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Why couldn’t she fall for a psi vampire instead of a sang? And someone who wasn’t eleven years her junior?

Tristan grabbed one of the folding chairs tucked into the corner of the alcove, flipped it open, and then instructed Candy to take a seat. Hastily, he grabbed a second chair and placed it behind her. When he was situated, he pulled the entire package, Candy and chair, snug against his chest.

Cindi kept her gaze pinned on him, refusing to let him see that his actions were upsetting her, as he massaged the skin on the side of Candy’s neck. His donor moaned and closed her eyes as Tristan punctured the skin. As the blood began to bubble, he shot a glance at Cindi and held it, as if he were waiting for Cindi to stop him. But she couldn’t, well, she could, but she wouldn’t let him win. She never had let him know her true feelings before, and tonight wouldn’t change that. He pressed gently on the wound until the thick liquid bubbled faster and then clamped his mouth over the wound. With his mouth clamped securely in place, his hands roamed over Candy’s breasts right before he cupped the double Ds. When he began playing with the nipples, Candy squirmed in her seat, and Cindi bit down on her tongue in an attempt to keep her mouth shut. Instead of yelling
to Tristan, she did the only thing she could to prepare herself for the show she was going to give Tristan tonight. She envisioned him sucking Candy’s tits.

Warmth coiled deep in her stomach.

Cindi’s very well-manipulated attempt at self-arousal sparked need in her body, and suddenly she wanted Tristan’s hands all over her. Truth be told, she wanted him to fuck her hard and fast for a few hours or maybe days. Everything was blurred in the sexually induced coma she was slipping into. Only problem, she was supposed to be wanting Candy in the sex-induced coma with her, not Tristan, but some feelings weren’t as easy to hide, even when it came down to it for a pro at snuffing feelings.

Tristan sucked on Candy’s neck for a few minutes longer and then cleaned and patched the wound before adding, “Thanks, Candy. I needed that.”

After a long sigh, one Cindi was sure was for her benefit, Candy turned to face him. “You’re welcome, sweetie. Feeding you is always my pleasure. I enjoyed the other part, too. That’s a first time for us. But, I could get use to that on a regular basis.”

So, caramel candy, you’d never touched her sexually before. This was all for my benefit. Well, let’s see if you are ready to really play hardball.

Tristan was putting the second fold-up chair away when Candy headed toward the entrance into the alcove. “I’ll see you later. Unless you were serious about me staying and taking part in blood play with you and Cindi.”

Cindi interrupted. “Oh, by all means he was serious. Are you game for a little sex play, too?”

Cindi almost burst a seam at Tristan’s expression. As fast as the shock stretched across his face, it disappeared. “We’d love for you to stay, Candy. I’d love to fuck you both tonight.”

Candy giggled. “This sounds fun. I want to spend time with you two, too.”

“Then it’s settled. Let’s be fuck buddies tonight,” Cindi added, overzealous for Tristan’s benefit.
Yeah, two can play this game, caramel candy, so get ready.

“I’m hard just thinking about sliding my cock into both of you.” Tristan slipped a second set of nylon ties from his pocket and instructed Candy to come to him. She answered his call and before Cindi could make a sound, Candy was dangling from the chain next to her.

“I do believe blindfolds are in order for the first part of our evening.” Tristan took the black satin material from the equipment table and came to Cindi first.
She could do without the blindfold. But come hell or high water she wouldn’t let him know that. She could push boundaries if need be, and boy, tonight was one of those times.

A few minutes later Tristan announced that they were both blindfolded and he was ready to start playing. Blood play first, fucking second.

Chapter 4


Tristan’s best guess was an hour had passed since he’d prepared the ladies for playtime. With both woman blindfolded it was easier for him to spend less time with Candy and more with Cindi. He’d already unhooked Cindi’s black bra and tossed it to the floor and delivered two small cuts underneath each of her breasts. The blood flowed slowly, moving toward her naval. It was beautiful to watch, so he let it glide as he went to Candy and delivered a slice under her right breast.

Candy moaned as he smeared the drops of blood around her tits. Earlier he’d sent a text to fellow coven member, Ridge, for a little assistance with the play, and Tristan was ecstatic when he glanced into the doorway as Ridge stepped into the alcove.

“Here I am.” Ridge didn’t waste any time as he unhooked the small switch from his belt loop and made his way toward Candy. “Candy, darlin’, you ready for some action?”

And it didn’t take long for Cindi to clear her throat in what appeared to be aggravated annoyance. “Ridge, what are you doing here?” She paused. “Are we already too much for you, caramel candy?” Cindi finished the last word as Tristan removed her blindfold.

“I know I’m a hell of a man, Cin, but playing with both of you and mixing the blood isn’t smart. Do you think so?” His dark gaze scanned her face. “I do have some limits, doll.”

Ridge let out a snort. “That’s a first.”

“Fuck off,” Tristan spat in a joking matter then added, “No, you can’t fuck Candy, she’s got other plans.” Tristan added the last words because he knew better than anyone, having been involved in several ménage scenes with Ridge, that Ridge was planning on fucking Candy after the play was over, and even if Candy didn’t feel up to it, he’d use his persuasion techniques to attain his desire. In reality Tristan shouldn’t truly care. It was common knowledge that Candy liked to play with all the coven men, and that she liked to make the sexual rounds with them.

Cindi shot Ridge a dubious look. He winked at her then shot a glance at Tristan. “I’m offended. Why can’t I be part of the fuck plans, too?”

“Sure, you can be part of the plan, Ridge. We’d love to make our little threesome plus one.” She’d made sure to glare at Tristan when she’d finished talking.

Cindi was going to be the death of him. She still thought she was going to win tonight’s battle. Not on his life was she going to, so he said nice and loudly, making sure his eyes were locked to Cindi’s blue gaze, “Yeah, you can participate. But I’m not fucking you.”

He probably deserved the incredulous look from Ridge. “Young dude, I don’t swing that way. Although, I’ve tried it, it’s really not my thing.” A slow grin kicked up his cheeks. “I could make an exception tonight, though. You want me to? I mean, you are a sexy dude and all.”

Without really thinking about what he was doing, he placed a hand over Cindi’s mouth. He wasn’t about to let her take Ridge up on his invite, because he knew if she did, he wouldn’t back down, and then the women wouldn’t be the only ones having a backdoor experience tonight.

A sharp pain stabbed through the hand cupping Cindi’s mouth, and he jerked it back. Obviously perturbed at him, she sucked in a breath and then exhaled. “I take it you don’t want another player tonight. By the way, candy man, next time you hush me with your hand, I’m going to draw blood.”

He blatantly ignored the threat in her words and replied, “Yeah, that’s right. Tonight I’m the only man.”

As if a conversation hadn’t just taken place in the room, or more to the point, wasn’t taking place, Ridge obviously felt the conversation was finished, and he turned his full attention to the lady chained beside him. And a few moments later, pleasurable sounds surrounded Ridge and Candy causing both Cindi and Tristan to glance at the couple. They were already enjoying the games, so now it was time for Tristan to enjoy Cindi in the way he’d wanted to enjoy her the entire night.

Close to her ear, he whispered, “Are you ready to play?”

An almost euphoric tone set deep into her words, a sudden change from her wanting to bite him and draw blood a few moments earlier. “Yes.”

Empowered by her tone, he placed both palms on the cuts he’d delivered earlier and moved his hands in a constant circular motion until the smooth crimson liquid danced in beautiful artwork across her tanned stomach. She moaned deeply. She was so beautiful like this, with her blood taking the place of any type of material flushed against her skin. She’d always been poetry in motion to him, since the day he’d first laid eyes on her, and a royal pain in the ass since then.

Her breathing hitched on the second moan, which was always his cue that she wanted more, that she wanted him to step further into their secret realm of forbidden desire. So he did. He unhooked the switch from his waist, and then gently dragged it across her painted stomach.

“Yes. Oh, yes, Tristan. Make me hurt for you.” The dreamlike voice that always overtook her during their blood play showed its face. He was delighted to hear the whimper in her tone, proof that it didn’t matter how many times she said she didn’t want him, in this state of being she did. She did want him.

Pleased with her near begging for his form of dominance, he stepped back ever so slightly and pulled back, bringing the switch across her stomach harder.

A startled flinch moved her body, causing the bindings to rattle.

Her reaction drove passion into every muscle in his body. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, letting the exhilaration of the moment fill him, and then lashed her skin a second and third time. A whimper came first, and when he brought a fourth lash to her red-tinted stomach, she belted out in a begging whisper, “Harder.”

“Your wish is my command.” He took a step back, and this time when he came in with the switch, he put a little more muscle into his motion. Slap. Rewind. Slap.

His beautiful woman screamed nice and loud as the welts began to rise on the skin of her flesh not covered with blood. The intenseness of their play caused Ridge and Candy to silence their own fun momentarily as Ridge’s demanding tone sliced through the alcove. “Cindi, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Ridge,” she whispered through heaved breaths. “Go back to what you were doing.”

Perhaps it was time for him to cut Cindi down and take her to another area, or dismiss Ridge and Candy to a different place. At least that was what ran through his brain before he’d told Ridge to mind his own fucking business.

Probably not the best choice of words to address the fourth in command of Stiletto Sanction, but hell, when did he ever do anything thinking about it first? Cindi had insisted a second time to Ridge that she was fine, which pacified him, or at least that’s what the mumbling that came from him insinuated.

Suddenly Tristan was annoyed with their guests and really wished he wouldn’t have pushed the issue with Cindi, but too late for retraction. That would be one move he’d never live down with Cindi. Time to push forward.

He’d slipped the talon on his finger and went in for another fresh cut underneath Cindi’s right breast. Her passionate moan practically pushed his rock-hard cock right through his pants. This time he painted the blood over her tight, toned stomach with his tongue and held back from ripping the lower half of her clothes from her body and licking her pussy until it was wet and swollen. He knew too well how much she loved it when he sucked and bit her clit during their lovemaking, so instead of indulging his desire he rubbed against her body and couldn’t help himself when he grabbed her ass and pulled her close to him, gratuitously grinding his cock against her clothed body.

“I want you so badly, Tristan. I—”

The interested, borderline begging tone in those words caused him to cut her loose, heave her over his shoulder, and clear the alcove before she had a chance to think about what she’d said and take the words back.

He knew if she was in her right frame of mind, she’d have already taken them back.

“And I want you.” The conviction hinged on his words had left her speechless, which wasn’t a small feat when it came to Cindi.

One hour later, after reaching his room, he had stripped Cindi naked, cleaned her wounds, applied ointment and Band-Aids, and was ready to jump into bed with her when a knock came to the door.

He didn’t jump out of bed to get the door, which of course sparked words from his magenta-haired guest. “Are you going to get that?”

. At least that’s what he thought, but instead he obliged the woman next to him. “Who is it? I’m a little busy.”

An incredulous blue-eyed gaze settled on him. “Seriously?”

“I thought I was invited,” the familiar muffled voice yelled back.

. Candy was correct, she most definitely was given an invitation, but with everything that’d happened the past hour, the way Cindi opened up to him emotionally, whispered how much she wanted him over and over again on the way up to his room, there couldn’t be anyway possible that she’d want to share him with another. That may be true, but he’d have to hear it from her lips.

“Tell her you don’t want to share me. That I’m yours.”

A contemplative mask moved across her face and he thought for sure she’d say the words he’d been dying to hear from her for months now, but instead an expressionless wall erected in the place of her pensive expression, instantly resetting the current mood of the room into something that first pained him and then pissed him off.

Tonight Cindi was going to tell him that she wanted only him. Even if he had to drag the words from her mouth, he was going to hear her say them. With that thought, he got out of the bed, walked to the door, and let Candy inside.


* * * *


Why did he insist I tell him the one thing I can’t admit? I’ll only hurt him in the end, and when that happens he won’t want to be my lover, or blood-play mate anymore, probably not even my friend.

Tristan wasn’t wasting any time in letting Cindi know how much he was going to enjoy being with both she and Candy tonight. Nope, he’d shrugged out of his pants and underwear on the way back to the bed with Candy. Since he’d previously slipped out of his shirt, he was stark naked and a beautiful specimen of a man.

BOOK: Vegas Moon
11.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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