Whirlwind Love: Libby's Journey

BOOK: Whirlwind Love: Libby's Journey
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Whirlwind Love:

Libby’s Journey

A Novel by

DiDi Hendley

Libby’s life of sacrifice and responsibility changes
when fates whirlwind takes her places she never dreamed,
directly into the arms of the love of her life.
Joe has built walls with words and actions,
never realizing the darkness he holds within,
until the light of her love breaks through.


Join Libby’s Journey into Joe’s World

After 29-year-old Libby Morgan settled her niece, Megan, into college, she’s heading west to fulfill her ten-year-long dream of photographing a hot-air balloon “Freedom Festival” at the Grand Canyon in her parents’ refurbished RV. No one could have predicted where her road would actually take her.

Disillusioned, 35-year-old Joe King is fed-up with the music business and is looking forward to the end of their two-week state fair tour forced onto him by his ruthless manager. His band, The Brothers King, should be headlining instead of opening. He’s weary of carrying his 31-year-old, irresponsible brother Chuck, who refuses to grow up past a teenage-mentality, which his groupies are too willingly feed. New management has driven Joe and TBK down, but his need for control might be consumed by his darkness.

Take the journey with Libby across the United States, as she crosses into Joe’s crazy world of music and madness, and see who comes out the other side.

* * *

ISBN-13: 978-0-9915432-0-5 (Kindle ebook)
978-0-9915432-1-2 (Paperback)


Copyright © 2014 DiDi Hendley

All Rights Reserved.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Cover design, book design and production by DiDi Hendley. Unless otherwise noted, images/art are by the author. Image of canyon wall used by permission from the Carol M. Highsmith Archive, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division. http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/highsm.16385.

Libby’s Journey ... Joe’s World

Fate takes us in directions that we cannot know--
and if we knew, would we then go?
Looking back, her life’s been a whirlwind--
spinning uncontrollably, never on a wish or whim.

In search of a dream, he became her world.
Through the days, the journey and the love unfurled.
But when the road draws to its end--
will the lessons and the love they shared transcend?

* * *


I never intended to become an author or a storyteller. On February 17, 2010, I downloaded a Christian Kane CD and listened to it as I went to sleep that night. The story of Libby and Joe began that night in a dream, which haunted me during waking and sleeping hours for thirty days. A little voice whispered in my ear one day, “Maybe if you write it down...it’ll shut up!” I documented the core story in a week in spare time and 100 pages.

The voice lied. I’m currently 26,000 words into the second story,
Whirlwind Love: Lead the Wind
, and 3,000 words into the third,
Whirlwind Love: Windward

As I finalized Libby’s Journey, I decided to write a novella that continues this story between the first and second books, entitled
Whirlwind Love: Chuck’s Song.
I’m also continuing to study screen-writing with the intention to produce
Whirlwind Love; Joe’s World,
which coincides with Libby’s Journey, but tells the story from Joe’s point-of-view.

* * *

Other than the South Carolina coast and the Grand Canyon, all other locations were chosen by “browser darts” - I brought up a map on a web browser, closed my eyes, and moved the mouse. The nearest town was the next stop. Some were a bit more selective, such as Broken Bow, which was chosen because of the body of water, and some because of the timing of their state fair or because they were on the way to the next stop.

* * *

Libby’s passion for journaling defined the chapter headings and the Cadence (aka pace or chapters) for her trip.

It was fun for beta readers to post on the Whirlwind Love Facebook page or on Twitter
where they were reading at any given time (i.e., “
I’m in Alabama, #WhirlwindLove
” or “
Just left Lubbock! Wish I was there! #WhirlwindLove
”. Please--join in the journey, too!

* * *

The character, Louis Lovrette, and the western movie were included in homage to my Dad, who loved westerns and read every Louis L’Amour written.

The song,
Heart Code
, is my (oh so unworthy-but it was a noble effort) homage to Christian Kane’s
House Rules
. Remember, it’s all in fun.

* * *


First and foremost I dedicate this to Mom--for your unending love and support. It’s been an adventure from the start, and I think it’s my job to keep the momentum. P.S., I love you more.

To Sherrie, because of you--and only you--this work is out of my computer and in the world today. Thanks for reading in the car--and I’m sorry for making you do it. (Okay, not really.)

To my little bird, Christian, your “Kane Acoustic Live in London” CD blessed me with the dream that became the story of Libby, Joe and Chuck. Words to express my gratitude for all that continues to follow are inadequate. You and Steve changed the course of my life with your music, and I pray someday the path those songs guided me down eventually lead to that rainbow that so inspired Libby...someday. Thank you--please...don’t ever stop.

Last, and absolutely most, I thank God for every breath, every blessing, every day, and every inspiration. I couldn’t do this without His grace and guidance.

* * *

Whirlwind Love: Libby’s Journey
is a work of fiction. All characters, dialogue, and scenes yield from the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. In all other respects, any resemblance to persons living or not is entirely coincidental.

* * *

...Then one day, the song of a
little bird
filled my room. The gentle tapping on the window drew me to his melody. I sat beside the sill, admiring his brilliant feathers, glowing in the sunshine. Continuing his song, he beckoned me out. Dancing and fluttering, he called my name. Without hesitation, my hand reached for the door. The warmth of the sun filled my room. The breeze welcomed me home. As I crossed the threshold, the darkness melted from the joy that surrounded me.

...I allowed the light to again fill my soul. It occurred to me that the joy within should not be contained; happiness cannot be stolen, without permission; and living a life of laughter is the greatest gift to one’s self.

Excerpts from
The Lion (Redux
) by DiDi Hendley

Cast of Characters

Libby Morgan
– A young woman with a tragic past who is experiencing life on her terms for the first time, as she follows a dream.

Joe King
– A man who is challenged by living under the whims, responsibilities and terms of others, is living for the day he’s free-and he’ll angrily carry the weight of the world until he is.

Chuck King
– Joe’s brother/TBK band member

Rick King
- Joe’s younger brother

Luke and Gladys Reid
– Alabama couple

Megan Morgan
– Libby’s niece, a/k/a “Muggs”

Tom Morgan
– Libby’s father

Maggie Morgan
– Libby’s mother

Tommy Morgan
– Libby’s brother

Tara Morgan
– Tommy’s wife

Scott Walker
– Libby’s HS boyfriend, local sheriff’s deputy

Marshall Kingston
– Father of Joe, Chuck and Rick

Lee Kingston
– Mother of Joe, Chuck and Rick

– Man in bar

– Buck’s wife/Texas Diner Waitress

Laura and Jimmy Scott
– Laura is Libby’s best friend from high school. Laura married Jimmy Scott and moved to Las Cruces, NM.

Marty Frost
– TBK’s former Manager

– The Pack band member

Bret Puckett
- The Pack band member

Kevin “Rocky” Lewis
- TBK-drums

Frankie Leighton
– TBK-bass

Cody Steele
- TBK-guitar

Gordon Fisher
– Promoter for sing-off in Albuquerque

Shay Jameson
- Emcee

Davis Wade
- Movie director

Louie Lovrette
– Writer/screenplay

Grace Bollin
– Maggie’s best friend, owns travel agency

– Jackson Mississippi RV-site owner

Brandon Harrison
– 17 year-old actor

Don Soza
– Manager, Santa Fe Brewing Company

Hollie Hayes
– Hitchhiker

Sheriff Amos Dodd
– Charleston County Sheriff

Billy “Bull” Boulware
– Joe’s high school buddy

Flyin’ so High

(aka Libby’s Song/the Rainbow Song)
by DiDi Hendley

Rainbows and moonbeams

Take me to dreams
down roads that never end...

Takin’ me to places

I’ve longed to see
where I can disappear.

‘Cause I want to be
so far from here,

Where sunny days shed no tears.

This whisp’rin’ wind
that calls my name
tells me ‘just come on in.

Fire in my soul
Fly away
color me gold.

Sweet melody,
take my heart
everywhere it wants to go.

Floatin’ so high
To touch the sky.
Where clouds won’t let me fall.

This road I’ve traveled
hard, heavy and battled
can’t hold my feet no more.

Floatin’ in the sky,

I’m flyin’ so high.
Flyin’ so high.

Fire in my soul
Fly away
I can see my gold.

Sweet melody,
in my heart
The time has come I know.

To fly so high

I touch the sky.
where clouds won’t let me fall.

The journey’s done
I’m finally home
Watch me fly so high.

Floatin’ in the sky,

I’m flyin’ so high.

I’m Flyin’ so high

Flyin’ so high.




Cast of Characters



South Carolina, Day 1 - Tuesday

Alabama, Day 1 - Tuesday - continued

Jackson, Mississippi, Day 1 - Tuesday - continued

Between Ft. Worth-Dallas, Texas, Day 2 - Wednesday

Lubbock, Texas, Day 3 - Thursday

Las Cruces, New Mexico, Day 4 - Friday

Albuquerque, New Mexico, Day 5 - Saturday

Shoshone Point, South Rim-Grand Canyon, Arizona, Day 6 - Sunday

Santa Fe, New Mexico, Day 7 - Monday

South Fork/Walsenburg, Colorado, Day 8 - Tuesday

Pueblo, Colorado, Day 8 - continued

Pueblo, Colorado, Day 9 - Wednesday

Rebel Ranch, Broken Bow, Oklahoma, Day 9 - Wednesday

Broken Bow, Oklahoma, Day 10 – Thursday

Broken Bow, Oklahoma, Day 11 - Friday

Broken Bow, Oklahoma, Day 12 - Saturday

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Day 13 - Sunday

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Day 14 - Monday

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Day 15 - Tuesday

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Day 16 - Wednesday

Lead, South Dakota, Day 17 - Thursday

Lead, South Dakota, Day 18 - Friday

Lead, South Dakota, Day 19 - Saturday

Lead, South Dakota, Days 20 – 28- Sunday-Monday

Lead, South Dakota, Day 29 – Tuesday

Lead, South Dakota, Day 30 – Wednesday

Lead, South Dakota, Day 31 - Thursday

Lead, South Dakota, Day 32 – Friday

Lead, South Dakota, Days 33-37 – Saturday-Wednesday

Lead, South Dakota, Day 38 – Thursday

Nashville, Tennessee, Day 39 – Friday

Johns Island, South Carolina, Day 40 – Saturday

Johns Island, South Carolina, Day 41 - Sunday

Johns Island, South Carolina, Day 43 - Tuesday

Charleston, South Carolina, Day 44 - Wednesday

Island off the coast of South Carolina, Day 59 Thursday

Island off the coast of South Carolina, Day 60 - Friday

Island off the coast of South Carolina, Day 61 - Saturday

Charleston, South Carolina - Day 62 - Sunday

Island off the coast of South Carolina, Day 68 - Saturday

Island off the coast of South Carolina, Day 69- Sunday


BOOK: Whirlwind Love: Libby's Journey
7.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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