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Chapter One

Raymond and Maria Valentino longed for a son to carry on the family name, to inherit his fathers business and to be his fathers protege.

Years passed without a boy been born, it seemed Maria was only able to carry girls. The Vaelentino

s had two daughters and Maria had suffered three miscarriages all of which the doctors had said were to be boys.

After coming to terms with the fact that he and his wife were not going to parent a son Raymond Valentino began to stray, he blamed his wife, he said she was the one begrudging him a son. It was common in his day and normal in his culture to have affairs. A man so powerful as Raymond Valentino could have had many a woman but he only had one, she was twenty years his junior so he thought she would be ripe enough to give him a son. Her name was Ava, she was beautiful in every way; tanned skin, long dark hair with big brown doe eyes. Yes Ava would produce a fine son, he

ll be handsome like his mother but trained to be like his father, brought up the Mafia way.

Raymond had no feelings for Ava as much as she had wished he would, he was a God fearing Catholic and could only love one woman, his wife, his Maria. Ava was purely an incubator for a son, a piece of ass Raymond did not mind fucking. When Ava concieved Maria was pained that the doctors had said it was a boy, the one thing she could not give her husband. Raymond could see his wife was in pain so moved Ava into their country estate so not to cause his wife any more pain. Maria would not be the boys biological mother but she would be the one to raise him, to nurture him and the one he would call mother. Ava would have nothing to do with the child she would be taken care of.

It was October 16
1989 when a healthy baby boy was born into the Valentino family. It was October 16
1989 that word had gotten out of a Valentino son being born. It was October 16
1989 that a dark aura was bestowed upon the other mafia families. The Valentino

s were a strong and feared mafia family but other mafia families knew that a new Valentino son, the first in a long time would cause much blood shed and fear in his life.

There were complications at birth that led to Ava

s death but that was no loss, her purpose had been severed and she would have been erased anyway. People in the Valentino family and commission who knew of Ava said she was lucky she died in labour it had saved her from the brutality she no doubt would of encountered.

A son at last, Lucas Raymond Valentino. A name people would soon come to fear.

The Valentino

s were New York

s richest and most powerful Mafia family, not just in New York but across the American states. People knew if they crossed the Valentino

s it would be the last thing they ever did. The families reputation was not a rumour that people had dreamt up it was a real nightmare, their portfolio was huge and full of various properties, connections throughout the country and full of gruesome and blood curdling murders that would make even the toughest of peoples stomachs turn.

Chapter Two

Throughout his childhood Lucas Valentino was disciplined, he was trained like a dog, if he did good he was rewarded, if he was bad he was beaten as a lesson. He was taught to be loyal and to obey. Even though Raymond Valentino and his fathers commission were hard on him Lucas knew that his bond with his father was strong and not one to be messed with.

At seventeen Lucas was moved out of the New York estate and into a Californian condo. Raymond Valentino needed someone on the west coast to keep an eye on the O


s. The O


s were Irish mafia who had emigrated to the States back in the early 1800

s. The O


s had started out as petty thieves then moved up the chain to deal in small time drugs, this eventually made them. They now dealt in big drug deals, shipping large quantities of cocaine into the country. This did not sit well with Raymond nor with his commission, they were not big on drug deals though most of them used but did not deal, it was thought that if not watched then the O


s could become trouble and try to take over the Valentino empire. Lucas, he would be the pawn.

At the tender age of seventeen the O


s would not see Lucas as a threat more of a pesky kid. The O


s and many other mafia families did not know much about Lucas, he had been kept fairly secretive from the outside, though he was known of he was rarely seen. He was home schooled and his friends were few and none. Raymond thought it time his son was sent into the field and into a public school.

Raymond Valentino had bought his son a large condo that was close enough to look onto the O

Doud estate so that his son could keep note on any activity that there may be.

Lucas fitted in well at school, he

d gotten into a bad crowd but that was expected he was after all a bad seed. He was know as Lucas the Valentino name would not mean much to the kids at Cal High, which was good it meant no questions would be asked.


Chapter Three

Hey Lucas, we hitting this party tonight? Lots of free flowing booze, drugs and plenty of willing pussy. You in?” Ty yelled to Lucas “You know Kesha

s gonna be there and you know she

s hot for you.”

Ty that girls hot for anyone, she

s a whore”

That may be but since you rolled into town she

s not so much as looked at another guy. I should know bitch has stopped giving me head and damn can she give head.” Ty laughed. He was a tall black kid, his hair was braided and he was well built from the roids he took.

So where

s it at n who

s gonna be going?” Lucas asked striking a match to light a cigarette.


s in some guys house down by the beach, the whole crews going; me, you, Kesha, Dena, Flick, Ben and Trey n everyone else that

s going, so you comin or wot?”

Sure why not I could do with some pussy” the two lads laughed they were sat outside Cal High eyeing up the talent and staring down the competition. It was summer but then everyday seemed like summer in California, the rest of the group joined them as the late afternoon set in.

So are we going or wot lets go see what this parties got to offer” Kesha smiled, she was tall with long legs, big boobs and long blonde hair typical Californian girl.

Yeah lets go and Kesha we all know what you want it to offer” Ty laughed high fiving Ben and Trey.


s that supposed to mean?”

It means we all know you want the night to offer you Lucas

s dick, deep inside your pussy, fucking you good” Kesha blushed and shoved Ty, she glanced over to Lucas to see if Lucas was listening, he smiled at Kesha he was half listening.

Thanks for that Ty, pornographic as usual” he jumped to his feet “Lets get this party on the road.”

They arrived at the party shortly after eight, they did not receive a warm welcoming, they were gate crashing after all. The party was happening; the music loud, drinks flowing, shots downed, coke snorted up and plenty of girls in tight, short and virtually none existent clothing. Kesha had been eyeing up Lucas all night, who wouldn

t? he was very handsome, he had as expected inherited Ava

s looks; tanned skin, dark hair but he had his fathers eyes, dead and unreadable. Kesha took her chance to be with Lucas when she spotted him skulking off outside, she found him perched on a wooden fence separating the house from the beach and ocean.

So you ignoring me or somet?” she asked brushing up against him, he was silent and half smiled at her. “Strong and silent ay well let me see if I can get a sound out of you” she slid her hand onto his crotch, undid his jeans and dropped to her knees. She took his shaft into her mouth, his breathing quickened as she rolled her tongue over the tip of his dick. His eyes wandered through the garden not worried about being seen by the other people outside. Ty was right Kesha was good at giving head but he

d much rather fuck her. As he scanned the garden he saw a shadow come into view, a petite girl with long wavy black hair that flowed over her fair skin, from afar she looked like an angel he felt his arousal heighten and Kesha noticed, believing she was the cause. The girl in the shadows caught his eye and scurried off into the house embarrassed by what she was seeing. Lucas shrugged it off, picked Kesha up and pushed her up against the fence, he hiked up her skirt and slid himself into her, she was already wet. She clawed at his back as his hands grasped her breasts and his mouth biting at her neck. Kesha was moaning loud and her heart racing, he thrust deeper and harder into her the more she moaned. They came hard together, he pulled him self out of her, zipped up her jeans and went and sat on the beach.

Want one?” he asked offering her a cigarette. Kesha may have been a whore but she hadn

t expected Lucas to be cold with her.


s your problem” she took a cig and placed it between her lips and lit it from a match.

What you mean?” his eyes were glazed over form the effects of the coke kicking in.

Your cold, colder then normal”

You got want you wanted Kesha, you got fucked don

t be expecting no ever lasting love bull shit coz that just aint happening”

Thanks but I don

t want your love I just want, I dunno a kiss or somet” Lucas lent towards her put his hand on the back of her neck and pulled her in and kissed her.


m sorry ok but other then sex were nothing ok”

Sure whatever” with that she sauntered off back in the house passing Ty, Ben and Trey. Ben passed Lucas a bottle of half empty scotch.

Kesha looked happy enough guess you fucked her then. Any good?” Ben asked.

Yeah she was ok” he drank down some of the scotch “I saw this girl, petit, long black hair do you know of her”

Nah mate don

t think so” the three lads shook their head “Why she hot?”

Not bad” he lied, he thought she was stunning.


Chapter Four

There was no movement from the O


s, nothing to report back home on. Kesha was a regular conquest. He

d fuck her and then tell her to fuck off. He

d not seen his mystery girl not through lack of trying he

d looked everywhere, she had intrigued him. Raymond Valentino deposited one thousand dollars a week into his sons bank account, it seemed a lost of money but Raymond Valentino wanted to make sure Lucas wanted for nothing, he told his son not to let anyone get to close to ask any questions.

School was easy for Lucas he was home schooled by the best, it wasn

t as if Lucas needed school to get a job, he had one of those- the family business. Lucas had been at Cal High for five months he was well respected most so out of fear as he was a popular rebel much like Trey, Ben and Ty they were Cal High

s bad boys. The group he hung with rarely attended school activities and only briefly attended classes. Lucas liked to smoke, drink and be promiscuous. He liked the ladies and they liked him. Sex too Lucas was just another thing, he saw it as not needing emotion, he fucked he never made love. All the girls noticed him except for the one he was looking for.

Your acting odd, What

s up” Kesha asked readjusting her skirt before walking out of the school caretakers closet.


m fine” he brushed her off.

Course your fine, your always fine, you don

t feel, your never angry, hurt or anything its like you have no emotions”

So I don

t have any emotions, who gives a fuck, I don


Well obviously” she laughed. “It

s a good job were just sex your way to hard to be involved with. See ya” Lucas nodded at her as she walked off down the hall. He looked the other way and noticed his mystery girl, books held tightly to her chest, her hair flowing free and her eyes staring at her feet. He was mesmerised by her, by how elegant she walked, she flipped her hair over her shoulder and glanced over at him but quickly averted her eyes back to the floor. He was breathless he could feel his chest tighten and his groin harden, he followed her. She was unaware of her secret stalker and carried on her day she walked into the girls lockers and a fat red headed girl emerged and shut the door behind her. Lucas grabbed the red headed girls arm.

That girl that

s just gone in there do you know her?”

Yeah I know her, why?” she replied.


s her name?”

Why you wanna know?“

Why? Because I

m fucking asking you so tell me” his patience was wearing thin and the girl could sense this, she pushed his grip away.


s called” the girl paused “She

s called Amelia”

Thank you” he started to walk away but the girl called after him.


s not your type” Lucas froze and turned around, his eyes cold and unreadable.

Oh yeah and why do you say that you know fuck all about my type”


s nice and well your reknowned for well not been” he just smirked as she spoke “She

s to nice for you don

t drag her down into your world, she aint like the girls you hang with”

How so?”

She aint cheap, she

ll not drop her knickers, I

d say she was more of a romance girl than a one night stand girl” Lucas laughed at the girl and walked off. He knew this Amelia girl was going to take some work, was it really worth it just to fuck her he doubted so but the girl was hot and he was more then willing to try. He needed to learn more about her and knew Flick knew every girl in Cal High, Lucas went to find her. Flick was sat smoking a joint on the hood of her car in the parking lot.

Hey Flick” he called out taking the joint from her lips.

Hey stud, watcha doing?”

Piss all, you? On second thoughts I don

t care.”

Charming” she giggled “What

s up?”

Do you know a girl called Amelia, long black wavy hair, pale skin?” Flick thought for a while, conjured up a mental image and smiled.

Yeah I know her she

s a cutie. What you want with her? She

s too good for you.”

I want her.”

Charming and to the point. Your outta your league stud, she

s a princess no offence like but not your kinda girl, your defiantly not the type a girl takes home to meet the family”


m not wanting to meet her family. I

m wanting to fuck her.”

You know if you want a bit of action you only have to look in my direction, I

m not doing anything right now and I can find a friend n make it a trio. I have some pretty feisty female friends that would love some Lucas loving.” Flick flashed him a sultry smile. She was a bonnie girl, short blonde hair, blue eyes and rebellious through and through, she got around and didn

t mind people knowing, she liked to play the field and with both teams.

Mmm as good as that sounds I

m gonna take a rain check.”

Sure thing stud, you want me to find some info on her?”


No probs hot stuff, I

ll catch you later, with a friend maybe.” Lucas winked at her and walked away.


Chapter Five

Among the towering sky scrapers of Central Park and the hustle and bustle of shoppers and workers Raymond Valentino sat and waited, waiting for news on the O


s. None came, his son had been in California for months now and not so much as a letter from him. Valentino

s commission thought it were time Valentino paid his son a visit.

There was a knock at the door, Lucas rolled over and glanced at his clock, three a.m, he rolled back over and tried to block out the knocking but it was becoming louder and more intense.

What?” he boomed opening the door, he was rubbing his eyes to free them from sleep when he saw his father standing in front of him, a tall strong looking man he looked younger then his age.

Father I had no idea you were coming, please come in” Lucas stepped to one side to allow his father entry into his apartment. A three a.m visit, this wasn

t good. Lucas expected the worst.

How have you been?” Valentino asked kissing his son.

Good thank you and yourself?”

Pissed Lucas” here it came “Pissed at you, I send you here and for what so you can run around town like some player fucking all these Californian girls.”

You sent me here to relay information to you about the O



And have you?”

No sir” Valentino struck his son, Lucas fell to the floor his father threw him a scorned look, like an owner would give his dog if it disobeyed, Lucas seemed to whimper under his father look.

While you

re here Lucas you

re here to work, stop chasing pussy and do your job. I need you to do me a favour” his father passed him a package, Lucas took it and looked in. A gun. A colt equipped with a silencer, he looked at his father “You

re a Valentino son this is what were about. Wipe that look off your face, you

ve known this day would come when I asked you to kill, don

t tell me your to pussy to?.” Lucas shook his head. “There

s a list of three names in there all of which have wronged and disrespected the family name. That is just not acceptable. Roberto Colleti branded our family as has been

s, Mark Andonetti and Jerry Cowter have been bad mouthing us and have been associating with the O


s. They all live close by, Lucas I need you to deal with them, they all live close by. I

m sure I can trust you doing this. You

ll receive a call to say where and when.”

Yes father you can count on me.”

Good now give your father a kiss, I have a car waiting to drive me back to the airport. I

m not as young as I once was, I hope you wont make me keeping flying back and forth across country.”

No father this is the last time” he kissed his father


ll be in touch soon so get some sleep and keep the colt with you but outta sight” with that Raymond Valentino left.

Lucas went and sat on his bed his clock read four forty five. He pulled the colt out of the package, the black metal was cold against his skin, the ivory handle had a picture of a pit-bull that stood tall and proud, it had been custom made especially for him he knew this because colts usually came with a tiger print or gold shield. The pit-bull was his fathers pet name for him. Lucas was not shocked by his fathers requests he had not blinked nor objected he

d not had to kill until now, he was trained as a skilled marksman. He liked the way the colt felt in his hand he felt powerful, the colt turned him on, the thought of someone begging for their life as the bullet penetrated a hole between a persons eyes, this really turned him on. He placed the colt back in his bedside cabinet and he closed the drawer.

The early morning was warm, once awake Lucas could never fall back to sleep so he took up residence on the balcony with a good view of the O

Doud estate. No movement, everything was silent which it was bound to be, it was still early. He found himself thinking about his mystery girl, Amelia. Who was she? Where was she from? How could he seduce her?


Chapter Six

School again, Lucas found himself in the same routine; school, parties, unfulfilling sex, the O


s and fantasising about Amelia.

Hey Lucas got some dirt on your honey” Flick smiled pulling up a chair in the school

s outside yard.

Ok shoot” Lucas listened and learned about Amelia, there were only he and Flick around everyone else must have been in class. He pulled his cigarette pack out of his jeans pocket, lit one up, passed it to Flick and then lit himself one up and inhaled deep.

Well she

s called Amelia but we know that already, she

s sixteen seventeen next month. She is one hundred percent straight, apparently she may be a virgin”

Apparently she may be a virgin, that makes no sense” Lucas butted in.

Well she might be and then she might not be no body knows but I guess that doesn

t bother you. Lets see very quiet, only has a handful of friends. Oh and she has a very nifty little car from what I hear. That

s it, really sorry I aint got much else stud.”

No that

s good I can work with that”

Seriously, why you want her? she seems way to pure to be your type”

I feel like a change”

Like I say if you want a change” she laughed.

Yeah Flick I know we can have a friendly trio.”

Who said anything about friendly I like it dirty and rough. I

m out see you later stud” Flick laughed and walked away.

Lucas waited in the school

s parking lot hoping if she had a car it would be somewhere here. He waited for what seemed like hours but his unusual patience paid off. Amelia walked out of the school doors still carrying books and her head still hung low. He walked towards her, as her head was hung low she didn

t see him and walked straight into him her books scattering on the floor. The pair bent down to pick up the books, their hands touched as they reached for the same book, electricity ran through Lucas

s body, Amelia quickly pulled away and jumped up smoothing her skirt down.

BOOK: Wrong Kind of Love
12.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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