The Werewolf Affair [DeWitt's Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

BOOK: The Werewolf Affair [DeWitt's Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
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DeWitt’s Pack 14

The Werewolf Affair

Phillip Keyes is recovering from the time he spent as a nearly wild werewolf after the death of his wife. Practically estranged from his pack and his son, he wants to be left alone.

Trevor Knight recognizes his mate the second he sees him, and the two quickly become friends before realizing it's something more, but Phillip's denial of their mating only hurts them both.

Trevor can be patient, and he won't push for much, knowing that Phillip is still grieving and doesn't want anyone to think any less of his deceased wife, so they both agree to keep their mating a secret, for now.

But when an old enemy resurfaces, wanting revenge on Phillip no matter the cost, Phillip will have to learn what's most important to him, the man who is alive and in front of him, or the old ghosts he has been carrying around, before Trevor is lost to him forever.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves

35,742 words



DeWitt’s Pack 14






Marcy Jacks











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DeWitt’s Pack 14



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Chapter One


A fire crackled in the center of the group, a mix of tall and muscular men and the somewhat smaller omegas who sat around it. The warmth didn’t reach Phillip’s cold skin. Hardly anything did anymore.

The wise woman spoke with that vampire medium and the cougar-shifter, both standing beside her.

James DeWitt’s pack had certainly diversified itself in the last year. Phillip had to give it that.

The sight of many of Phillip’s former pack mates, most of whom used to answer to him and sit around the fire with their own wise woman, reminded him that he was no longer a leading alpha.

Which was probably for the best. He’d proved how little he could handle these last couple of months, hadn’t he?

“I have spent many months contemplating this issue,” said Old Maggie, the wise woman, as she stood in front of the fire. Phillip thought that maybe she should back away from it a step or two before that floral sundress of hers, stretched over her plump body and the hunch in her back, caught fire from being too close or something.

“Ivan, Storm, and I are in agreement that this is the only logical reason why so many of our males are finding their mates with other males, females with other females, and alphas with alphas.”

Phillip felt a pair of eyes on him. Eyes that had been following him around for the last four weeks, ever since he finally returned from his crazed escape into the wilderness.

He’d nearly gone wild. Hell, from what James had told him of his behavior, maybe he had been a little wild. Wild werewolves were dangerous and often didn’t think in the human sense of the word before they went on the attack.

He was fine now. He thought so anyway, but they were still searching for the other werewolf, Luke, a former hunter who had been turned. So far no reports had come in of any animal attacks in the area, and maybe that was the reason why everyone was dragging their feet on the issue, but Phillip wanted to end this meeting, get away from those hopeful, glowing hazel eyes that stared at him, and go out hunting.

“So what’s causing this?” Nick asked.

He was blind, and formerly a warrior of Phillip’s pack before the man mated with one of James’s alphas and decided to make this pack his permanent residence. He still treated Phillip with a great deal of respect, but he was another reminder of how Phillip had failed as a leader.

Nick might be blind, but he was the best assassin of hunters that Phillip had ever seen. Sometimes he thought that if he’d just asked the man to come and live in his pack with his mate, then maybe there would have been enough power on Phillip’s side to properly fight off the hunters. Many of his alphas and omegas would still be alive.

So would his wife, Helen.

Storm, the cougar-shifter with long, straight hair that was so blond it was almost white, cleared his throat. Phillip always wondered how he lost his right eye, but he didn’t want to ask, though he sometimes couldn’t stop himself from staring at the eye patch.

“I’ve spoken with my mate about this, as well as James, but most of you still don’t know what’s happening with the cougars. They’re making laws now stating that any eligible males or females have to marry of the opposite sex. They’ve started noticing the numbers in the species dropping, and they’re taking action with it.”

There were some murmurs amongst the alphas sitting around the fire.

James was the first to get up to calm everyone’s suspicions. “The cougars aren’t going to start a war with us because we do things here differently than they do. I haven’t spoken to anyone from any family of cougars, but as far as I know, there’s no bad blood stirring either. No one needs to worry.”

“But what does this have to do with everyone taking same-sex mates?” Tristan asked. He was holding the hand of that hunter he’d mated with, a man named Isaac.

Well, perhaps former hunter was the proper term for him, and he wasn’t the only former hunter in the pack now either with the new additions of Everett King and Storm, as well as that kid, Chance.

Still, Phillip preferred to avoid them. He wasn’t much up for socializing with any hunters, be they former or otherwise.

“It’s because your numbers are growing too large,” Ivan said. “For vampires, this happens every couple hundred years, or so we were told. Our numbers get to be too great, and so our women either become barren or every new vampire born grows up to discover they prefer their own sex.”

Everyone hung on to the vampire’s words, even Phillip.

“The thing that vampires and werewolves share is that we can infect a human with our genes, or we can create more by simply breeding. But too many of us threatens our way of life, oddly enough. We can only survive in secrecy, so for us to be finding mates in our own sex is a way for nature to slow down how often we reproduce. Kind of like the plague that wiped out much of the human population in medieval times.”

Everyone shifted. No one particularly enjoyed having their situation compared to that of a deadly and easily spread disease.

“So what does this mean?” asked a werewolf by the name of Ryan. Phillip couldn’t remember the man’s surname, but unless he was getting his stories mixed up, that was the guy who was the former police detective and also mated to a werewolf named Blasius.

Blasius walked around talking like he was a Viking or something. Phillip wouldn’t be surprised if he actually was, what with the way things were going around here. Phillip had never seen a pack filled with so many odd characters before.

Old Maggie answered Ryan’s question. He was a former human, as were many of the werewolves in the pack, so they would also be curious as to what this new trend meant.

“We want to assure everyone that we find nothing out of the ordinary about the way our pack is evolving. It’s also possible that other packs are experiencing a similar situation, but how they are handling the matter, we are not sure. Rest assured that regardless of what changes may arise, everyone is still welcome in this pack, and should anyone come to challenge our ways, we will not be docile.”

Phillip got up and left. He didn’t want to hear any more.

He was barely twenty feet away from the fire’s light and warmth when he heard the soft footfalls behind him. He waited until he was another fifty steps away before he lost his patience entirely, stopped, and turned around.

“Why are you following me?”

Trevor Knight looked like a deer in the headlights, the poor guy.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t notice you back there?” Phillip asked.

Trevor clenched his jaw and looked away. He was not originally from DeWitt’s pack, nor was he a former member following under Phillip.

He was a man who had been forcefully transformed by another werewolf.

“I just thought you might want some company.”

BOOK: The Werewolf Affair [DeWitt's Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
2.13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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