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, baby, that’s it. It’s like there’s an electric connection going straight to my pussy and electrifying everything in between,” she groaned, as she ground her crotch into his bulge.

After abusing her swollen nipples, he began tenderly kissing them. He moved back and forth between them
. Her breasts were soft, supple, and nubile. Her nipples were stiff, resilient, and rubbery. He groaned as he watched her left breasts jiggle and quiver back and forth as she moved her arm.

“Samantha, you’re simply incredible. I will never, ever, get enough of you
r breasts,” he said, with a deep sigh. He nuzzled his face deep in her cleavage kissing the inside surface of each fleshy mound.

Still lying to the right
of her, he propped himself up on his left elbow, and moved his right hand from the small of her back around to her tummy. He slowly slid it down toward her mound.

She moaned in anticipation and lifted her left leg, and placed her foot on the bed giving him complete access to her vulva while still on her side.

Her light-brown pubic hair was natural and confined to a small area on her pubic mound. It was sparse, fine, and silky smooth. He cupped his hand over her pussy letting his fingers rest over her wet opening. She sighed as she nudged her vulva into his hand by gently rocking her pelvis. He ran his fingers over the puffy folds of her outer labia and then slowly slid them up through her inner lips to her clitoris where he slid one finger on either side of her rock hard clit.

She quivered, and then sighed. Kissing him on the forehead, she rolled over onto her back and spread her legs for him.

He slid his fingers back between her legs and ran then over her vulva. He parted her outer lips and rubbed the end of his middle fingers in the wetness around her opening.

“You are soaking wet
, Samantha,” he whispered, as he slid his fingers up through her slit and circled her clit for a moment while she undulated in response to his touch. He placed her clit between his outstretched fingers, squeezed them gently together, and rocked it back and forth causing her to squirm and cry out.

Nicholas, honey, t
hat feels so damn good. It’s been so long since I’ve had a lover and have been this excited. You make me feel so hot,” she moaned.

He teased her clit
by rubbing his middle finger over its sheath. This was too much for her as she began to buck wildly under the persistent pressure of his finger. She felt her orgasm rapidly swelling out of control.

, I’m going to come. It’s coming, baby. Oh fuck, Nicholas,” she cried out. When he heard her cry out he quickly moved down and ran his tongue up her slit ending on her clit. He licked and flicked over it unrelentingly. She quivered as he sucked it into his mouth.

Oh, fuck I’m coming Nicholas, suck it, don’t stop. Oh, God don’t stop. Oh, fuck yessss,” she cried out, as her orgasm convulsed through her. She stiffened and went ridged. A moment later, she convulsed again and remained ridged as the second wave of her climax swept through her delicate frame. Two more waves of extreme pleasure rocked through her core. She lay there rigid, for the longest time, gasping for air, and trying to catch her breath.

As she calmed down
, her rigid body began to soften, and she regained some of her composure. After a while, she began to slowly undulate and gently press her swollen clit into his soft fat tongue.

, your soft tongue feels so comforting to me. I’m so tender down there right now, and your soft fleshy tongue feels incredible,” she moaned, as she continued to rub her clit gently over its soft, supple surface. After her orgasm, the juices from her release flowed out of her and collected at her opening.

She was completely sated and b
reathing deeply. She lay back with a slight smile of contentment on her face. As she relaxed, he lowered his lips to her pussy and began gently licking the sweet nectar from her. He moaned and quivered as he continued to clean her.

, you came so much. You are so wet,” he groaned.

“I’m sorry
, Nicholas, I can’t help it,” she said.

o, I love it. There is no such thing as too we, baby,” he moaned, as he continued licking and sucking her orgasmic gift.

“If you keep licking me like th
at, I’m going to come again and give you some more,” she moaned.

“That’s what
I’m here for, to please you.” After he had her completely cleaned, he moved up and lay on top of her keeping his weight off of her chest by propping himself up on his elbows. He kept his body above her in such a way so that her nipples just grazed his skin. She looked up at him as she bit her lower lip and then parted anticipating his kiss.

“God you are beautiful
, Samantha,” he moaned, as he stared into her eyes.

“Kiss me,” she pleaded.
Their lips touched softly as they started giving each other small, tender, sweet little kisses with their tongues just barely touching.

Nicholas moved his hips so that his shaf
t lay between her labia and gently slid up and down through her wet folds making sure the ridged head of his cock rubbed over her clit. She groaned and rocked her hips with each of his strokes up her slit. “This is my dream come true, Samantha. I want you,” he pleaded.

“Don’t you want me to return the favor and give you oral sex

, sometime, but right now, I want to be inside you. I want to come in you,” he said. She moaned as she positioned her hips until she felt the head of his cock at her wet entrance. At that moment, she couldn’t think of anything else in the world except her desire to feel him penetrate her.

I’m ready for you, push it in and
me,” she whispered, as she pushed her hips up forcing the head of his cock into her. “Oh, Nicholas, it’s been so long. Oh, oh, go slow, Nicholas, you’re so thick, hold still for a moment, and let me get used to it. God, you’re stretching me,” she moaned.

“Do you want me to take it out?”

“No, God no, don’t take it out. I just need a little time,” she insisted, as she found his lips and kissed him passionately.

After a few moments
, she began rocking her hips, gently pushing her pussy over his rock hard shaft.

, Nicholas, I think I’m ready, push it in but go slow,” she cautioned. He felt his cock slip in a little more and stopped. “Nicholas, keep going, I want it all the way inside me,” she said, as she grabbed his ass and pulled him into her. He pushed harder and slid the rest of the way in. Their pubic bones finally bumped, and he thought that she was going to strangle his cock.

“Hold still for a moment baby, I feel so stretched,
so full,” she moaned, holding him close. They lay still with him buried deep inside of her wet sheath. The muscles in her vaginal walls were contracting over his girth because of the stretch they were experiencing. After a while, she began to move her hips so that her clit rubbed against the base of his cock. She groaned each time she felt his stiff cock slide over her hardened nub.

After a
few minutes of this, she felt the beginning of her orgasm deep within her. Each time he rolled over her rigid clit she would contract and hunch into him.

Fuck me, Nicholas, fuck me slowly.” He slowly withdraw from her, leaving just the head of his cock inside of her tight, wet opening and then slowly push it back inside of her. He continued pumping like this, grinding into her clit each time their bodies came together. She cooed with each of his deep, penetrating strokes.

Nicholas, this is incredible. Keep doing it just like this. I can feel every wonderful inch of you squeezing into me,” she moaned. They continued for the longest time. He sensed her passion grow with each passing minute. She began moving more eagerly and matched his gentle strokes with hers.

“It’s coming,
Nicholas. I feel my orgasm coming to me. I can’t tell you how good this feels, baby, keep fucking me just like this,” she begged.

He looked down and saw his shaft
sliding in and out of her sweet lips. He couldn’t believe he was actually here with his gorgeous teacher, and she was actually letting him fuck her. He could feel the ridge on the head of his cock rub over her g-spot each time he pulled it out. Her breath quickened as she felt her orgasm get closer. She could feel it slowly boiling its way to the surface.

“Your cock
is perfect for my g-spot. I think that I am going to have a deep orgasm, Nicholas. Don’t stop, baby, I can feel it, it’s coming,” she said, moaning as her whole body quivered in anticipation of her now certain relief. He knew that she was getting close as her moans and cooing grew in intensity. She was thrusting hard into him as the urgency of her desperate need grew.

, I’m so close. I’m coming baby, aha, aha, aha, Nicholas,” she cried out. The only thing that she could think of now was capturing her orgasm. Her mind was focused on only one thing. She needed it. She had to have it.

He was afraid that he would finish too soon
, and she would be disappointed. He desperately wanted it to be perfect for her, so he was trying to ignore her desperate cries of need and passion, but it was impossible. With the first cries of her eminent release, his cock contracted and he pulsed deep within her. He was very close and he knew that he was losing control and was about to come.

, Nicholas, yes fuck yes,” she screamed. Her vaginal walls contracted tightly around his cock as her orgasm flooded her already saturated loins. She went rigid, arching her back as another passion filled contraction crashed through her.

Samantha,” he moaned as he released the first of his hot sperm deep into her needy womb. He jerked into her sodden womanhood with each release moaning deeply as he tried to push his cock completely through her body. She undulated beneath him as her orgasm continued to cause shivers of passion through her slender frame. She went rigid for a moment as the last contraction shook her. Her orgasm slowly dissipated, decreasing in intensity as she felt his warm release flow repeatedly into her womb.

“Fill me
, Nicholas, fill me with your hot cream, baby,” she moaned, as she began to cry, shaking as her sobs became more audible.

“What’s the matter
, Samantha, what’s wrong?” he pleaded. She was overwhelmed by her emotions, with the intensity of her release, and relieved that she only felt joy and not regret with her decision.

“Nothing is wrong
, Nicholas, everything is so right, I’m so happy,” she whispered, as her sobs began to lesson. They held each other as he kissed her tears away, licking them off her lips and her cheeks.

“You were incredible
, Samantha. I didn’t know sex could be this wonderful. There’s nothing about you that isn’t perfect,” he said, as he kissed her.

e felt the muscles deep within her vaginal walls constrict around him, and his still hard cock, reflexively jerked in response.

She held him tight as she marveled at the feeling of fullness inside her womb.
“You are something else, Nicholas Adams, a special young man,” she smiled, kissing him tenderly.

“You are an incredibly beautiful and caring woman
, Mrs. Jones,” he quipped as they both laughed.

lay together, still coupled, enjoying the intensity of the warm feelings both felt toward each other in the comfort of their warm afterglow.

“Why did yo
u choose me, Samantha? What happened to change your mind?” he asked, now kissing her tenderly. They were little kisses placed all over her soft lips.

I don’t know if I have all of the answers, Nicholas. There must be some powerful chemistry between us to get me past the age difference. I am human, and I have always been attracted to you. I think that it was your outrageous flirting with me in class that actually got me excited, I just couldn’t show it.

Your story
told me a lot about you, and how you felt about me. I sensed that you wanted more than just a quick fuck. You know, shoot it in me a couple of times, and then we’re done. It gave me a glimpse of who you are, and what a serious young man you are. But it especially gave me a sense of trust in you, and I came to believe that you would keep your word and not do anything to hurt me,” she said, moaning as she pushed her pelvis into his flaccid cock and kissed him lovingly.

“Who would
have figured that I would find a beautiful young man like you, Nicholas Adams? You’re going soft on me young man. That wasn’t part of the deal,” she laughed. I’m thirsty and a little hungry. Would you like something to eat?” she asked, as she looked at the clock and noted that it was almost six o’clock. “Do you have to be home at any particular time?”

, all I have to do is call Mom, and tell her that I’m going to have dinner at a friend’s house.”

then I’m going to cook dinner for you,” she smiled, as she pushed him off her. Don’t move. Let me clean you first. It’s the least I can do for you after what you just did for me,” she smiled. She went and got a hot, damp washcloth, cleansed and dried him. “That’s a little something I learned from you,” she said, smiling as he chuckled.

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