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He heard the heartbreak in her voice. The sound broke his heart.
Derek had broken down her walls leaving her hollow. “You’re a beautiful woman,
Inside and out.
I don’t care about anything
else. I adore your company. Landon always talked about you. I feel like I know
you already.”

She laughed. “Landon does like to talk a lot.”

“He does, which brings us back to the original problem. What
do we do?”

“We can’t leave him alone. He’ll go insane and do something

Gavin had told her some of the stuff Landon had gotten up to
after his parents died. She understood his out-of-control personality. Gavin
didn’t want to leave him alone like that. Landon may have broken his heart, but
he still loved him. That would never stop for him. There was no way he’d leave
him or Heidi. The woman before him was working her magic on him as well.


Heidi had never known about Landon going off the deep end.
She always felt her friend was in control. Learning about his spiral into
drink, sex, and drugs scared her. Glancing out the window she saw Landon
heading toward Luther. He’d circled the square.

“We can’t leave him alone,” she said. If they left him alone
he’d spiral out of control. She’d never seen his lack of control before. The
thought of him hurting himself or doing something terrible scared her. He’d
been the person she looked up to.

“Giving into his demands is not ideal either.”

“He needs you, Gavin, not me. You give him everything.”

“I don’t give him everything.” Gavin traced a pattern along
her wrist. Warmth flooded her pussy at the contact.

“What don’t you give him?” she asked. His touch made it hard
for her to concentrate.

“A pussy.
I can’t give him a
pussy, Heidi. Only you can give him that.”

She stared at his full lips, the same lips that had given her
the first orgasm she’d experienced in years. Licking her lips, she dropped her
gaze to stare at his hands. Memories of what those hands could do flooded her
mind. They gave and took pleasure. She wanted those hands on her breasts
stroking her body.

“He also loves you. Don’t think this is only about an organ.
You mean the world to him. He talked constantly about you.”

“How can you cope being in the same room as me? I know you
love him.”

“Landon never lied about you. He told me straight off you
were the woman for him, and if you ever lost your dead beat of a husband then
he’d do everything in his power to claim you as his.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Landon never
stopped communicating with her even when she left

“You’re too good for me,” she said.

“No. We’re good for each other, and together we’ll be good
for him.”

He pointed in the direction Landon disappeared.

“What do you suggest?” she asked.

“We live with him, but sex and a relationship is off. We
live together like three friends.”

“What about my house? I bought the place, and I want to live

“Do you love your house more than Landon?” he asked.

She glared at him. Gavin knew the answer.

“Come on. I’m sure Luther is waiting for us to take Landon
off his hands.”

Gavin threw down some bills. “What exactly do you do for a
living?” he asked.

“I design websites and earn money through editing and stuff.
I lost my job at the firm where I was working. I make enough to get me by. I
don’t need riches or wealth. I’m content doing what I do. Landon did say you
would need
help settling your books. I do that as well.” She
smiled recalling the work she could do.

“You’re a woman of many trades.” He took her hand. Together
they walked over to the motor car repair shop. Luther glanced up. She saw the
relief on his face.

“How are you doing?” she asked, smiling. The other man put
her at ease with his easy charm. There was not any vile nastiness that reminded
her of Derek. The men in
knew how to be

“I’d be much better if I was left alone.” His gaze turned to

She chuckled. “Come on.”

Landon took her hand.

“Drive with Landon. I’ll take the truck and follow you to
the ranch.”

“Are you sure?” she asked. She didn’t want to leave Gavin

He kissed her temple. “Don’t talk to him. Sit in silence or
listen to the radio.”

She nodded. Landon opened the door for her. She climbed
inside trying to ignore the flare of heat at his touch.

Landon climbed in the other side. He tried to talk on the
drive back. Heidi cut him off and turned the radio on. Not talking to him was
the hardest thing she’d ever done. She loved hearing him speak. She checked
outside to make sure Gavin was following them back.

The music drowned everything out. The road was bumpy, and
she held onto the handle bar above the door.

When he parked the car she climbed out waiting for Gavin to
turn up.

His face was a mask. She couldn’t read his expression.

They walked into the house together. None of the ranch hands
were present. Sunday was a day off. Gavin had explained some of the workings of
the ranch to her. She’d been more interested in him and his relationship with
Landon. She’d known the moment Landon woke up alone he’d think about what he’d
done and said.

Heidi knew she couldn’t give him what he needed. Gavin’s
domination was what he needed to keep him together. She’d seen the bliss on his
face at the spanking he’d been given.

If she was honest with herself, she needed the domination.
The reason she’d stayed with Derek for so long was because of the way he’d
ordered her around. She liked being told what to do. Heidi didn’t like the way
in which he’d dealt with her. The lack of respect and overall cruelty unnerved
her. Everything else she’d been happy with.

They could be Gavin’s
She’d gladly serve both men if they gave her the pleasure they offered her the
other day.

She sat down in the sofa. “We’ll stay. Gavin and I will stay
in this house with you.”

Landon let out a sigh of relief.

“But not in the way it was,” Gavin said.

“What do you mean?” Landon looked between them. She saw the
flash of panic in his eyes.

“We’ll be together in this house, but none of us will be in
a relationship. You’ve ruined our trust, Landon, and you’ve got to earn it

“This is up to you, Landon,” she said. “You can have us here,
but you’ve got to earn back both of our trusts, Gavin’s especially.”



Chapter Seven


Landon accepted their offer. There wasn’t much else he could
say. If he disagreed with them then they’d walk out of his house and life. He
couldn’t handle them walking away from him. He’d been mistaken when he picked
between them.

You fucked up
big time.

Heidi and Gavin kept to their word. They didn’t change their
relationship. Gavin stayed in the spare bedroom. There was no romantic touching
among any of them. They watched movies, ate food together, and visited Heidi’s
house. The renovations were complete. He feared the moment she moved in. With
her at home she kept Gavin there. He knew in his heart that Gavin’s feelings
for Heidi were growing. The two spent a great deal of time together. They
cooked together.

He didn’t feel excluded. Watching the two together gave him
peace. With them being part of his life was enough. In the small hours he
missed Gavin’s thick arms wrapped around him. The commanding touch of his lover
was what he yearned for the most. Closing his eyes, Landon listened to them in
the kitchen. The house was quiet apart from their laughter. He’d overslept.

Before he knew it two weeks had passed without any change.
He rubbed his arms listening to them downstairs.

Throwing the blanket off his body, Landon made his way down
to the kitchen. Heidi was covered in flour, and so was Gavin. He’d never seen
Gavin smile with such easy abandon. Glancing down the length of Gavin’s body he
saw the outline of his cock. The older man was aroused.

Leaning against the doorframe he watched the two laughing
and giggling. Gavin was tickling Heidi as she tried to fight to get away.

“This is not very hygienic,” she said.

Landon chuckled. She said that to get the tickling to stop.

Their gazes turned to him.

“How come no one woke me?” he asked.

The smile fell from Gavin’s lips.

“We came in to see you. You were sleeping like a baby. We
thought we’d leave you. It’s Sunday after all. No one needs you,” Heidi said.

She held up a tray of cookies. Landon shook his head.

Gavin handed him a coffee. Their fingers touched. He held
his breath looking at the other man. Gavin didn’t appear affected by the touch.


He grabbed the paper, sitting down at the table, and he
hoped they’d continue to have their fun.

You were a
selfish dick. You’re only getting what you deserve.

Biting his lip, Landon tried to stem the flow of tears. He
pushed the pain of his situation to the back of his mind. It wouldn’t do for
him to lose control.

“You need to tell him,” Gavin said.

“Tell me what?” Landon didn’t look in their direction. If he
saw them now he’d lose it. His emotions were held together by a tiny thread.
Seeing them together only served as a reminder of what he’d lost.

, I was thinking about moving
to my house. It’s only a thirty minute drive away. I bought the place, and I
think I should use it.”

Landon shook his head. “No, please don’t. Not yet.” Closing
the paper, he moved toward her. He went down on his knees wrapping his arms
around her waist. “Please, I’m sorry. Don’t leave me.

He pressed his face against the flesh of her stomach.

“Landon, stop.”

She pushed at his shoulder, but he refused to budge. He
couldn’t lose her.

“I’m sorry. What more can I say?” he asked.

“This isn’t about that.”

“It’s not? Then why do I feel like this? Why do I feel like
you’re pulling away from me?” Landon kissed her stomach running his hands up
her thighs. “Please, I’ll do anything.”

“Stop, Landon.”

He paused on her thighs at the sound of Gavin’s voice.

“I’ll stay,” Heidi said. “I’ll stay for a little longer.”
She touched his head stroking his hair.

With her small touch, Landon hated himself. He was
blackmailing her into staying with him. She shouldn’t have to worry about him.

She went down on her knees before him. “I’ll stay.”

Her arms moved around him. Wrapping his arms around her
body, Landon inhaled her feminine, sweet scent.

“Thank you. I’m not ready for you to leave me.”

I’ll never be
ready for you to leave.

Closing his eyes, Landon held onto her for several minutes
longer. When Gavin cleared his throat, he left to go upstairs. Pausing at the
door he turned back to them. Heidi knelt on the floor next to Gavin.

“I know you don’t believe me, but I made a mistake. I love
both of you, and if you asked me to pick between you, I couldn’t.” He stared
into Gavin’s eyes. “I love you with my whole heart as my friend, lover, and my
Master. I’ll do anything to please you. I don’t even understand why I said what
I said. I was scared you wouldn’t love her and force me to give her up. I can’t
live without the two of you. I need you both.”

Shaking his head at the uselessness of his words, he walked
up to his bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands.

You’ve fucked

The tears fell thick and fast down his face. There were no
words good enough to express how he felt to both of the people in his life.

He slapped his head in an attempt to force the doubts out.
They were the same doubts he’d faced when his parents passed.

You need to
be strong.

Two weeks had passed since Gavin’s firm hand. Staring down
his body he missed Gavin’s touch. The small spark of pain that filled him from
the swipe of Gavin’s hand had been lost because of his own stupidity.

Heidi and Gavin lived with him, but it wasn’t the same.
Nothing would ever be the same, and he felt lost without that connection he’d
experienced with both Heidi and Gavin.


Heidi watched Landon go with a heavy heart. The look of
defeat in his eyes scared her. Gavin stroked her hair. She tilted her head back
to stare at the other man.

BOOK: Gavin's Submissives
3.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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