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Cindi swallowed hard when he eased Candy onto the bed next to her, and then told her to move over so he could get in between the two of them. His commanding tone made her mad and horny, all at the same time, but she did as he asked.

She could handle foreplay with the two of them. Now, when the all-out sex happened, she wasn’t so sure. But she’d give him a night to remember even if it killed her doing it. Or rather, she killed him doing it.

“The rules tonight are going to be simple, ladies.” Tristan pulled Cindi and Candy’s hands into his, and then added, “Rule one, time for a little binding.”

The silk scarves he’d produced shimmered in the soft lighting.

Candy broke Tristan’s grip and held up her wrists. “Let me go first.”

“No, the scarves are for Cindi, unless you’re scared, sweetness.” The confrontational tone of his voice, mixed with the sexiness of his smirk, brought forth all kinds of emotions, the ones she’d thought didn’t visit her anymore.

Yeah, she was scared she was going to pummel him at the moment. “I’m not afraid of you, caramel candy. Now tie me up.”

He did exactly what she’d asked, knotting the last bit of material a little tighter than he needed to, and then performed the knot finale by crossing her bound wrists in front of her, adding a little more material. He gave her chest a slight shove, her cue to stretch out on the bed, and lifted her tied arms above her head so he could fasten the loose scarf to the bedpost.

Once she was securely fastened, he kissed her cheek. His lips were soft, moist, and wet against her skin. He slid his wonderful mouth slowly across her flesh until his lips touched hers. “Are you sure you want to do this. I can stop it now. If you say the words I’ll stop. Baby, we can’t go back from here.”

Yes, she knew things would never be the same with them once they’d ushered another woman into their relationship, and she should stop this, but she couldn’t give in and admit she didn’t want this to happen, any of this.

Tristan waited patiently for her answer but none came. So he moved from straddling her to standing on the right side of the bed near her head. “Sweet, sweet Candy Kane, come over here, darlin’.”

Candy bounced toward him, her perfect double D breasts moving in slow motion, or so it seemed. “I’d like you to take these two scarves.” Tristan produced two more scarves. “And tie her ankles to the bedposts. Make sure to spread her nice and wide and tie the knots tightly.”

Mother fucking candy man!

With way too much enthusiasm, Candy did as she was told. To show his admiration for a job well done, Tristan gave her a peck on the cheek and sent her naked ass to the bureau on the other side of the room to retrieve Cindi’s dildo.

Ah, shit.

“Attagirl, Candy. Come on over here, baby. It’s time for us to have some fun.” Tristan eased down on the bed next to Cindi’s shoulder, and Candy came to him. “I want you to do everything I tell you to do. Do you understand?”

“Sure.” Her tone was a bit apprehensive. “I’ll do whatever you want as long as we don’t hurt her. Or me for that matter.”

His chuckle shook the bed slightly. “We’re not going to hurt her, or you, although I know she does like sex a little rough.”

A chill brushed Cindi’s neck as Tristan pulled Candy into his arms. He whispered into her ear, sending her glancing Cindi’s way. She nodded. “Good girl,” he said.

While puzzlement swam around in Cindi’s head, Candy positioned her body at the end of the bed directly between Cindi’s open legs. It didn’t take her much time to crawl up the bed and straddle Cindi or to place her wet, shaved pussy against her skin.

At some point Tristan moved from Cindi’s side to her feet. “Candy, play with her tits.”

Candy’s hands cupped Cindi’s breasts. She squeezed them, sending jolts of pleasure into Cindi’s veins, then she pinched and rolled the nipples between her index finger and thumb, alternating between the left and right.

Cindi stifled a moan. It felt so good having this woman rub her breast the way she was. Perhaps she’d suck on them. Would she?

Tristan cleared his throat. “Suck her tits, Candy.”

Damned. Yes.
He’d heard Cindi’s thoughts. Candy was going suck her nipples just like she’d wished for moments ago.

His voice was closer. Cindi couldn’t lift her head to see exactly where he was because she was enjoying this woman’s mouth on her way too much to truly give a shit. But she didn’t have to wonder long because the bed indented beside her signaling Tristan’s arrival. Moments later his hands covered Candy’s tits and Cindi watched as he massaged the plump round skin and pinched the nipples. Candy moaned a few times, her cries sending moisture pooling between Cindi’s legs. Pure excitement sifted through her veins when Tristan spoke his next words.

“Put your tit in her mouth and let her suck it.”

. Cindi was so hot just thinking about Candy’s rock-hard, big nipples in her mouth. She could almost taste them. She was going to suck the shit out of them once Candy did what she was told to do.

He ran his hand through Cindi’s hair, stopping before the hair slid completely through his digits, and then twisted the hair around his fingers until he had her head tightly secured. “Suck her tits nice and hard”—he leaned in close to her ear—“while I fuck the shit out of you with your little friend.”

“Okay.” Her reply sounded like a begging whimper. Her sexual appetite was definitely taking over. He knew how much she loved when he fucked her with that twelve-inch, battery-operated silicone replica of a cock.

Tristan gave one more squeeze to Candy’s tits and then helped her to inch her chest toward Cindi’s mouth. His left hand continued to squeeze Candy’s left tit as Cindi latched on to the right one. Cindi sucked on the nipple. Then she bit the hard bud gently. Pleasure moans came from Candy as Tristan’s finger slid into Cindi’s pussy. He slid the finger in once then twice and then fanned her nether lips apart and placed the head of the plastic cock against her hole.

Tristan’s finger felt so good inside her pussy.

“Candy, lift your butt for me, darlin’.”

Candy was basically on her knees in the straddled position so all she had to do was rise up on her knees and perch her butt in the air, which she did. Tristan slid the dildo into Cindi’s wet pussy. “Nice,” he whispered. Her loud moan sent the dildo into motion. The faster he moved it in and out of her hole the harder she sucked Candy’s tit.

“Do me. Do me,” Candy yelled.

“Yeah, baby, I’m going to do you right now.”

He’s going to do her right now. The words sounded again, but this time in slow motion. Forward. Rewind. Fast-forward. Rewind.


Tristan’s words snapped Cindi out of her pleasure cries long enough to take in the situation.
Is he really going to fuck her?
She released the tit in her mouth and was prepared to scream “No” at the top of her lungs when the vibrations between her legs stopped and Tristan’s face rose up behind Candy’s bent body.

“I don’t remember telling you to take her tit out of your mouth. Keep sucking it baby, until I tell you to stop.”

The silence could have been cut with a knife. That was until Candy let out a small cry. “Oh, yes, yes, yes. Finger fuck me nice and good.”

He’d done it. Cindi couldn’t see the action, but from the way Candy bounced up and down, Tristan’s fingers were inside her. Cindi knew the familiar bounce. When Tristan used his finger magic inside her, she’d bounce the same way. Her thoughts shifted briefly to the many nights he’d let his fingers do the fucking. It was magnificent. He was a tremendous lover. So why in the hell couldn’t she admit her feelings to him?

Cindi’s eyes met Tristan’s as a sly devil-be-damned grin kicked up the corners of his mouth. He slid the dildo back into her pussy and turned it on. “Yeah, I’m going to fuck the two of you raw.”

And he did. By the time he’d slid the plastic cock from her pussy, she physically hurt. He instructed Candy to sit on the bed next to Cindi then went into the bathroom and shut the door. He was gone quite a while before the door finally cracked open a sliver. “Are you two well rested?” His voice came from behind the door. “Ready for round two?”

Round two?
Was he crazy? Her pussy couldn’t take anymore, not tonight anyway. What she really needed was for him to untie her, give her a diet soda, and send Candy away. She was really starting to annoy her. But she didn’t reply with any of her desired thoughts and instead just said, “Sure.”

Sure? I’m crazy.
Her stubbornness seemed to always be her downfall.

Tristan returned to bed. “On your knees, doll.” He’d already had Candy by the arm when he told her to kneel, and of course she obeyed perfectly. She was way too much of a yes-girl for Cindi’s liking.

He was again sitting to the right of Cindi with his legs swung off the bed and feet touching the carpet. A territorial vibe slid against Cindi’s emotions as Candy bent to her knees and took Tristan’s stiff cock into her mouth. He placed both hands around her head and then glanced at Cindi. “Suck it nice and hard, baby. And don’t you stop suckin’ me off until I stop you.”

Candy mumbled a reply that sounded like an okay. At least that’s what it sounded like with Tristan’s ten-inch cock in her mouth.

Cindi swallowed against the rage-filled words wanting to spew from her mouth like a shaken up soda can. She needed to keep her cool. She couldn’t let Tristan see how much this act was killing her inside. If she’d say the words Tristan wanted her to admit to him, she knew Tristan would stop his actions, but she just couldn’t get the words to materialize outside of her head.

And then another thought hit her. What the hell was he planning on doing when Candy was finished sucking his dick? The time limit for her thinking rampage ended the moment Tristan’s lips covered hers.

He moaned into her mouth, obviously in response to Candy’s superb sucking skills.

“Is this what you want, Cin?” He whispered the question against her mouth. Before she could answer, he’d slid his tongue fully inside her mouth, and instantly she met his tongue with her own, deepening the kiss.

He pulled his lips back slightly. “I’m going to ask you one more time, is this what you want?” A barrage of kisses covered her lips and cheeks. She wished she could wrap her body around him, but she was still tied up tightly, and numb at this point, too.

He broke the intimacy of the second set of kisses, put both hands on Candy’s shoulders, and pushed slightly. She released his dick from her mouth. “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” He did a one-eighty with Candy until her tits were on top of the mattress and he was positioned behind her. “Give me a minute to slip a condom on.”

What? Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, hell no.
Would he really fuck another woman in front of her?

That answer was simple, knowing how stubborn Tristan was and how hell-bent he was to hear Cindi say she wanted and loved him, he’d do it. Hell, he’d fuck an entire entourage to prove his point.

She could take a lot when it came to hiding her emotions and feelings, but this might just do her in. Watching him fuck another woman isn’t something she could tolerate. A pang of nausea settled in her stomach, and she glanced at him, hoping he’d look at her. Did he feel her eyes on him?
Please look at me, Tristan.

But he didn’t even bat an eye at her.

“All ready. Now spread your legs nice and wide for me while I fuck this ass nice and hard.”

Candy reached out to grab Cindi’s breasts at the same time Cindi let out a scream that shook the bed. “No. Don’t. Please don’t do it, Tristan.”

No one moved. As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much breathing either.

“Why?” His reply was void of any emotional plea.

“Please, for me, just don’t do it.”

“I’ll ask you only once more,” Tristan said. “Why?”

Every ounce of fear in her body couldn’t be replaced with substituted anger to make her stop from admitting the truth. She’d always loved Tristan. It didn’t matter how many ways she’d tried to talk herself out of it, or make him hate her, she truly loved and adored the man.

“Tristan…I can’t watch you fuck another woman.”

“That’s obvious. Would you prefer Candy and I went into the bathroom?”

Tristan had moved from behind Candy and was on his knees beside her.

“I don’t want you to fuck any other woman but me. Ever.” First a shocked expression morphed into Tristan’s face, and then a relieved one took its place.

Candy sighed. “Ah…dang. This is so sweet, you two.”

At last Cindi took in a deep breath full of relief. She’d finally admitted that she didn’t want any other woman being with Tristan. That was a step in the positive, perhaps possible-couple direction.

“Candy, I think it’s time for you to leave. We had a very nice time tonight.” Cindi’s words came out in a slight whisper. She’d done it, finally admitted that she cared deeply about Tristan, something she’d promised herself she’d never admit to him. Candy had already stood and was dressing when Tristan finally pulled his eyes away from Cindi and accompanied her toward the door.

“Thanks again, doll,” he said as the door closed behind Candy.

Cindi was still in shock at her revelation, and she was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to leave it as is. Once he’d locked the door, he asked, “Do you want a diet soda?”

Oh, this man knew her oh so very well.

She really did want a soda. Saliva filled her mouth at the thought of a Diet Coke over ice. And just as quickly the thought of her man’s cock filling her made the other thought flutter away like dust in the wind. “No. I don’t want a Coke, Tristan. I want to feel you inside me. I want you to love me, candy man.”

“I want that, too. I’ve always wanted that.”

He slid out of the pants he’d put on earlier when he’d walked Candy to the door and got back into bed. “Let me untie you first.”

“No. I want to stay like this for you.”

Her unbridled desire for him to consume her completely weighed more than her desire to feel movement in her appendages. She was to experience the total submissive vibe tonight.

BOOK: Vegas Moon
6.12Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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