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He kissed her once again and she arched into his body responding once again to his passionate embrace when she felt something soft but heavy clamp onto her wrist.

Angela gasped in surprise and looked up at her wrist. As she looked up he slipped a cuff onto her other wrist.

“Isaac!” she exclaimed in surprise. He leaned back and smiled but didn’t release her wrist. She tugged on the restraints but the chains on the handcuffs didn’t reach far enough for her fingers to unlock either set of the cuffs. She felt the weight of additional cuffs being added to her ankles.

“What are you doing?” she asked nervously.

“Handcuffing you to my bed. You don’t like it?” he asked trailing his fingers over her hip and down her thigh.

She shivered, partly in fear and partly in excitement. She tested the bounds of the chain on her ankles and realized that they moved even less than the cuffs on her wrist. Pulling each as far as she was able would still leave her legs spread open. She knew what havoc he could wreck on her sensitive body. Without her hands to stop him she was afraid to know what he would do.

“No, I don’t think I like it.” She squeaked.

His fingers dipped between her legs. She closed her eyes knowing he would feel the moisture gathering there. “Don’t lie Angie.” He warned and moved his fingers gently over her clit.

She hissed as though burned when his fingers touched that sensitive piece of flesh.

“I can tell when you lie.” He said and brushed his fingers over her again.

“Isaac!” she called out and curled her toes as the lightning bolt of pleasure shot through her body. “You’ll kill me.”

“Death by passion? I think I like the sound of that.” He lowered his head and swirled his tongue across the space between her breasts before circling a nipple with his tongue. Moans of pleasure escaped her as he sucked her breast into the cavern of his mouth. She gasped in pain and pulled back when he pulled too hard.

He raised a brow at the movement but his motions were gentler when he moved to the other breast. His ministrations quickly had her writhing in the bed. Then his kisses moved lower. He dipped a tongue into her belly button and laughed when she jerked away.

His fingers gently parted her folds before dipping his head between her legs and tasting her. She tugged at the restraints but she couldn’t escape his clever tongue tracing patterns on her sensitive flesh. Moaned and called his name until the pleasure mounted higher and higher. Her words were no longer coherent and her shouts of pleasure were hoarse.

Isaac moved expert fingers over her body pulling her deeper and deeper into his passionate and helpless to stop the tide her body tingled from head to toe. She lost count of how many times he brought her body to orgasm before he finally relented and unlocked the cuffs that secured her to the bed.

When he finally thrust into her body she shuddered in relief. She couldn’t think of anything that could possibly feel better than when his body was moving inside of her. Each thrust was electric and she felt each motion down the soles of her feet. The pleasure built until she climaxed yet again. Her body clamped down on him and he found his pleasure right after her.

She was so exhausted she rolled into his body and his hands soothed over her hair and down her back as she fell asleep in his arms.



Chapter 4


This time it was Angela’s turn to wake up in an empty bed. She smelled bacon and potatoes; Isaac was cooking. With a smile she sat up in bed but once standing she felt slightly lightheaded. She quickly grabbed onto the night stand and after a few moments the spinning sensation stopped and she grabbed one of Isaac’s t-shirts before heading downstairs.

Clearly she was hungrier than she realized last night. She and Isaac would have to remember to eat dinner if they were going to be awake half the night.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” she called once she reaching the landing. Walking into the kitchen she found a fully dressed Isaac standing at the stove.

“I figured you needed the sleep.” He looked her up and down his smile decidedly cocky. “I wore you out.”

“Yeah,” she admitted, “and now I’m going to be tired at work!” she moved closer to the stove to peer at the contents of the various pans. The bacon smelled divine but she when she smelled the scent of onions in the eggs she drew her head back sharply.

Isaac noticed the motion. “You okay?”

Angela frowned at the pan. “Yeah,” she replied automatically. Turning away she picked up the glass of orange juice on the table and took a quick sip. Normally she liked cooked onions on foods but the smell made her stomach flip. She shook her head. She was probably over reacting.

As Isaac starting to fix her a plate her stomach jolted again. “I think I’ll skip the eggs today. The bacon and toast with hash browns is plenty.” She said with a slight frown.

“You sure everything is okay.” He asked her again.

Angela frowned again at the eggs before dismissing the thought of pregnancy. She’d taken the pill within 72 hours like directed. She’d had her period ten days later and even started birth control. “I probably had some bad take out at lunch yesterday.”

They finished breakfast and she quickly took a shower and dressed for work. She didn’t particularly like the idea of driving into work with Isaac, since it was tantamount to hanging a large sign around her neck saying “I’m with him!” but after the night they’d just spent together she was more than willing to walk through fire for the man sitting beside her.

She made her way to her desk and got to work. She was on cloud nine. Was it possible to be any happier? The man she loved had admitted her loved her and she… wait. She hadn’t said it back. Her mind replayed all of the events from the past night and she couldn’t remember ever telling Isaac that she loved him. An oversight she was now eager to fix but she wouldn’t get her chance until later tonight since Isaac wouldn’t be in the office today. He was out with Charles helping on one of the construction sites.

By 2pm however her happy smiles and enthusiastic welcomes had faded. She swore she’d had at least 4 cups of coffee but she was exhausted. Even Isaac’s father commented on it. She assured him she’d just had a late night and would be back to normal tomorrow.

She wandered downstairs for her fifth cup of coffee for the day and was sipping the noxious brew when Jessica entered the room.

“I know its hump day but yikes” she asked.

“What are you talking about Jessica?” Angela responded before muffling a yawn.

“You’re grinning like the cat that got the cream, but falling asleep like you had been eating said ‘cream’ all night long.” Jessica sassed.

Angela laughed and Jessica grinned triumphantly.

“I knew it!” she exclaimed, before wrinkling up her nose. “God, I’m jealous!”

“Oh what?” laughed Angela. “I haven’t told you anything.”

“Oh, but you look happy. That smile is telling it all on you.” Jessica replied.

Angela shrugged. It was true, she did feel happy and considering the things Isaac had done last night- she probably did look a bit smug. She studied Jessica over the mug in her hand as she took another sip. When she first met the other woman she’d wore shirts cut down to show an ample amount of cleavage. Her skirts were barely long enough to be called proper, her hair was always perfectly curled, and her nails covered by small acrylic surf boards.

Today however her hair was pulled back into a demure ponytail and while her blouse had the first three buttons undone you could see lace stopping the view from being indecent.

“Are you going to the fundraiser on Friday night?” Angela asked.

“The prom?” replied Jessica, “I don’t know.”

“I think you should. I think you’ll have a lot of fun if you give it a chance.” Angela said sincerely.

“Maybe” replied Jessica doubtfully.

Angela hoped the other woman would be there. Over the past few weeks Jessica had slowly warmed up and was actually likeable now that they’d spent more time together. It was obvious that she was attractive to Charles but her aggressive tactics clearly left him cold. She was curious to see if the softer side of Jessica would snare his interest.

Angela topped the cup off once more before heading back to desk upstairs.




“C’mon sleepy head!” a hand pushed at her shoulder waking her. Angela rubbed her eyes and sat up. She didn’t recall going to bed in Isaac’s bed.

“When did I go to sleep?” she asked as she stretched.

“You were sleep on the couch when I got back from the store a couple hours ago. But it’s time to wake up. Marcella is downstairs. She wants help with something and insists that she needs to get ready here.”

Angela groaned and covered her face beneath the pillow. “Oh, I don’t want to go. I was busy and didn’t go back to find a dress, so I don’t have anything to wear. Go with Charles and Marcella!”

Isaac tugged the pillow from her face. “I brought you something.”

On the bed next to her sat the bag she remembering him buying at the mall a few days ago. Was it only a few days ago? It seemed like a million years.

“Its hanging up in the bathroom and the bag is for you too. Try it on,” he urged her “and if you don’t like it then you can stay home.”

Angela watched as he rose from the bed and walked from the room. Home, she smiled. It rolled off his tongue so easily. She was still sitting there with a bemused smile on her face when Marcella entered the room. She watched her peek and make sure Isaac was gone before closing the door and setting the large purse on her should down on the bed. She was dressed in a deep red, tight fitting satin sheath dress.

Angela shook her head bemused. Good thing she didn’t choose the short green sheath dress that Isaac suggested or else she’d look like an elf standing next to her striking friend.

“Are you seriously up here taking a nap?” asked Marcella.

Angela slid to the edge of the bed and picked up the shopping bag from Isaac. “Of course not! I was just going to get dressed.” She lied as she walked to the bathroom.

Marcella followed behind her but both girls came to a halt when they saw the dress hanging in the bathroom. It was a bright sunny yellow. The bodice of the dress had silver threaded vines with tiny pale orange flowers. There were thin straps to go her shoulder but then gauzy yellow material was made to fall artfully off the shoulder. The dress was short. Only reaching to about mid-thigh but she liked that it looked like a ball gown with the cinched waist and then all the yellow tulle in the skirt making it puff out from the body. The silver thread and sparkles made the dress look like something from a fairy tale.

“Where did you find that?” asked Marcella in a hushed tone.

“Isaac bought it.” whispered Angela softly.

“My brother?” she asked incredulously. “No way. Jerk-face did that?”

Angela laughed. “Yeah.”

Marcella eyed her doubtfully but said nothing. She left the room and returned with the bag Angela had set on the dresser. She pulled out a box and inside she found a silver jewelry set. “Wow. You sure this was my brother who bought this?” Marcella asked again.

As Angela was staring bemused at the jewelry, Marcella reached in the bag again pulling out the final box. When she lifted the lid she gave a sigh of relief.

Angela looked up at her questioning. “What was that for?”

“I knew jerk-face didn’t have any fashion sense!” Marcella replied shaking her head.

“What are you talking about?” asked Angela.

Marcella began giggling “He bought you stripper shoes to go with your dress.”

“Seriously,” asked Angela her mouth in a rounded in surprise. “He didn’t!”

“Yes, he did!” Marcella laughed loudly. She reached into the box and pulled one of the shoes from the box using her thumb and index finger. “Look. CLEAR HEELS!”

Angela took the shoe box as her friend dissolved into a heap of giggles. “That’s it, no more black movies for you!” she waggled her finger at her friend. She tried not to laugh but it was hard when she looked down at the yellow stilettos with the clear heels and Chris Rock’s comedic words about clear heels floated through her head.

Angela closed the box and set it on the dresser. She doubted she would have shoes to match the dress and they were the same yellow as the dress even if they did indeed have clear material on the bottom. She shook her head, there was no time to replace the silver and yellow shoes and they were a bit pretty if you didn’t pay attention to the heel. She looked at the shoes and back at her friend. It didn’t appear as though Marcella was going to stop her laughter anytime soon.

She left Marcella giggling and took a quick shower. When she stepped from the shower and wrapped herself in the towel her friend had set out a brush for her hair, plugged in her curling iron and left a pregnancy test sitting on the counter. Angela glanced back at the box sitting on the counter next to the sink.

“Oh my god Marcie, are you pregnant?” Angela asked surprised.

Marcella’s eyes went round as a saucer. “Me? That’s not for me! It’s for you!” she exclaimed.

“What do I need it for?” asked Angela her tone indignant. “I’m on birth control.”

“Well you act pregnant!” Marcella realized how loud their voices were brought down her volume after peeking at the door to ensure Isaac wasn’t about to walk into the room. “You have morning sickness and you are tired. Plus you are having a lot of sex. Meaning you might be pregnant.”

Angela laughed and moved around her friend. “Uhm, first, I never told you I was having a lot of sex.” Marcie snorted but Angela continued as though she hadn’t heard her. “And if I was having a lot of sex, wouldn’t it make me tired?”

“Okay. I sound crazy. I can admit that. But I’m not asking you do that much, just pee on the stick. If you aren’t pregnant then you can laugh and call me a moron. I’ll buy margaritas all night until Grandma Lila lectures us on how unladylike it is to get tipsy.

“But if I’m right, that’s my niece or nephew in your belly. It means that some people do have happily ever moments. That regular people can have a Cinderella moment and true love and all that crap. I just really need you, to pee on the stick.” Marcella waved the pregnancy test in the air.

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