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“You wanna do a few lines with me?” Thad raised an eyebrow.

“A few lines?” I smirked. “You know damn well we can’t jus’ do a few lines of that shit.”

He sho
ok his head in agreement. “True,well, fuck it. You wanna do a gang of lines?”

“Now that’s more like it. You’re not
dealin’ with a rookie over here. I’m a big girl baby…line ‘em up!” I snapped my finger.

As soon as I did that, Thad quickly began to divide the coke up. Using the ace of spades playing card, he separated a good amount from the mound and divvied it up into eight individual, nice sized lines. I looked down at the shiny tray. I could feel the excitement growing in my chest as I anticipated the euphoric feeling I got when the first lines traveled up into my brain and the tiny, toxic crystals began to work their magic. I grabbed the mid-size white straw from the coffee table and took a long sip of wine to moisten my throat.

“Is that enough?”

Thad looked back at me as his ass sat on the edge of the couch cushion. He was bent over the table with his elbows out like he was operating on a patient. He’d since disposed of his tapered suit jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his shadow gray dress shirt. I removed my heels making myself more comfortable.

“Yeah, that’s enough to get the party started. Four lines each and you made
‘em fat too. I like that.” I pinched his butt.

He sat back to admire his cuttin
g skills. “Ladies first.” He waved his hand toward the table invitingly.

For the third time that week I was doing coke. For the second time that week I was doing coke
Thaddeus. I felt free to express myself with Thad. He and I always had that open type of relationship where we could be ourselves around each other minus judgments. I didn’t have that with Tyce, at least not on that front. Me and him could never relax and get high together. He just wasn’t that type of nigga. My present company had Tyce beat in that particular area and that was extremely appealing to me. I smiled sexily at Thad, swallowed a big gulp of wine, smoothed the loose strands of hair behind my ear, licked my lips and snorted all four lines one after the other.

I sniffed hard and threw my head back putting my nose in the air letting the sugary substance drip down my throat. I loved that feeling. The famous drip was a welcomed side effect of doing coke. More than nine years ago, after I did my very first line, I didn’t like the drip, but soon after I grew to love it. My drug of choice was definitely coke. I never liked marijuana, ecstasy, or even drinking all night long. I kept my on again off again relationship with coke a secret from everybody; except Thad.

“Damn that’s smooth baby. Shit, the back of my throat is tingling and it’s starting to get
numb. Here, do yours.” I passed him the straw.

“Yeah, I told you
this was some good shit. I got a cat in Atlanta who hooks me up whenever I’m in town. He basically runs the city and his shit is always fire.” He cocked his bald head to the side, positioned himself above the lines and sniffed them up rapidly. Once he’d finished, he laid his head back against the couch cushions to enjoy the drip. He looked so sexy to me. He had the smoothest darkest skin and I could’ve sworn that the dim room lit up whenever he smiled at me.

I cosigned. “This shit is good.” I rubbed his
head as I looked into his soft eyes. “I really like spendin’ time with you baby and I’m sorry I broke your heart in the past.”

He lit up the room again. “I like spendin’ time with you too. Look, let’s leave the past behind and focus on the future…our future.” He sat up and faced me.

“Deal.” I stuck my hand out.

I expected him to shake it, but to my pleasant surprise he held it gently, brought it up to his sexy lips, and kissed it softly. I felt my juice box get a little wetter. My skin suddenly felt hot. I don’t know if it was the coke, or my strong sexual attraction for Thaddeus that was lighting my fire. My attention turned to my dress. Although it barely covered my assets and it was extremely skimpy, it was making me hot. It felt like an electric blanket was wrapped around my body. I pulled my hand back and smoothed it over my hair as I exhaled air from my lungs.

“Are you ok?” Thaddeus looked at me with concern in his chocolate eyes.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m jus’ hot.” I fanned myself.

He smiled. “I’m a lil
’ hot too. I think it’s the coke.

He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off revealing his broad, hairless chest. My eyes looked him over. I focused on his abs and he watched me inspect his upper body inch by inch. My chest was getting hotter by the second. I drank the rest of my cold wine in an attempt to cool down a bit; however it did little to cool me off.

“Let’s do some more lines and can you pour me another glass of wine please?” I asked politely.

“Your wish is my command. You want me to cut up four?” He reached for the playing card again.

aw, do six and bring the bottle,” I said confidently.

Thad chuckled as he started to divide the lines per my instructions. I liked the way he did what I told him. He didn’t mind a woman telling him what to do. After he split up a dozen lines, he left me alone on the couch and disappeared into the gourmet kitchen to get the bottle of wine. I took advantage of that moment of isolation to take a good look at his house. I could tell he liked earth tones. The whole living room space was decorated in orange, black, brown and tan. African art adorned the walls along with several magnificent wood sculptures of women. He only had one sofa, but it was huge. It must have been at least nine feet long. It had to be custom made, I assumed. His place was a lot nicer than the two bedroom apartment he had when I first met him. I guess being a budding artist had its perks. Unlike other broads, I could appreciate a man who had an exquisite crib. I’d been around men with money since I was a teenager, so I was used to it. Most chicks would fuck Thad just because he had a fly pad with high hopes of getting into his pockets. I, on the other hand, was a bitch who had her own. I owned a successful sex club, five semi-trucks, two cars and I had over three million dollars in cash. I smiled to myself as I eyed the coke on the table.

At that moment Thad strolled in carrying two bottles. He was still shirtless and looking good enough to eat as he took his seat next to me. He refilled my glass and gave me the straw. I took it and thirty seconds later all six rails were gone. I gave him the straw back and he quickly devoured his lines as well. I downed my wine, sat my empty glass on the table and stood up. I slid the spaghetti straps off my shoulders and pushed my dress down the length of my body. It fell in a rumpled heap around my feet and I stepped out of the plush fabric circle completely naked.

“I told you I was hot.” I put my left hand on my round hip.

“Shit, you ain’t never lied. Damn you look good.” He licked his lips again.

I massaged my breasts. “Did you miss me?”

“Hell yeah,” he said bluntly.

“You want me?” I rubbed my clit with the tip of my index finger.

“Hell yeah.” He stared at me intensely.

I inserted
two fingers deep inside my tunnel and began to fuck myself. My right hand was busy with my pussy while my left hand twisted and pinched my hard nipples.

“Show me how much you missed me,
” I said breathlessly.

I honestly lost track of the next two hours. The time seemed to move like a fast wind carrying me from one erotic scene to the next and from one room to yet another room as we utilized the entire house as our adult playground. We finally ended up back in the living room lying naked on a blanket in front of the fire place. My hair was sweated out and Thad was breathing a little heavy after fucking me hard and fast from behind. It was our sixth sexual position in as many rooms and neither of us wanted the pleasure to end.

“Ummm, I’m soooo fuckin’ horny!” I kicked my feet toward the high ceiling.

“Look at me.” Thad pointed to his erect dick, which was sticking straight up in the air.

“Oh, I see it, and I’m gonna ride it jus’ as soon as we get right. Bring
the tray over here baby.” I waved my hand toward the coffee table.

Again, he obeyed my instructions placing the
“goodie” plate next to my titties. That time I scooped up some of the powder and carefully dumped it on the tip of his dick. His eyes were wide with excitement and they were also extremely dilated.

“Don’t move baby. I’m gonna
sniff it right off the tip. I bet you never had a bitch do that to ya’.” I sucked my teeth.

“Naw, I haven’t, this will
be a first. You never cease to amaze me Angie.” He put his hands out to his side as he lay stiff on his wide back.

“That’s cuz I’m an amazing bitch!” I shouted.

              I held his thick cock in my small hand so it wouldn’t move. I could feel it throb and get harder as his excitement grew. He narrowed his glassy eyes in on my nose as it got closer and closer to the pink tip of his dick. There was probably half a teaspoon of sugar resting on his Mr. Good Bar and I inhaled just about all of it in one quick sniff. By that time the drug was having its way with me. I’d since lost count of how many lines I’d done. If I had to guess I would put the number somewhere around forty, but who was counting.

Thad smiled, “That was the sexiest shit I’ve ever
seen. I should’ve recorded that shit!”

“I’m not that craz
y. I am somebody’s mom you know,” I reminded him.

I gazed down at his rod noticing the white residue that remained untouched. My goal was to get it all. I couldn’t very well snort that up, so, instead, I licked it off. He couldn’t pull his eyes away as he watched me try to unscrew the top off his dick with my tongue. I ran my tongue in circles around and around his dick humming and moaning right along with him.

“My shit jus’ went numb…it’s tingling.” He chuckled.

I took my mouth off him. “Good, that means I can fuck you fast and furious and you won’t bust a nut right away.”

Fuck him fast and furious is just what I did over the next several hours. We fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked some more. I did more lines off his body and he did plenty from mine as well. When all was said and done, all the coke was gone, we’d drank five bottles of wine, I’d cum at least seven times and the bright ass sun was shining down on our naked bodies through the blinds in his room.

I was completely exhausted and was too tired to move, yet too restless to sleep. My date on the other hand was knocked the fuck out. He was snoring like a drunken bear and his heavy ass leg was draped over my ass cheeks. I moaned to myself as I took a look at the digital clock on the night stand. The big red numbers informed me that it was half pass a monkey’s ass and a quarter ‘til twelve o’clock in the afternoon.

I rubbed my dry eyes with the back of
my hand. “What a fuckin’ night,” I whispered to myself.

~It’s Getting Close


Peck sat down for dinner with his girlfriend. She’d prepared traditional southern style soul food for them to enjoy together. After all, she was a black woman who was originally from Alabama. He loved her cooking. He’d grown up around black people all his life, but up until that point he hadn’t really tasted a full soul food menu. His favorite dish that she cooked was whole fried catfish with hushpuppies and fried okra. He almost bit his tongue the last time she made it because he was chewing so fast.

More than her exceptional culinary skills, he loved her for the woman that she was. Ever since he’d met her and asked her his famous line which was, “Do you like white boys?” The two of them were inseparable and spent every free moment they had together. Their quality time was shared mostly at her house due to the fact that he still lived at home with his mom and little sister. That fact would soon change after the armored truck job and he would upgrade to a house with the hopes that his new woman would join him.

Peck ran the idea of moving in with his girlfriend pass Tyce one day while they were at the shooting range. Tyce asked a few casual questions about her, but then he got a little more serious. He told Peck that until he really knew her, not to discuss any of his business with her, or anybody else when she was around. He explained that the less a woman knew-the better.

Tyce also told his young Jedi to never make the mistake of moving into a woman’s house with her. The best thing to do was to get a house for the both of you and move into it together. That way she couldn’t kick you out whenever she fucking felt like it for some dumb reason or another. Peck saw the wisdom in that after recalling more than a few of his homeboys walking down the street carrying a trash bag with all their clothes stuffed inside looking for a couch to crash on for the night. There was no way he wanted to end up temporarily homeless like them, so he planned to take Tyce’s wise advice to heart.

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