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By Crystal St. Clair



Intuition - Copyright © 2015 Crystal St. Clair

Published by Crystal St. Clair

July, 2015

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, including electronic or mechanical, without written permission from the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

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Published: Crystal St. Clair

Editing: Brenda Wright

Cover Design Rachel Mizer at Shoutlines Design

Formatting by: Brenda Wright, Formatting Done Wright

This book is intended for a mature audience of eighteen and older.  This book also deals with some adult situations including violence, drugs, and abuse.


To my father, who I know would be very proud of me, daddy’s little girl. May he rest in the sweetest peace. We will one day meet again and share many more stories together.

To the love of my life and my children, who have encouraged me every step of the way and helped make time in my busy life to finally follow my dream of becoming an author.

To my mother, who has always wanted to see me publish a book one day since I was twelve years old.

To a very wonderful friend, Linda, who I know would be my greatest bookworm fan! May her beautiful soul rest in peace. You’re inspirational friendship will never be forgotten, I miss you!

To my editor, Brenda Wright, thank you for being understanding, incredibly helpful and supportive during every chapter in my life as a writer! I appreciate all of the hard work that you do for me!

A huge thank you to Rachel Mizer at Shoutlines Design for her time in creating my wonderful book cover and so much more!

I would love to thank YOU, readers, beta readers, my friends and family! There are so many and I appreciate all that you do! I have met a lot of inspiring authors who have helped make being an author fun and exciting. I am learning so much every day. It's been a great learning experience! Without ALL of you my journey wouldn’t be as incredible and I wouldn't be where I am today. YOU are worth writing for! Thank you for being my cherry on top!


“May you always find the bright side to your happiness and be your own conqueror. Always follow your heart wherever your intuition takes you. Never give up!”

Write from the heart,

Crystal St. Clair


City lights can be bright for a girl when living in a fast-lane city. Expensive cars, designer bags and lipstick that only the best celebrities wear are no match for the hand-me-down pockets and porcelain skin of a mother who accepted motherhood and traded in her fresh adult years and society’s idea of a luxury life, without a complaint. My name is Destiny, exactly what my cheap clip-on name tag says. But what a label can’t tell you is who you really are as a person. One would think that a multi-million dollar family restaurant turned bar and grill would make their employees wear something more fun, yet sophisticated. Luckily, this isn’t my career anymore. I have chosen to take my future into my own hands. But first, I have more orders to take.

“What can I get you to drink this time?” I’m not
trying to sound rude but it’s been a long day and you would think a person’s gut can only take so much alcohol. Having beer constantly spilled on me isn’t exactly what I had in mind for my day, but if it’s what helps me pay for law school and get out of here, then I’ll suck it up and take it.

“I’ll have a cold glass of your house beer on tap, please,”

My aching hand slid across the paper of my note pad. My patience grew thinner as the night grew later and my orders became almost unreadable.

“And then would you like your usual?” I offer.

He gulps the beer down at once. “Yes, thank you. But I may need another beer.”

This thirty-something, beautiful looking man comes in on a regular basis and never wants anyone to take his order except me. He is sexy and mysterious, yet familiar. Maybe it’s because he seems like all of the other guys that come in here, except he’s always friendly, and of course loves his beer. Then again, what man usually doesn’t? I never caught his name but he can easily pull off the age of twenty five to mid-thirties. He always orders the same meal and comes in to be served about the same time every day. Always alone. I guess I kind of feel sorry for him.

“Here you are, a nice cold glass of our famous house beer, just for you.” I grin.

“Thank you. What kind is it today?” he asks, leaning into his glass.

I smile. “Homemade, only the best, and your favorite.”

His hand raises the glass to his soft looking lips to take a drink. “Ah, as always, you get me,” he smirks making my cheeks blush and takes another sip.

The bell rings to let me know that an order is up and ready. He catches me off guard, “What’s your name?” he speaks suddenly.

He sits back into his seat with one arm stretching out above the backrest and the other still holding his glass on the table as his eyes concentrate on the fizz disappearing.

“My name is Destiny,” I answer in a hurry trying not to be rude and looking down at my name tag resting my breast.

The man’s glare switches to my chest. “Destiny, would you like to have a drink with me? You serve me every day that I come in here and you work so hard, yet you never take a break to have a nice drink for yourself. It’s the least you can do for your biggest fan.”

He starts to creep me out, but he does pay me very well in tips. Often he would leave me ten dollars, up to twenty dollars, just in tips! So he’s right, having a drink with him is the least that I can do. 

Checking the clock on the wall above the bar I huff, “My shift is done in about an hour. I will have a drink with you then, if you are still here. Your order of hot charbroiled steak, medium rare, and topped with our house spices and sautéed mushrooms with a side of mashed potatoes smothered in the nothing but the best gravy, and sweet corn is ready.” His choice is what I would call basic, but perfect like the home-cooked meals that I miss, although I would do without the rare.

The flare of his whole aurora pulls me back and forces me to turn around towards him to sneak another glance at those lips as I walk away. “Thank you,” he praises before digging into his hot meal.

Tonight is extremely busy for me, especially for a Friday night. My shift doesn’t even end until two hours after it was supposed to. As time had gone by, I had forgotten about my drink date with my regular. He must have left since he isn’t sitting in his spot anymore. This time, no tip.

“Would you put on a private show for a good tip?” a deep shaky voice calls out.

Turning around I see a man at the bar smirking towards my way. “Yes you, Princess. Come sit with daddy.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me! He is not one of my regulars and definitely doesn’t look old enough to be my
! My daddy would have taken his ass out for talking to a woman like that! The guy’s hand reaches out and pinches my ass when I turn away to ignore him.

“Try it, little boy. Touch me one more time and this
will knock you on your ass so damn hard your face will be kissing my feet
the ground!” I promise. I then warned, “One more time!”

“Come on, baby, we will play nice,” he taunts as he and his friend, who is sitting beside him, laughs.

My body swings around so my fist hauls him a good one to the face and follows through on my promise, but someone had already grabbed a firm hold of his arm before I have the chance and before he can grab at my ass again. It’s my regular steak guy! The startled look on the jerk’s face is priceless. He had been caught off-guard, didn’t expect a thing!

I have got to catch his name because
my regular steak guy
just isn’t going to cut it, or sound the greatest if the topic of him comes up while talking to someone about him. The jerk takes a good look at his large built body and instantly backs down. Jerk face was at least two times smaller than him.

“I could have taken care of him,” my voice lashes out.

My regular ignores my presence, “Just sit down and enjoy your drink or get out of here and don’t touch her again.” He then releases his arm and continues on his way back down to his table.

“I didn’t know she was yours, man!” Jerk face and his buddies don’t even hesitate to finish their drinks before leaving.

I follow my regular steak guy back to his table. “You waited?” I wonder.

“Of course I did. We have a date! It isn’t polite to leave a pretty lady waiting.” My already rosy cheeks blush.

“Well thank you. And thank you for what you did for me over there,” I praise as my arm bends back towards the bar to refer to that pig.

“No problem. No need to thank me though. I hate guys like him, they make the rest of us look bad.”

We stare at each other for a moment without blinking before remembering that I still never caught his name yet. “What is your name, by the way? And you seem very familiar, other than the fact that you come in here all the time, of course. Not like that’s a bad thing or anything!”

Sometimes my brain doesn’t think before my lips speak or whatever comes out just ends up backwards from what I was thinking. Maybe I should just stop thinking and put my foot in my mouth! Not literally.

“We will get to that later, but first, let’s have a drink and let me get to know you.”

Oh, I forgot the drinks because I was too busy blushing over this guy. Hoping it isn’t showing, I quickly bring us both a beer back to the table and a shot of dark rum for each of us.

He seems a little surprised. “Not a martini kind of girl, huh?” he asks with a smile.

“Sometimes. But I think a night like tonight calls for something harder.” He raises an eyebrow and I can’t help but laugh on the inside at my own perverted pun.

“So what brings you to this big ol’ busy city? You seem more like a small town girl to me,” he says as his gaze examines the quick rolled up bun in my hair and lowers down on the big tattoo of roses blooming from a vine that peeks out of the V-neck of my black uniform shirt and flows onto my one boob.

He is the only guy that I had met who could actually hold up a conversation
seem interested at the same time. “I have lived here all of my life. I guess you could say that I’m just special and don’t follow everyone else. Or maybe I just don’t like people…” I suggest.

He leans forward, “Naw, you are definitely special. I think you like people, I think you kind of like me, or at least tolerate my stalking.”

My shoulders stiffen and his face softens, “I’m only joking.”

My arms let loose, “I know that. But you gotta admit, you
been stalking me, haven’t you?” I grab a quick glance of his hard cheek bones and soft lips. My tongue licks my lips wanting to taste his thick neck almost covered in tattoos. So sexy!

He pauses before changing the subject, “What else do you do in this city, Destiny? Like what is there to do for fun?”

Maybe it's just me, but the feeling of a mutual attraction felt a little intimidating, but exhilarating. The scent of his musky cologne, perfectly tan skin, and those lips! I just can’t get over the thought of wanting to feel them massage between my breasts where his eyes keep glaring. He isn’t even touching me but just the way that his accent rolls my name off of his Spanish tongue makes my panties wet. Then again, it’s usually the creepers who are the good looking ones. That’s how they get you.

“Well, I work here and get to run into weirdos grabbing at my ass all of the time which makes my night interesting.” We laugh. “Other than that I don’t do much to be honest. This isn’t my career. I’m here to help pay for law school because the government putting me into debt with loans just isn’t good enough.”

His posture straightens and watches my mouth in amusement. “I want to help people. There really is no justice because too many lawyers are being paid off or are just lazy honest liars. I want to be the lawyer who works hard on each and every case no matter what and do my best to help my clients who deserve it.”

“Fair enough. I’ve had my fair share of crime in my teens and could have used a lawyer like you.” His hand takes out sunglasses from his pocket and places them on his face.

My brow rises in curiosity. “So are you from around here?”

“I used to be. There was someone here who had once stolen my heart but sometimes you just have got to let go and see if it’s yours. I prefer to live in a small town anyway. ”

Even though time seems to be in our favor and not once did either of us look at a clock, I still spare some details and just answer with basic info for the questions that he asks. After all, I had just met him, even if I
feeling comfortable after a few shots.

My voice stutters, “So, so what about you, huh? Sitting there just listening to me blab on and on, what can you tell me about yourself, Mr. Mystery man, my regular steak guy?” My words had begun to slur and I can't believe I just actually called him that to his face.

He laughs. “There will be lots of time for that. We can talk a little bit about me on the way to take you home.”

We pause for a moment in a bit of awkward silence. “I will bring you home and make sure that you are okay, then I will go to my own home like a gentleman,” he confirms.

His hand rests on my lower back as we leave but doesn’t care to move any lower. Instead, he holds the door for me. His arm holds mine as we walk down the sidewalk. I am sure he is just trying to help hold my balance. It is still dark, maybe even darker than I had thought.

Noticing that he still has his sunglasses on, I can’t help but ask, “Do you always wear those?”

“Wear what?”

“Your sunglasses. It’s night time! Isn’t it?” I question as I look up at the glistening stars above us. The cool air blowing against my face sobers my attention.

He smirks, “I almost forgot.”

With those out of the way and shoved into his pocket, I am able to finally see him. To see the face of this perfect stranger who had spent this limitless time with me, something that had not happened in a very long time. Time that was well needed. His eyes are so captivating that they have me mesmerized into deep thought. I always felt attracted to blue eyes but was a big sucker for some dark bedroom eyes like his. They match perfect with his darker skin, smoothly shaved head and muscular jaw. His body build is muscular, persuading my hands to just want to touch him all over! But somehow, my feet remembered their way back home.

“We are here, this is my apartment.” I perk up as we come to a 1930’s London city side street apartment with a big red door which many towns in Ontario still have

“Ya know, you still never told me your name,” I stumble.

“Destiny, you don’t remember me do you?” My name rolls off of his tongue perfectly against my ear.

There is definitely a familiar presence about him but there is no way he is who I now think he could possibly be.
It can’t be him, it just couldn’t.
“I think I may know you, but I also see you almost every day at work, yet never really had a real conversation with you. This is nice.”

His gentle lips then fully press against my forehead, trembling against my flesh. “It’s me, Sebastian.”

As drunk as I am feeling, the alcohol makes me have to think a little harder for a few minutes.
It couldn’t be
No... Please…
“Sebastian? Is it really you?” my soft voice speaks, hoping that I
to be losing my mind.

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