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Then Traci was laughing. “Oh! My! God! I
don’t know if it’s because you’re a really good pussy-licker or if
it’s because you’re my brother, or, or both, but that was great.
Really, really great!”

Traci reached down for her brother to pull
him up so that she could hug him tightly against her body and kiss
him repeatedly. She didn’t mind that his lips and mouth tasted of
her vaginal lubrication. She didn’t mind at all.

Tim began giving his sister small kisses on
her lips and all around her face. “Mmm! Traci,” he mumbled between
kisses, “fucking you and licking your pussy could become addictive.
So far,” he continued, “you’ve given me an excellent blow-job, even
if it was hurried and under pressure, something a lot of girls
wouldn’t do on a, uh, uh….” Tim was at a loss for words.

“How about a first date,” Traci said as she
put her hands on either side of her brother’s face and brought his
lips to hers to give him a long kiss.

“Yeah, first date,” Tim answered a few
seconds later as he raised his lips from his sister’s. “A bj on a
first date isn’t something most girls would do. Then, when we
fucked you seemed to have had a pretty good orgasm….”

“And I did, thank you very much.”

“And, now, me going down on you, you seemed
to have an even better one. Are you always like that, or is it just
me?” Tim gave his sister a peck on the lips and stared into her
eyes, which now looked gray and kind of dreamy.

“Oh, I’m like that a lot, but especially
when I am really turned on. And you, dear brother, really turn me

“Why thank you, sweetums, I feel exactly the
same way about you.”

“Ow!” Tim yelped in surprise. Traci had
slapped her brother’s bare ass hard.

“Don’t you ever call me ‘sweetums’ again,

“But sugarplum... OW!” Traci slapped him
even harder this time.

“What, you mean no pet names for my pet?”
Tim, laughing, rolled off his sister and onto his back before she
could slap him again.

“Okay, Tim. You got me.” Traci acknowledged.
“But seriously, if we are going to keep this up… and Tim, I really
do want us to continue to be lovers.”

“Oh hell yes!” Tim responded.

“Then we are going to have to be careful
around Mom. Not a word or a touch. Nothing that would give her a
suspicion that we may be, uh, closer than brother and sister.”

“But what if I manage to seduce Mom.” Tim
wiggled his eyebrows and grinned his biggest grin.

Traci gave her brother a look. “What makes
you think you can, or are you just fucking with me again?”

No. I’m not fucking with you… but I hope to
be in a little bit.”

Traci laughed.

Tim went on. “Listen, you have the hots for
Dad. You told me that. And you also told me that this genetic
fucking thing….”

“Genetic sexual attraction.”

“Exactly,” Tim continued. “I have it for you
and Mom. You have it for me and Dad. Who knows, Mom might have it
for me, even a little bit, you know.”

Traci furrowed her brow. “Yeah, maybe. Let
me think about it for a while. There’s something…. There’s
something that might help. Don’t try anything right away,

“Two things.” Tim said. “First, what is it
that might help? And second, I wouldn’t know how to begin to try
and seduce Mom. As much as I’d like to, I’d probably start to say
something and end up saying ‘uh, bluh, uh, that is mmph. And then
turn beet red. I have priors with girls that I really liked when I
was in high school.”

Traci was laughing out loud. She put her arm
around her brother’s neck and kiss him. “I love you, Tim, and more
than just for the sex, too.”

“Really?” Tim asked. “Because I kind of feel
that way about you, too.”

Traci smiled at her brother. “Okay,” she
continued, “I can’t tell you what it is that might help. Trust me
on that one, please. And just be happy to fuck me whenever we can
get Mom out of the house.”

“Oh, without a doubt. I’m neither stupid nor
crazy. Mom was just a side thought.”

“All right,” Traci gave her brother a
lustful look. “Now on to present business.” She got on her hands
and knees then lowered her head to the bed. Her beautiful butt was
sticking up high in the air and her beautiful breasts were hanging
down and a bit forward.

Traci looked straight into her brothers
startling blue eyes. “I really like to fuck doggy style,” she said
in a sexy, little-girl’s voice.

Oh baby, baby, baby! Tim exclaimed. “Just
give me a bit, okay? His hand went to his crotch. “All this serious
talk has put my dick to sleep.”

Traci’s eyes shifted down her brother’s body
and saw his limp dick, well not completely limp, but definitely not
hard enough to be of any use to her immediately.

“Oh for crying out loud,” she huffed. “I
thought all young men kept a perpetual hard-on.”

“Not true, my lo..., uh, sister dearest.”
Traci gave him a warning look. “It just seems that way

“Here, let me help.” Traci had turned around
and took Tim’s hand off his cock and replaced it with her own. She
maneuvered herself between his legs then quickly slipped her lips
over the head of his cock, which was not yet halfway hard. She
didn’t stop until her nose touch his abdomen. Traci slid her tongue
out and licked her brother’s balls. She pulled back and sensually
moved her tongue around and around the glans then she forced Tim’s
cock all the way down her throat again, her nose pressing firmly
into his stomach.

Traci gagged a little then pulled her head
back until Tim’s much stiffer cock was just in her mouth. She began
bobbing her head up and down on her brother’s wonderful sex tool,
sucking on it lovingly. She slid her mouth halfway down Tim’s cock,
then back up, a half dozen times. It was fully hard now. Next, she
slid her lips around just the head and twirled her tongue around it
several times.

Tim was groaning and moaning and grimacing
with pleasure, it felt so good.

Traci looked up at her brother. She pulled
her mouth off his cock. While still looking at him with her pale
blue eyes, which now looked killer sexy to Tim, she licked on and
all around his cock head. Her tongue was thick with saliva. It felt
so silky smooth, so incredibly good that Tim had to control himself
to keep from coming.

“Enough!” he cried. “Enough!” His cock was
as hard as it was going to get, as hard as it had ever been. “Any
more and you’ll make me come.”

“Well, we don’t want that, do we?” Traci
said as she sat back on her heels. She still had her hand on his
cock and was very slowly, very gently stroking it. “I mean, not
now, in my mouth again. I want to feel you fill me up with this bad
boy and feel you come inside me again.

“God, Traci!” Tim exclaimed, “Like you said
earlier, ‘I love it when you talk like that.’

But Traci, I’ve got to ask. You
deep-throated me. Do you do that often?”

“You weren’t fully hard, so I was able to
force your cock to bend down my throat. And I’ve done it a couple
of times. But, if you’re really hard, like now,” she said as she
squeezed his incredibly stiff stiffy, “well, I just can’t get the
angle straight enough to get it to go down. I’ve tried it a time or
two and it just didn’t work and it also hurts if I try to force it.
But, besides that, Tim, your cock is so thick once it’s fully hard.
I don’t know if I could choke anything that thick down my throat,
even if it wasn’t hard.

“But enough talk. Now that you’re nice and
hard I want you to shove your thick cock as deep as you can into my
poor little pussy and punish it.”

Traci was giggling as she got into her
ass-high position again, with her head on the bed, turned towards
Tim. “Oh please, please, brother, won’t you please fuck your
helpless little sister with that beautiful cock of yours.” She
wiggled her ass back and forth and buried her face in the bedspread
as she giggled some more. “Pleeeeeease,” her muffled voice cried
out. After which her body shook in laughter.

Tim shook his head and chuckled as he
positioned himself behind his sister’s upraised ass. He rubbed the
head of his cock between her pussy lips, which were very wet.

Traci turned her head to the side again. “Oh
yes, yes. Get your cock head nice and wet then shove it in me,
Tim.” She wasn’t joking around anymore.

Tim lined up with Traci’s vaginal opening.
She was very wet. The skin on the shaft of his dick was still wet
with his sister’s saliva. He held her hips in his hands and shoved
his cock as deep as he could into his sister’s pussy in one quick
smooth motion. The tightness and wetness of her vagina felt
amazingly good to him.

“Oh God, Tim! That feels incredible.”

“Yeah, Traci, you’re right, it feels
incredible,” Tim agreed.

“Fuck me, Tim! Fuck me! I want to feel that
big cock pounding me.”

Tim held on to Traci’s hips and began to
fuck her, picking up speed until he was fucking his sister fast and
hard. There was the sound of Tim’s hips slapping against his
sister’s ass cheeks, and the squelching sound of his cock hammering
in and out of Traci’s tight, but very wet sex hole, and his heavy

And there were also the sounds that Traci
was making: a repetition of “uh’s” and oh’s and “yeses” and “oh
God’s.” Sometimes she would just squeal.

Tim was breathing heavily after a few
minutes of fucking his sister hard. He slowed down, making long,
deep, slow strokes, but not too slow.

“Oh yes, Tim,” Traci cried out. “What you
did was wonderful. What you’re doing is wonderful.”

Both brother and sister were beginning to
sweat again. Traci had been holding still while Tim fucked her. Now
she began to thrust her hips back as hard as her brother had been
slamming his cock into her pussy.

Tim got his second wind and began fucking
his sister hard and fast again.

“Oh Tim, Tim! That’s it! Keep doing that.
Don’t stop. Fuck me! Fuck me!

Tim watched his cock flashing in and out of
his sister’s pussy. Saw how her lips were stretched around his
thick cock. Saw how his cock was coated and shining with her
vaginal juices.

God! This is amazing, he thought. This is my
sister! But I love it. She loves it. And it’s so hot watching me
fuck her tight little pussy like this.

Tim was very close to coming, but his sister
beat him to it.

“Oh, Tim! Tim!” she cried out through
clenched teeth. “I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m commming!” He felt her
pussy tighten and spasm on his cock and that was all it took.

Tim grunted loudly as he shot his sticky hot
load deep into his sister’s pussy in several wonderfully gratifying
spasms of his own.

After a few moments, Tim pulled his still
hard cock out of Traci’s pussy. It came out with a wet, slurping
sound. He rolled over onto his back next to his sister. She
leisurely let her legs slide down until she was lying full out on
her stomach. But then she levered herself up on her elbows and
leaned over to look Tim right in the eyes.

“I think I love you.” She stated boldly.

Tim grinned, “Sis, I know I love you.”

“No not just the sex, silly. Although, that
was good sex. Today we had good sex.”

Tim pulled Traci down to kiss her very
sweetly and affectionately. “No, silly, not just the sex. I love
you, Traci. At first I thought this was just all about the sex.
Being attracted to my hot sister. Being able to fuck you. But it’s
more than that. I’m attracted to you, and attracted strongly, but
it’s more than the sex. I look at you and my heart starts to beat
harder. I think about you in my bed at night and sometimes I just
think about holding you and hugging you and not even having sex
with you. I love you, Traci. And I hope you love me… for more than
the sex. And I don’t know what we are going to do about that.”

Tim noticed that Traci had tears in her
eyes. She placed her head on his chest. “I love you, too, Tim. I
feel the same way about you and I don’t know what we are going to
do about that either. But we’ll figure something out.” She raised
her head and smiled at her brother. “But whatever we figure out,
let’s keep on fucking, okay?”

“We’d be fools not to,” Tim said, then he
kissed his sister again and hugged her body tightly to his.

“But how do you feel about Mom, really?”
Traci was curious. “I mean, if you’re attracted to me, your sister,
and you’re attracted to, uh, our mother, well, is it the same? Do
you lie in bed at night and think about her the same way you do
me?” Traci hurried on. “I’m not jealous, or anything, Tim. I’m just

“No, it’s not the same. I feel something
totally different for you. Maybe it’s the age difference. I mean, I
can see us, you and me, together like… well, well, like husband and

“Really!” Traci interrupted.

“Well, yeah, Traci. I mean, I know that’s
completely crazy, but that’s something that I have thought about
and fantasized about.”

“Oh Tim!, Traci kissed her brother, then
kissed him again and again. “I don’t think that’s crazy. It’s just
something else we’ll have to work on and figure out.”

Traci laid her face down on Tim’s chest. She
could hear his heart beating and she got a warm, wonderful feeling
inside. Her mouth was just where she could stick out her tongue and
reach his left nipple. She licked it out of the side of her mouth,
then got hold of it with her teeth and gently bit it. Tim sucked
his breath in. Traci began caressing Tim’s belly ever so gently and
felt his stomach muscles jumping under her fingers, like his kisses
on her stomach had done to her earlier. Her hand traveled down
further to his groin. She began playing with his cock, not minding
that it was wet and sticky from their love-making.

“I interrupted what you were saying, Tim.
What was it?”

Tim took in another big breath. What his
sister was doing to him was really turning him on. “Well, about
Mom, and I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but even though I
can’t see us as having a relationship like a husband and wife, I
would still really like to fuck her, you know, not just a one time
thing, but to be her lover, too. I mean, I know you probably don’t

BOOK: The Pilgrims Progress
11.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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