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“Move over.” She ordered as she neared the couch.

He raised a brow but didn’t respond.

Angela made a shooing motion with her hand until he moved to the middle of the couch. She flipped over the throw pillow and rescued her previously forgotten phone before it could get broken.

“Is that what happened to you computer too?” he asked softly.


“Perhaps you hid your laptop under the couch and broke it, and that’s why you stopped emailing me two months ago.”

Angela stood up straight noticing this time his eyes met hers rather than staring at her chest. She scooped up the bag with her free hand. She flipped the phone restlessly in her palm.

“No,” she finally answered. “There’s nothing wrong with my laptop.”

She began walking toward her bathroom to put away the wet clothes but she stopped before she could reach the hallway. She glanced over her shoulder to see Isaac still sitting comfortably on her couch.

“Are you staying?” She asked, surprised. Isaac had been to her house many times and it wasn’t unusual for him to sit and watch movies, but Marcella was generally there as well.

Green eyes met hers and held them captive. “Did you want me to leave?” He asked her, his voice husky.

YES! Her mind screamed. The man was a walking temptation and today was too filled with tension for it to be a good idea for them to be alone. She was asking for trouble by letting him stay. The attraction felt far from one sided right now.

“No, you don’t have to leave. I just wasn’t expecting company tonight.” The traitorous words dropped from her lips. So much for caution, her plan to keep her distance from Isaac seemed to be crumbling in the wind.

Angela cleared her throat gently, “I just need to change clothes. I’ll be back in just a second.” As she continued from the room she could swear she felt his gaze burning a hole into her back.

In her bedroom she quickly pulled on a pair of shorts and added a bra before taking her wet swimsuit into the bathroom and hanging the wet pieces up to dry. Before she left the room she glanced in the mirror. Did she look normal? She wet a small towel and wiped underneath her eyes as though she could erase the excited look she saw there.

As much as she tried to tell herself there was nothing going on between her and Isaac, her body was singing a different tune. At least shielded by the bra he wouldn’t notice the peddled nipples. And hopefully if she just stayed far on the other end of the couch the throbbing between her legs would cease.

Angela shook her head at her reflection. These tumultuous feelings were the reason she needed to stay far away from Isaac. He was just flirting and amusing herself and she had to fight to keep herself from turning into a moron at the sight of him smiling at her. With a sigh she hung the hand towel on the rack and headed back to the living room.

She willed herself to act normal. After all, hadn’t she and Isaac watched a million movies together before in the past? This was almost like every other time right? Marcella not being there wasn’t going to be a big deal, she told herself.

Isaac was once again leaning on the arm of the couch when she came into the room. She sat on the couch grabbing one of the soft plush throw pillows and leaned against the opposite arm of the couch, away from Isaac.

Isaac slid toward the middle of the couch. His large frame close enough to her that she swore she could feel the heat from his body on hers. Angela slowly tucked her feet up on the couch. She then stretched out so that her toes were right next his thighs. This way he couldn’t slip any closer to her on the couch without sitting on her feet.

He just ended a serious relationship a few months ago. He isn’t serious. Marcella is my best friend. It would be so awkward. She kept repeating the words in her head determined not to allow herself to forget all the reasons that they shouldn’t be together.

From the corner of her eyes she saw Isaac glance at her and smile. He then sat the bowl on the opposite side between him body and the couch. Angela frowned. She realized after lifting her feet that she wouldn’t be able to comfortably reach over and eat the popcorn but Isaac was intentionally messing with her! Angela lifted her foot slightly higher and kicked Isaac in his hip.

“Hey!” He exclaimed with a laugh.

“Sorry. I had a leg spasm,” she lied.

“Leg spasm eh?” Isaac quickly grabbed the offending foot and tugged it across his lap.

“Hey! Quit that!” Angela quickly tugged her foot from his hand and tucked it under her body so he couldn’t tickle her. She waggled a finger at him. “It’s not my fault I’m having leg spasm. Maybe if somebody wasn’t bogarting the popcorn, I’d have more potassium and my leg spasms would go away!”

Isaac shook the bowl and peered down into the bowl. “What exactly are you putting on this popcorn? Hallucinogenic?” he said his tone skeptical.

“Maybe I added banana powder! Gimme my popcorn!” she demanded.

Isaac laughed and handed over the bowl. “Potassium, in the popcorn? That’s what you’re going with? You always were a shitty liar.”

“Jokes on you. There is potassium in popcorn!” She threw a few kernels of the popcorn into her mouth.

“Really? How much?” He asked as he leaned over taking a handful from the bowl.

Angela held her breath as he reached across her body his fingers just inches from touching her breast. When he pulled away, a handful of popcorn held between his fingers, she sighed, and then quickly cleared her throat to cover the sound.

“How much?” she repeated.

“How much potassium is in that bowl of popcorn?”

“Uhm, actually, I think I’d probably have to eat this entire bowl to get about half the amount in a banana,” she admitted.

Isaac shook his head. “That does not count.”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t count that either,” she chuckled and moved the bowl to rest on her knee between their bodies.

Isaac had dropped his arm on the back of the couch behind her. The only place they were touching was the feeling of his hard thigh beneath her toes. Sadly, even that small amount of contact pleased her. She’d forgotten all about her mental list of reasons to stay far, far, away from Isaac Whitman.

She could smell the scent of his cologne over the short distance separating their bodies. She didn’t know the name of the scent he wore but the tantalizingly masculine scent was distracting. She slowly stroked a finger over her collar bone. She wondered if he actually wore cologne or could it be the scent of a body wash that he used? In her mind, she pictured him in the shower rubbing soap over rippling abdominal muscles.

The gentle motion of her finger over her skin began to give her goose bumps. She shivered and brushed against the hand resting on the couch behind her. She glanced over at Isaac. Which was silly, of course, he couldn’t tell she’d started fantasizing about him. He is sitting right next to you, she reminded herself. The throbbing between her legs had only gotten worse. She dropped her hands into lap and shifted on the couch and forced herself to focus on the movie. No more thoughts about a naked Isaac in the shower. Certainly no more envisioning a trail of soap bubbles sliding down his abs and over his-

“Wow, I’m-really-thirsty-are-you-thirsty-I’m-going-to-get-a-soda!” she rambled and quickly left the room, tossing the popcorn bowl on the table.

When she returned with a two bottles of water she sat neatly on the couch, making sure no part of her was touching and Isaac. The ice cube she’d dropped down her shirt had effectively gotten her wayward thoughts under control. She never could understand why someone would want to involve ice during a sex game. There was nothing sexy about freezing to death!

Surprisingly enough it didn’t take very long for her to get drawn into the movie and stop thinking about Isaac so much. With her mind no longer so focused on sexual thoughts things actually felt normal between her and Isaac. She gradually relaxed, laughing at the comedic antics of the main character.

As the movie came to an end Isaac took the empty popcorn bowl into the kitchen. She assumed he would leave, since a quick glance at her phone showed it was getting late, but when he came back into the room he sat on the couch once again. He picked up the remote and flipped channels until he found another movie.

When Isaac dropped an arm across her shoulder pulling her body into his she briefly considered protesting, but decided against it. She liked the feel of his hard body pressed against hers. Trying to convince him otherwise would be a hardship for her. After all she hadn’t even managed to convince herself of that lie yet.

She wiggled her body around a bit, trying to find a slightly more comfortable spot on the couch while leaning on him. After a few moments he squeezed her shoulders in warning, and she finally quit wriggling around and settled on a position.

She felt Isaac tug on one of the braids resting on her shoulder and then give a gentle tug on the other. When she felt his fingers try to undo the braid she shook her head pulling the braid from his hand. He grabbed the other braid unraveling it as well.

“What is with you and the hair?” she questioned.

“I should ask you that. It’s always pinned up in a bun or a ponytail or braided. You never leave it down.”

“It gets tangled unless it is straight, and it takes too long to straighten it all the time. A ponytail is faster.” She shrugged. This time she felt his fingers move to the nape of her neck and play with the small tendrils of hair. She tensed, briefly, but didn’t move away.

When his fingers moved from the nape of her neck to the side of her neck and down over her collar bone she froze. That one small caress was like a bolt of electricity through her body. Every nerve in her body seemed to sit up and pay attention. She held her breath. His hand moved over her arm stroking gently up and down as her continued to watch the movie.

She knew she should get up. Move away from him. Put an end to what was happening but she couldn’t help being curious. Her body lit up like a candle if he so much as looked at her too long. She felt a bolt of heat when she realized she had an email from him. She’d wanted to know what it felt like to be touched by him since she was a teenager. As foolish as it was, their age difference hadn’t mattered to her.

Now she was older, and she was supposed to be wiser. She knew it was reckless, and more than a little bit stupid, but she was reluctant to put an end to what was happening. She reminded herself that he wasn’t serious. Yet, if one night was all she was going to get, then shouldn’t she just take her moment and enjoy it?

Isaac’s hand moved down over her arm and continued over her hip. It took every ounce of willpower she could muster in order to reach out and halt the downward motion of his hand. Thighs clenched tight she sat up on the couch, separating their bodies, and looked over at Isaac. His hand was still clasped within hers.

“What are you doing Isaac?” She asked softly, her eyes searching his.

“What I should’ve done earlier.” He tugged her wrist, catching her off guard, and she fell forward into his chest. His hand slid over the curve of her ass and down her thigh. He then tugged her knee across his legs, forcing her body to straddle his.

His eyes searched hers briefly before leaning in and capturing her lips with his. The feel of his firm lips pressed against hers was like a bolt of electricity flowing through her. She could feel the excitement from his touch all throughout her body. It was far better than her memories of their long ago kiss.

Passion flowed and heat spread through her body like wildfire. Caution was a distant memory. When he deepened the kiss, she melted into him. She broke the kiss with a gasp when his fingers crept beneath the flimsy t-shirt, and past the bra, tweaking a nipple between his fingers.

Isaac took advantage of the moment and tugged the shirt over her head. He feathered light kisses over her neck and chest before catching her nipple in his mouth and suckling hard. She arched her back giving him better access as he moved from one breast to the other and repeated his arousing caress.

She tried to remember why she shouldn’t be doing this. However, all she could think about was how she never wanted his lips to leave her body. She cried out, her body trembling when he gently bit down on her nipple and his fingers found their way between their two bodies to stroke through her moist folds.

“Isaac!” she called out her body trembling on the edge of orgasm.

“Damn. You are so hot right.” he whispered into her ear. “Your tight pussy is going to feel so good stretched over my dick.”

The naughty words he whispered in her ear along with the slow glide of his fingers inside of her sent her screaming over the edge.

Powerful arms scooped her up into the air and carried her down the hallway to the small bedroom. He stood her up in front of the bed. His green eyes dark in the muted light of the room were intense on hers. His fingers tugged on the band of her shorts pushing them down over her thighs before he stepped back and pulled the shirt over his head.

She gazed over his hard chest. He stood still as she reached out to run her fingers down his chest fingering the thin trail of hair over his belly button. It was too late to consider turning back now. Her body craved his. She was on fire just imagining him covering her and touching her, his body pressed to hers. There was no way she could stop things at this point. Now, she knew the reality was so much better than anything she had spent her nights imagining. Stopping wasn’t even a consideration.

When her fingers pulled the button on his jean and grasped the zipper, Isaac came to life. In just moments he was naked in front of her and pushing her down into the bed. She heard the sound of plastic ripping. A moment later his fingers were wrapped in hers as he brought her hands up to grip the headboard behind her.

“Don’t let go.” he told her, his voice raspy.

“Ok” she nodded as he spread her legs wider.

A hiss escaped her lips as she felt his cock pressing into her body. She’d never had a lover as large as the man pressing into right now. His warm mouth captured a breast in his mouth as his body slowly rocked back and forth in her tight passage slowly working his way deeper and deeper with sure strokes.

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