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Chapter Nine



For a while, Celise tried not to notice that Victor and Jaxon were fighting. Mercilessly. There was a man down who didn’t have the benefit of super strength or enhanced healing abilities. The grunting, crashing, and slamming of fists into flesh would just have to be ignored for a moment.

She ran over to Sri to check on him, grateful to find him breathing and still with a pulse. She scurried over to cabinets and flung them open, then yanked drawers until she found some gauges. As quickly as she could, she bandaged the side of Sri’s head. Once the bleeding stopped, she exhaled and paused long enough to observe the violent interaction between Jaxon and Victor.

It was ugly.

They were like rabid beasts, fighting for a piece of meat. Neither one was putting forth much effort to avoid blows, they seemed only concerned with dealing them. It was strictly a contest of who could hit the hardest, who could draw the most blood, who could deliver the most pain.

Celise stared in disbelief. She’d never seen either man behave in such a way. It was fascinating, and yet tragic, how something as basic as unchecked emotions could degenerate man into animal.

She winced and jumped to her feet when Victor picked up a table with one hand and swung it as if it were a baseball bat and Jaxon were the ball, knocking the officer into the wall, sending blood into a splattering flight against the same surface.

“Stop it, both of you!”

They ignored her. She watched helplessly as Jaxon snatched the table he’d just been struck with from Victor, tore off one of the metal legs and proceeded to beat the doctor with it.

“Jaxon, don’t!”

Her plea was ignored.

“Damn it all,” she huffed, as she scrambled to the table and grabbed a syringe and a vial of her suppressant. She didn’t want to use yet another untested drug to try to combat the side effect of another. But what choice did she have?

She filled the syringe, squeezed the pump a bit to test it out, and then looked at the fighting men. She’d need to stab both, or at least one of them, in order to try to stop the fight. But they were moving fast and violently around the room. How was she ever going to get even one to sit still enough for her to try to prick him?


It took a moment for her ears to separate the sounds of mayhem from the softer, pleading voice which was calling her name. She tore her attention from the brawl over to where Sri was sitting up now on the floor, rubbing the back of his head.

“Dr. Ashni, how do you feel?” she asked as she went over to him, examining the bandaging on his head and checking his neck and shoulders for injuries.

He gave a slight shake of his head and pushed her hands away. “Other than my aching cranium, I am okay, Belderon. Those two, I’m not so sure about.”

“What happened? How did Victor get infected?”

“He intentionally took the formula. Said he wanted to prove that it was Wentworth that was the failure, not the formula.”

“Is he crazy? Well I mean, he may be now, but I mean before he took it? We didn’t even come up with an antidote yet to reverse the effects on Wentworth. Now we have not one, but two affected subjects.”

“We’ve got to stop them, or they are going to kill each other. It hasn’t been fully tested, but the emotional suppressant is the only solution we have.”

“I know, but I’d need to get them still long enough for the injection. Which doesn’t look like it’ll be an easy feat at all.”

Sri held out his hand. “Give the syringe to me. Between the two of them, Jaxon seems the most stable, especially when it comes to dealing with you. Talk to him, get him to calm down and make him hold Morhamer still while I deliver the dosage.”

Celise nodded and gave him the syringe, then took a deep breath, turned around and approached Jaxon. Keeping up with him was hard at first; he kept tumbling and leaping across the floor, over, around and under Victor.

“Jaxon,” she called softly after him, and then again louder when she saw him get the upper hand in the fight, pin Victor to the floor and stab him in the chest with the jagged edge of the ripped table leg. “Jaxon!”

But he seemed lost in a trance of rage. Blood squirted from the doctor’s chest wound as Victor gasped for air and convulsed wildly, while Jaxon kept him staked to the floor.

“Jaxon, listen to me,” her voice came out squeakier than she intended. “He doesn’t need to die. We can give him the suppressant to calm him down.”

The grim expression on Jaxon’s face and the narrow, angry slit of his pupils sent Celise’s heart racing with fear. What if she couldn’t reach him? What if he was too far gone to calm down?

“Please,” she tried again. “Listen to me. He doesn’t deserve to die.”

“He hurt you.”

“Not much. And he couldn’t control himself.”

He didn’t respond. Instead he rotated the table leg around the wound in Victor’s chest, making the man growl in agony.

Celise turned her head away. “Officer Jaxon Wentworth, you are not a killer!”

Jaxon’s voice was a monstrous snarl. “I’m gonna kill

Victor laid his head back and looked up at the ceiling and laughed. “Then hurry up and do it already! The only thing you’re killing right now is my patience. This wound is soon going to regenerate.”

“Let’s see you regenerate the breath I’m gonna choke out of you,” Jaxon said as he pinned the man to the ground by the throat, squeezing out the air and preventing any more from going in. Victor thrashed about, trying determinedly to push Jaxon off of him.

“Jaxon,” Celise didn’t even attempt to hide the whimper in her voice this time. “I know this isn’t you. Just like this isn’t Victor. He took the formula, too, don’t you understand that? You both are being influenced by it. You know how hard it is to control the rage it makes you feels, you

Jaxon heaved a heavy sigh and his eyes softened a bit, but he did not let up his grip on Victor’s throat. The man’s thrashing began to slow, and Celise was vaguely aware of Sri’s presence next to them, jabbing the needle into the arm of the barely-conscious man.

“He’s been given the serum,” Sri said. “You can let him go, it will subdue him immediately.”

Celise rubbed Jaxon’s arm when he didn’t let up. “He’ll be calm now. Let him live.” She didn’t take her hand or eyes off of Jaxon until his fingers lightened up on his opponent’s throat. She watched as he slowly, guardedly, got up and backed away. She placed her fingers against Victor’s throat to check for a pulse, and sighed with relief when she found one.

Sri looked up at her with wide eyes. “Alive?”

“Yes. He’s just unconscious.”

“How long until he awakens, do you think?”

“Maybe ten, fifteen minutes.”

“Will be interesting to see how the serum affects him.”

“I anticipate he will be a lot like Bebo when he awakes,” Celise said. She glanced up in time to see a blur of Jaxon hurry out of the room. “Now how long will it last before he’d need another dosage, we’d have to wait and see.”

Sri nodded his head towards the cage in the other side of the room which contained the chimpanzees Bebo and Mimi, who hadn’t even made a single wail or wiggle in reaction to the action they’d just witnessed. “It’s been over an hour, and Mimi hasn’t changed at all, even though she’s still in heat.”

“Yes, but there’s no testing for the human factor on anything else these men may have encountered or experienced. I have no idea how comparable the results will be.” She glanced again at the door, wondering where Jaxon had stormed off to, and what was going through his mind.

“We shall soon find out,” Sri said. “Why don’t you go and check on Wentworth then, make sure he is okay? I’ll stay here and keep an eye on Morhamer.”

She didn’t need to be told twice.


* * * *


She found him in the shower of one of the private bathrooms in a random room at the end of the hall. The sound of the pipes were especially loud in that quiet, empty building and led her right to him.

First removing her shoes, quietly she entered the room, stepping over his clothes which had been tossed haphazardly across the floor. Celise could hear him cursing and growling, punching the wall and kicking at the tub. She tiptoed into the bathroom and peered in, and saw his nude outline behind the opaque shower curtain. She stopped and listened. Not daring to expose herself, she held her breath and watched his sexy, masculine silhouette as she eavesdropped on him attempting to cool himself off.

“I know you’re there, Celise.”

“But I tiptoed!”

“I still heard you. Don’t forget, you breathe, too. What do you want?”

She swallowed and walked towards the tub. “To see how you’re doing.”

He laughed sardonically. “Not too fucking fantastic.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“What’s there to talk about? You saw what happened. I almost killed a man with my bare hands.”

“So you lost it for a moment there. You didn’t kill him.”

“I wanted to. He pissed me off so bad—God, I wanted to kill him!”

Celise stood next to the tub and talked directly at him through the curtain. “But you didn’t. You should take comfort in that fact.”

“How can I take comfort when I saw and fought first hand the monster I myself have become?”

“You’re no monster, Jaxon.”

“I feel like one. I don’t even feel human. I feel cold, criminal.”

She pulled back the curtain slightly and stuck her hand under the nozzle and chuckled softly. “That’s just because you’re showering in cold water. It’s got to be illegal in at least two states to shower at this temperature. Let’s warm it up.” She reached for the knob and managed to turned it up a little before he pushed her hand away.

“Stop trying to pacify me.”

“I’m not, I’m just telling you that –”

“Yes, you are.” He swung at the wall again, and Celise could see that his knuckles were raw and bloody.

“Jaxon, you need to calm down.”

“Please, get out, Celise,” he said through gritted teeth.

“I can’t just walk away knowing you’re in here hurting yourself. You have to pull yourself together.”

“But I can’t. I just fucking can’t. Argh,” He howled and grabbed his head as if he were in pain.

“Get out. Now!”

“No. Let me help you.” She pulled off her clothes and placed them neatly on the counter.

“You can’t. Not right now.”

Ignoring him, she pulled back the curtain, stepped inside and faced him. He was drenched and heaving and wet and intimidating. And enticing. She reached out a hand towards him, and he lunged towards her. But she didn’t budge and held her ground firm. He stopped millimeters from her, his body close to hers, towering over her, the expression on his face menacing. “Didn’t I say get out?”

“You did. And I said no.”

“You don’t understand. I’m hanging on by one wimpy, loose thread, here.”

“Let me help you let go.”

He eyed her. “You’re going to give me the serum?”

She shook her head, frowning. “No, I’m not going to numb your emotions. Then you
wouldn’t be you.”

“You’re not getting me. I can’t live like this, Celise. I don’t want to be like this all the time.”

“Then don’t be.”

“I can’t help it,” He growled at her, and looked like he wanted to attack. “I can still feel the animal inside of me now!”

“Then let’s do something to make you feel more human, to draw out the man that I know is inside of you who’s steaming mad and rightfully so.” She touched his fingers and he shuddered, grunted. “Let him connect with me.” But he did not make a hostile move. He froze still and seemed to hold his breath. She placed her hand in his and squeezed it, offering him to hold hers in return.

“You don’t know what you’re messing with, woman,” he said. But the change in Jaxon was immediate. His eyes gleamed and narrowed, and his face reflected an expression twisted with yearning, frustration and surrender. He yanked her to him and slammed his mouth against hers, restraining her arresting kiss. Then he was dropping to his knees and lifting one of her legs over his shoulder.

“Jaxon, what are you doing?”

“Connecting with you.” He gripped the cheeks of her bottom in his hands and pulled her forward, bringing her sex to his lips. He didn’t even give her a moment to fully register what was about to happen before he was eating her, stunning her with sensation.

The lukewarm water splashing against her skin was a fascinating contrast against the boiling heat of his mouth and tongue. His strong hands covered her breasts, handling them roughly as he lapped and licked her, and she loved every second of it. She gripped at his head to hold on for dear life, humping gently against his face as she blissfully sighed his name.

She could feel his thick lips cover her lower ones entirely, sucking and sipping, swallowing her into a blissful paralysis. Just as she was near the brink of an orgasm he gripped her tighter, locking her onto his mouth as he drank wave after wave of her climax. She was still contracting when he suddenly stopped and stood upright and she shivered both from the aftershock of her convulsions and with the sudden chill of his departure.

“I gotta be in you now, sorry.” Jaxon flipped her around and pushed her over, forcing her to put her hands up to brace herself against the tiled wall. He spread her legs, exposing her, and immediately she felt his titanium erection right up against her folds.

He wasn’t exactly gentle. He rammed against her, found her too tight, revved his hips back and thrust against her again with more force. Her lubrication, his saliva and the shower’s water all aided in his slipping inside her the second time, but his erection was so thick and long that it was not an instant fit.

Celise could feel him prodding into her, both of them grunting and hissing as he pulled out and pushed back in further and harder each time, until he’d broken past her barriers and was able to plunge all the way inside.

Once he was fully within her he paused momentarily, and she felt his entire body vibrate with the euphoric rumble with seemed to emit from his very core. When he began to move, it was deliciously rapacious—he filled her completely, stretching her, and touching her deep in places seemingly untouched before. His thrusts were fast but hard and thorough, and each time he banged against her ass she nearly crashed into the wall. He fucked her until every nerve in her body was ablaze, and the energy from her fingers and toes were being sucked into the vortex at the center of her body and then blasted outwards to every last one of her appendages.

Jaxon continued pounding into her, ramming into her as her muscles clenched violently around him. She screamed out at one point, and he growled in response, keeping her at the edge she’d been precariously dangling over since he stopped licking her and flipped her over. Celise’s second climax seemed to go on infinitely as he ravaged her, never letting up, never letting her orgasm subside.

When his body finally grew taut, he lifted her up by her torso and pulled down, impaling her upon his cock. Holding her steady, he slammed into her while also pulling her against him, nailing her thoroughly. She cried out as a fresh, new wave of rapture wracked her, and she wilted with surrender as he finished inside of her, vocally expressing his satisfaction.

For a time he continued to twitch inside of her, still semi hard. She could hear him breathing heavily behind her, his chest heaving against her back as he clung to her, the water pattering upon the floor of the tub. Her feet were still hovering above the floor, and she stayed in his grip patiently. She could almost feel the tension lifting from him, along with the rage and frustration. Jaxon held her in that very position until he grew soft, which took long, steamy, dripping wet minutes. At last he loosened his mega-grip on her to a secure hold with one arm, and gently he pressed his lips against her hair.

“Are you okay?” His voice was that of the calm, gentle Jaxon she could now readily admit to herself she’d fallen in love with.

Celise nodded.

“I didn’t hurt you?”

Her ass, hips and pelvis were sore, and her vagina felt tenderized after making love with Jaxon. But it wasn’t anything that she hadn’t anticipated, and certainly not anything she hadn’t thoroughly enjoyed.

She shook her head.

He wrapped both of his arms around her. “Why did you do that?”

“Do you feel better?”

“Hell yeah,” he grunted his acceptance, and the tremor of his deep voice against her head sent more shivers through her body.

“Then that’s why. I told you I wanted to help you,” she said with a smile, not disclosing the fact she’d wanted him inside of her within a couple of weeks of first meeting him.

“I could have really hurt you.”

“And I probably would have liked it.”

“You know what I mean, Celise,” he snickered. “The next time I tell you to run, you run.”

“Or, I could just get naked with you again and calm you down.”

“You don’t seriously think you can just tame me with sex every time? I’m not normal.”

“What kind of man isn’t tamed by the love of a good woman? Do tell—the scientific community would really like to know.”

“You’re a crazy woman, you know that?”

“Look who’s talking. You volunteered to be a lab rat, remember?”

He laughed and turned off the water, and pulled back the curtain. She began shivering violently, but stopped when he picked her up and lifted her out of the tub. By the time he handed her a towel she was already completely warmed from the inside out.

BOOK: Way Out of Control
10.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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