ve been doing what? And with who?
     “Answer me, Sreya, or I’ll head back to Minneapolis tonight. I didn’t come back here just to find out you’ve forgotten about me. About us.”

“Of course not, you idiot,” I growl at him. “I thought you were the one who forgot about me.”

     Relief wars with the anger in his blue eyes for a moment. Ramses doesn’t have much of a temper, but when he gets riled, it’s a scary sight to see.

     My neck is starting to hurt from keeping my head out of the water. I’m not going to drown if I go under, but I can’t imagine I’d like the feeling of inhaling lake water while being pinned down. It sounds a little bit too claustrophobic to me.

     “Can I get up now?” I ask in a tone meant to be calm. My words instead come out breathy and a little shaky. I don’t like it, but the press of hard dick against my lower navel tells me Ramses does.

     “No,” he says, and bends down toward me.

     He slides his tongue into my mouth and licks along the edges of my fangs, like he’s trying to take the last microscopic droplets of Kaiser’s blood from within my mouth. The movement presses my head under the water. I feel the softness of the sand beneath my hair and close my eyes against the cold liquid now surrounding me entirely.

     Ramses kisses me like he’ll breathe life into me. All at once he drowns, destroys, revitalizes, and renews me. I couldn’t have described in words how much I missed him these past three years, so I try to pour it all wordlessly into the kiss I give him back.

     His breath is in my mouth, and I don’t fear being under the water at all. I push up against him with all my strength, pushing my lower body into his and my mouth against his lips. My fangs nick his tongue, and his blood mixes with whatever might have been left of Kaiser’s. I moan, but the sound is swallowed up by Ramses’ mouth. If it hadn’t been lost in his lips, it would have been drowned by the water around us.

     He backs away and pulls me up out of the water. Kaiser looks down on us from the pier, trying to decide if he could be any help at all if he came down to try to get Ramses off of me. He knows all about the other vampire, though, and how much I’ve yearned for him since he’s been gone.

     “I guess I’ll see you around, Sreya,” Kaiser says. His awkward tone hangs over me, heavier than the water that soaks my clothes.

     “Ramses is sorry, Kaiser,” I tell him. “He can kind of be a possessive ass.”

     “He has a right to be,” Kaiser says with a quick smile. Ramses’ arm tightens around my waist as he lifts me to my feet.

     “Don’t you have a female you could feed from?” Ramses asks as we watch Kaiser walk back toward the compound.

     “Don’t push it, mister,” I warn him. I make for the shoreline, ready to get out of these wet clothes. “If I could think about anything else besides getting you naked, I’d be pissed at you right now.”

     Ramses smirks at me as I pull him along behind me. “How did I go so long without you?” he asks.

     “Don’t ask me
I was wondering the same thing.”

     I tug on his large hand and feel like a kid pulling along a much larger, much stronger adult. Ramses has always had over a foot and at least eighty pounds on me. The man is huge, and I’m fairly short and tiny. Being next to him makes me feel even more delicate and fun-sized.

     Though I’d like him to think I’m pulling him along so anxiously because I can’t wait to get him in bed, I want to make sure Kaiser gets into the building all right. Humans aren’t supposed to be alone without a vampire escort, ever. Plus, he’s my donor
I feel an obligation to protect him.

     We make it up the side of the hill the lake rests against before Kaiser has even made it halfway back to the compound. I breathe a little easier seeing him walking easily and unmolested.

     “Do you want to talk now?” I ask Ramses. My whole demeanor has changed. I feel calmer, more relaxed. I swing his hand in mine, and the years apart seem to melt away. I squeeze his hand tighter and smile.

     “It can wait until later,” Ramses says as he squeezes me back. “I don’t want to spoil that smile. It’s been too long since I’ve seen it.”

     We enter the building behind Kaiser and I wave to him as we go separate ways. He’ll head back to the communal human hall, and I plan to return to my room within the compound. For the first time in three years, I won’t be going back alone. The thought makes all of my skin tighten up.

     “Still in the same place?” Ramses asks, wondering if my room arrangements have changed. No doubt he wants to know if I’ve gotten myself a roommate or shacked up with someone.

     “Same place, same lack of company since you left,” I assure him.

     “I want to apologize for seeming like a possessive jerk,” he says as we come to my door. I open it with a key. “But I can’t apologize for that. I’ve missed you, Sreya.”

     I pull him inside and shut the door. After relocking it, I pull him to me and wrap my arms around his waist. He hugs me close and squeezes me with all his impressive strength. It leaves me breathless, but I want him to hold me even tighter, be even closer.

     I bury my face in his chest and inhale his scent, a scent which was once all over my clothes, my things, my space, and my body. It’s a scent I still hold close to my heart, and it arouses me more than the scent of blood ever has. It’s been too long since I was able to enjoy it.

     “I missed you so much,” I tell him in a soft voice.

     “I wish I could tell you I won’t have to leave you again,” Ramses says against my still-dripping hair. I back away and glare at him.

     “Don’t tell me you’re just stopping by for a visit and then you’re going to leave me again!” I exclaim. “I can’t do another three years without you, Ramses. I don’t want to be alone anymore, especially with the world the way it is. Even immortals have to worry about today being the last day now.”

     “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about, sugar,” he tells me in a scolding voice. “But let’s get you out of these wet clothes first. You don’t want to catch a cold.”

     Like vampires catch colds. I smirk at his silly ploy and shake my head. “Just because I feel a chill coming on, I’ll let this one slide. Let’s get naked and then we can talk.”

     Those bottomless blue eyes fill up with heat. Ramses slides one hand down my neck and along my collarbone. “Once I get you naked, there won’t be any talking.”

     “Not even dirty talking?” Though I mean to tease him, the words come out as anything but teasing. My tone is soft and breathy, and I shiver at his hands on me. Dirty talking or not, I know what he means. I don’t want him using his mouth for words, either.



     Ramses moves his hand lower and finds the button of my black pants. He unfastens it and pulls the zipper down almost in the same movement. The electricity I feel from his hand hums along my skin as though he’s touching it directly, though two layers of fabric still stand in his way.

     I reach around behind him and drag the fastener from the end of his long braid. I toss it away and loose the strands with my hands, rising up on my tip toes so I can kiss him again. How have I gone without it so long? The taste of him is better than blood, more vital to my survival. He tries to make the kiss languorous and slow, but I nip at his tongue and press my mouth harder into his.

     He breaks away and his breathlessness sends a thrill through me. I love the heady power we work over each other.

     “Don’t you want to savor the moment?” he asks while he slides a teasing hand into my wet panties. He grabs a handful of my ass and pulls me closer to him. His erection presses into me through his pants.

     The ache I feel to have his cock touching any part of my bare flesh is impossible to ignore. I thrust my hands into the waistband of his jeans and tug on them in frustration.

     Ramses chuckles and unbuckles his belt for me. The fastener and zipper of his pants follow. He’s given me the access I want, so I yank his pants down.

     “Don’t go slow,” I order as I grab him by the shirtfront. I pull him toward my bed while working my way out of my wet jacket and shirt. The material is heavy and hard to deal with as it’s all still saturated. Ramses tries to help me, and we end up tearing my shirt. Oh, well. It wasn’t exactly one of my favorites.

     Ramses lifts his shirt over his head and I spare a few seconds to kiss my way down his solid chest and toned stomach. His tan skin glows with warmth, even after being in the lake with me, and feels hot under my lips. I lick along his hip bone and sit on my bed. His erect cock is right at eye level, and I greedily drink in the sight of him.

     Finally getting my hands on him, I grip the hard, veined shaft and give him a few quick strokes. Leaning forward, I twirl my tongue around his sac. I make sure to get his balls nice and wet while I jerk his throbbing cock.

     I back off before I make him too sensitive. I still know the ways of his body. It isn’t something I’m likely to forget.

     Ramses leans over me and claims my mouth for more feverish kissing. He places a hand one either side of me on the bed and for a moment, only our mouths touch. He keeps leaning me back until I have to lay down on the bed.

     Though I still have my damp bra on, Ramses slides my underwear down and off my legs. He throws them to the side and spreads my legs. Bending over me, he kisses around my belly button and along my left hip.

     After moistening his fingers with the mouth I already miss, he slides his hand between the hot folds of flesh and massages. He gets a thumb on my clit and works it in slow circles, making me jump. It’s been years since someone else has touched me there. Though the hand is certainly no stranger, having someone other than me touching my clitoris is more electric than I expect.

     Ramses slides one finger into my pussy and I squirm for him. I told him not to go slow, but he appears to want to take things at his own pace. With the feelings he’s coaxing out, I can’t argue.

     He works another digit inside and finger fucks me until I’m wet and panting. “Did you miss me?” he asks, driving his fingers inside of me almost brutally. The walls of my pussy contract and grip his hand, sending shudders of pleasure curling up into my stomach. I don’t have breath to answer his question before he fires another at me. “Did you miss

     “Ramses,” I groan. “Please just fuck me.”

     “That’s my girl,” he encourages as he withdraws his hands and positions himself between my legs. I lift my ass up, begging him to plunge inside of me.

     Ramses hooks one hand under my right leg and uses the other to position his cock at my pleading cunt. He drives forward into my well-prepared pussy. I cry out and wrap my left leg around his hip. I meet his thrusts with fervor, digging my nails into the arm he holds me with.

     Spacing his feet for balance, Ramses fucks me hard and deep on the edge of my bed. His hard thrusts sink me into the mattress. My attempts at speech dissolve into moans of mewling pleasure. As always when the sex gets rough, my fangs descend. My gums tingle and throb in rhythm with Ramses’ thrusts. Every part of my body feels like it’s about to explode or melt into a puddle of heat.

     Ramses adjusts his strokes and he’s suddenly in the perfect spot inside my body. His plunging dick hits that place of perfect pleasure over and over again, until I can feel my muscles tightening for an orgasm.

     “Ramses, you’re going to make me come,” I say between panting breaths. “I’m going to come, I’m going to-”

     I buck underneath him, feeling my pussy contract around his dick like it refuses to ever let him go. Waves of bliss roll through me. My back arches up and I can’t stop the flood of groans and pleasurable cries that escape me.

     Ramses tears my bra away from my breasts, freeing them to bounce around in tandem with his thrusts. Damn. That bra actually was my favorite.

     It’s an acceptable loss as Ramses crushes a hand around my left breast and molds it into his palm. His expression tells me how close he is, and I love that look on him. Those impossibly blue eyes are filled to the brim with need and his fangs burn like white fire behind his full lips.

     I want another kiss. The angle’s bad for it, so I close my eyes and lean my head back, losing myself in the perfect feeling of his cock buried as far as it will go inside of me.

BOOK: The New Night Novels (Book 2): Revelations (A New Night Novella)
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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