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“Easy baby,” he whispered when I groaned and writhed against him.

“Dorian. I—please.” I was beyond caring about anything except fucking him. 

Dorian’s hand moved from my waist to my ass, grabbing hold and slamming my slit right into his cock.

“Oh, God. Oh yes.” My head fell back, my hips rotating.

“God baby.”

I heard him, felt him grind into me, was dimly aware that I was an out control mess and two seconds from coming just like that. And frankly, I couldn’t bring myself to give a damn.

the way you move.” 

His voice did what it always did to me: it drove me wilder. Dorian used his hold on my neck to lift me up. His teeth came down on the skin above my artery, tugging. A wet, soothing lick followed.

“This is exactly how I need you. Wild for me,” he rasped, biting his way up my jaw. 

“I am. Please, Dorian, it hurts. Make me come.” I continued to beg him, my hips rotating. Next thing I knew, he lifted me off him and sat me down right on the boardroom table. The gasp I gave was nothing short of incredulous.

And I was. I was downright offended that he would dare stop!

He pointed a finger at me and gave me a hard stare. “Stay right fucking there.”

I trembled under that stare, leaning back on my hands and letting my legs fall open.

Dorian’s eyes fell to my pussy and I saw him hiss sharply through his teeth. “Door. Have to…” He paused, his tongue gliding wetly across his plump bottom lip. “It’s still open.” He shook his head, scrubbing a hand down his face.

I was seriously debating how fast I could grab him when he turned and rushed back toward the doors. My attention zeroed in on the way the man walked, his ass rising and falling with every step. Leaning my head back, I bit my lip, eyes frozen.

I didn’t even realize that he had slammed both doors closed. The only thing that broke my focus was when he turned around and my eyes found themselves locked on his cock.

Dorian stomped back in my direction. By the time he stepped between my legs, I was sitting up and reaching for his shirt. I pulled, earning a soft chuckle from him. He smiled at me, a crooked smile that hit me hard and only served to make me needier.

I cupped his neck and slid my lips against his. He slammed me back onto the table and covered me, every inch of him grinding into me. I shoved my hand into his short, curly hair, trying in vain to hold him still while I sucked on his tongue. He pulled back, breath stuttering, and rotated his hips slowly.


“Shhh.” He ran the back of his fingers down my cheek. His lips were right above my mouth, close enough to touch, making the hunger spike even as he tried to calm me down. “Slow down, baby. You have me so damned close already.”

“Dorian, I swear to God. Either take off the clothes now, or I’m ripping through them. You know I will.”

This time, he laughed, the sound husky and pleased. “Gotta love what I’ve turned you into little sex fiend.” He bit his lip, his eyes twinkling as he lifted himself off me and reached for the buttons on his shirt. Less than a second later, my patience snapped while he continued to look me over, those eyes roving slowly.

.” He shook his head, taking one step back when I reached for him.

My hands curled into fists. The muscles between my legs were too tense, throbbing too hard, and a part of me was sure that all I had to do was rotate my hips once and I’d come. Just one glide of my swollen clit against my soaked thong, that’s all it would ta—

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Dorian glared at me, his fingers moving at top speed, almost ripping through each button as I would’ve done. He flung the button down off and stepped between my legs again.

My eyes were riveted on his huge chest, on every grove, on the veins that ran down his lower abs and straight down into his jeans…

He grabbed onto my ankles and pulled, effectively slamming me back onto the table.


“I’m going to fuck you right here. Is that what you want? You want me to fuck you so hard that I hurt you, don’t you?” His hands were rough as they grabbed onto my tank top and shoved it up my body. “When I ask you a question, you answer me, Demi.”

As sexy as I always found that commanding side of him, I never really bowed to it. Not unless his cock was inside me, doing the very thing he was talking of doing. And it wasn’t inside me right then, so my cheeky response couldn’t be helped. “It’s freaking obvious, isn’t it? What I’m wondering is
you aren’t doing so, yet?”

Dorian pulled the tank top off, flung it, and slapped one hand hard around my thigh. Hard enough to sting and make me arch with a gasp. “Watch it.”

“Or what?” I asked, voice raspy. “You can’t threaten me with not giving me your cock. It wants me as bad as I want it.”

I ran a finger across his lower abs, dipping it into his jeans just a little. The fucker wasn’t wearing any boxers, I could feel it. A hiss broke out, disbelief that he’d gone through a board meeting in that state filling me.

“I wouldn’t dream of denying you that. Not right now, at least.” Dorian forced my skirt higher, not even bothering to take it off. “But I will spank the hell out of y—” Whatever else he was going to say was lost behind a moan, his hips pushing toward me as I ran my hand down his cock. It pulsed, straining under my touch.

“You’re wearing the bra you tried on for me.”

I nodded, wrapping my hand around his dick. His head fell back, hips thrusting, and veins bulging everywhere as he fought to stay in control.

“As you can see, I’m wearing the panties, too.”

“Not for long.”

I found myself on my back again, blinking up at the ceiling. My panties were pulled down and off me in one rough move.
He pulled my bra straps down, tugging it down enough for my tits to bounce free.  I looked back at him. Dorian stood stiffly, his arms flexing as he went to work on the button on his jeans.

“So swollen. So wet.” He freed his cock and stepped between my legs.

I moaned, the sound high pitched and shamefully wanton. My gaze took in how his swollen cock bounced in my direction, the tip blushed and dripping. “God, Dorian.”

“I know, baby. I know.” He grabbed onto my thighs and dragged me closer, leaving my ass almost hanging off the edge. He tilted his head, staring at my pussy.

“Please. Now.” The tremors going through me grew stronger when he grabbed onto his dick and squeezed it. Watching it jump in his fist made another moan leave me, one even needier than the last.

“I’m going to come deep inside you.”

I clawed at his shoulders. “

“Then I’m going to eat you the way I’ve been dying to.” He ran his index finger across my lower lips lightly.

It was a whisper of a touch, but I still seized up, an orgasm starting to ripple through my clit. “
Oh. Oh, fuck.
Baby, more!”

“You’re coming all over my cock. No other way.”

And he slammed into me, his dick pushing right past my collapsed, trembling walls.

I exploded, my muscles
morphing into a tight coil of pure electricity. Even my mouth froze wide open, a scream crashing and leaking out in small spurts.

Triumph flared in Dorian’s eyes, a savage male look that only added to my pleasure. “
.” His chin rose, his teeth bared and every sinew in his neck distended from the strain. He went wild over me, hips slamming painfully. “That’s it baby. Come all over my cock. Fuck.” His head fell forward, his brow coming down. “Needed this. So much. Shit.”

.” My orgasm had ended, I think, but it merely blended into another one, a stronger one that I could feel building. He pushed into me, rotated his hips and hit that spot deep inside me that made my eyes roll back into my head. “Baby, your cock. Shit, too good—”

              “Look at you. You’re crazed. We both know why, Demi. You can’t live without me.”

I pressed my lips together, desperate to hold in the truth that wanted to spill out of me. Dorian dragged me closer, his tongue flicking at my nipple. I clenched helplessly around him, afraid of him, afraid of how he made me feel, afraid of giving away too much while I was that vulnerable.

He licked at my nipple in slow, languid strokes, his hips moving in tight circles. He looked into my eyes, his tongue glistening in the bright lights of the boardroom. When he pulled away, a thin trail of saliva connected his tongue and my nipple. The sight made me cry out, my body jerking.

My cock is the only cock that can give you what you need.”

I nodded as earnestly as I could considering that my body was being slammed back and forth by the force of his thrusts.

“Tell me how much you love it.”

“I do, Dorian. Baby, it feels so good. But you know that.” I leaned up to him. We shared a wet, torrid kiss, our tongues rolling and mimicking our hips.

“You’re so tight.
tight.” Each word sounded agonized, almost as if he was on the same edge I was, his body screaming between bliss and torment. He slid his large palm down my trembling stomach, slowing down his thrusts so he could pull back and watch. “Such a pretty little cunt.  I can’t wait to lick myself off you, baby.”


Dorian spread his legs, arching his back. He splayed his other hand across my lower back, lifting me and bringing me closer. “Delicious, that’s what you fucking are. I love this. I love pressing my fingers right here.” Still holding me to him, he stopped moving completely, his fingers sliding down and caressing my lips. “I love feeling my cock slamming in and out of you. It barely fucking fits. You feel that, baby? Feel how tight you’re squeezing down on me? How big my cock is compared to you?”

I sobbed, hands and legs locking on him. “Move. Damn you,

He refused to move anything but his fingers, his dick throbbing involuntarily inside me. The feeling of those throbs coupled with my own made me feel too connected to him.

“I’m so close. Make me come again. Fuck me, please.”

Dorian shook his head, a hard, determined look on his face. His jaw jumped on either side, the strain of staying still showing itself. “No. Not unless you admit it.”

“This again?” I growled at him, frustrated. Why did it always come down to this? What exactly did he want from me? And if it was what I thought, why the fuck didn’t he ask me when we
in the middle of having sex?

Damn him.

“Say you’re mine, baby.”

I bit my lip, feeling tears of frustration prickling at the back of my eyes. I tried to pull him closer, tried to kiss him so I could wordlessly give him the answer he needed. There was no way I could tell him out loud, not without spilling a million other things I wasn’t even sure of yet.

Dorian rubbed my clit softly, another tease that sent ripples through me. “You’ll never belong to anyone else. I own you. Possess you. Every drop of my cum inside you marks you as mine. That’s why you beg me for it. You can’t live without this. Admit it, Demi.”

He slammed into me once, twice…stopped.

, yeah.
. Dorian, I’m yours.” I gave in, gave him what he wanted, writhed desperately, begging him with every move to give me what I needed. “Yours. All yours, baby.”

“Oh, fuck yes,” Dorian growled, grabbing onto my hips and commanding our rhythm ferociously.

My ass and legs slammed onto the boardroom table so hard that I knew I’d be bruised, and I couldn’t bring myself to give a fuck. I could feel my orgasm building. The tip of his dick pressed against the deepest part of me with each thrust, the pain adding to my mindfuck.

“I need you and your beautiful cock.” I felt him grab my neck, fist my hair, pulling me up so he could seal his mouth over mine. His body didn’t slow or relent in its violent movements, but his tongue was soft, stroking mine lovingly. He ran his thumb over my nipple, just once but enough to make me clench helplessly around him.

For a moment, I was left dangling, my orgasm on the cusp. My heart sputtered within my ribcage, struggling to keep up with the pressure about to burst inside me.

“Getting even tighter.
,” he moaned, relentless. “You want my cum? Take it. Take it from me…God, I feel your pussy trembling all around my cock. Squeeze harder baby. Take my cum, fucking force it out of me.”

My body couldn’t have taken his command more seriously. The pleasure pulsed through me, pain flowing along with it as all the blood in my body slammed from my pussy back to my heart.

Dorian lifted his leg, bracing his knee on the table. Incoherent, he slammed deeper, somehow pushing farther than he should have been able to.  He cried out my name, a pained groan that made me shiver in his arms. He came with a forceful thrust, his cock pulsing so hard I felt it deep inside my pussy.

BOOK: Allure Magnified
8.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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