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Unsuitable Obsession - Part One (10 page)

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Amber continued to stare at Adrian bouncing in the
balloon, could sense Eduardo’s eyes fixated on her form. Her cheeks
flushed hot, Eduardo noted his effect on her, turned away, cleared
his own throat.

Did my heart just skip a beat? What the hell was
going on? Why do we keep looking at each other this way? Not good
Amber, not good.
Amber pretended to forget the conversation and
walked around the jumper. Adrian was laughing and giggling with the
other kids as Amber eyed Eduardo melt away across the transparent
mesh of the blown up dinosaur.

Eduardo made himself disappear. It was happening to
him again, those uncensored feelings. He thought they’d settle,
should have subsided by now—but nope—no departure in sight. He was
not only sexually attracted to Amber, he required being in the same
proximity with her, which left him totally in doubt! He was hunting
her companionship now? That was really mind-blowing! He never
wanted friendship from a woman before and didn’t want a
relationship, dashed away from them every chance he got. No, Amber
still held his interest and he had to disengage before it truly
rendered him to pieces.

For the rest of the evening, in between the meals
and the cake, Amber tried to avoid Eduardo at all costs. He was
scaring her now and she didn’t know what to make of it. Here was
her brother-in-law, he was someone to have fun with during the
family functions, kid around with, have a legal conversation with
and now she couldn’t stop thinking about him? The feeling was
totally surprising, but at the same time, quenching. Eduardo kept
staring at her in the way her low-life boyfriends used to do, only
this time, this particular fellow wasn’t so repulsive and he was
beyond her reach, a man she thought she could never get. The more
time she spent with Eduardo the further his magnetism drew her in.
What the heck was going on? She had a wonderful husband. A husband,
who adored his child, worshiped
. Victor was her knight
in shining armor, taking her away into his castle and harboring her
from fear, and currently—without warning—she was being tugged by
this dragon, the desirable, enchanting, mysterious, mythical beast
that was Eduardo Sanchez, Attorney-at-Law.



Longing For Passion


Amber was in the middle of drinking some coffee,
when she had to blink twice. Eduardo was in a corner of the living
room with some blonde. Who was
Where did
come from?
Amber thought.
So this is what he
likes...blonde, slender and strikingly beautiful? How very
fortunate for him, how very fortunate for her, grabbing all the
attention from the most handsome man at the party! Damn

Instantly, Amber stood up, went to find Victor. Once
she found him—talking to one of his cousins—she interrupted their
conversation and blurted out, “Who’s that girl with Eduardo? She’s

Victor and his cousin, Hector, turned and glanced at
Eduardo. Having been incarcerated for nearly two years, Hector was
your typical careless juvenile offender.

Hector spoke first, “I don’t know, but she’s
” he presented with street gang slang.

“Oh, I think she came with one of my cousins,”
Victor suddenly expressed.

“Who?” Hector wanted to know.

“I dunno, I think she came with Monica,” Victor
voiced, turning away from his brother.

“Think I might go introduce myself, get me some
action,” Hector mouthed choppy.

“Yah-right, look who you’re competing with
, she’s not going to notice anyone else tonight,”
Victor voiced, patting his cousin on the back; “You’re going home
alone my friend.”

Amber continued to stare at Eduardo and his
acquisition. Victor noted her concentration. “Go over there Amber,
introduce yourself, maybe you’ll hit if off since you’re so
attracted to her too,” he snorted.

Hector guffawed and the two humorous guys give each
other high five’s. Amber gave her husband a sneer. “Funny.”

The sun set early that afternoon and Rosalba and
Fabrizio turned on the Christmas lights they left up throughout the
year and illuminated the backyard like an outdoor concert. Amber
continued to sip her coffee and studied Eduardo and his conquest
from afar.

Amber couldn’t stop staring at them, the female was
drop dead gorgeous, tall and slim, also wore a tank top with very
tight (Amber assumed) size zero jeans. Her hair, blonde, was
shorter than Amber’s, but just as straight. The female complemented
Eduardo in looks, they formed a stunning pair. She was titillating
at her brother-in-law’s witty remarks (Amber could only presume) as
she watched with a sense of torture in her heart. They got close;
he whispered something in her ear? Her eyes spread outward and she
playfully slapped his shoulder, throwing back her hair and almost
spilling her drink in her hand. He went in for the kill, bodies
gently rubbing up against one another; Eduardo grinned and eyed her
breasts as she continued to throw her head back in seduction. Amber
was breathless now and no longer drinking coffee; she was so
envious of that stupid girl, whoever she was, Amber suddenly
envisioned herself in her place, flaxen hair melting into ink.
Amber throwing her head back, feeling the length of her hair
drape to her waist, his hand on the small of her back, Eduardo
caressing and playing with her hair as she spoke to him

Amber blinked out of her fantasy and gulped when
Eduardo stole a kiss from her. A girl he barely met and he actually
moved in and brushed her lips? Gee, was he really that good?
course he is stupid! He’s the devil incarnate with dreamy green
Good Lord, Amber couldn’t stand it anymore, she had to
glance away she was utterly exhausted from screening his
performance and deliriously covetous of that stupid blonde.

Later that evening, it began to rain, a light mist
turned into a thunder and windswept shower. They were asleep, at
home, when Amber was suddenly woken up by a thunderclap. Victor was
snoring and was unaffected by the sound, God bless him. Amber got
up from bed and wandered into her son’s room; checked in on him
sleeping peacefully. He too slept through the loud sound, God bless
them both.

You wouldn’t have known by the rain coming down in
sheets that it still had been summer. It was hot in the house, too
hot. Adrian’s room was in the front of the dwelling and faced the
street as Amber walked over to the windowsill to make sure the
screen was still open to let in some fresh air. While continuing to
gaze out at the falling rain, Amber ran her hand underneath her
pajama top to rub her own nipple that began to protrude. It was an
aching feeling she felt inside, one she felt that was missing; to
feel desirable, consumed with longing. Sleeping with several boys
before getting married, she searched for conclusion, that impatient
craving waiting to be returned…until she met her husband.

Victor was a pleasant lover but Amber was never
completely satisfied. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it after
making love with him, a touch of emptiness, a pinch of
disappointment, a mood gone astray. Amber was the one who always
initiated sex with her husband; she controlled their lovemaking,
why hadn’t he ever taken charge? Why was Victor so passive all the
time? Why didn’t he ever take control? Amber was invariably
burdened with bringing herself to climax, creating several
different positions for them to try. Why was
the one who
always thought of such intimacy? She didn’t want to admit it, not
realizing the mistake of getting married too soon, but Amber still
sought passion. Wherever and whenever, it was an emotion she never
really captured.

The rain was relentless now and the street was
beginning to flood; you could barely see the glow of the street
lamps in the distance, outside it was so gray, so foggy, but
Good Lord
, could it be? Amber narrowed her eyes once
more; maybe her mind was playing tricks on her. No, could it be?
Was that her brother-in-law’s
Was it really Eduardo’s
Porsche? Amber stood back from the window for the
moment—impossible. She peeked back behind the curtains; it was the
same shape, even the same color as his. Why would it be Eduardo?
Why would he be

The mixed emotions she felt stirred her senses. Why
was he here? What does he want? Her mouth became very dry, the
thought of him being outside in the middle of the night brought
upon curiosity and wonder about him. She felt heat between her legs
now. Did he see her touching her breasts a moment ago?
If he had, she would never be able to look him in the eye
again. But why was the thought of him watching her suddenly burning
her with such gratifying pleasure? Because he’s the devil
incarnate, that’s why! Every time Amber was next to him she became
intoxicated with wantonness. It must be hard for him really, to
grow up knowing he exuded so much sexuality, Amber wouldn’t know
what to do with so much attention...or would she? That little
modest realization made her giggle as she peeked through the
curtains again, the Porsche was still there. Maybe it was one of
her neighbors’ friends or something. She’d make a mental note to
ask in the morning.

Amber’s eyes grew wide when she spotted the driver
exiting the vehicle and scurry into the pouring rain. The man was
striding towards her front yard? Amber then realized it was
Eduardo, she’d recognize him anywhere. She leaned back and away
from the window, she didn’t want him noticing that she’d been
watching his approach. She waited for a knock on the door, there
wasn’t one? What the hell was he doing here!

Amber sprinted towards the front door and waited on
the other side. Her heart pounded stubbornly—he hadn’t knocked yet?
Good Lord what was he doing? Amber gazed through the peephole,
Eduardo was kneeling down placing something on her front porch and
was about to scamper back into the rain when Amber flicked on the
porch light and unlocked the door flinging it open.

Eduardo was unprepared—kicked in the teeth was more
like it. Amber filling his brother’s doorway unequivocally captured
his very breath. Her long dark hair went wild and draped off the
sides of her shoulders; her pink camisole barely covered two
impeccable curvy breasts. Raised nipples visibly inviting, her
exposed toes dangled in front of him stimulating his reason. Having
been spellbound by her scandalous arrival, he cleared his throat
and turned away for a second to regain his composure.

“Eduardo?” Amber asked astonished he was there, in
her doorway, in spite of being drenched, inescapably handsome.

“God Amber, I didn’t mean to wake you,” he let go,
brushing dripping hair away from his eyes.

Amber watched Eduardo continue to stand his distance
in the persistent drizzle. “Good Lord Eduardo, get out of the rain
before you get sick,” she said, motioning for him to come in
closer, away from the rigid downpour and under the porch

Eduardo slowly approached and brought his eyes down
to her feet and up her body again. The insinuation in his eyes
caused Amber’s heart to sink. She had forgotten that she was in her
meager camisole and hadn’t put on a robe.

An arm length apart from her, Eduardo had no other
choice but to dig his hands deep into his jacket pockets. He wanted
to apprehend her; his lustful nature inundated him. “Guess you’re
wondering what I’m doing here,” he jibed, offering a purely erotic

Amber was cold the moment she stepped outside, but
now, an invigorating heat passed through her body from his smile
alone. She let go a sniggle, “Well, kind of.”

“I was dropping off my date,” Eduardo explained,
gazing away from Amber’s bareness.

“The blonde?”

“Yah, she—,” Eduardo stopped having been caught off
guard. How did she know? The blonde was too tempting by far; she
had an open invitation written all over her precious little
physique. They made out for the longest time on her couch but he
still couldn’t bring himself to have sex with her. The female even
stripped for him, but all Eduardo could think about was getting
over to his brother’s house and dropping off that God damn tape!
Amber consumed him, overpowered his sexual drive, why the hell
couldn’t he get her off his mind? The thought of Amber’s keen
perception stumped the hell out of him. He even forgot what he was
going to say? “She...the girl, she lives a couple of blocks from
here actually, near Wisteria, down the road, if you make a left,
and then another left, that’s her house.” Eduardo then shut his
eyes, he was blabbering again, couldn’t keep his mind straight.
Amber had wrapped her arms underneath her chest and practically
pushed her bosoms out the top of her camisole.

Amber noticed that Eduardo had changed from shorts
to pants, but was still wearing that saffron shirt; that gold chain
of his shimmered from the porch light and captivated her. Amber
snickered, “But that still doesn’t explain why you’re here.”

Cornered? Trapped? Why couldn’t he remain calm? Why
did her allure approach so swiftly? He wondered what the hell she
was looking at, his shirt, his chest, his jacket. “Where’s

Amber looked at him quizzically, “Asleep, why?”

Eduardo finally governed his emotions. “You’re up—he
isn’t, just curious that’s all.”

“I was—”

“Amber,” he chimed in, cutting her off, “Mama wanted
to make sure that Adrian didn’t wake up tomorrow morning and not
have his favorite video to watch. That’s why I’m here, figured I
could drop it off, leave the video on your front porch and leave a
message on your machine.”

Amber turned around, eyed the Disney VHS tape on the
floor and knelt down to retrieve it. “Oh—thanks, you didn’t have to
do that,” she voiced, surveying the video.

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