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This book isn’t based on real events (I wish!/thank
goodness!) however, the female friendships
based on my own
experience of having “a tribe” as a teenager, and having new girlfriends come
into my life in the decades since. These wonderful women have, at various times
of my life, kept me sane, made me laugh, dried my tears, and occasionally
slapped me upside-the-head when I needed it. So if the friendship between Jill,
Angela, Missy Lou and Fritha feels real to you, you can thank my girlfriends,
because they were the inspiration.

Mandy Salai and Sali Benbow-Powers were my supergirl
Beta Readers who helped hone Husband Sit, as did editor Matrice and fellow
authors Helen Lacey, Lesley Millar and Helen Bianchin. I’d like to shout-out to
Kylie Scott who, over dinner and drinks at a Romance Writers of Australia
conference, suggested that the heroine should fall in love with her first
husband sit, rather than just sex him, which effectively switched the book from
straight erotica into a romance before I’d even written it. Good call!

As always, the support and encouragement of the
members of Romance Writers of Australia and my other writing buddies inspires
me, promotion work by Nas Dean is very much appreciated, and the patience of my
man deserves a medal.

The biggest thank you, however, as always, goes to
readers. You have no idea how much writers depend on you, feel grateful to you,
learn from you, and strive for you. You are the oxygen that keeps our careers
breathing – so thank you, thank you, thank you!

About The Author

Cusack lives in Australia, in a tiny fishing village on the southern tip of the
Great Barrier Reef. She's a long-time vegetarian and caffeine addict with an
obsession for finding the tiniest shred of romance in any story (and wallowing
in it) alongside an unholy addiction to any franchise that begins with the word
Star (Wars/Trek/Gate - you get the idea). There's something about a man in space.

Her own
novels are about curious women who get themselves into unlikely
situations—whether that's an everyday woman from our world falling through a
portal into a sepia kingdom, an amorous mermaid who gets herself stranded on
dry land, or more recently, a perfectly ordinary house-sitter who finds herself
husband sitting instead!

doesn't care what genre she writes in so long as the characters are endearingly
real, the heroes are scorching hot and the sex is good!

novels in the series:







Biological clock vs mind-blowing
sex. Stardom is the last thing on her mind.

Angela Lata only ever wanted two
things out of life: a singing career and children. So she’s entitled to a
little craziness after discovering that her cheating husband had a vasectomy
before their wedding. Still, that’s no excuse to succumb to sexy man-whore
Jack, even if he is so gorgeous she can barely breathe in his presence. Hadn’t
she learned anything from her girlfriend’s example?
The best way to get over
one man is NOT to sleep with another.

 The trouble is, Angela has
never had good sex, let alone great sex, and on the eve of her diva dreams
coming true, Jack promises her both. All it takes is one night with him to ruin
her completely. Every date afterward suffers in comparison, and with her
biological clock ticking loudly and her career not living up to her
expectations, what she needs is father material, not pleasure-on-tap.

Tradition meets testosterone in a
clash of expectations as unlikely lovers struggle to uncover what they
really want from life – and each other.


Click here to
now, RELEASING 13 April, 2016













An ex trophy wife with a score to
settle. Domination is the best revenge.

Rose Bay socialite Louella Parkes
has done everything expected of her for fifteen years – the perfect hostess and
the perfect wife with the perfect life. But in the wake of her husband’s shock
announcement and her subsequent divorce, all bets are off. The future is wide
open and suddenly Louella knows exactly what she wants – the control she relinquished
for status all those years ago.

She embarks on a secret
dominatrix lifestyle that she hides from her girlfriends, because her companion
on this journey into debauchery is the last person they’d expect. From Bentleys
to bondage, Louella discovers what really turns her on, until things go too far
and she’s forced to decide between love and ultimate control.

Fearless exploration equals
breathtaking sex in this voyage of discovery that will shock, delight, and have
you questioning – what is control?



RELEASING: 15 June, 2016














She’s spoilt by a buffet of men.
He’ll need every trick to keep her coming back.

Fritha Wynde is a free spirit,
sleeping with whoever grabs her fancy, especially if the grab feels good! She
has work that she loves, friends who will let her wear rainbow-colored
bridesmaid dresses, and girlfriends’ babies to cuddle. There’s not a thing about
her life that she wants changed, until trouble walks into her feel-good
Bohemian Brew.

Trouble is a six foot two
restaurant critic – Max – who has the audacity to ridicule the Banchee Tea, her
signature brew, in his annoyingly sexy Brit accent. It’s time to retaliate and
a low blow is in order – below the belt to be exact – but when Max discovers
how delicious Fritha is, he’ll do anything to have her, including rolling over
and playing dead.

Prude meets promiscuous in the
fourth book of the Husband Sit Series, bringing all four girlfriends together
as Fritha tortures the one man who grabs her fancy along with her heart. 


RELEASING 17 August, 2016




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BOOK: Husband Sit (Husband #1)
2.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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