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"I was just looking at you." He says. I raise my eyebrows at him. He lowers himself between my legs again and plunges hard into me once more and I groan loudly at the force. The heat building within me spreads throughout my body, like as a wave of ecstasy unlike anything I've ever felt takes over. I claw at his back pulling him deeper into me as the sensation intensifies. He jerks as my orgasm pushes him over the edge. A guttural groan passes his lips as he crashes down on me. 

I look up into his eyes, breathing heavily noticing the sweat glistening on his broad chest. I laugh as embarrassment and modesty suddenly take over. He looks at me with confusion and humor in his eyes.

"What? Is there something wrong?" He asks.

"No," I say with a nervous giggle. "I just, I-I don't even know what to say." I stutter, feeling like my body has turned into mush. He rolls off of me and lays beside me, kissing my cheek. “

"You are amazing." He says with a smile.



Chapter 12



Last night was amazing, I think to myself as I lie here in the early morning light, watching her sleep. I get up and head out to get some breakfast before heading to work, hoping she will still be there when in get home. I get to work scarfing down my biscuit unable to quit smiling.

“"Well son." Dr. Iverson says. "I assume things are going well for you and Jasmine?" 

“"Yes they sure are." I reply with a smile. “

"All I ask is for you to be careful. From what I understand her ex is quiet the… asshole." He warns, walking away.

I make a mental note to ask her more about him when I get home. The day crawls by with me watching the clock. My phone whistles and I immediately feel a stirring in my groin. I open the message and smile.

"You are amazing!"

I put my phone back into my pocket and get back to my patients. Mrs. Carlson smiles at me when I walk in. "I'd know that look anywhere." She says, her smile reaching her eyes. “

"And just what look might that be?" I ask. “

"Why, my dear boy, you are in love."” She replies. “

"Mrs. Carlson, that's not possible." I say, shaking my head. “

"Say what you will, young man, but this old gal has been around a long time and I know what I see in your eyes."” I smile and take her pulse. "Believe me Doc, I'm onto you and that lovely young lady."

I laugh as I leave the room and wonder if that is, in fact, what I'm feeling. Glancing at my watch I realize it is almost five and my heart skips a beat. My phone goes off, and it's once again Jasmine.

Realizing its time to go I gather my things and dash to my car. Everything, every moment from the previous night, keeps playing in my mind and I wonder if there is anything to what Mrs. Carlson said. I shake my head wondering how that could even be possible. Love, in the few weeks I have known Jasmine.

I get home and she is all dressed up and waiting for me. “"You look nice."” I say kissing her cheek.

"I figured I'd look my best to meet your parents." She replies with a tremble. “

"There's nothing to worry about, believe me they will just love you." I say, trying to be reassuring.

My mother is sitting on the swing, as we pull up to the old Victorian style house. “"Brandon." he says coming down to meet us. She hugs me and smiles at Jasmine. "You must be this wonderful woman we have heard so much about." She says greeting Jasmine.

She ushers us in and calls for my father. "Hank, they're here." She says in a sing song manner.  Jasmine giggles and I hold her hand leading her into the living room. "Dinner is almost ready." Mom says as she takes a sip of her wine. "I hope you like Italian."

Mom takes off to the kitchen with Jasmine in tow leaving me with my dad. “"She's lovely." He says when they are out of earshot.

"Yes.…Yes she is" I agree. "Dad... I want to ask you something and it may sound crazy, but I need advice."

"Go ahead son, you know I'll always be truthful with you."

“"Have you ever fallen so hard for someone that even the risks associated, take a backseat to the possibility of having the kind of love only possible in a perfect world? Or had the sudden need to protect a heart so fragile, that it's so overwhelming, and soul consuming, that it drives you to the verge of insanity?" “

"Well son." He says after a few moments. "That is deep, and it sounds to me like you have fallen in love with that young lady."

I sit here pondering what he has said to me. I knew there was something, but after what happened with Carlie, I was sure it would be a lot longer before I found anyone to love.

"Brandon, you have to do what makes you happy, even if this doesn't turn out to be a forever kind of love. You just need to go with it until you're proven otherwise. If I hadn't done this myself, I wouldn't have your mother." He say. I sit there in silence listening to the laughs and chaos coming from the kitchen. "You think we should go check on the ladies? My dad asks with a laugh. I nod and follow him into the kitchen.

“"Ladies, ladies.“What did we miss?" “My dad says kissing my mom's forehead.

"Well, Jasmine here, has been telling me what a wonderful son we have raised." She says with a smile. “"Y'all get the table set and well get to munching!" Mom says.

After an interesting dinner, Jasmine and I help clean up and go sit out on the porch swing.     

"Brandon, there's something I need to tell you.”

“"I'm all ears." I say with a wink. She draws in a deep breath, and suddenly I’m not sure I want to hear this. “

"I have a confession. The truth is, I have been lying to myself. I have been in complete denial regarding how I feel about you. I like you so much more than I feel like I should and, I fucking hate it. It's taken away any advantage I have over myself and my feelings. Losing this control over my heart is something I never anticipated in the short time I've known. You have awakened something within me that I haven't experienced since Caleb had come into my life. Love. A deep seeded love that truly scares the hell out of me and makes me want to cut any ties between us. It completely contradicts itself self when I am with you. All I want to do in this moment is wrap myself around you and bind myself to you forever.”

I sit there stunned, not knowing what to say, so I just pull her close to me and close my eyes, listening to her breathe. "Jasmine, look at me." I say after a few minutes. She looks up at me with fear in her eyes.“"You have nothing to be afraid of from me. I feel the same way. I just didn't know it until today.” 

She smiles and kisses me deeply. When we pull away I see my mom and dad looking out the window, giving me a thumbs up. I laugh and she looks at me funny.

"What?"” She asks, as I point to the window. She sees them and covers her face with her hands.

“"No need to be embarrassed" I say. After all, we did get a thumbs up." She shakes her head and smiles, kissing me again.“"Oh yeah, they also gave me the key to the storage building and you are welcome to anything in there you can use." Her eyes light up and the grateful look on her face is enough to convince what I'm feeling is real.


Chapter 13

~~ Jasmine~~


Waking up early I get dressed and head over to my new apartment before I have to go to work. It's been over a week since I've seen any sign of Jeff, but that doesn't mean I'm dropping my guard. I open the trunk and place my gun in the waistband of my pants and have my phone on 911 ready to go, just in case. Over the past few days I really have become a pretty good shot. Slamming the trunk I walk around to the backseat and pull out my suitcase while waiting for Brandon to get here with the U-Haul.

Slowly opening the apartment door I do a quick walk through and everything is all clear. I draw in a huge sigh of relief when I hear Brandon pulling up. We basically cleaned out his parent's storage building to fill my tiny new apartment.

We move in and set up all the big stuff, leaving the smaller things for later. Once we empty the U-Haul I glance at my watch and notice I have just enough time for a shower. I hop in while Brandon finishes putting my bed together then rush out the door for work, stopping only to kiss him goodbye. "I'll see you in a little bit." He says as I close the door behind me.

The day flies by and before I know it, it's time to go home. I swing by the ER to see Brandon and get his key. After leaving I go by and grab some food and head to his place.

I'm sitting on the couch when a thud on the door startles me. I go to check and there's nothing there. Pulling out my phone to call Brandon I hear his truck outside. Drawing in a huge sigh of relief I open the door to meet him, but it's not Brandon. It's Jeff.

"Well hello Jasmine." He says with a cruel smile. “"I came here to see that asshole who stole you from me but this is so much better!" He says, backing me into a corner. “

"Jeff, you need to leave. You are not welcome here. And just so you know, I didn't leave you because of anyone. You are the one who is at fault. I loved you, I did. I would still be with you if you hadn't decided it would be a good idea to screw around with my cousin! Oh and don't even get me started about this!" I say pointing to the scar running down my face. 

“"Oh so little girl is a bad ass now?" He asks, his voice dripping with anger.

I stand up a little taller and talk to him to distract him, so I can get the 9mm still occupying my waistband. "You know Jeff, you're weak. Preying on young girls so you can overpower them, break them. Well, I'm not fucking broken and I'm not about to let you intimidate me again!" I growl.

Without warning he swings at me. He hand makes contact with my face and I'm pushed against the wall. "I like this feisty bitch side of you, Jasmine. I bet you're a beast in the sack with this kind of fire in you!" He says grabbing my breasts. “

"Fuck you Jeff!" I say as adrenaline rushes through me. I push him back and pull out the gun aiming at his heart.

"Oh, big bad, jasmine has gun. So fucking shoot me!" He screams, putting the barrel between his eyes.“I stand there trembling with anger, not fear.“"I knew you didn't have it in you to shoot me." He says, coming in closer.

Quickly, I shove him, aiming down I squeeze the trigger and shoot him in the knee. "Fucking bitch, you…fucking…bitch! You fucking shout me!" He pants, and I can tell he's in pain. Good, I think to myself.

I reach in my back pocket for my phone and call 911, never taking my eyes of him as he writhes in pain on the floor. The police get there only moments before Brandon.

"Oh my God, Jasmine! What the hell happened?"” He asks looking me over. “

My face is red and swollen where he hit me, but I shot him in the knee." I say, trembling. I'm shaken up and a little dizzy, but I'm ok."

“"I'm so sorry I wasn't here! I'm so sorry!" He repeats hugging me to him. "Everything is going to be ok now." I nod and kiss him.

An officer clears his throat and I giggle. "Miss Greyson, we need to take your statement." He says clearly uncomfortable at breaking up our moment. “

"Yes, sir. I'll be right back." I say squeezing Brandon's hand. After the police are done with me I go back to where Brandon is. "Well, It looks like Jeff will be going away for a while and no amount of money can get him out." I say with a smile. 

“"What happened?" Brandon asks, walking us towards his car.

“"Let's just say his past finally caught up with him." I reply sliding into the front seat. He laughs, gets in the driver's sure side and cranks up the car. “    

"So I guess were going to your place?" He says with a snicker.  I nod.



A year later


I smile as I kneel down to kiss the swollen belly of the woman standing before me. Her ivory skin glistens in the summer heat and her dark hair blows with the warm breeze. The long white dress that she wears accentuates every curve. The wedding was supposed to be next year but in light of the impending birth of our son, Caleb Hank Whitaker, we figured what better time then now to get married.  “

"I love you, Mrs. Whitaker." I say kissing her before our first dance. “

"I love you, Mr. Whitaker." She replies with a laugh.




The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Despite my life being a series of mishaps and bad luck, I finally found the one who completes me. Brandon has been nothing short of a miracle and every obstacle that has been placed in front of us, we have conquered together.  For the first time in my life I believe in a happily ever after. 









~~The End~~

BOOK: Contradiction
6.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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