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When he found it, his tongue stroked the shaft of her clitoris with slow, expert movements that quickly had her moaning with excitement. Then, as she ground herself against the delicious pressure, he flicked the tip of his tongue into her vagina and pressed it upwards. Immediately a deep, throbbing pleasure shot through her and her legs began to tremble.

She was on the verge of coming now, could feel the tiny pinprick of pleasure building steadily, and when he twirled the tip of his tongue on the top of the throbbing clitoris itself her body spasmed and she whimpered with gratitude.

‘That’s one,’ said Livia. ‘Enjoying yourself, Felipe?’

Chloe stepped away from the kneeling Felipe and glanced down at him. His penis was painfully hard, and the three metal rings meant that it was impossible for his erection to subside. On a sudden impulse, she reached down and squeezed him gently, just beneath the velvet-soft tip. With a gasp, Felipe edged backwards, his face contorted in pain.

‘Don’t move unless you’re ordered to,’ said Carlos sternly. ‘Chloe, he knows better than that. Here, you must punish him,’ and he handed her a latex whip. Not daring to disobey, she took it from him, and then, raising her arm, brought it down across Felipe’s bent back.

She struck him twice before telling him to get to his feet, and to her surprise, when she looked at him again, he was even more aroused than before. At the back of the room Livia gave a soft laugh, rejoicing in Felipe’s burgeoning excitement.

Now Chloe’s body wanted satisfaction again, and she unfastened Felipe’s hands before lying down on the pile of cushions in the middle of the room. ‘Just use your hands on me,’ she ordered him. Her body tingled with anticipation as he obediently positioned himself to her left and began to caress her breasts, lightly at first but then more firmly.

When Chloe let out a soft sigh, he moved one hand between her legs, easing them apart before dipping a finger deep inside her and spreading her juices between her inner sex lips.

Chloe wriggled as a warm glow began to flicker behind her clitoris. She could see Felipe watching her face closely, his soft dark eyes studying her face for every reaction. As he ran a finger up and down the right side of her clitoris she could feel his erection nudging against her hip bone, and heard his breath snag in his throat.

‘You make me want to come,’ he whispered, putting his mouth close to her ear.

She knew that she did, and this increased her excitement. Frantically she pushed her hips upwards, searching for that moment of release. Felipe’s fingertip had been working in the same rhythm for some time now, and the pressure was building deep in her belly, but no matter how much she tried she couldn’t quite climax.

Deftly, Felipe moved his finger to the top of her aching bud and then brushed it from side to side across the tip. It felt as though a surge of electricity was shooting through her, and a harsh, piercing pleasure seared her body as she thrashed around on the cushions with delight.

‘Two orgasms,’ said Carlos quietly. ‘Quickly, Felipe, turn her over and stimulate her other entrance.’

‘No!’ cried Chloe. ‘That’s not what I want.’

Felipe hesitated, but when Carlos started to rise from his
chair he did as he’d been told and flipped Chloe over, so that she was facing the other way. Reaching round her, he slipped a finger into her mouth and instinctively she sucked on it, drawing it in deeper, pretending it was his ringed cock plunging into her, satisfying her aching vagina.

Felipe let his finger stay there for a few seconds, then withdrew it and eased it between her buttocks, which were resting against his naked, tightly muscled belly. She felt the moistened finger moving in slow circles around the outside of her rectum, slowly arousing small darts of excitement. As she began to relax, enjoying the sensation, he abruptly inserted his finger inside her and her body stiffened as she tried to draw away.

It was only then, when he knelt over her and held her still, that she realised Carlos had remained close to the cushions, meaning that she was now in bondage to him. Even as she struggled, Felipe was stroking the inside of her rectum, teasing the incredibly sensitive walls with the lightest of touches.

It felt as though all her internal muscles were being drawn inwards, and despite the slight discomfort, she knew that yet another orgasm was building inexorably within her. She was ashamed of her body’s reaction, but was again frantic for release, and pressed herself backwards so that his finger penetrated her more deeply.

The discomfort immediately increased, and she gave a cry of protest, but Carlos ignored her and continued to keep her shoulders pinned to the cushions. Felipe moved his left hand round beneath Chloe’s body and between her thighs. Within seconds he began to caress the sides of her clitoris as well, and after a few seconds of this combined stimulation an orgasm swept through her as her body jackknifed with the cruel intensity of the sensation.

‘Your third orgasm,’ said Carlos, satisfaction evident in his voice.

Felipe stopped stimulating Chloe and lay motionless behind her, waiting to see what he had to do next.

Determined to regain control, Chloe sat up and looked at Carlos. ‘I want Felipe’s hands tied behind him again.’

‘Then do it yourself.’

Her fingers fumbled with the leather cuffs, and she had to order him off the bed, but finally she had him as he’d been when she’d entered the room, hands bound behind his back, naked and helpless, standing waiting for her to do what she liked with him.

For the first time she was able to appreciate the pleasure of it all, and her overstimulated body drove her on as she walked towards Felipe. She pushed at his shoulders until he was standing against the wall, then wrapped her arms round his neck and pulled herself up his oiled body.

Felipe braced himself as well as he could with his hands tied, and when she wrapped her legs round his waist she saw a look of fear in his eyes, but she didn’t care. All that she wanted was to have him inside her, to feel his rigid erection sliding into her, with the metal rings touching her internal walls.

He was bigger than she’d expected, and she caught her breath for a moment as she impaled herself on him, but then some deep primeval instinct took over and she moved herself frantically up and down on him. The cold touch of the metal rings against her hot, damp flesh was exquisite, and she moved faster and faster as the first gentle tingles expanded and spread.

Felipe was moaning now, clearly terrified of climaxing himself, but Chloe didn’t care what happened to him. The heat was rushing through her belly, her throbbing breasts were being caressed by his chest as she moved, and finally,
with one massive explosion, she came and the contractions seemed to go on for ever.

When the last flickers of pleasure had completely died away, she lifted herself off him and slid down to the floor. Only when she felt the thick stickiness between her thighs did she realise that she’d made Felipe come as well.

‘You did well,’ said Carlos, helping her up and putting an arm round her shoulders. ‘I have to confess that I hadn’t expected you to show such aptitude for domination.’

Chloe was surprised as well, surprised and ashamed. ‘It doesn’t seem right,’ she murmured.

‘You enjoyed it, didn’t you?’

‘Yes, but …’

‘Now you begin to learn the advantages of the discipline. Without me to guide you, how would you ever have learnt this about yourself?’

‘But what about Felipe?’ she asked, as she saw Livia leading the still bound young man out of the room, riding crop in hand.

‘I thought that Felipe looked to be enjoying himself too. People get sexual pleasure in many strange ways, Chloe, as you’re beginning to learn.’

At that moment, Felipe’s voice could be heard crying out in obvious pain, and Chloe took a step towards the door through which he and Livia had gone. Carlos tightened his grip on her. ‘Leave them alone. It’s Livia’s turn to enjoy herself now, and Felipe did fail. He’s well trained, and knew what to expect once he lost control of himself.’

Chloe liked having his arm round her, and her body was still glowing with satisfaction, but she couldn’t quite shake off her feelings of guilt.

‘I need to shower,’ she said abruptly.

Later that night, when she was trying to get to sleep, she
found herself playing the scene with Felipe over and over in her mind. It still had the power to arouse her, and it was only by masturbating herself to orgasm that she was finally able to sleep.



n the morning, Chloe lay in bed thinking about everything that had happened to her since she’d moved into Carlos’s house. Now, in the cold light of day, the events of the night before made her feel ashamed. She couldn’t believe what she’d done, and how much she’d enjoyed it. It was as though Carlos had her in some kind of spell, but it was a spell that she knew she had to break.

At eight o’clock, before anyone was up, she packed a few essential things into an overnight bag and slipped out of the house. Unknown to her, Carlos was watching as she walked down the front path, her bag over her shoulder.

It was too early to go into the office, so she decided to stop off at a nearby café. There she sat at a table by the window drinking coffee, looking out at the people hurrying by on their way to work. For the first time, she wondered about other people’s secret lives, and whether there were many like Carlos and Livia.

When she finally got up to leave, a young man from a nearby table also stood up and held the door open to let her through. She smiled her thanks, and he smiled back. Idly, her mind registered the fact that he was very attractive in a
fresh-faced way, something she wouldn’t have thought about before she’d become involved with Carlos.

Walking swiftly away, she was overtaken by the young man, who then turned and started to move towards her. Chloe’s first thought was that she’d left her purse on the table, and he’d picked it up for her.

‘I hope you don’t mind me chasing after you,’ he said apologetically. ‘It’s just that I was watching you back at the café, and you looked a little lost. I wondered if you were new to London?’

‘No, I’m not,’ said Chloe briskly.

‘That’s a pity. I was going to offer to show you around one evening.’

‘Thank you, but that’s not necessary. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to be late for work if I don’t hurry.’

He looked disappointed. ‘Perhaps we could go out for a meal one evening then?’

Chloe couldn’t believe her ears. She was wearing a plain summer dress and hadn’t even put on any make-up that morning. There didn’t seem to be any reason why a handsome young man would want to pick her up, let alone think she’d be interested.

‘No, thank you,’ she said firmly, afraid that she was subconsciously sending out the wrong kind of signals after her encounter with Felipe the night before.

‘We’d have a good time,’ said the stranger confidently.

Looking directly into his face, Chloe, with her new-found experience, knew that he was right. She felt a fluttering in her stomach and a desire to know what it would be like with this man. Slowly an idea formed in her mind.

‘I can’t make dinner,’ she said slowly. ‘I’m working late. I’m connected with a charity that helps Brazilian street children. Why don’t you call in at our office instead and make a donation that will enable them to be fed?’

The stranger’s eyes sparkled. ‘If I do, will you at least come out for a drink with me tonight?’

, a drink would be nice,’ she agreed. Then, before she had time to change her mind, she gave him one of the charity’s cards and hurried off, wondering if she’d gone completely mad.

‘What’s with the suitcase?’ asked Lizzie as Chloe sat down at her workstation. ‘Hope you’re not leaving Senhor Rocca’s mansion. We don’t want to upset our next patron before he’s taken over.’

‘I hope I’m not expected to run my private life the way Carlos wants me to, just to keep the money rolling in,’ retorted Chloe.

‘Hey, steady on! It was a joke. Is there some kind of problem?’

Chloe, who was thoroughly confused by her own behaviour minutes earlier, shook her head. ‘Of course not. This is an overnight bag, that’s all. I’m seeing a friend tonight.’

‘Right,’ said Lizzie, sounding totally unconvinced. ‘I’ll leave you to deal with the phone. The list for cold calling is pinned to the notice board. Start after the last ticked name. Victoria was doing some yesterday, but she spends more time on the phone to her friends than possible supporters. Unfortunately I can’t get rid of her; her father’s one of the founders.’

‘It’s strange: I left religious orders because the charity was corrupt, but it’s no better here,’ commented Chloe.

‘That’s a dreadful thing to say!’ exclaimed Lizzie. ‘We don’t pay backhanders to people, or bribe anyone. We just have to be willing to be flexible about things, but that’s true in every walk of life.’

‘We’d do anything to keep our chief benefactors happy,’
replied Chloe, taking down the list and seeing that Victoria had only managed eight phone calls in an afternoon.

BOOK: Discipline
6.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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