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Vegas Moon

BOOK: Vegas Moon
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The Stiletto Sanction 2

Vegas Moon

Psychic vampire Cindi Vera Cruz has no intention of falling in love with sanguine vampire Tristan Dane. She makes that fact perfectly clear to Tristan every chance she gets. He’s twenty-one years old, ten years her junior, and as she sees it, definitely not in her cards as a forever type of man, only a lover. But when Tristan decides he’s tired of her games and demands she admit her feelings for him, all hell breaks loose.

Situations heat up when Tristan walks into the yearly Stiletto Sanction coven party only to find Cindi feeding on his energy without his consent. His shock turns into anger. And then anger turns into a game of battle of the wills. Tristan calls her bluff by raising the stakes in the blood play room. She has always been a willing participant in bleeding for him in the name of pleasure, but will she bleed to feed his need for pranic energy?

Note: Hero involved in acts of vampirism.

Contemporary, May-December

24,691 words



The Stiletto Sanction 2






R.M. Sotera










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The story thus far…


Life is funny yet so very strange. Welcome, my friends, to the world of real vampires. The kind of people that crave pranic energy, and get it through blood drinking, aura drinking, and sexual means.

The story began when a virginal Catholic girl, Mia Chritini, and her best friend, Cindi Vera Cruz, crashed a vampire party in a small town in Cassadaga, Florida. That night Mia’s sheltered and boring life changed forever.

Months later she married Jordon De L’croix, the second in command of a very powerful vampire coven known as Stiletto Sanction. Jordan, considered to be a player in every sense of the word, found true love and redemption with Mia, but it didn’t come without a price.

The day of their wedding, a gruesome murder took place thousands of miles away in Las Vegas, and it was rumored to be fueled by real vampire beliefs, thus the heads of Stiletto Sanction, Jordan and Jamison, headed to Sin City to see if they could help with the investigation.

Mia, the newly wedded bride, did not take her man leaving lightly and insisted on accompanying the duo to Las Vegas. After much battling back and forth, Jordan finally caved, and Mia, Cindi, and another Sanction member followed.

At the airport in Vegas, Mia was kidnapped. After a search, Mia was found, rushed to the hospital, flatlined, and came back to life. And then life took yet another spin when Jordan and Mia broke up, made up, and then finally entered the blood play room as participants for the first time. With this addition to the saga that is Stiletto Sanction, we get to know Mia’s best friend Cindi and Sanction member Tristan.

Readers, sit back relax and enjoy the wild ride that’s Vegas Moon.


R.M. Sotera


The Stiletto Sanction 2



Copyright © 2012








“Would you bleed for me?” Tristan Dane spoke the words to me as if he knew the hidden answer. He knew damn well I didn’t bleed as food for anybody. The night he confronted me, I was—how should I say this without you thinking me wicked? On second thought, do I care if you think me wicked? No, I don’t. I’ll just lay it out. I was feeding on him, without his knowledge.

The young man’s pranic energy overflowed. Perhaps I should have asked him if I could have a taste, but I liked riling him. He was my little piece of caramel candy. On many occasions, I wanted to suck the flavor from his sexy body, but I’d kept my distance so that I wouldn’t give my best friend Mia a coronary. He had been a student in her drama class when we met. At that time I told her to chill because he happened to be eighteen, which under Florida law was an adult. Not to mention the sexy youngster was perfect for me.

She thought otherwise. Sweet Mia, figures.

Now he’s twenty-one. And I’m ready for a plaything.

Chapter 1


Puking would feel really awesome right now.

Tristan Dane stretched both arms out to his side in an attempt to keep balance.
What the hell is happening to me?
Dizziness incapacitated his body in record speed. Heat coiled through his head. And when he thought he couldn’t withstand another form of abuse to his body, a cold sweat attacked his limbs. He was perfectly fine when he’d left the house a few hours ago, yet this moment he felt like the flu had just accosted him.

His eyes wouldn’t focus as every image blurred into small white dots in his line of vision. Panic surfaced as he sucked in a breath, reasoning with himself to calm down. After he’d placed both palms on the side of his face, he closed his eyes.
Calm down, calm down.

His attempts at calming weren’t working.

And puking sounded better and better.

What the fuck?
After a few excruciating moments, his heartbeat slowed at the same time the nausea disappeared. With his senses weak, but manageable, he opened his eyes and scanned the room.

Stiletto Sanction rocked tonight as a flurry of people enveloped the massive room. The annual party that previously took place in Cassadaga, Florida, was moved this year to Las Vegas in honor of the many members from the Sin City Sanction that helped find the killer John Ennisbrooke last year, and it merged vampires from different walks of life. The psychic vampires lounged on circular white leather sofas around the perimeter of the room while the sanguine vampires hid in dark pockets tucked to the side. It made it easier for the sangs to feed when they were away from prying eyes.

He didn’t mind feeding in public. It was a turn on in many ways. He probably shouldn’t have thought of food at this moment because just the thought sent a pang of nausea traveling through his stomach again.

Feeling the oncoming dizziness, he secured a hand on the chair next to him and glanced around the room, zeroing in on the woman with the long, dark, curly hair.

The newest addition to the Stiletto coven party, Victoria Levoux, voodoo high priestess from New Orleans, sat with her shapely legs crossed on one of the mahogany barstools drinking a glass of cabernet. Ever since the wedding of Jordan and Mia a few months ago, the woman’s presence had grown in the coven. Elder coven leader, Jamison Rierson, seemed to have a special attachment to her. One really couldn’t blame the man. She was a definite looker.

Slowly he moved his gaze from her, and that’s when he recognized the culprit of his influx of ill health.

Cindi Vera Cruz.

Tristan swallowed hard against the lump in his throat as her name spun circles in his brain and the reality of what was going down hit him in the head like a brick hurled at optimum speed. Somebody, no, someone named Cindi Vera Cruz, was drawing energy from him. No wonder he felt weird.

The culprit of his pain leaned against the back wall of the scarlet-painted room and pinned him with a blue-eyed gaze that would have melted him where he stood had he not been so damned pissed off. At that moment, regardless of how he felt about her, he wanted to cup his hands around her small throat and strangle the life from her, like she was doing to him right now, but instead he reasoned with himself not to overreact, which wasn’t all that easy for a twenty-one-year-old male, even one mature for his age. She knew better than to feed from him without his knowledge.
Damn psychic vampire.
Trying his best to contain his urge to leap across the floor and pounce on her, he moved his hand into his pocket, and maneuvered the silver talon claw onto his right index finger. Tools of his trade.

Two can play your game, baby.

He cut a glance toward the mahogany bar in the corner of the room, attempting to break Cindi’s penetrating stare with a once-over of Victoria’s sexy gams. And then when he was sure Cindi was slightly pissed by his once-over of Vic, he moved across the floor toward Cindi. Halfway into his pursuit, a seductive smile swept her face.

BOOK: Vegas Moon
11.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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