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“Strip, Landon.”

He turned to his Master. “Let me explain to her first. I
don’t want her to be upset for me.”

“Do it.”

Gavin tore his shirt off.

Turning back to Heidi, Landon sat on the bed in front of
her. “What you’re about to see, I want. This is how Gavin and I are. This is
who I am. Do you understand?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Don’t interfere. I want this. My safe word is red. When I
say red, Gavin will stop.”

“He’s never gotten to red, baby. I promise he needs to be
taught a lesson,” Gavin said.

“I’ll be fine, Landon. I want to watch.”

“Pervert,” he said, stroking her arm.

He climbed off the bed going to Gavin. His Master stood at
the foot of the bed with his shirt removed. The muscles on his arms stood out.

“He’s hot,” Landon said.

Heidi chuckled.

“Clothes off now.
I think
she’ll want to see you without anything on.”

Landon pulled his shirt off. His muscles were not as
pronounced as Gavin’s, but they were certainly decent to stand on their own.
She gasped. The sound made him flex his arms. “Stop posing, and get your jeans

Landon pushed the jeans to the floor then removed his boxer
briefs. His cock stood out thick, with the tip leaking pre-cum.
into Heidi’s eyes, he saw her gaze move to his
shaft. Her tongue peeked out licking her lips.

“Do you like what you see?” Gavin asked.

She nodded. “He’s perfect.”

“No, you’re about to see perfect. Get on the floor, and
assume the position.”

Landon went to the floor. He crossed his ankles and sat on
them. His knees were open. On a woman the display would show her pussy. Gavin
liked him in this position with his head bowed. Staring at Gavin’s bare feet
Landon waited for his next instruction.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” Heidi said.

“I like him with his head bowed. He was losing control until
I came along. The only person I couldn’t budge him on was you.”

Landon listened to their conversation.

Gavin cupped his cheek. “Look at me, baby.”

Lifting his head Landon stared at the man he loved. Fingers
caressed his lips.

“Get on your knees on the bed. Stare at Heidi. I want her to
watch you when you take your punishment like a good little sub.”

Going to his knees on the bed, Landon stared at Heidi. Her
knees were curled against her chest. Her cheeks were flushed. She was aroused.

“I’m going to start with my hand.”

Landon tensed waiting for the first blow to fall.


The first strike was always the hardest to handle. He
grunted as another blow came. The second one wasn’t too bad.

Ten blows rained down on his ass. The burn warmed his ass,
and the bite of pain made him rock hard. His pre-cum leaked onto the sheet.
Keeping his gaze on Heidi, he saw her legs open. Her nipples were rock hard
bullets against the front of her shirt. Licking his lips, Landon stared down
the length of her body.

Her full supple body would feel good against his. He looked
forward to being punished while sucking her clit.

The thought alone made him groan.

Gavin came back with the wooden paddle. It was Landon’s
favourite as it was the largest one his Master owned.

The first smack echoed off the walls. Her eyes were wide as
she watched without a sound coming from her pretty lips.

“More,” Landon said.

The blows from the paddle came harder. He’d be bruised
tomorrow. Landon didn’t care. The bite of pain would keep him aroused through
the day. He couldn’t wait to get started on Heidi. When he’d suggested her to
Gavin, he’d been doubtful of her submission. Watching her reactions to his
punishment, Landon was no longer in doubt. Heidi was a submissive, and together
they’d be possessed by Gavin.


Her pussy was dripping wet. Landon’s cock stood out hard and
proud after each smack of Gavin’s hand. Now he was being punished with a large
wooden paddle that looked like a wide baseball bat. Licking her lips, Heidi sat
on her hands.

The desire to touch
strong. She resisted the temptation to please herself. Landon’s gaze wasn’t
helping. The way he kept looking her up and down made her want to do something
about his heated glances.

“Well done, Landon. You’ve pleased me greatly.” Gavin placed
the paddle on the bed. His gaze turned to her as Landon got down off the bed.
She watched as he took a seat on the end of the bed. “Come here,” he said.

She crawled off the bed taking his offered hand.

“How do you feel?” Gavin asked. “Don’t lie to me.”

“I’m turned on,” she said, blushing. Staring at the floor
she tried to push down her embarrassment.

“No, don’t look at the floor. You look at me.”

Heidi returned her gaze to him.

“I’m pleased you’re being honest with me.”

She smiled.

“Remove your clothes.”

The instruction took her off guard. “You want me naked?”


Landon reached out to her. “Please, I’m naked. Trust us.”

She was supposed to
trust Derek, and he’d hurt her more than anyone.

They’re not
Derek. Let go and live. They gave you a promise to protect you, or are you
going to be a coward and let Derek ruin your whole life?

She went to the top button of her blouse. Staring at Gavin’s
naked chest she slowly unbuttoned her blouse.

“Let me,” Gavin said. He slid his hands across her chest,
over her back. The blouse she wore slid to the floor. She stood in a prim bra.
Instead of taking the bra off, she went for the button of her jeans, trying not
to think of her fuller stomach. She’d never have a flat stomach like Landon and
Gavin. Both men looked super sexy as if they’d just stepped off the cover of a
sports magazine.

The jeans were on the floor. She stood in her plain white
cotton underwear.

“The rest,” Gavin said.

She glanced up at him. His cheeks were red. Fumbling with
the clasp at the back she removed her bra then went to her panties.

Crossing her arms over her chest Heidi stood in their
bedroom naked and feeling fat. This was a huge mistake.

“You’re so beautiful,” Landon said.

Gavin tilted her head back. “What are you thinking?” he

“You don’t want to know.”

His brow lifted.

“This was a mistake. I’m not pretty or slim. I’m fat, and
you could do so much better than me.” The words slipped out of her mouth before
she got chance to stop them.

“Thank you for your honesty. I can tell you, you haven’t
made a mistake.”

Gavin turned her to face Landon. “Stand, Landon.”

The man in front of her stood. Gavin leaned down, brushing
her hair out of the way. “Look at him, Heidi.”

“I am.”

“Look at his cock. He’s turned on from looking at you.”
Gavin’s hand moved down her body. His large palm cupped her right breasts.
“You’re not fat. You’re full and ripe. You’ll be perfect for us. We don’t want
to fuck a stick. I don’t wish to be scared of being rough. When I fuck you I
intend to do it properly.”

His hand went between her thighs. “She’s soaking wet. Come
here, Landon, touch our woman.”

Our woman.

“Am I?” she asked.


“Am I your woman?”

Gavin and Landon chuckled. “The moment you agreed to be with
us you became our woman. There’s no getting rid of us now.”

She smiled, relaxing against Gavin. “I like that.”

“Good. Hold her for me.”

Heidi was switched to Landon.

“I’ve got you, baby. I’ll always have you.”

Gavin removed his jeans. “And this is what you do to me.”

His cock was longer and thicker than Landon’s.

“See why I love him?” Landon asked, whispering the words
against her ear.

“I hope you love me for more than my cock,” Gavin said.

She chuckled.

“It helps your cause.”

“Sit her on your lap. Open her legs wide for me.”

Landon took her to the bed. She sat on his lap. His hands
went to her thighs. She turned to look at him behind her.

“Trust us.”

Her legs were splayed open. Turning back to Gavin, she
watched the older man kneel in front of her.

The scent of arousal permeated the air.

“She’s so wet. I can see her
creaming already,” Gavin said.

Heidi moved her hands to cover her pussy. Gavin slapped her

“Don’t ever cover yourself.”

“That’s another one of his rules, baby. You’re ours.” She
listened to Landon all the time watching Gavin. His large hand caressed up her
thighs. His dark tanned skin contrasted with her pale, fleshy legs.

She couldn’t stop thinking about her weight.

“I’m going to give you what I promised you.”

His fingers opened the lips of her pussy. The small touch
made her groan.

“You’re so desperate for attention. I’ll give you everything
you need and more.”

Gavin’s head closed the distance. In the next breath his
tongue danced over her pussy. Landon’s hands went to her breasts. Both men were
touching her in ways Derek refused. Her stomach quivered as pleasure finally
slammed inside her. For too long she’d been barren and going without any kind
of emotion or pleasure. The two men touching her were awakening her.

“You’re in such need,” Gavin said, mumbling the words
against her clit. He circled her nub creating little fireworks to explode
inside her body.

“Please,” she said. She covered Landon’s hand, pressing
down. “Harder.”

He pinched her nipples at the same time Gavin pressed two
fingers inside her pussy. He opened her hole with his two fingers widening her.
Anticipation filled her with each second that passed. The onslaught of pleasure
was too much. She whimpered.


Chapter Five


Her pussy was a
magnificent sight. Heidi’s taste exploded on his tongue. Gavin could quite
easily become addicted to her sweet, musky taste. He saw Landon pinch her
nipples. Pressing two fingers inside her heat he opened his fingers trying to
stretch her. She wouldn’t be used to him or to Landon’s size. Derek sounded
like a prick with a tiny member. The feel of her tightness confirmed his

Licking her clit, he worked her channel as best as he could.

She was close to climaxing. He saw the distress on her face.
Heidi didn’t want to orgasm yet. Gavin knew the reasons why without asking her.
She feared if she
too soon then that would
be it. He and Landon would show her. There was no way she’d go without. Neither
of them would allow it.

Sucking her clit into his mouth Gavin added a third finger
into her heat.

Heidi came apart seconds later. Her cries filled the air.
Gavin worked her pussy bringing her down from her high slowly.

She gasped, crying out as he withdrew his fingers.

“It’s okay, baby. We’ve got you,” Landon said.

“I didn’t want to come too quickly,” she said.

His man laughed. “Baby, that’s the first one of the night.
I’m sure Sir has plenty more orgasms planned.”

Her gaze turned to him. “You should listen to him. I don’t
believe in one orgasm but multiple orgasms. I suggest you get ready. I’m about
to blow your mind.” He stood, sinking his hands into her hair. Gavin pulled,
helping her off Landon’s lap. “Now the fun can begin.”

Pressing his lips to hers, he explored her mouth with
abandon. He wasn’t concerned about her freaking out on him. This was about them
giving her what she needed, and Heidi needed passion.

Fisting her hair, he tugged on the length. Their kiss broke
as he stared into her eyes. “Tonight we do things my way. Tomorrow, I want to
hear every desire, want, and wish.”


Landon pressed on her shoulders. “I know what he wants from
you.” He went to the floor with her. Landon held her hair back. “Take his cock
between your lips, baby.”

She stared up the length of his body.

“Listen to the man, Heidi. Suck my cock.”

Her fingers surrounded his length. Her tongue peeked out. Landon
winked at him. He didn’t respond as her mouth engulfed him. His cock sank into
her mouth. The tip of his cock went to the back of her throat. She gagged on
the length.

BOOK: Gavin's Submissives
7.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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