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“You are so gorgeous
, lying there, with your slippery nectar flowing out and around the see through dildo. So pure and so pink,” he said, as he continued to stroke her with the vitreous phallus.

She began to moan
, and counter his motions with hers as best she could. Her breath quickened, and her movements became more erratic as she felt her orgasm building rapidly within her womb. “Yes, baby, don’t stop, please don’t stop, I’m so close now. Oh, fuck, honey,” she cried.

las knew she was about climax. Just a few seconds more and she will explode, he thought. He pulled it out immediately, and she went crazy.

“No, you can’t do that!
Put it in, fuck, Nicholas, if you ever want to fuck me again you’ll put it back,” she cried out, as tears flowed down her face.

Nicholas immediately got the small
twelve-inch long ruler and tapped her clitoris gently. She convulsed and jerked into it, moaning loudly. He tapped it again, and she jerked in response. He tapped it a little harder and she shuddered.

“Too hard?” he asked.

“No, do it. Do it

Nicholas slappe
d it a little harder creating an audible smack to which she shuddered and screamed. He spanked her clit two more times, and she exploded with a crushing orgasm causing her entire body to jerk and spasm. She screamed and thrashed about in her restraints crying uncontrollably with relief.

, fuck,” she screamed, as another wave of unbelievable pleasure ripped through her body.

Nicholas m
oved down under the spreader bar and placed his mouth over her vulva, and gently applied pressure against her pussy. She screamed out again, thrusting up against his face forcing the spreader bar to hit him in the back of the head. She cried out in pleasure, and he cried out in pain thinking to himself that he probably had that coming.

He didn’t let up
, however, as he wanted her orgasm to be the best one she’d ever had. She convulsed again as he braced himself for another bump on the head, but it didn’t come. Relieved, he pushed his tongue as far inside of her as he could. She shuddered with another wave of her orgasm and groaned loudly. She spasmed a couple more times as her orgasm slowly dissipated into a few incredible aftershocks.

She relaxed back agains
t the sheets, shuddered with a sigh and tried to catch her breath. As she laid there breathing deeply, he quickly removed her restraints, and began rubbing her ankles and wrists. He kissed her tenderly on the lips, and then he lay down on top of her trying to soothe and calm her frayed emotions.

“How do you feel?” he whispered.

“I don’t know.”

“Do you hate me?” he asked, fearing that he may have carried it too far for their first time. He hoped that her orgasm was so intense that she would forgive him. After
all, he did follow the protocol.

“I don’t hate you
, but it was torture. I’ve never experienced anything like that,” she said.

“Was it painful?”

“No, it wasn’t painful, but it ached so much that I thought that my clitoris would explode any second. It’s hard to explain. It throbbed and ached.”

“How was your orgasm?”

“Unbelievable. Probably the strongest one I have ever had, she gasped. That’s why I’m not going to kill you,” she frowned.

He kissed her gently and caressed her as he br
ushed the hair out of her eyes.

“Nicholas, I want
you to put it in and fuck me. All you did was hit my clit, and I need it inside.”

He shifted his hips and slid his cock easily into her. She cried out in pleasure at the certainty of his penetration. He began moving slowl
y and rhythmically inside her, and she responded matching her movements with his. She moaned as she held him close, luxuriating in the thrill of finally feeling his cock inside of her.

“Your pussy feels so good baby. You don’t know how much I wanted to stop what I was doing and fuck
you,” he said, as they kissed passionately.

pushed himself forcefully in her with each stroke, and each time he pulled out, he made sure to rub over her g-spot. He could feel the enlarged spongy area, swollen from her arousal, each time he pulled the stiff ridge on the head of his cock over it. She felt the first tingling of her orgasm flutter in her womb, and she knew it was coming soon. She moaned with confidence knowing that she was getting close and jerked harder into him. Nicholas knew what that last moan meant, and it thrilled him to know that she was going to come for him again so soon.

He felt his orgasm start to build within
also. Not wanting to finish before she did, he pulled almost all of the way out, and he began rubbing his stiff ridge back and forth over her g-spot sliding about two inches each time. After a few moments of this, she began to moan loudly, and rock her pelvis rapidly over his cock trying to get more traction against the spongy swelling just inside her opening.

She started shaking
, and thrust hard against him forcing his cock deep inside her. She cried out, and stiffened as her orgasm rocked her body. As she thrust into him with her second spasm, he moaned as he felt his seed erupt into his beautiful partner. They held each other tightly as their orgasms continued to pleasure them. She moaned loudly as she turned her head, took his earlobe in her mouth, and bit down on it. She held it tight between her teeth while her orgasm slowly receded. Nicholas stiffened once more as he felt the last of his pleasure flow gently into her warm body. She still had his earlobe tightly between her teeth, and then she slowly released her grip and began sucking it gently in her mouth.

Releasing his
ear, she raked her lips across his cheek and kissed him passionately. Nicholas moaned responding to her passion, and he returned her kiss as they slowly calmed down and relaxed. Nicholas slid off her, but continued to hold her close. She lifted her leg over his and rested her head on his shoulder. He rubbed her back with one hand and brushed the hair out of her face with the other. He kissed her forehead and gave her a deep guttural moan in total satisfaction.

“You are incredible
, Samantha. Each time we have sex, it seems to me, it is better than the last,” he whispered softly in her ear.

That’s because you weren’t the on
e being tortured,” she quipped.

Nicholas thought about what she said for a moment wondering if the experience was really torture for her. The last
thing in the world he wanted to do was something that she didn’t like.

Nicholas lifted up and
kissed her. “Why don’t you freshen up while I clean and put this stuff away? Then we can go downstairs, make some tea and talk about it.”

agreed, gave him a kiss and headed for their bedroom. Nicholas cleaned the dildo and realized that he didn’t have any idea where each item went. He smiled, “Da,” he mumbled, as he opened the little notebook to look up dildo. As he put the feather duster away, he picked up the single feather, lifted it to his nose, grinned, and then he carefully placed it next to the duster.

He beat her downstairs and had their tea
ready by the time she joined him. She was wearing bright red shorts that just barely covered her ass and a white blouse tied below her breasts. The first three buttons were undone displaying the inner curve. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and she looked nothing short of incredible. “I wear this sometimes when I’m Crystal,” she smiled.

“If the faculty c
ould see you now,” he chuckled.

It was such a nice day
she suggested that they take their tea and sit outside.

, the whole idea of sex, for sex’s sake, is to have fun and enjoy it. If you didn’t enjoy it, then we need to rethink what we’re doing because my job is to give you pleasure, not stress or pain. The reason that I didn’t use paddles or crops was because I didn’t like the idea of causing you pain. So, when I read about this technique, I thought it was a perfect alternative to pain,” he said.

“I don’t know how I feel
about it. I wasn’t expecting it. I thought that you would rub me a little, tease me with the duster, and then give me a great orgasm. Don’t get me wrong, the orgasm was incredible, perhaps the strongest I’ve ever had, but I wasn’t expecting the withholding of pleasure. Looking back on it, I think physical pain would be easier to tolerate than the stress of not being able to climax when you so desperately need to. I have to tell you though, the orgasm, when I finally got it, was worth the wait, I

“I read that denying your partner
their physical release would increase their need and the longer it is withheld, the stronger the orgasm.”

“Nicholas, looking back on it, it wasn’t pain or torture. For some reason
, I became worried that you weren’t going to let me climax, and I was scared and incredibly frustrated. Actually, now that I know you will eventually let me come, I think I would like to try it again because the strength of my orgasm was pretty unreal,” she admitted.

“My whole reason for being there,
being there with you in that way was to give you satisfaction, and without your physical release, there is no satisfaction, for you or for me. I will always let you come because watching you orgasm
my satisfaction, my pleasure.

amantha quivered, thinking back on the intensity of her feelings just before she climaxed and knew that Nicholas was right. “I want to try it again Nicholas, it really was incredible. You did do a good job, but now, how do we turn that experience into a book or part of one?” she asked. “I think I know. It just came to me as we were talking.”

“Okay what is it? I gave you my best orgasm, you better give me a good book,” she laughed.



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