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Authors: R. M. Sotera

Tags: #BDSM, #Erotic Fiction, #Ménage à Trois, #Lesbian, #Food Play, #Exhibitionism, #Paranormal, #Romance, #Sex Toys, #Contemporary

Vegas Moon (11 page)

BOOK: Vegas Moon
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She could sense he had the same fears as she did. The fear that they’d cross this barrier only to realize they were better leaving things as they were.

“I do want to feed from you, Cin. My only fear is that I’ll never want to feed from another after I’ve had energy from you, and that may not be the best thing for us.”

“How about we cross that bridge when the time comes?” Cindi kissed his neck.

The seriousness of the cards laid on the table showed in his silence. But then what looked like optimism shifted his facial landscape. “Sounds like a plan, baby. Now, let’s stop talking and get to feeding. This vamp is starving for you.”









R.M. Sotera is a romance vixen stuck in the body of a prim and proper woman. A transplant to Las Vegas, by day she is a wife, mom, taxi driver, counselor, and psychologist to her wild and, at times, crazy friends. But when the family goes to bed and the house is dark, she seeks refuge in her office where her deepest desires take hold.
And…ultimately a story is born.



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BOOK: Vegas Moon
13.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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