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The Pilgrims Progress (2 page)

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Traci knew Tim was her brother,
intellectually, but emotionally he still seemed like a very
handsome stranger come to live with them and she was sexually
attracted to him, even to the point of masturbating while
fantasizing about fucking him. She wondered if Tim thought about
her the same way. She hoped so. Traci figured this was just the
result of being her father’s child. According to Susan, John had
been over-sexed. Not that Susan, herself, was frigid, far from it,
but she believed a wedding vow to be faithful was something to be
followed strictly, not to be considered as optional.

Traci knew she was a highly sexual girl and
she masturbated nearly every day. Sometimes, on weekends, if she
didn’t have anything going, she would get herself off two or three
times a day. It wasn’t as good as feeling a boy fucking her,
feeling his body over her, kissing him, caressing his skin, feeling
his hard cock thrusting in and out of her pussy, but is was a whole
lot less complicated and absolutely safe from a pregnancy and
disease point of view. Actually, the pregnancy part was now taken
care of, as she was using the latest and, hopefully, best birth
control she could get.

“Ahem!” Traci clear her throat.

“Jesus Christ!” Tim jumped up with the most
shocked look on his face that Traci had ever seen. He managed not
to shout it out, but it had come out rather loudly. Traci covered
her mouth with both of her hands to keep from laughing out

Tim quickly looked out the window to see if
their mother had heard him. All looked tranquil. He stepped back
from the window and started to stuff his quickly evaporating
erection back into his pants.

Traci stepped forward and grabbed Tim’s cock
before he could hide the evidence. Looking down she noticed that he
had closely cropped pubic hair. She then tugged on her brother’s
cock, pulling him up close to her. She began stroking it hoping to
get it up to its original hardness.

“Leching over Mom, eh?” She asked with a big
grin on her face.

Tim wasn’t sure what was going on… or quite
what to do. His sister’s hand, sliding up and down his dick felt
really good. Was she teasing him? Was she going to tell Mom that he
had been watching her sun bathe naked while masturbating?

“Can’t say I blame you,” Traci continued.
“For a 38 year old woman she’s pretty hot.” Traci felt Tim’s penis
regaining some of its firmness.

“I’m not going to rat you out Tim, if that’s
what you are wondering.”

Tim nodded. He took in a shaky breath. His
sister’s hand was beginning to feel really good on his cock. He
couldn’t believe it. He had sexual fantasies about his sister, too,
and had jerked off many times while doing so, now here she was, in
the flesh, stroking his cock, which was nearly fully erect

“You can speak, can’t you, Tim?” Traci’s
faded blue eyes gleamed mischievously at him.

“Uh. Uh. Yes, of course I can talk. I’m
still getting over being surprised by you. And, well, Traci, what
are you doing?” Tim looked down at his hard cock which Traci’s hand
was stroking more firmly.

“Do you think I’m as attractive as Mom?”
Traci asked instead of answering Tim’s question.

“Jesus, Traci, you’re gorgeous. Not like
Mom. Different. But no less attractive.” He was going to say more
but his sister interrupted him.

“How long has Mom been out there,” she
nodded towards the open window.

“I’m not sure. I got here fifteen to twenty
minutes ago and she was already there. Why?”

“We don’t have much time then, but maybe
enough. Keep an eye on her and tell me if she gets up or looks like
she’s ready to come in.”

“What?” Tim asked. He was confused, but not
for long, as he watched his sister drop to her knees and
immediately slipped her mouth over his cock and begin sucking,
bobbing her head up and down on it.

“Holy shit!” Tim exclaimed as his sister’s
mouth enveloped his dick. It felt so good. Her mouth felt silky
smooth soft, as well as being wet and warm.

Tim was so shocked at what his sister was
doing—without him even asking her to—that for a few seconds his
brain was frozen. But that was just for a few seconds. As the
reality that his hot twin sister was really giving him a blow job,
his brain became so overloaded with excitement that he almost felt

Traci, with her mouth still working Tim’s
cock, used her eyes to indicate that he should be watching their
mother in the back yard and not watching her sucking him off.

Tim saw that their mother was now on her
right side with her legs scissored open and her left arm up over
her head to maximize the sun exposure to the left side of her body
and legs.

Traci took her mouth off her brother’s cock,
“She move yet?”

“She turned onto her right side just a few
seconds ago.”

Traci nodded then continued sucking her
brother’s cock. She thought it was a nice cock. It wasn’t too long,
but long enough; and it had a nice thickness to it. It was straight
and angled up just a bit from Tim’s body. And the glans, now fully
engorged with blood, with its firm coronal ridge, was a well-shaped
little helmet that wasn’t so little. She wondered how it would feel
fucking her. That thought thrilled her because she knew, now, that
she would find out before too long.

“Ahh! Traci! God I’m going to come,” Tim
warned his sister in a hissing whisper.

Watching his nude mother in the back yard,
taking sneak peeks at his sister’s lips stretched around his cock
and sliding up and down on it, and the fact that it was his sister
that was sucking his cock, brought Ted to the edge of orgasm very

Traci didn’t slow down and Tim didn’t worry
about it. He had warned her and if he came in her mouth and she
didn’t like it—like his last girlfriend—that was on her. And then
he was shooting his load into his sister’s mouth. Spasm after spasm
rocked his body. His eyes lost focus temporarily and his eyelids
fluttered as he gasped and grunted trying to keep quiet in the
midst of intense pleasure.

When he had finished coming in his sister’s
mouth and she had swallowed it, she all but jumped up off the
floor. “Where’s mom?” she asked urgently.

Tim, shook his head. Wow what an orgasm he
thought to himself. He looked out the window. “She’s sitting

Traci grabbed her brother by the ears and
pulled him down for a quick, hard kiss, shoving her tongue deep
into his surprised, open mouth.

“Let’s go. We don’t want her to know you
were in the house. Come on!” She called over her shoulder as she
was exiting his bedroom.

Tim was stuffing his wet and still mostly
hard cock back into his jeans and zipping them up, trying not to
catch his dick in the zipper as he followed his sister out the
door, down the stairs, and out the front door, which Traci closed
and locked quietly.

“Get in your car and drive down to the park.
I’ll be right behind you in mine. And no squealing out,

“For you, my love, anything,” Tim jested.
But a part of his mind thought that maybe he wasn’t jesting.

Traci just grinned and headed for her car,
parked at the curb.

The local park was three blocks away. It was
just one city block in size with a few picnic tables, each with its
own standing charcoal grill, a basketball court, a tennis court,
and several large shade trees. There was no one in the park when
Tim and Traci arrived. They found a picnic table shaded by a large
maple tree and sat on the table top next to each other.

“Traci,” Tim began, then stopped.

“Yeah?” Traci prompted. She was wearing her
long blonde hair in a ponytail and there was a sheen of
perspiration on her forehead and upper lip.

Tim didn’t answer for a few seconds. He just
took in the beautiful view that was his sister’s face. They
definitely had similar facial features. Everyone who saw them
together pegged them as brother and sister right away, but not
always as twins.

Since both of their parents had blonde hair
and blue eyes, it wasn’t any surprise that they both did too. The
only difference was that Ted’s eyes were like their mothers, a
rather bright blue, and Traci’s were like their father’s, a faded
blue that in certain light looked gray.

“Yeah?” Traci prompted again.

Tim took a quick look around then pulled
Traci to him and planted a kiss firmly on her lips. She hesitated
for only a second then open her mouth to him and the kiss became
wet and passionate. When they broke the kiss they both took in a
big breath.

“Wow! I liked that,” Traci said.

“Yeah, me too. A lot. And I’d like to do it
more if you….”

“Okay,” agreed Traci. “But not here. This
park’s too close to home. Someone could drive by that knows us, or
Mom, and see us.”

“Right,” Tim nodded. “But listen, Traci,
what you did back there at the house was fantastic! And I thought I
was the only pervert in the family.”

“You calling me a pervert?” Traci challenged
her brother with a mock seriousness.

“I’m calling us both perverts. Come on
Traci, how many sons do you know spy on their naked mothers and
masturbate and how many sisters do you know that will almost
instantly drop to their knees and give their brother a blow

“You mean besides us?” Traci laughed then
hugged her brother and kissed him on the cheek.

“Listen Tim, I’ve had a big crush on you for
a few years now….”

“God, Traci!” Ted interrupted, “that’s how
I’ve felt about you too.”

“And, to tell the truth,” she went on, “I’ve
had a crush on Dad too, like I guess you do on Mom, eh?”

Tim nodded, letting his sister continue.

“I thought I was a little sicko and I didn’t
tell anyone. Then, a couple of years ago I was in the public
library and started doing research on incest. I came across a book
called Sex and Reason by some judge, Richard somebody. I can’t
remember his name.

“Anyway, I found out that when siblings are
not raised together, from a very early age, quite often there is a
sexual attraction when they meet. It’s called genetic sexual
attraction. I did more research and it’s a real condition. It can
even include parents and their children if the parent didn’t raise
the child, you know, wasn’t around them from early on.”

“Yeah, but Traci, we’ve known each other for
years,” Tim objected.

“Known each other, of course, but not raised
together. It seems that being raised together, even for kids who
aren’t brothers and sisters, produces a natural kind of sexual
revulsion, although not always. So how much time did we see each
other each year? What, maybe three whole weeks? And that didn’t
start until we were nearly six years old. Hell, Tim,” Traci
continued, “I didn’t even like you at first because you took Mom’s
attention away from me.”

“Yeah, Traci, and what you didn’t know, or
Mom, was that when she was giving me all that attention I was,
like, leave me alone, I want my daddy. But only in my mind. I never
said that out loud. And don’t you tell Mom I said that,

“I won’t. I promise.” Traci looked all
around covertly, then leaned in for another sweet kiss.

“And,” Traci said, after kissing her
brother, “I found out in my research that even children raised
together sometimes are sexually attracted to each other. The close
association revulsion thing just doesn’t work on them.

“So I’m figuring why we are…. Can I say hot
for each other?” Traci asked with a big grin.

Tim grinned back at her. “Yeah, I can say
I’m definitely hot for you.”

“So what I figure,” Traci continued, “is
either it’s the genetic sexual attraction thing, or else we are
just two overly sexual, tradition ignoring, horn dogs.” She was
laughing now.

“Sure,” Tim laughed. “Or it could be a
combination of both, eh?”

“Could be,” Traci said, then leaned in to
give her brother another quick kiss on the lips.

“Okay,” Tim said as their lips separated,
“what’s the game plan now.”

“Well, we’ve been here long enough for Mom
to have grabbed a bite to eat, taken a shower, gotten dressed and
left for the office. It’s Wednesday and she has to man the phones
and take care of any walk-ins until late on Wednesdays. Soooo,”
Traci grinned and raised her eyebrows up and down at her brother,
“why don’t we go home and fuck, because I really would like to fuck
you brother dear. I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time now.”

“Say no more. Let’s go.” Tim was off the
picnic table in a flash.

Ten minutes later, they were lying naked on
Traci’s double bed. Tim’s cock was vein-bulging hard as Traci’s
finger tips gently stroked it up and down and circled around his
cock head. Unlike her mother, Traci’s fingernails were short and
covered in a clear, shiny polish but no less well manicured.

Tim was stroking, with equal gentleness,
Traci’s very wet pussy. They kissed deeply, then kissed some more.
They caressed each other every place they could reach, while they
kept kissing and kissing and kissing. When they’d come up for air
they’d both be breathing heavily, their hearts pounding in their
chests. They were both so sexually excited that their bodies were
trembling. Not just from the normal sexual arousal of a young man
and women kissing and caressing, but also from the fact that they,
brother and sister, fraternal twins, were going to fuck each

“So, Traci, how long do we have before Mom
gets back?” Tim asked, his voice husky with lust.

Traci twisted away from her brother to
looked at her clock radio. Tim took the opportunity to closely
observe her chest stretched up and away from him. His sister’s tits
were bigger than their mother’s. Instead of being like
three-quarters of a medium-sized grapefruit, Traci’s were about the
size of a whole large grapefruit, or maybe even a small cantaloupe.
Her breasts curved more sharply upward and were more pointed. The
areolas were more cone-shaped giving her breasts a more pointed
look. Her nipples were about the same size, though, as their

BOOK: The Pilgrims Progress
10.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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