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The Pilgrims Progress (6 page)

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Traci held her mother’s face between her
hands and kissed her mother with a slow, burning passion. Susan was
holding her breath. She felt lightheaded. Was this really
happening? Was her daughter really kissing her, sexually, on the
mouth. Her daughter’s lips felt so good. Traci’s tongue slid all
around hers and teased her deliciously. Susan thought of one of her
bi’ lovers, put the image of kissing her into her mind. Then she
sighed deeply and relaxed into the kiss. She began kissing her
daughter back. Susan’s tongue now tasted her daughter’s sweet
mouth. Her tongue touched and slid around her daughter’s tongue.
Susan sucked at Traci’s mouth. She moaned.

The image she had tried to erect of her
lover failed. It was her daughter that she was kissing! But it felt
so good. It tasted so good. She kept her eyes closed. She didn’t
want to see. She just wanted to feel. It was wrong, she knew. It
was incest or it would lead to…. Oh my God! Susan thought as she
remembered what Traci had said about “making love completely.”
Would Traci really want to do more than just kiss? Surely not. That
really would be incest.

Due to various circumstances, partly because
of Tim being here, but partly not, Susan hadn’t make love to
anyone, male or female, for over three months. Masturbation was
okay, but it didn’t’ compare to a real live lover. She had noticed
that she had been paying more attention to her son, who, in
reality, was more like a stranger to her. But now, now, her
daughter was kissing her. She was kissing her daughter. Heaven help
me, Susan thought, this feels so good and I’m really getting turned

Susan gasped as Traci’s hand reached under
her T-shirt and began to carefully squeeze and caress her right
breast. Susan didn’t stop her. It excited her, perversely, the
feeling of her breast being massaged by her daughter.

Traci’s fingers began lightly stroking her
mother’s breast, then circling her nipple, then pinching it firmly
between her thumb and forefinger and tugging on it at the same

Susan moaned with desire. Her arm went
around Traci’s neck. She pulled her daughter’s mouth tighter
against her own. She kissed her daughter more passionately. Susan
and Traci kissed, then kissed again, and again, their mouths hungry
for each other. Time seemed to have stopped momentarily.

What am I doing? Susan thought, panicked.
This can’t be right. This is my daughter. But she made no attempt
to stop herself or her daughter.

Susan gasped again as Traci quickly moved
her hand down to rub her mother’s pussy through the fabric of her
satin panties.

“Oooh! Traci!” Susan finally pulled her
mouth away from her daughters. “No. We can’t do this.”

“Why not?”

“You’re my daughter. I’m your mother. This
is incest!”

Traci’s answer shocked Susan. “I don’t care.
You’re an adult. I’m an adult. You’re bi. I want to learn about
making love to a woman.”

Her lie to her mother seemed inconsequential
to Traci. If she could seduce her mother then, she thought, she
might be able to further Tim’s desire to have sex with her too. And
then, maybe, just maybe, the three of them could have sex together.
That thought really excited her.

Traci also realized, now that she was making
a play for her mom, that her mother was really one hot MILF. Now
that she was into the seduction mode, Traci was absolutely sexually
excited about the possibility of making love to her mother. Yes, it
was incest. It was so taboo—a mother and daughter making love. And
yet it filled Traci with such lustful excitement that, at that very
moment, she wanted to sexually conquer her mother more than
anything in the world.

“Yes,” Traci continued,” you’re my mother. I
feel safe with you. I like sex. I think you like sex too. I think
you’re beautiful and sexy and just so damned hot! Teach me, Mom.
Please teach me about making love to a woman.”

When Traci had finished her little speech
she locked lips with her mother again and began to kiss her
fervently. Her mother didn’t pull back. Traci heard her moan deep
in her throat.

Susan suddenly pushed back at Traci’s body,
while still kissing her. She straightened her legs out and pulled
her daughter down on top of her. Traci felt her mother’s hands
embrace her; felt them reach under her T-shirt and begin massaging
her from her shoulders down her back then down some more, until
they were squeezing and massaging her ass cheeks. All this time the
two women continued to kiss, separating their lips for little gasps
of breath, then coming back together. Pulling apart then taking
turns sucking each other’s tongue.

“Oh God! Traci! Are you sure, baby? Are you
sure you want to do this? This is so wrong, baby. You know that,
don’t you?” But Susan was still giving her daughter little kisses
on her lips and face while she said this.

“I don’t think giving you pleasure or you
giving me pleasure is wrong. What’s the difference between me
giving you a back massage, making you feel good, or me giving your
pussy a tongue massage, also making you feel good?

Traci’s words shocked Susan. But the image
of her daughter’s mouth and tongue on her pussy excited her.

“Is it wrong,” Traci continued, “to want to
give and receive pleasure from someone that you love, even if it is
your mother, or even if it is your daughter? I mean, once we get
pass the fact that you’re my mother and I’m your daughter—if you
can get past it, Mom, because I’m sure I can—then what do we have
but two horny women who like sex, who like to fuck and who are
getting really turned on and excited right now.

Susan looked her daughter in the eyes. Traci
held her breath.

“It’s just that I’ve never thought of you,
well, sexually,” Susan said. “I mean, you’re my daughter and,
well….” Susan ran out of words.

Traci, whose hand was still caressing her
mother’s pussy, asked: “Mom, is your pussy wet? Are your nipples
hard?” Traci didn’t wait for an answer. “Your body is telling you
to do this. If I keep rubbing on your pussy your panties are going
to become totally soaked. And I don’t think your nipples can get
any harder. Actually, if I keep rubbing your pussy, you’ll probably
come right here on the couch.”

Traci roughly pulled her mother’s T-shirt up
one-handed then leaned down to suck on one of her mother’s erect

Susan, rather than protest, sighed deeply
and pressed one hand to the back of Traci’s head. She allowed her
daughter to continue to rub her pussy and suck on her nipple. Okay,
she thought to herself, Traci really wants to do this. Yes, it’s
incest. Yes society would condemn what we are doing... but then,
society doesn’t have to know what we are doing. I love my daughter
and I love sex and I really don’t want her to stop. But can I
really make love to my daughter? Can I really go down on her?

Susan tried to picture what it would be like
to lick her daughter’s pussy. She was bisexual after all. She liked
making love to woman, and to have women making love to her. Traci
was a woman, a beautiful, young women. The mechanics of licking her
daughter’s pussy would be the same… if she could allow herself to
do it.

Susan realized, then, that she could. Her
daughter wanted to make love with her and, like an epiphany, Susan
realized that Traci was right. They were just two horny women who
liked sex. Could it really be wrong to give and receive pleasure
with her daughter just because it was sexual pleasure? Why was that
so wrong? Why was society so hung up on who gave who sexual
pleasure and how they did it when it came to consenting adults?

Susan was now ready to teach her daughter
about woman on woman love. And, she noted to herself wryly, making
love to her daughter, having her as a lover, would be damned
convenient, considering they lived in the same house. They would
just have to be careful around Tim. Susan was sure, however, that
they could work it out to their satisfaction, lots of satisfaction,
she thought.

Susan placed her hands on either side of her
daughter’s face and gently pulled her up to look her in the eyes.
She took a shaky breath. “Traci, baby, I want to make love with
you.” There, she had said it. And she knew she meant it.

Traci gave her mother a big grin then
wrapped both arms around her neck and gave her a hug and a big
sloppy kiss. “Oh yeah, Mom! Oh hell yes! I love you and I want us
to really, really enjoy this experience.”

Susan could only laugh at Traci’s
enthusiasm, not realizing, or course, that her daughter had a
hidden agenda, and that she was not a virgin when it came to making
love to another woman.

Susan, still grinning, pushed Traci back,
then swung her legs off the couch. She stood up and took her
daughter’s hand. “Come on, Traci, let’s go to my bedroom where
we’ll be more comfortable.” Hand-in-hand, the two women went
upstairs and down the hallway to the master suite.

Once there, Susan and Traci pulled the
comforter and top sheet down. They were standing on opposite sides
of the big bed. Susan smiled reassuringly at her daughter. “Get
undressed, honey,” she said as she removed her own T-shirt, then
slid her panties down and let them drop to the floor then stepped
out of them.

Traci followed suite, then crawled onto the
bed on her hands and knees heading for the center of it. She
noticed a slight frown on her mother’s face, and she hadn’t gotten
onto the bed yet.

“What’s the matter, Mom?”

“Well I’m so used to it just being us two
that I forgot about Tim living here now, too. Do you have any idea
how late he will be? I mean, I wouldn’t want him to come home and,
maybe want to talk to me, or you, about something and….”

“Not to worry, Mom,” Traci interrupted. “Tim
told me that he and his buddies were going to the late showing and
that they were going to cruise around until it was time to get to
the theater. I don’t expect him home before twelve-thirty, maybe
one o’clock.”

Susan smiled. “Good, that gives us plenty of
time then to, uh, you know, for me to show you what it’s like to
make love to a woman.”

Susan climbed onto the bed. Traci was
already lying on her side near the middle of it. Susan slid in next
to her daughter, facing her. She was trembling inside. She was
terribly excited, and not a little shocked at herself that she was
actually going to go through with this—making love to her daughter.
She looked her daughter’s naked body over and saw, objectively, how
desirable a young woman she was.

Traci was feeling butterflies in her
stomach, too. Being as sexual as she naturally was, she had, of
course, noticed how beautiful and sexy her mother was. After Traci
had experienced making love to another woman for the first time,
quite pleasurably, she had looked at her mother and wondered what
it would be like with her, knowing that she, too, was bisexual.
However, she had never taken that thought any further at the

Now? Wow! She thought to herself. We’re
really going to do it. She swallowed then took a deep breath and
let it out slowly. She, too, was shocked that she was actually
going to be making love to her mother, shocked but totally excited
and ready. Her pussy was already very wet.

“I want to kiss you, Traci,” Susan said
softly, sensually, her lips barely brushing her daughter’s

A shiver went through Traci’s body as her
mother took over the dominant position. She felt her mother’s hand
very gently caress her from her shoulder, down the side of her
breast, past her waist and up onto her hip then back up. Susan used
the tips of her fingers on the way down and the very tips of her
long, red fingernails on the way back up. She brushed her lips over
her daughter’s cheek and past her jaw to her ear. Her tongue tip
delicately probed the outer parts of Traci’s ear, then Susan’s
teeth very gently bit on the top part of it.

“I’m going to kiss your beautiful, sweet
mouth, baby, then I’m going to kiss your beautiful, sweet pussy.
I’m going make you come with my mouth and my tongue. Do you want me
to do that, baby?” Susan was in full acceptance mode now—making
love to a beautiful young woman, who just happened to be her

Traci nodded and was barely able to squeak
out, “Yes, Mom, I want you to do that.” Her whole side was
chill-bumps from what her mother was doing to and saying into her
ear. Her nipples were achingly erect. She was now so excited that
she felt she could almost come if her mother would just touch her

Susan gently pushed her daughter onto her
back. She hovered over her for a moment, looking deep into her
eyes. She was committed to this. She was going to make love to her
daughter. She took in a shaky breath then leaned down to kiss
Traci. Their lips met. The tips of their tongues touched. They
opened their mouths wider. Susan pressed down and they were locked
into a long kiss.

They kissed several times, sucking at each
other’s lips and tongues, tasting each other’s saliva and loving
it. Susan was leaning over Traci, propped up on her elbow. As she
was kissing her, she began using her free hand to massaged her
daughter’s breasts, first one, then the other. She used her finger
tips and finger nails to rake over them ever so lightly. Traci’s
already erect nipples were stimulated even more.

While still kissing her daughter, Susan
pinched her right nipple hard and pulled on it. Traci gasped with
that little bit of pain that is pleasure. Then Susan slowly moved
her hand back and forth across her daughter’s abdomen, stoking it
lightly with her finger tips, hearing Traci sigh and suck in air as
she felt her daughter’s stomach muscles twitch under her gentle,
sexual caress.

Finally, Susan’s hand found its way to her
daughter’s pussy. She quickly slipped one finger between Traci’s
labia and felt how wet she was. At the same time, Susan pressed the
heel of her hand firmly against Traci’s clitoris and moved it back
and forth. This elicited a groan of pleasure from her daughter.

BOOK: The Pilgrims Progress
10.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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