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“You didn’t have to do this,” she said. Her stomach rumbled,
which only made him laugh.

“Eat, Heidi. You’re going to have to get used to it. There
was an offer on the house,” he said.

She listened to the offer while eating. There had been a lot
of interest in her home. She didn’t mind. Her old life was gone. Gavin was true
to his word, and she trusted him with her heart and body. Her mind was starting
to repair the damage that Derek had placed inside. She no longer saw herself as
beaten against his words.
With each day
she found herself growing stronger and fighting against the doubts and negative

Gavin’s punishments had quickly turned into a pleasure. She
looked forward to going over his knee, and she liked the fact he included
Landon in her punishment. Having both men punish her body felt amazing.

“I’ll take what they offered. I’m not going anywhere,” she

“I think Gavin will like your answer.”

Landon finished his food then went around
her shoulders as she ate hers. She moaned as he hit the right

“What are we going to do about Gavin’s birthday?” she asked.

“I’ve got it covered. His birthday is a couple of months
away. We’ve got time to train you and get everything set up.”

She finished eating. Landon took her plate as she went to
her office. She didn’t see Gavin for the rest of the day. Landon didn’t seem
unfazed by the lack of Gavin’s presence. She missed him. He’d become part of
her life, and without him, nothing felt right.

“Are you sure he’s fine?” she asked when Landon came into
the house at lunchtime.

“He’s fine. I called him, and he went to the realtor to sort
out the details of your house. He’s settling everything for you.”

“Did he say anything?” She nibbled her lip.

sounding like a hysterical wife.

“Yes, he said not to worry and to work. When you’re done for
today, go and have a bath, rest your feet. We’re going out tonight. Gavin is
organising everything. You’ll see the dress on the bed.” He kissed her head
then left her alone.

She stared up the stairs but forced herself to go back
inside her office.

When she finished all of her work for the day she made her
way up the stairs. On the bed lay a purple box. She opened the box to find a
beautiful pale cream dress. Feeling the soft fabric between her fingers, she
saw the right size on the gift tag. She was a size eighteen. The thought of her
men picking out the dress left her embarrassed. How did they know her size?

Duh, you’ve
been living with them for the past few months.

Leaving the dress she made her way into the bathroom. She
did everything Landon told her. If his words came from Gavin then she didn’t
disobey the commands of her master. She took plenty of time to soak while
putting her feet up.

She thought about the life she was living with her two men.
In the short time she’d been with them she’d started to feel like her old self
before she met Derek. There were still occasions when doubts filled her head,
like in the bedroom thinking about the dress. She wondered if Landon and Derek
were embarrassed by her size.

There you go

Stop with the

After spending an hour in the bath, she got out and made her
way into the bedroom. She took time getting ready. Landon went to the bathroom
but didn’t venture into the room. Nerves pricked at her. Why were her men
avoiding her? She finished dressing, applied minimum makeup, and then made her
way out of the room.

Walking down the stairs she heard her men in the kitchen.
Both men were dressed in suits. Swallowing past the lump in her throat, she
waited for them.


The ring was in his pocket. Gavin and Landon had spent a
great deal of time talking about marriage. They’d agreed she’d marry him, but
Landon would wear a ring also. With their marriage they were all protected. He
showed Landon the ring.

“Do you really think she’s ready for this?” Landon asked.

“I don’t know. I spent all afternoon preparing everything. I
hope she’s ready.” He closed the box then placed the ring back in his pocket.

“She missed you. Lying to her wasn’t fun.”

“I didn’t imagine it would be a piece of cake.” Gavin let
out a sigh. Landon touched his head then pointed behind him. Turning around he
saw her. She stood, leaning against the door, her body encased in pale cream.
The dress dipped in at the waist but flared at the hips. He didn’t think she’d
be comfortable with a tight dress. He’d purposefully gone for a fit she’d be
comfortable in. The bodice plunged at the breasts. The swells of her gorgeous
breasts were on display.

“I’ve missed you,” she said.

“I’ve missed you, too.” Moving toward her, Gavin pulled her
against him. Her soft body melted against him. He dropped a kiss to her plump

“You were gone for a long time.” Her lips were out in a

“I’m back.” He kissed the top of her head. “You look

“Thank you for the dress.” Her hand ran down the length. All
he wanted to do was take her upstairs along with Landon and make love to his

“We’ve got dinner reservations.”

had opened a restaurant
a few months back. The fine dining was a rare luxury but one Gavin had become
accustomed to. They drove in his truck. Landon sat by the door, and Heidi was
pressed between them.

Landon helped her out of the truck. All three of them walked
to restaurant. He’d booked seats a week ago. The chef was a friend, and when
Gavin told him what he planned to do, he’d made sure seats were available.

Several couples were eating. He acknowledged them as they
passed. Threesomes were known in
. It wasn’t a town to
judge or be judged.

“This is a pretty fancy place,” Heidi said.

“There wasn’t a restaurant when you lived here before, was
there?” Landon asked.

She shook her head. “Nor a sex shop.”

Gavin laughed. “Have you been inside the sex shop?”


“Then you’ll have to go. I recommend it.”

Their glasses were filled with wine. They were alone to
contemplate the menu.

“I don’t need a place like this,” Heidi said. Her face was
flushed as she glanced down at the menu.

“Order what you want. We can afford this, baby.”

Landon squeezed his leg. At that moment Gavin needed all the
comfort he could get. He’d never asked a woman to marry him.

He sipped at the wine. When the waiter came back, they
ordered their meal. He listened to his subs talk for several minutes.

Their meal came, and Gavin was onto his second glass of
wine. He watched Heidi eat, and all the time he felt like he’d been punched in
the gut.

What if she
said no?

He’d given her dominance, but what if it wasn’t enough for
her? Pushing his doubts aside, Gavin tore into his steak.

“Ask her,” Landon said.

“Ask me what?” Her hazel eyes stared at him. He saw the
trust reflected in her gaze.

Wiping his mouth on a napkin, he reached over the table. She
scooped up some potato before turning her attention to him.

“It’s about what I’ve been doing today. It’s pretty
important to both of us.”

“You need your space?” she asked.

“No. No, this is nothing about that,” Gavin said.

Landon’s hand tightened on his thigh.

Reaching into his jacket Gavin presented her the box. “Will
you marry me?” he asked. The words were a relief to get off his chest.

“Marry you?” She took the box from him.

He’d bought her a simple gold band. She wasn’t the kind of
woman who wanted big extravagant gestures.

“Yes. Landon and I talked about it. He’s in agreement. You
marry me, but we’ll be married to each other.” He handed Landon the gold band
he’d bought for him.
“A family.”

Tears filled her eyes. He’d wanted her to be happy, not to

“You don’t have to say yes. I thought you were ready.”

She tightened her hold on his hand. “Will you shut up?” she
asked. Her gaze went to the ring then back up to him. “This is perfect.”

His heart pounded inside his chest.

“I thought you were trying to get rid of me. You want to
marry me?”

“Yes, more than anything. I’d marry you both if it was
legal. This is what we both want.”

“Oh my God, I think I’m going to cry.” She dabbed under her
eyes. “Shit, I haven’t even told you the answer.”

Gavin waited.

“Yes. A million times yes. Please, put it on.” She handed
him back the ring. He took the ring out of the box then slid the gold band onto
her finger. The ring fit perfectly. He’d guessed the size. She stared at the

“Oh my,” she said. Tears spilled down her cheeks.

He got out of his seat embracing her in his arms. Landon
winked at him.

“Love you, baby,” Landon said.

“I love both of you. Thank you so much for giving me this.
This is amazing.” She held her hand out in front. Gavin chuckled, admiring his
band on her finger.

“I told you, you’d be mine. I meant every word.” He kissed
the side of her face then took his seat beside Landon.

They toasted to the future.

His future looked perfect with his two subs, and he couldn’t
ask for anything more.



“This will be perfect for his birthday,” Heidi said. The
gown she wore covered her body. Every now and then she took the time to admire
the ring on her finger. She wasn’t married yet, but they’d set the day for
Christmas. Becoming Mrs. Powell would be the best Christmas gift she’d ever

Her parents had met Gavin and Landon. They remembered Landon
from when they lived in
. They didn’t
understand her situation, but they were happy for her. She couldn’t ask for
much more.

“He’ll completely lose it. Are you sure you’re ready for this?”
Landon asked.

“I’m his woman and sub. This is nothing.”

Landon had bought the collar, which lay around her neck. The
collar was bound with a lock. The card on the door contained the key for Gavin.
He’d promised her Gavin would understand what she was doing.

Heidi was giving herself to her man. Letting out a breath
she touched the collar wrapped around her neck.

“Do you think you can handle being married to Gavin?” Landon
asked after several minutes passed. She stroked the collar around her neck, smiling.

“I can’t wait to be married to him.”

“Gavin was a little worried because of your married life
with Derek.”

“Derek is a prick. I know Gavin and you are not like my ex.
You’ve given me more love and passion in the last few months than Derek gave me
in years. I love you both. I look forward to the future. You’ve got no idea how
excited the future leaves me feeling,” she said, meaning every word.

“Okay, I thought I’d ask.”

“No worries.” She stroked the collar bringing his gaze back
to her neck. Landon let out a sigh.

“He’ll never like my presents,” Landon said.

She slapped him on his naked ass. “Stop whining, Gavin loves
you for you. Save a little for me.”

He smiled at her. “Okay, before we have a drink, show me
your pose.”

She went to her knees. Spreading her thighs wide, she bowed
her head and thrust her chest up in offering.

“Keep your gaze on the floor even when he enters. When he
presses the key into the lock then look at him.” Landon cupped her cheek. “When
he sees the butt plug in your ass he’s going to lose it.”

“Do you really think so?” she asked. She’d gone into the sex
shop and bought an anal starter pack. She and Landon had been using it on her.
Tonight she’d be giving herself to Gavin, but also they would share her.
Both of her men inside her at the same time.
She shivered at
the delightful thought.

“He’ll lose it. Come on. We’ll have a drink, and then we’ll
get everything else set up.”

She followed Landon downstairs. Coffee waited in the mug.
She poured herself a generous amount. The plug in her ass pinched a little. The
inflatable plug expanded inside her every few minutes. By the time Gavin got
home from town she’d be more than ready to take both of her men.

Twirling the band on her finger she glanced over at Landon.
He looked
relaxed as he stared at her. The robe she
was wearing felt invisible against his gaze.

BOOK: Gavin's Submissives
7.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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