The Vampires' Last Lover (Dying of the Dark Vampires Book 1)

BOOK: The Vampires' Last Lover (Dying of the Dark Vampires Book 1)
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Cades Cove

The Raven Mocker



The Forgotten Eden

The Devil’s Paradise

Hurakan’s Chalice (with Mike Robinson)



Deadly Night

The Ungrateful Dead



The Vampires’ Last Lover

The Vampires’ Birthright

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The Serendipitous Curse: Reborn



The Actuator

’m starting this diary because I need to remember and the world needs to know. It could all end very soon unless the experiment to save my blood works. I mean “all” in an almost biblical sense. If this experiment works them maybe we can outlast the others. Just in case it doesn’t, I am writing as much as I can about what has happened over the last ten days and what it means to the survival of our world.

If it doesn’t work, this is a warning that they will be coming for everyone else. They’ll feed enough to remain immortal and the rest of you—of us—will die. The beginnings of it have already started to show up on the evening news reports.

They’ve been watching me my entire life. They have been watching my family for longer. Centuries even. Stalking the females of my line. Feeding on us at will, these hidden voyeurs in the shadows. All quiet… all hungry.

All vampire.

My name is Txema, pronounced ‘Chema’. Txema Ybarra. I grew up in Richmond, Virginia and though I am Basque by heritage we are like most American families of immigrant descent. My father and brothers cheer for the Redskins and my mother is the only one who still adheres to our Roman Catholic heritage though we usually go to church with her on Easter and Christmas.

My dad worked hard to make sure that his kids had the chance to go to the good schools and he made sure we worked hard while there. We all played sports and I was even good enough – and tall enough - to get a full ride basketball scholarship to the University of Tennessee where I was studying to be a veterinarian. A fall down a stairwell back in September gave me a small tear in the ligaments of my right ankle.

That injury might have killed my freshman basketball aspirations but it gave birth to something that may well have set all of this in motion.

Peter Worley, my boyfriend, is tall, dark, and great-looking. He caught my eye at freshman orientation and even though we had biology lab together we never really talked much until he saw me struggling with my laptop while I was on crutches. He is a genuinely nice guy and though he says he loves the way my hazel eyes sparkle when I laugh and the
wavy curls of my dark hair (I call it unruly and a pain in the ass to do anything with). I also catch him sneaking glances at my chest to know that he has a definitely appreciation for my curves.

Blood or beauty, boys want the same thing whether they are living or dead.

It all started on November the 9
. My birthday. He said he wanted to do something really special and I prayed he hadn’t gone ring shopping.


“You need to get moving girl or you are going to be late.” Tyreen was smoothing out the eyeliner under her right eye with her little finger. The solid black line she used made her green eyes pop even more.

“I know,” I said. “I’d almost rather just stay in with him.

She turned and looked at me.

“Are you kidding me? The entire time you had that stupid cast on all you guys did was lounge around here in the room.”

I started to say something and she held up her hand to stop me.

“I get it, Txema, really I do, he’s hot and he’s sweet. That’s a nice combination but you guys really need to get out some. You’ve been so close that I half expect to come in and see y’all wearing the same shirt. As in one single shirt.”

I rolled my eyes. “But he smells so good, and he is so yummy, I just want to rub myself all over him—”

The hand went up again.

“As much as I like you both, I can do without that visual, thanks.” Her phone chimed and she took a look at the message. “Johnny’s downstairs waiting for me.”

She picked up a small clutch purse that matched her outfit perfectly and leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek. “Happy birthday.”

BOOK: The Vampires' Last Lover (Dying of the Dark Vampires Book 1)
5.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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