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Authors: Eleyne Kot,Yasmin Lazaro

Tags: #General Fiction

Hekate's Passage: A Story of Sex and Rock'n'roll, Part 1, Vol. 1

BOOK: Hekate's Passage: A Story of Sex and Rock'n'roll, Part 1, Vol. 1
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Hekate's Passage

A Story of Sex and Rock'n'Roll

Part 1, Vol. 1


Eleyne Kot and Yasmin Lazaro

Copyright 2013 Eleyne Kot and Yasmin Lazaro

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-938886-36-2

Cover page by Sergio Hugo Castro


While the male protagonists in the fantasy may resemble members of a certain well known heavy metal band, all of the events and actions described happened only in our dirty and vivid imagination. We’d much love it to be otherwise, alas, we don’t have the means to make our lustful fantasies come true. Girls can dream, can’t they? So don’t treat what we wrote here too realistically, it’s our sexual fantasy about the guys who inspire us to a great extent and some things are supposed to be larger than life. After all that’s what a fantasy is about. We strongly suspect that quite a lot of things we describe here are physically or physiologically impossible. The fantasy quality of all the sexual activities described here makes it possible to forget about physical barriers and contraception. Sex in imagination is always safe. However in real life we recommend staying on the safe side. We wish all of you a very nice reading.

This novel is our tribute for the inspiring musicians that have been and are rocking the world as well as our imagination filling it with all these lusty images and fantasies. You’re a never ending source of inspiration, we love you, guys.


Yasmin’s Story:

On some not very remote English hill, where a mysterious circle of stones was placed long ago, lies a spot called Hekate’s Passage. People are afraid of it. They talk about some weird events taking place there, nobody knows why. But some say the Twist, the heavy metal band we admire in a very particular way, once had a car crash when driving one foggy night near this place and this incident additionally left some kind of strange energy messing there for years. As a member of The Paranormal Research Center to make a research on the matter I got interested in this place as soon as I heard about it.

I’m really very happy that my girlfriends, Eleyne, Babette and Melisa have accepted gladly the invitation I extended to them. But it’s only me who belongs to the Centro de Investigaciones Paranormales (Paranormal Research Center); the rest have been dragged into my research due to my curiosity and the weird legends told by the hill neighbors, such as gossip about people missing for days, or long-haired guys appearing in 1970s garments, who show they are totally disturbed by being in a time that they said they do not belong to. Our curiosity goes far beyond the mere investigation of paranormal fact; indeed, we want to experiment with some random “rituals” which may work as the trigger of some unexpected experiences.

My work is mainly based on collecting different data from the field where a supposed paranormal event has occurred. I then hand the data to the scientists who really manage the Center, which has collaborators scattered worldwide. At the moment I’m still fresh at paranormal research, but I have a good background in matters like mythology, literature and physics. All of these areas of study allow me to get a deeper insight in the possibilities of the paranormal occurrences and their possible explanations.

Spending some years in the college studying philosophy and literature allowed me to contact a wide range of ideas born of both fantasy, speculation and science, all of which support and feed my thought in those matters related with the unusual occurrences.

“Where the hell am I now?”

My head feel dizzy, it is dark all around me. I cannot fix my eyes on anything, everything is blurred--but I hear someone breathing heavenly in the same place I am, if this could be called a place…but it cannot. It is just a dream. I am here, in Buenos Aires, planning my travel to the United Kingdom (UK)... What is going on here?

Something, a cold hand touching me has awakened me for some years. I’ve also heard strange whispers at my side. All these have disappeared and now there is something new. Or at least, I believe it is something new. My obsession with Julian Twist and their music, heavy-metal from the ‘80s with a double-guitar attack and a powerful vocalist; they all blast a wall of sound over a solid bass and drum base, which have driven me to facilitate what I am longing for. And that is to raise funds and organize this trip to the UK to study the place. The Julian Twist accident, plus their music that’s wild and potent, have already inspired the craziest dreams and fantasies in my head.

The band and the ‘80s are knotted in the history of the music, even when their first album was launched in the middle of the ‘70s. All those past eras are a source of inspiration for me, as well as a part of a dark spiritual adventure for more than a generation of other followers. These young women and I are going to research in the unusual areas that border the strangest spiritual zones. We hope to create a path for a more independent point of view and attitude on religion and spiritual life, to open minds in the search of freedom.

We may not be visionaries or spiritual leaders but we have left our studies, jobs and families behind us, only to discover whether or not we can connect to something that will show us that this Universe is alive and conscientious.

I know I need to travel to that place where the guys almost met death to find some research for my thesis. To relate heavy-metal music and paranormal phenomena would be very easy for some narrow-minded people. After all, they see the devil in all that moves far from their understanding. But I have other ideas: the energy and the emotion could push something in and out of us. They could help us to find some experiences catalogued in other times as revelations and spiritual travels. Emotion, energy, dramatic feelings, heavy metal, unknown forces behind the Universe, all those crazy things are written down in a list on a paper to begin my analysis.

Yasmin Lazaro

Chapter 1

Yasmin’s Story:

I am here, at Ezeiza to take my flight to London, where my friends will welcome me and guide me on my first trip out of South America. It has taken a great deal of effort and money getting this trip together. My local Argentinean colleagues support my idea of researching the old pagan cult near Hekate’s Passage. They have even invested some money and tools, and recommended me to the London Paranormal Society, and to its president, Mr. Watterson. He is a man who has studied the weirdest places on earth, and pursued evil books like the legendary Necromicon; he has even studied other damned objects all around the world.

Meeting my friends is highly emotional and we have a lot of fun during the first hours; but now, after spending some time here, I have found all the things my father told me about the city of London. I marvel at its wonderful buildings; and the English way of living is very different from my calm Argentinean city. But I’m eager to discover its ways…

Mr. Watterson is very friendly in our meeting; he remarks that a young researcher like me has to solve a lot of incoherence in their first stages of research. Fortunately, he says is will be able to lend me a hand at a moment’s notice, if I so require. But I just groan inwardly when I find out that he’s not at all interested in heavy-metal bands, oh God!

Of course for him, my theory is on target. High emotional responses triggered by intense, heart-pumping music and orgies are the basis of many old pagan cults; and now they are being reinstated in new cults, like the Wicca. Having practiced some of the Wiccan rites and being acknowledged a solitary witch, partially eases my mind to study such things; however, I still feel I’m a Christian; I have already found out that much of the Christian cult is related to the mother – son relation and some other things that I may not mention here.

But I am a skeptic in my soul and that adds clarity to my mind.

So today I am travelling with Eleyne, Babette and Melisa to this deserted place to discover what is lying under the earth.

Eleyne’s Story:

While I’m sitting in the study of Professor Watterson and listening to him talk to Yasmin, discussing her crazy thesis, I wonder how it all began for me. It hasn’t been my intention to do anything out of ordinary this summer. I’ve already gone to the gig of my favorite metal band back in Milan. I was thinking of going to one more gig, and not only for musical reasons. The Julian Twist Band is so inspiring for me, so hot and handsome despite their ages. They have really managed to invade and conquer my mind and imagination; I just can’t stop thinking about them.

That’s why when I first heard from Yasmin about some paranormal place in England, and her willingness to investigate it, I thought she was crazy. But she kept on insisting… So even though my mind was fully set on finding ways to put my hands on Tony Hilton, the Julian Twist sexy, brown-eyed axe man, and wondering how the heck to do the same to equally hot, blond Jim, who happened not to be present on their tour, I said: “Ok, I’ll come to England and we’ll go to the place.” Did I make the correct decision? Perhaps, yes... After all, they are now in the middle of the British leg of their tour. I could go to a gig somewhere here if I plan things properly.

Melisa, another crazy fan of Julian Twist and especially of Jim, also agrees to come. As well as Babette, a huge admirer of Julian Twist bassist - Ted. Babette almost was banned from the Metal Forum for posting naughty and explicit things she would want to do with him. And she’s also a great fan of paranormal and occult occurrences. So it wasn’t strange that she willingly agreed to come. I suppose that Melisa also had some hidden motives... Jim’s mansion is really not too far away from the place that Yasmin is going to study. So all of us flew there, where we met our Argentinean friend at the airport, rented a car, drove her to the city to the Institute. Of course, we have our share of problems with the English way of driving. Some subjects that the professor and Yasmin are now discussing are a bit out of my league. I’m becoming lost in their talk about energies, magnetic fields, geology and a lot of other related subjects. I decide to go shopping for food. We have booked a room at the hostel nearby, but we are going to spend the evening and perhaps even more at this mound, so we should have something to eat. Babette is listening to Yasmin and the professor with quite a lot interest. I ask Melisa to go with me. We excuse ourselves and leave, promising to pick them up later.

I’m only happy we don’t need to buy anything that is really heavy, like booze, of course to facilitate our research. I’ve brought enough wine to sustain us for a few days; I don’t even want to talk about how much I paid for the excess luggage weight because of it, or how heavy my hand luggage was, as I did some additional wine shopping at the airport in Milan. Italian wine rules!!! So we do have something to drink, but it turns out it’s a bit worse on the food side; it seems that English food is terrible! So finally, Melisa and I end up in some gourmet deli where we are able to buy some decent food: sausages, some cheese, good bread. We also find French mustard and some cured ham that can survive without refrigeration for some time; so we buy it, too. I suddenly remember that we also need toiletries; I didn't take any along in order to reduce the weight of the suitcase. It also enabled me to pack as much wine as possible. So we also end up in a beauty shop where I buy all the necessities.

We come back to pick up Yasmin and Babette, and then we head for the countryside. Again, we struggle with the left-side of the road driving. We arrive to the village nearby to the site we wish to study and then check into a hostel. Yasmin leaves some of her luggage there but I, for some unknown reasons, decide to keep our suitcases in the car. Babette stays in the hostel, as she doesn't feel too well; however as we get ready to head to the place, Yasmin’s a bit concerned.

“Babette, are you sure you don’t want any of us to stay with you?”

“Don’t worry about me,” Babette smiles. “I’m a big girl. I’ll survive. It’s just a cold.”

“It just sucks that it happened now,” Melisa remarks. “Do you have all the medicines you need?”

“Yes, I brought everything with me from France. Fervex and all this kind of shit... Don’t fret, girls. I’ll manage on my own easily.”

“We’ll try not to stay there all night,” Yasmin promises her.

Babette is sure she can do well on her own, so we leave her behind and drive to the hill where this mysterious, smaller version of Stonehenge is located.

It’s late afternoon, but it’s still light so we can see everything. The place is strange, indeed… All these stones, in a circle… I’m beginning to have some strange thoughts, or maybe not so strange, as I have been fantasizing about having sex with Tony and Jim for more than five months now and it's almost a permanent condition of my mind. But they seem to intensify. They both seem to be invading my mind, especially this tongue of blue-eyed Jim keeps me wondering what he could do with it to me. A fire begins to stir inside me, making me wet just at the thought of what it would be like to make love with these two guys... I try to shake off the feeling; we have things to do, all the paranormal equipment brought by Yasmin to set up, food to prepare, etc. So I can’t really afford to moon about. And I'm not really sure if Melisa would like to share Jim.

BOOK: Hekate's Passage: A Story of Sex and Rock'n'roll, Part 1, Vol. 1
7.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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