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“He’s losing it,” he said.

“He needs you, Gavin. You have to forgive him.” She looked
at the empty space where he’d stood. He looked so lost and alone. She rubbed
her hands down her thighs wishing to feel the happiness she’d felt moments ago.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this, Heidi?” Gavin asked.

In the last two weeks they’d talked about
their relationship to the next stage. She was frightened yet excited by the
prospect of giving herself to Gavin and Landon. There was nothing for her to
lose in their arms. From the desperate look she’d seen in Landon’s eyes, he
needed her.

“Yes, I’m ready.”

Gavin stroked her cheek then helped her to her feet.

“I’ll go up first. I need to have this time with him. Will
you give us some time?” he asked.

She nodded. “I’ll go home. Will you give me a call when you
want me back?” she asked.

He nodded, handing her the keys. Their fingers touched. She
smiled, taking the keys from him. Gavin caught her fingers pulling her against
him. Her body pressed to his front. She felt the outline of his cock against
her pussy.

“Make no mistake,
prepared to have all of me. I’ll not let either you or Landon go. I’m in this
for the long haul.”

Thinking past the arousal she nodded.

His head dropped, and then his lips brushed hers. Tingles
erupted along her skin from the touch.

“I’ll give you the time you need,” she said.

“I’ll take care of him.”

She smiled.

“Drive safely.”

Gavin slapped her ass on the way out of the door. She
climbed into his truck. He stood at the door watching her. Waving to him, she
backed out of the drive. Putting the radio on, she drove to her home singing to
the music.

She pulled up to her home thirty minutes later. For the past
two weeks she’d been making trips to her home putting in some finishing
touches. She opened the door and immediately went for the windows. The summer weather
was hot, and the house felt unbearable.

Her thoughts turned to Gavin and Landon. She hoped they were
able to figure out their problems. Both men deserved happiness. The more she
got to know Gavin, the more she understood what Landon saw in him. He was a
good man, and he clearly loved Landon. Even though Landon had broken his heart
speaking the thoughtless words, Gavin still loved him.

There were times throughout the last two weeks where she’d
witnessed the yearning on Gavin’s face. Gavin hated keeping his distance, but
he’d stayed firm.

Shaking her head, she made her way through to the garden.
The small patch of land was enough for her. Her parents had sold the land and
the house to developers that never did anything with it. She remembered the
love she’d experienced from her childhood. Moving back into the house she
stopped when she saw Derek, opening her front gate. She hadn’t seen him in so
long, but there was no mistaking that swagger for anyone but Derek.

Moving onto the front porch, she folded her arms, staring at

He looked up at her and smiled. There was a time she’d
enjoyed seeing him smile. He’d crushed any joy or happiness she felt for him.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I can’t come and see my wife?” He walked up the porch steps
as if he owned the place. The heat had plastered the shirt he wore against his
back. She couldn’t believe she’d thought he was good looking. Compared to both
Gavin and Landon, he wasn’t much at all.

“I’m your ex-wife, Derek. I thought you said you’d never
come to a poky little town like

She saw his car parked alongside Gavin’s truck. How long
would it take for Gavin to get here?

panicking. Derek has no power here. You’re the one with the power.

“I wouldn’t be here if not to see you.”

He reached out toward her. She stepped out of his reach.

Derek glared. “You were never repulsed from my touch before.”

“I didn’t know your touch was so repulsive back then. I know
it now.”

“You’re already spreading your legs for one of the locals?”

She glared at him this time. “I don’t have to listen to

Taking a step back, Heidi moved inside her house without
dropping her gaze.

“I just want to talk,” he said.

“What happened to the woman you moved in?” she asked. The
last time she’d seen
his tongue had been firmly
down some other woman’s throat.

“She meant nothing to me. I made a mistake. I never should
have divorced you.”

Holding onto the door she shook her head. “I suggest you get
the hell away from my property. I’m done with you and with the shit you

“No man could ever handle you.”

Because I’m bigger?
Or because
you’re just a selfish prick who can’t see a good woman when you’re married to
one?” She didn’t know where she’d found the courage to stand up to him, but she
was going to take advantage of it. “Just so you know there are two men I’m

She slammed the door closed and locked it. Turning her back,
she walked away.

Heidi sat beside the phone in case Derek decided to do
something sneaky.

How could you
have ever loved that asshole?

She never loved him. Her heart pounded inside her chest. The
sound of the car pulling out gave her little relief. Derek wasn’t the kind of
man to back out easily. She’d just started a fight, and she hoped to God, she
could finish it.


Gavin watched her leave before heading back up to the
bedroom. The last two weeks had been the best and the hardest of his life. The
best because of the time he spent with Heidi. He really did love her. His
feelings had grown from the moment she refused to take his place. They’d
discussed deepening their relationship but held back because of Landon. He’d seen
Landon deteriorating. He’d made sure to keep a firm hand with him for the past
few years. The other man needed constant commands, as otherwise he went over
that edge. The risk of losing himself and Heidi had sent him close to the edge.

Walking up the stairs he stopped at the doorway to their
room. Landon was seated on the bed with his head in his hands. Tears fell from
his eyes and dotted the fabric of the shorts he wore. Gavin’s heart broke at
the sadness emanating from the younger man.

“Has she gone?”

“She’s giving us some much needed privacy.” Gavin folded his
arms waiting for Landon to look at him.

“I messed everything up.”

“You did.”

A sob tore from Landon’s throat. Gavin’s desire to go over
and comfort him was strong. He pushed the desire away. This wasn’t about either
of them getting what they wanted. Landon needed to learn his lesson, and Gavin
needed to maintain his dominance.

“Look at me,” Gavin said. He commanded the younger man with
his voice alone. Landon lifted his head. The remorse and failure were clearly
written on his face.

Biting the inside of his lip, Gavin forced himself to stay
by the door.

“Crawl to me,” he said.

Landon went to his knees.

“Heidi has agreed to be our woman but my submissive.” He
spoke as Landon crawled slowly toward him. “I never want to hear you put me in
second place again. In this relationship there is no second place. I love you
as much as I love Heidi.”

“You love her?” Landon asked, pausing in his crawl.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak.”

His head went down as he resumed his crawling.

“Heidi has agreed to be my sub and your woman. Together we
will share her, and you’ll train her to be the perfect submissive. She will be
different from you. Her punishments will suit her need, not yours. You will not
question me when it comes to her, do you understand?” he asked.

“I understand, Master.”

“Good. Yes, I do love Heidi. She’s my woman, and I love
what’s mine.”

Gavin reached down, stroking Landon’s hair. The movement
reminded him of the way he’d stroked Heidi. Her submission would be oh so
sweet. He looked forward to exploring her submissive side. She’d be a true
treasure and joy to train. Heidi was different from Landon. She wouldn’t need
the harsh punishment whereas Landon thrived from the pain of the paddle or
anything else he felt was necessary.

“Remove my pants, and do it slowly. Don’t touch my cock.”

Landon fumbled with his jeans, removing them slowly. His
fingers brushed Gavin’s cock. He groaned but didn’t make any move to touch

He stepped out of his jeans. His cock stood out thick.

“Stand, remove your clothes, and then go and stand with your
back against the wall,” Gavin said. He watched as Landon removed his clothes.
The other man’s cock stood out with cream leaking out of the tip. Licking his
lips, Gavin tried to stem the arousal flooding his body. Two weeks without any
kind of release had built up need inside him.

When Landon stood against the far wall, Gavin went and
grabbed the cane from the drawer.

Landon’s eyes dilated at the sight, and his cock seemed to
tighten with anticipation.

Gavin saw he was more than ready for the punishment he was
about to give him. Landon craved it.

Stroking the tip of the cane down his body, Gavin followed
the cane with his gaze, watching it drop to the man’s cock.

He slapped the cock, lightly.

Landon groaned, thrusting his pelvis out.

“Turn around,” Gavin said.

When Landon was turned around, he followed the line of his
back with the cane. The flesh of his ass was pale. There were no signs of previous
punishment. Moving to the side, Gavin raised the cane and brought it down
against his ass. The first hit echoed off the walls. Landon cried out.

“Yes, Master, please, I beg you,” he said.

Raising the cane, he brought it down twice more before
running his hand over Landon’s ass.

He didn’t want to draw blood, and the cane could easily do
that if he wasn’t careful. Drawing blood was not part of his kink.

Once he was satisfied with the marks he raised the cane
again. He rained blows down in a set of five. After five were administered,
he’d take the time to assess the damage. No blood was drawn, and when he grew
tired of the cane, he used his hand.

Landon begged, pleaded, and moaned with each blow. The
punishment made Gavin’s hand sting, but he kept at it.

After thirty minutes of working him over Gavin turned him
around, dropped to his knees, and took his cock into his mouth. The salty tang
of his pre-cum exploded on his tongue. He swallowed Landon’s essence, relishing
the feel of his cock on his tongue.

He worked him with his mouth and tongue until Landon came.
Gulping down his seed, Gavin licked his cock. Tears fell from Landon’s eyes,
dripping onto his body. “I’ll do it,” Landon said.

“What?” Gavin asked, staring up at him.

“I’ll give Heidi up. I love her, I really do, but I need
you. The last few weeks being without your arms around me have been pure
torture. I’ll give her up. I swear.”

Gavin couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He’d never
expected Landon to say such a thing. Even as Landon spoke the words, he knew it
was destroying him. Gavin loved Heidi and Landon.

“Go on then. Phone her and tell you you’ve changed your
mind,” Gavin said. Landon moved toward the phone. He started punching in the
number. Nibbling his lip, Gavin wondered if
could live without both his
. In the last
few weeks he’d grown close to Heidi, and he loved her. There was no way he’d
give her up, and he understood what Landon meant. This was pure torture for the
pair of them.

He’s proven
he loves you.

“Put the phone down, and come here,” Gavin said.

Landon put the phone down.

“No, no buts. Come here. I don’t want to end things with
Heidi. She’s important to both of us.”

He watched as Landon moved slowly toward him. “I can do it,”
Landon said, crying.

“I know, but I don’t want you to.”

Getting to his feet, Gavin wrapped his arms around the
younger man. “I’ve got you,” he said.

Gavin held him tightly refusing to let go. After several
moments passed, the tears turned into great heart-wrenching sobs. Throughout it
all, Gavin held him.

Moving toward the bed Gavin lay down with him in his arms.

Chapter Eight


Landon felt relief. His ass stung from the punishment, but
the feel of Gavin’s arms around him was worth all the pain he’d experienced.
Licking his lips, he stared into the other man’s dark gaze. He’d been ready to
give Heidi up. She was his best friend and he loved her, but Gavin gave him
something she couldn’t. Gavin gave him a firm hand, undying love, and most of
all, Gavin kept him stable. His life would turn to shit without Gavin.

BOOK: Gavin's Submissives
13.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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