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BOOK: The Werewolf Affair [DeWitt's Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
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“Maybe. There are a couple of younger pups in the pack that would still be young enough for a one-year-old’s birthday. If that’s what they’re for, he really didn’t grab enough, though.”

“Agreed. I still remember the time when John ate the entire bag of Halloween candy he’d collected in one night.”

“In an hour,” Eric said.

Eli nodded, and then he laughed. “The stupid little bastard made himself so sick.”

Eric smiled at his brother. It was nice being able to hang out with him like this. He had to possess Ivan’s body to do it, with Ivan’s permission, of course, but now they were able to have a relationship again.

The fun thing was that while he was in this body, Ivan’s vampire nature seemed to go dormant. The sun didn’t burn his skin while Eric was in the driver’s seat, and he could even transform into a wolf, and all the while Ivan’s spirit slept peacefully deep inside the body.

It was still odd for him to look in the mirror and see a face that wasn’t his own. That part still threw him off.

“So we’re at least going to ask James about this?” Eric asked, confirming what they both already knew had to be done.

Eric shrugged. “Might as well. At the very least we should ask him if he knows anything about that woman.”

“What woman?” Eli asked, looking toward the library where Phillip was still inside. “You talking about the lady in the thrift store?”

They’d both been able to sneak up to the front windows and quickly peak inside while Phillip had run through his purchases, but Eric hadn’t been talking about her.

“She’s right there, standing by the doors. The brunette.”

“Dude, there’s no one there.”

“What the hell are you―” With stunning clarity, Eric realized what he was looking at.

“Oh shit.”

“What? What is it?” Eli asked.

Eric was going to have to ask Phillip some questions before it was confirmed, but there was only one explanation as to why a female ghost would be following the man around.

“I think I see Phillip’s dead wife.”

Chapter Five



“Yeah, I thought you could read it sometime and get some of the details out of the story that aren’t in the movie.”

Trevor didn’t have many books on his shelves, and most of the ones he did were graphic novels, but still, Phillip had brought him a gift. He was touched.

“Thanks. I will read it.” He stepped aside, allowing Phillip into the cottage.

He looked around. “Where is everyone?”

Trevor shut the door. “I finished my job and chores for the day, and the others are out socializing or something. We should have the whole cottage to ourselves.”

Which was exactly what Trevor had wanted. He wasn’t about to admit to the man that he’d also bribed the two omegas and one alpha who roomed with him to leave the house for most of the night. By now they were probably out doing who knew what. He didn’t care at all.

Trevor then took note of the plastic bags that Phillip held in his hand. He could kind of see through them to the labels on the chip bags and bottles of soda. “Those for the movie?”

Phillip managed to crack a grin at him as he lifted the bags. “Do you think these will last the whole night?”

What Trevor really wondered was if Phillip knew that he was flexing his arm muscle when he did that.

“Should be fine, if we ration them properly,” Trevor said and then cleared his throat. “The TV in the sitting room is bigger. Let’s watch on that one.”

It was almost comfortable, the way they moved around each other, like they’d been doing this for years. Phillip put the bags of popcorn in the microwave, and soon the entire cottage smelled of butter and salt.

Trevor pulled the movie up onto the TV and then poured their drinks.

Phillip handed him his own bag of popcorn, and together they made their way back to the couch.

He knew that Phillip had thought he would be coming over to watch the movie in Trevor’s room, but if they wanted sex they could always go in there later. Or stay on the couch. Trevor just didn’t want any of his roommates hearing them. This way was definitely better.

He was somewhat disappointed when Phillip didn’t sit immediately next to him on the couch. He didn’t sit on the other end entirely. He was more in the middle while Trevor stayed close to the arm.

He felt like an idiot. He was the one to tell Phillip that it was all right if he wanted to take it slow, and here he was, wondering why the man wasn’t cuddling with him or something.

He really needed to stop thinking about this and just enjoy the movie, and the company.

He couldn’t. It was the longest movie of his life, or it felt like it was, anyway. He caught on to only a couple of parts before Phillip would shift in his seat or lick the salt and butter from his fingers, bringing Trevor’s awareness of him back again.

The movie was barely over, and he was so horny he thought he would jump on the man right then and there. And they’d only gotten through one of the three they’d agreed to watch together.

“What did you think?” Phillip asked him when it was over.

Trevor tried to piece together the bits he’d seen. “I get why Bela Lugosi is still talked about today. He makes a great Dracula, but it just didn’t seem that scary to me.”

Not scary enough if he could barely pay attention to it.

“It was scary when it first came out.”

Trevor could admit that it was a nice piece of cinema. He just couldn’t imagine anyone ever being scared of it.

“I see that look on your face. It’s true,” Phillip said, taking his empty popcorn bag over to the garbage under the sink in the connected kitchen.

Trevor’s popcorn bag was still half-full and cold by now. “I guess so.”

Phillip sighed. “Yeah, you weren’t paying attention.”

Trevor stiffened. “Yes, I was!”

Phillip returned to the couch. “No, you weren’t. I can smell you.”

Trevor’s body froze up entirely. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Sometimes he forgot that there were other people in the pack who had supersensitized noses like he did. Phillip had been sitting next to him that entire time, and he’d smelled Trevor’s building lust for him.

“It’s okay,” Phillip said. “I don’t mind.”

“Well, I didn’t think tonight we’d be doing that, since we were going for the whole friends thing,” Trevor said, still embarrassed with himself.

“We are friends. We’re just doing this, too,” Phillip said, and he tentatively reached for him.

Trevor came forward and tried not to seem too eager about it, allowing Phillip to put his hands on him. He loved how warm they felt around his neck and even through the material of the T-shirt he wore as Phillip’s other hand slid around his back.

Well, he’d hoped for just a casual night like old times, but he was more than willing to take this on, too. So long as it meant that Phillip would kiss and touch him like he’d done yesterday in the woods. His mouth and skin burned for those touches. He didn’t think he could survive without them.

Trevor lifted his leg and sat on Phillip’s lap. He was pleased to see that the other man was in a similar state of arousal as he was. Guess Trevor really hadn’t been paying attention if he hadn’t noticed that. Maybe the popcorn masked the scent. If that was the case, then he needed to start practicing his skills a little more.

All those thoughts went away when Phillip’s eyes flickered down to his mouth, and then he carefully leaned forward. As Phillip kissed him and held him close, Trevor closed his eyes, and slowly he started rocking his hips against Phillip’s.

The other man moaned and tightened his grip on him, almost pushing Trevor’s hips back and forth, creating more friction.

“That’s nice,” Trevor said with a sigh.

“I want you to ride me like this,” Phillip said, and he reached up and pressed more gentle and exploring kisses along Trevor’s neck and jaw.

His brain caught up with him pretty fast at that point. Shit. “Uh, you kind of used up the last of my lube the last time we were together, but that’s okay. I bet there’s something here we can use.”

Trevor was about to climb off of him and see if he could find any hand lotion or something when Phillip’s hands on his waist went tight again.


“I’ve got something,” Phillip said, then released his hips and started digging into his right pocket. He pulled out a tube. “I thought, just in case, since you don’t like it without.”

Phillip sounded so shy as he said it, and again, Trevor felt warmth spreading inside of him for the other man.

The other mated werewolves had told Trevor that he would be able to handle it without the lube, that his strength would take over and see him through so he could enjoy himself, but he thought they were all crazy. There was no way in hell he was going without it, and he didn’t care what they said about the capabilities of his new body.

He was glad one of them had thought ahead.

He took the little bottle from Phillip’s hand and quickly got up off him, and then he pulled the man to his feet.

“Where are we going?”

“To my room,” Trevor said. “I asked the others to head out tonight, but they might still be back.”

Phillip lifted his eyebrows. “You asked them to go out?”

Fuck, he’d forgotten about that. Well, he was caught now. “Bribed them really.”

Phillip laughed, and together they went down the hall to where Trevor’s bedroom was. “I guess we don’t want to risk ruining the couch either.”

They were mostly silent as they undressed. Trevor hadn’t forgotten that Phillip wanted to keep this just between them for now, and while there was no one in the house, there were still others wandering around the property, and the walls were hardly soundproof.

“Get on the bed,” Phillip commanded, and Trevor promptly did as he was told.


* * * *


Phillip loved the way Trevor was quick to obey his commands. There was no butting of heads in the bedroom while they were like this. Their alphas didn’t have to fight over the dominant position. It was just the two of them enjoying each other.

That was good. That was the way he figured it should be. Maybe that was why he found himself relaxing more and more in Trevor’s presence. They never seemed to fight. They just fit so nicely together.

Phillip frowned at the thought. He needed the connection to Trevor’s body to satisfy his instinctual urges to bond and be with his mate. He didn’t want a relationship out of this. Not yet.

He put his knee up onto the bed, the mattress dipping under his weight. This was going to be another first for them. They were going to fuck on a bed, properly, instead of out in the woods like animals or something.

He was glad for this.

Trevor positioned himself onto his back. Phillip didn’t understand how that was supposed to work, but he didn’t want to admit to his ignorance.

“Get on your hands and knees. It’ll be easier that way,” he said and then hoped that Trevor would buy it and not ask any questions.

He did. Trevor grinned at him and promptly turned onto his hands and knees. “Use a lot, just like you did the last time,” Trevor said over his shoulder.

Phillip did as he was asked and uncapped the lube bottle. It was some kind of gel that warmed against his fingers. He’d never had to buy any of this stuff when he was with Helen, so he hadn’t thought to check the label to see what it did.

Now he knew.

He was no longer afraid of preparing Trevor’s body for him. Now that he was used to it, he found he actually kind of liked it. He enjoyed listening to the way Trevor moaned for him, and the responses he got out of the man always let him know he was doing it right.

He tried something a little different this time. The sight of Trevor’s balls hanging between his legs had Phillip a little curious, so as he hooked his fingers inside, attempting to find that same spot that made the man go so wild before, he used his other hand to gently massage his testicles.

Phillip handled them just the way he liked having his own balls handled, and Trevor bucked. His arms gave out on him, and his face went down into his pillows, which was probably a good thing or else someone from outside might’ve heard the noises he was making.

His words were muffled, so Phillip had no idea what he was saying, but it was fairly easy for him to tell that the responses were positive. Then his fingers pressed against the little spot inside of him, his prostate, and Trevor shivered as he came.

Phillip pressed his fingers in further, drawing out Trevor’s pleasure. He was completely transfixed by the man. He couldn’t take his eyes away from him. He’d never looked at another male before and thought of the things he did now. He always knew men could be nice to look at, but they didn’t do anything for him that Trevor did.

Trevor lifted himself up, panting and still sweating, out of the pillows he’d just finished yelling into. His face held the kind of sweaty satisfaction that came with running a marathon and finishing in first place.

“I’m ready. Fuck me,” he said, still panting.

BOOK: The Werewolf Affair [DeWitt's Pack 14] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)
9.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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